Tainted White Rose

Two Hearts

“I’m okay!” Ciel whined as he folded his arms in disapproval, “I want to go back to my manor!”

“Ciel, you are in no condition to return back to your estate” I sighed as I walked toward the bed; he was glaring at me for making him stay at my estate until he recovered. Ciel is a handful if you are trying to take care of him; I see why Sebastian gets annoyed with him sometimes.

“But I am your neighbour!” Ciel complained as he coughed and wheezed horribly.

“See, that’s why you are at my manor,” I scolded as I pulled the fluffy blankets to his chest, “now you sleep, and I will wake you up when its time to take your medicine”

“Fine....” Ciel surrendered and closed his eyes, I continued to sit by his side and in a couple of minutes he was sleeping like a baby. I gently kissed his forehead and left the bedroom by closing the door behind me. I forced Sebastian and Ciel to stay at the manor since I didn’t want the servants at his estate to worry and Lizzie begged me, so I had to. On top of that there was some tension breezing around my estate lately due to the fact that Francis was also staying here; Sebastian and Francis don’t really get along that well. I walked down the long hallway and saw Tim lying down across the room from where Sebastian was staying in, he was sad. Tim saw me coming and instantly ran towards me, I bent down and ruffled his coat.

“Did Sebastian scare my little Timmy again?” I giggled as Tim barked a reply, geez that demon still doesn’t get along with dogs. I stood up and walked over to the room, usually Tim would follow me around but every time I was with Sebastian he would run away, poor dog.

“Can I come in?” I asked as I knocked the door.

“Yes” Sebastian replied, I turned the handle and walked into my second guestroom. Sebastian was sitting on the red armchair beside my big and bright window; the sun’s glow was making him shimmer. He rested his chin in his palm and looked toward me; I closed the door behind me and walked toward him.

“I see you have changed into the clothes I gave you” I said as while resting my back on the windowsill.

“It is much more comfortable than the regular butler suit” Sebastian stated as he played with his collar. I gave him an all black military uniform which was comfy for demons.

“I am guessing its time for the treatment you told me about this morning?” Sebastian asked while getting up from his seat, he flinched a bit as he got up.

“Ya, it may hurt though,” I said as I unbuttoned a couple buttons from my collar, “however, it will bring you a faster recovery”

“I see” Sebastian replied as he unbuttoned his coat and black shirt, to reveal his bandaged up wound, there was a big one on his side, it basically covered his whole stomach. He slipped off his coat and shirt and tossed it on the bed, he then walked toward me. I slipped off my white satin gloves and tossed it on the bed, I slowly unwrapped the bandage. The bleeding had stopped and the wound closed a bit by only like a millimetre but that was good from getting quite a blow from a death scythe. His wound was from his shoulder blade which travelled through his whole right side to his lower stomach, it was a big wound.

“Rest your hands on the wall” I requested, Sebastian nodded and did what I asked. I took a deep breath and soon water and blue aura surrounded my hands, I placed them on his wound which started from his shoulder blade, I could feel Sebastian tense up and clench his fist. A water Guardian’s healing power would cause demons a great deal of pain since we are purifying the wound and healing it, it would be this way or the other way where he would fully mark me.... I prefer this way much more. I stopped when I moved down to his side, I slipped under him and now I was in between him and the wall. Sebastian’s eyes had turned demonic pink and his fangs were showing, he was panting and groaning in pain.

“Try to hold on a bit longer okay?” I tried to assure him, but it wasn’t helping.

I placed my glowing hands on his wounded side, I could see Sebastian’s muscle tense up a lot and his pink demonic eyes kept piercing into my blue ones. He clenched his fists harder and harder, it even made his gloves rip to reveal his contract with Ciel. As my hands were slowly going down the wound, Sebastian leaned in closer to me and our foreheads touched together.

“Please forgive me Princess, but I can’t hold it anymore” Sebastian panted as he leaned in more to kiss me quite roughly. I was almost done healing, but for the meanwhile I had to go along with Sebastian. As he kissed me passionately but rough at the same time, he them moved down to neck and trailed his kisses on them, he slowly began to go lower. Luckily I finished healing him in time before he went even lower.

“Sebastian,” I gasped, “it’s done”

Sebastian stopped and regained his composure, I breathed out in relief. Before I could even catch another breath, Sebastian pulled me and tossed me on the bed. I tried to get up but Sebastian pinned my hands over my head, I swallowed hard.

“You say you’re done but I’m not done with you,” Sebastian smirked as his pink demonic eyes were glowing, he leaned in close and kissed me, “This is my second dose of the treatment”

He started where he left off and was about to go lower until the door swung open and the little Earl stomped inside.

