Tainted White Rose

The battle

I have always wondered why a vicious beast like you would dress up and play butler. I have always wondered why you are so fawned of my little Princess,” Undertaker drew out his blade from Sebastian, “show me your record”

In an instant, white light drew out of Sebastian’s chest like a movie; it showed us parts of his life. Ciel and I watched the white fragments in surprise, but the whole thing began with me and him. It all started at the scene when he half marked me and made me his fiancée, Ciel saw the whole thing, and my face went pale. It then switched to when Sebastian made a contract with Ciel and our whole journey together with the three of us.

“Sebastian!” I called, Sebastian snapped out of the trance, his eyes were demonic pink and his fangs were sharper than ever.

“AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!” Sebastian screamed loudly as he grabbed my hand, as we were falling Sebastian caught us, I shut my eyes as I was getting ready for the impact and soon enough we crashed on to the ground. I could hear undertaker land on the ground safely.

“As expected from the butler and a fiancé,” undertaker chuckled, “I knew you would be able to protect the both of them”

“Ugh...” I groaned as I slowly got up, Ciel was on top of me so it was kind of hard to get up. I noticed I was on top of Sebastian and my body was covered with his blood, my eyes widened.

“Sebastian?” I called, “Sebastian get up! Please get up!”

“You’re loud...” Sebastian chuckled in pain, “I can hear you just fine”

Sebastian slowly sat up and Ciel regained consciousness both of them groaned in pain.

“Thank goodness!” I gasped as I hugged Sebastian tight; he brushed his fingers through my hair.

“I would never break our promise” Sebastian said slowly, he then looked back at Undertaker and gave him a sour look as he spat out the blood in his mouth. Ciel and I turned to face Undertaker who was standing over us.

“Your record was pretty interesting,” Undertaker smirked, “It seems like you only make the Earl and princess miserable after all”

“What!?” Ciel and I gasped, that was not true.

“So maybe I’ll just have you disappear!” Undertaker said as he brought back his death scythe preparing himself to swing the blade at Sebastian, but all of a sudden a shock ran throughout the boat.

“Wha!?” Ciel and I screamed as we were pushed into Sebastian’s chest.

“Crap! Could it already be tilting?!” Grell exclaimed as both Ronald and the drag queen were sliding.

“The floodwater’s weight is making the front of the ship tilt upwards!” I shouted as I grabbed on to Sebastian tight, Ciel grabbed on to my waist as tight as he could, Sebastian grabbed onto a nearby pole so we wouldn’t be falling. Sadly Ryan couldn’t make it and he died by a falling accident. Grell stood above us and looked down at all three of us.

“Sebas-chan, as you can see there’s really no time” Grell spoke softly, “I’m sorry but I’ll be taking him, so you just stay there and watch”

“I won’t!” Sebastian shouted, he jumped up and dodged Ronald’s attack, Sebastian held Ciel and me both in bridal style. Sebastian grabbed a hold of a pillar; we hung on to it too.

“Senpai’s stronger than me so I leave that one to him,” Ronald grinned at us, “I’ll finish off the weakened one over here”

“Who are you calling my butler weak!?” Ciel smirked at Ronald, “I can’t have you looking down at my butler, weakened? Lose to you? Please that joke isn’t even that funny”

“Right Sebastian?” I asked as I looked up at his handsome face.

“Yes, very much so” Sebastian replied with a smile, but then coughed up more blood.

“Oh man, Its like I’m picking on the weak here....” Ronald sighed.

“I have an idea,” I said as I raised my hand, my silver trident returned to me and my hair colour changed back into a silvery white colour, “I could take care of Undertaker, while you could take care of Ronald”

“Seems like a pretty good plan,” Sebastian answered, “please be careful”

“I will, don’t worry” I assured. I jumped into the air and sprinted toward Grell and Undertaker, they were having a pretty fierce battle. I quickly made a water whip and pulled Grell out and pinned him to a pole; I made sure I separated him from his death scythe.

“Stop stealing all my handsome men!” Grell angrily shouted at me while he was struggling to get out.