“Sebastian! I have been....” Ciel’s eyes widened as he stared at the both of us. Sebastian and I both looked at him; we had no idea how to react to this or how we were going to explain it to him. Ciel blushed madly and turned around towards the door, he leaned against the wall not facing us. Sebastian loosened his grip on my wrist and got up from the bed; I sat up right away and buttoned up my collar. Sebastian quickly buttoned up his shirt and buttoned up the black coat.

“Ciel, you can turn around now” I said as I fixed my hair into a high ponytail.

“Young master, it seems you are not accustomed to knocking before coming in,” Sebastian teased, “if you don’t then you will have to see a not so pretty sight, just like now”

“Geez Sebastian, when I thought treatment I meant patching up wounds.....not....that....” Ciel sighed as he turned around.

“Anyways, what’s wrong Ciel?” I asked, “You seemed pretty nervous”

“I was looking for Sebastian, because I wanted him to explain about how you two are engaged,” Ciel nodded, “and I wanted to know how he was doing”

“Ciel, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble to find him,” I smiled at him, “you could have just talked to me, since you are in no condition to get out of bed”

“I am fine though....” Ciel complained.

“Yes, you are fine when you have a fever,” I scolded as I walked toward him, “didn’t I tell you to get some sleep?”

“Yes.....” Ciel folded his arms, “but....”

“No buts,” I sighed, “how about Sebastian and I walk you back to bed and we will explain everything to you”

“Fine” Ciel huffed as he glared at Sebastian. All three of us walked out of Sebastian’s room and headed back to Ciel’s. I opened the door to the guest room and Ciel walked to the bed without complaints, he slid himself under the covers while I sat beside him and Sebastian stood near the bed.

“Now will you explain it to me?” Ciel asked and I nodded in reply.

“Everything began when my older sister had gone to the “Death Sanctuary” of demons, and she brought me along since it was time for me to learn and manage the demon world,” I explained as I gave a quick glance at Sebastian, “When water guardians reach a certain age they will visit the demon world or “Death Sanctuary””

“But why did you two go there?” Ciel asked.

“Water guardians are the ones who maintain the peace between both the demon and human world, since it is both connected by water,” I continued, “If they ever go against our laws, then obviously they will be punished or even killed depends on how bad it is”

“So does that include Death Gods too?” Ciel asked.

“In a way yes, but we don’t really order them around, they just respect us,” I replied.

“Oh, okay.... please go on” Ciel gestured and I nodded.

“In the death sanctuary, there is a waterfall which is known as the sanctuary for Water guardians, that is the only purest place on that island,” I explained, “and on that day we had gone there for my sister to train me and there was some ruckus that was going on in the death sanctuary, which my sister had to take care of. When she left for her work, she told me not to leave from the waterfall since it was protected by a barrier.”

My eyes went dark, and I could feel my voice hesitate a bit.

“Three days passed, and she didn’t come back. I then disobeyed my sister’s orders and went out to look for her,” my mouth went dry, “I found her fighting off over a thousand demons, and she was badly wounded. I then tried to fight the demons off and it took another three days. All of them were killed until one was left, he wasn’t a powerful demon but since I was very weak from fighting over a thousand of them I couldn’t kill him and ended up being wounded badly by him. He just walked over me and...... Took my wounded sister’s soul... I just laid there and watched him make her scream and suffer...”

“I thought Water guardians controlled them?” Ciel asked again, he seemed pretty anxious.

“Ya we do, but that demon which took my sister’s life teamed up with other demons to kill her and take her soul,” I replied, “One because the demons wanted to hunt human souls recklessly and they can’t since we control them, and two because when a demon consumes a water guardian’s soul they have an increase in power and they don’t necessarily need to hunt for another soul again”

“I never thought that a water guardian had so much power” Ciel whispered and I just nodded.

“After that, I literally dragged my body back to the waterfall so I could heal myself but about half a meter away I passed out and that is when Sebastian found me,” I continued, “Usually when a water guardian is in this state we are vulnerable to demons who are hungry, even if we have a barrier to protect us. When time goes by it gets weaker and weaker”

“But, your barrier was pretty strong when I came by” Sebastian added, “It seemed you only passed out for an hour”

“Anyways, Sebastian came by and kept insisting to help me but I kept refusing and he came by everyday and insisting,” I sighed.

“When you mean insisting, you mean he wanted to half mark you?” Ciel clarified and Sebastian and I nodded.

“Why didn’t you take her soul Sebastian?” Ciel asked.