“I am sorry, but I have my own duty as well!” I waved at Grell and lunged toward Undertaker, he got ready to slash me with his death scythe until I flaw-stepped behind him and slashed his back with my trident, it ripped the back of his clothing and made quite a bloody mark.

“Urg!” Undertaker flinched as he jumped away from me; I kept my distance as well. His blood dripped from the tips of my trident, I glared at him.

“Undertaker, I looked up to you as a teacher and I even thought you were like a father to me ever since my parents passed away” I said softly, I was really angry but hurt at the same time. He had helped my sister and me a lot from learning about the human anatomy, how the underworld worked to fighting skills and everything about the death gods.

“I am baffled princess, but I knew this day would come for you to fight me,” Undertaker smiled, “but you were the most interesting human being I have ever worked with”

“Thank you,” I said softly as I lunged forward toward the injured death god whom I called teacher, I was about to raise my trident until another shock ran through the boat and causing me to lose my balance.

“The ship is sinking!” Ciel shouted as a huge flow of water gushed inside the boat. Undertaker jumped to a nearby ledge and grinned at Sebastian and Ciel.

“Well then, it’s finally time to say goodbye,” Undertaker bowed, “It was pretty interesting”

Sebastian and Grell glared at Undertaker who was about to make a run for it, Grell got out of my water chain and he sprinted toward Undertaker, Sebastian did the same. I lost my balance and started to fall, Sebastian and Undertaker’s eyes widened.

“Ciela!” Ciel called, everything was happening too fast and I couldn’t even prepare my water rope. In a blink of an eye Undertaker sprinted before me and quickly caught me, I gasped. Sebastian went after Undertaker and was about to kick his face until he dodged it with me still in his arms, Undertaker’s chain of lockets that he had around him broke, it was about to fall until I caught it and jumped to a nearby ledge, I grasped the chain in my hand Undertaker smiled at me and jumped to a ledge across the broken down room.

“Princess, I’ll entrust that to you for a while, please take good care of it,” Undertaker combed his hair back, “it’s my treasure along with you”

“Wait, Undertaker!” Ciel shouted, while Sebastian jumped toward my ledge and stood beside me, all of us looked up at Undertaker.

“See you, my young nobles” Undertaker winked at us and raised his death scythe until a huge crash was made; the boat was split in half. At that moment, my trident dispersed and my black hair colour came back.

“Crap!” Ciel screamed Sebastian quickly pulled me in his arms alongside with Ciel and jumped into the air; he jumped to the other side of the boat and kept running. I forced the chain of lockets in Ciel’s hands, he nodded and took it.

“It doesn’t look like this side will hold either!” Sebastian said as he kept running, we saw people falling and screaming for help but Sebastian just ignored them, my heart filled with sadness as innocent people had to die like this. Sebastian reached for the top and grabbed a life ring and stuck the ring on Ciel, he flinched.

“Young master, please take a deep breath!” Sebastian requested as he raised him like he was throwing a spear, “with the situation being as it is, please forgive me!”

“What! Wait! How about Ci-”

Ciel was cut off when Sebastian threw him toward the large body of water and Ciel screamed like a little girl. Wow never knew Ciel had some strong pair of lungs. Sebastian faced me and picked me up.

“I apologize princess, but I will come back for you and young master!” Sebastian shouted as he threw me in, and I just smoothly dived in the icy cold water. The cold water was biting away at my skin; it was as if I was being stabbed by many needles. I managed my way up to the surface and gasped for air. I got up on my hands and knees and climbed up on the surface of the water, I was coughing and my body shivered due to the temperature. From the distance, I just watched the ship fall apart and the people inside go down with it.

“Those poor people...” I whispered softly to myself until I realized that I had to find Ciel. I frantically looked around me but there was no sign of him.

“Ciel!” I called, but there was no response and I started to get very worried. I put my hand on my chest and looked up at the night sky, the moon was very bright and the stars as well. I closed my eyes.

“I just pray that Ciel and Sebastian are okay, I just pray that many innocent lives are saved, I just pray that the ones who lost their lives have their souls guided to a better place...” I whispered softly, until a beam of light surrounded me. I opened my eyes and looked down at my hands and noticed that my whole body was glowing.

“What?” I gasped.

Ciel’s P.O.V

Sebastian helped me up onto the boat he brought; I gasped and coughed as I crawled in.

“I guess they couldn’t manage to lower all the lifeboats in time,” Sebastian said, “So I went and burrowed this from the sinking ship”

Sebastian threw his long coat in my arms and a life jacket.

“I am sorry I can’t prepare any hot tea for you” Sebastian apologized with a rather worried look on his face; I have never seen him this worried, but then I suddenly realized that he didn’t bring back Ciela.

“Sebastian, where is Lady Ciela?” I asked as I looked into dark red eyes, they were filled with evil alright but every time he was with Ciela there was something else.

“I am afraid I couldn’t find her, I don’t sense her presence at all” Sebastian replied softly.

“But..... Then that means she is in this cold water!” I exclaimed, “She could die from this temperature!”

“I am sure she is fine, she is a water guardian after all, please don’t worry” Sebastian tried to calm me down but it was ironic how he was really worried.

“Sebastian, don’t try to calm me down when I know you are worried as well!” I snapped, and Sebastian stayed there in silence, but his eyes widened.

“What happened?” I asked as I turned around to see what he was shocked by and from the distance I could see a light blue beam of light coming from the sky.

“What.....is that?” I asked, while not losing my gaze on that mysterious light.

“Its.....her....” Sebastian replied softly.

“Lady Ciela?” I confirmed while turning around to face Sebastian again, and he nodded in reply.

“We should go towards her” I requested, Sebastian nodded and pushed the boat towards the light, it was quite faraway.

“I am feeling very sleepy....” I yawned.

“Young master you can’t sleep!” Sebastian shouted, suddenly he stopped pushing the boat. I ran towards him and saw the bizarre dolls cling on his leg, my eyes widened. These creatures don’t need to breath?! Sebastian kicked the one away, but in an instant the water around us started bubbling. I swallowed hard; I knew this was not a good sign...... not a good sign as all. The heads of the dolls started to pop up out of the water and they headed toward us, Sebastian climbed in the boat and quickly took the paddle to kill any dolls that came on the boat.

“How many are there!?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but they will keep attacking for souls until their body rots away!” Sebastian exclaimed as he kept wielding them off.

“Sebastian, do you think you can eradicate them?” I asked.

“Just give me your order, my lord” Sebastian smiled.

“Sebastian, eri-”

“Come” A familiar voice rang out which made the dolls stop at once, Sebastian and I turned around to see a glowing figure standing on the surface of the water. The young girl had long silvery white hair to the hips and bright blue eyes. She had blue flowers on both sides of her hair and they sparkled like stars. The girl wore an off the shoulder dress which reached the floor and had a pretty long train. The dress had a side slit which exposed one of her legs and had an opening in the back. It was a baby blue which was darker from the top and got lighter as it went down. Finally she had a silver choker and in the middle was a shape of a rose with a blue sapphire in the middle and had droplets surrounding the bottom portion of the necklace. She was very pretty, just like Lady Ciela.

“Isn’t that Lady Ciela?” I asked.

“Yes, she is in her true form” Sebastian replied, his voice seemed very relieved.

Ciela’s P.O.V

I stood here on the surface as I saw both Ciel and Sebastian, everyone including the dolls looked at me. I needed to purify their bodies and cut their cinematic records to where they actually ended. Not only that, I had to bring all the souls of those who died on the ship to rest. I slowly breathed out and raised my hand gesturing the dolls to come and they slowly did. I opened my mouth and started to sing.

There’s a song that’s inside of my soul

It’s the one that I’ve tried to write over and over again

I’m awake in the infinite cold

But you sing to me over and over again...

I raised my hands to my chest and folded them together and closed my eyes, I could feel something growing from my back. The dolls surrounded me, listening to me sing, it was as if they were somehow happy.

So I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands

And prays to be only yours

I pray to be only yours

I know now that you’re my only hope...

The pressure from my back released and huge angel wings were spread out into the air, small sparkles of light kept falling from the wings and the dolls were glowing. I opened my eyes and a ring of blue light rang out through the water.

Sing to me the song of the stars

Of your galaxy dancing and laughing

And laughing again

When it feels like my dreams are so far

Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again...

Little spheres of light from where the ship sank started to rise and float towards me.

So I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands and pray

To be only yours

I pray to be only yours

I know now you’re my only hope

I spread my arms and instantly the bizarre dolls turned into spheres of light and was combined with the others, they surrounded me like a barrier.

I give you my destiny

I’m giving you all of me

I want your symphony

Singing in all that I am

At the top of my lungs I’m giving it back...

I span around and blow kissed to the sky, a circle was made up in the clouds and they were glowing and light shined through. All the spheres travelled to the hole except one which rested in the palm of my hands.

So I lay my head back down

And I lift my hands and pray

To be only yours

I pray to be only yours

I pray to be only yours

I know now you’re my only hope...

I raised my hand and the glowing sphere in my hand was the last one to float to the sky, and the clouds closed and were back to normal. I smiled softly at the sky and turned to face Ciel and Sebastian who was on the boat watching me. I smiled at them and started walking towards the two.

“Lady Ciela?” Ciel called.

“Princess.....” Sebastian said softly.

“I am glad you two are safe” I said softly as I placed my hand on Ciel’s hair. I then faced Sebastian who was badly hurt, he gazed into my eyes and I did the same. Sebastian rose and bowed before me; he took my hand and kissed it gently while Ciel looked at us very confused.

“Princess, I apologize for having you see me in this horrible appearance” Sebastian apologized.

“It doesn’t matter, we are engaged” I replied softly, Sebastian stood up and smirked.

“Yes, that’s true,” he pulled on my hand and I came closer towards him, we were very close, “That is why no matter how many times I touch you or kiss you, you are always pure.... just like a blooming white rose”

Sebastian gently kissed me on the lips and placed his hand where my half marking was, it burned and tingled slightly but it didn’t bother me. I returned his kiss, for some reason this kiss was calming in some way. I broke away and slightly blushed; I backed away and smiled at both of them. Ciel looked at me with a rather shocked look and was pretty flustered, poor boy he had to see a kiss in high definition. I started to feel faint, due to the exhaustion and injuries plus I couldn’t stay in this form very long. I closed my eyes and sparkles rained around me and I changed back into my regular form.

“Welcome back, Lady Ciela” Ciel smiled as Sebastian led out his hand, I smiled and took his hand and walked in the boat, in an instant, and he groaned in pain and clenched his side while he collapsed on his knees.

“Sebastian!” Ciel and I called.

“A death scythe blow is quite tough even on someone like me” Sebastian panted in pain. I bent down to his level and placed my hand on his bloody cheek, he coughed up some more blood.

“I have never seen you like this before” Ciel said softly.

“I am deeply sorry for my unseemly state,” Sebastian tried to bow a little, “I have failed as the Phantomhive family butler and Lady Ciela’s fiancé”

“No, you didn’t fail as my fiancé, never think that” I scolded softly, I gazed into his eyes. A horn was made and all of us faced the sound, from a distance we all could see a rescue ship.

“Sebastian, I can’t have the Phantomhive family butler staying like this,” Ciel continued, “Take a good rest once we get back to the manor, you did very well today”

“Young master, please stop for you to say such a thing...” Sebastian smiled and I did as well.

“Lady Ciela, you as well...” Ciel blushed, “Please stay at my manor and get some rest, and you have done a lot....”

“I appreciate it, thank you Ciel” I smiled as I crawled toward the little Earl and kissed his forehead. I could feel his face head up; he was a very cute little boy. The sun started to rise and the warmth welcomed us all, how I loved the sun’s rays. Sebastian instantly pulled me towards him, I fell into his arms.

“Sebastian!” I shrieked.

“Sebastian!” Ciel was shocked.

“Young master, I apologize but the only way to make me heal faster is to have my fiancée by my side” Sebastian smirked; he was playful even in this condition.


“Also when we get back to the manor, you two have to explain to me how you are engaged and second, for Sebastian’s quick recovery I request that Lady Ciela heals him” Ciel said, I could feel Sebastian smirk. Oh how lovely......

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