“Young master, you see she was the last water guardian and all hell would break loose if I took her soul,” Sebastian explained, “the world would literally end if that were to happen”

“I see....” Ciel said softly.

“Sebastian half marked me five days later when my barrier was weak enough to get in,” I said as I partly glared at the smirking demon.

“You couldn’t fight him off?” Ciel asked.

“I was too weak to and plus my powers didn’t even develop enough to fight him off at that point,” I reasoned, “but the half marking gave me protection against some demons, and ever since then no demon has really attacked me”

“You looked very beautiful with your blood covered dress; it was truly a day that will never be forgotten” Sebastian smirked at me while I kept glaring at him.

“What happened to the demon that killed your sister?” Ciel asked.

“I still have to find him, so I can kill him,” I said calmly, “I will make him regret what he did”

“I know how you feel” Ciel nodded, “that anger, that hatred....everything...”

“Ciel....” I said softly as I looked at him, he looked very angry as he gritted his teeth.

“Now that the young master found out about our story, shouldn’t you go to bed now?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes, that is true” I exclaimed as I clasped my hands together.

“Fine, fine.... I will go to bed...” Ciel rolled his eyes and lied down on the bed. I tucked him in and both of us walked out of the room.

“I hope he can rest easily now, since he knows the entire truth” I said softly.

“I hope so, but knowing the young master he will” Sebastian said. Both of us walked down the hallway towards the staircase, from the bottom I could see Francis coming up. Francis glanced a smile at me and gave a glare at Sebastian.

“Francis, I hope you are finding everything comfortable here” I smiled at him.

“Of course! It feels nice to be back in my second home!” Francis exclaimed, I could feel the two exchange glares

“Umm... It's a beautiful day for a nice walk in the garden don’t you think?” I tried to get them off topic so they wouldn’t be all mad at each other.

“Yes, it is,” Francis smiled again, “Ciela how about the two of us have an adventure around your garden just like old times?”

“That would be great” I smiled back at him, it would be nice to have some time with my old friend since he would be going back to France after Easter, I could feel a jealous aura coming from Sebastian, he did not agree.

“Shall we?” Francis asked as he raised his hand for me to take, I smiled and took his hand.

“I hope you two have an enjoyable walk” Sebastian bowed; he had to keep his composure as a butler, even though he really wanted to rip Francis’s face off. Both Francis and I walked through the manor and walked out into the beautiful sunny garden. Birds were chirping and a nice but gentle breeze whipped through the air, my eyes brightened up in glee.

“Shall we start at the rose garden?” Francis suggested while gesturing to the rose bushes in the distance.

“I don’t see why” I smiled at him and he smiled back. We walked through the rose garden and enjoyed the sweet smell the roses gave off. This reminded me when Francis and I were kids and we played here around often, we would always collect different coloured roses and make crowns out of them.

“This garden brings back fun memories” Francis stated as a small smile crept up onto his lips.

“Yes indeed, I remember how we used to collect different flowers and make crowns out of them,” I smiled, “I even remember you made a beautiful bouquet of roses for me”

“Fun times,” Francis chuckled, “Our parents would always chat and have tea near the fountain as we played, your sister would look after us to make sure we wouldn’t get in trouble”

“Yeah my sister was always worried that we would get in trouble” I giggled and Francis giggled along as well. We arrived at the tall fountain as Francis gestured me to sit on the bench and I did.

“Wait here for a minute,” Francis said as he scurried off somewhere and came running back with a bunch of white roses, he handed them to me, “I always remembered that you adored white roses the most”

“Thank you Francis” I smiled as I took the small bouquet from his hands, I brought the flowers to my nose.

“I see why you like them so much....” Francis said softly.

“Really?” I asked and Francis nodded.

“You are very pure hearted, soft, beautiful and gentle,” Francis said softly as he sat beside me, he gazed into my eyes, “they match your personality...”

“I never thought it that way” I smiled softly.

“Ciela, I need to tell you something important and since you are at age you do have the right to know” Francis said softly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Ever since we were born, our parents decided that we stay together... in other words, Ciela you are betrothed to me” Francis said softly while not losing his glance away from me, I was in shock and my body grew stiff.

“W-what?” I gasped. I never thought this would happen especially after all these years. Why didn’t my parents tell me about this? Why didn’t my own beloved sister tell me? Why didn’t he?

“I know this is really shocking to know especially after all these years” Francis explained, I just sat there emotionless and stunned.

“W-hen... did... we actually become engaged?” I stuttered.

“On our first birthday, you were not supposed to know until your thirteenth birthday,” Francis replied, “But your parents died before they could tell you, but your sister didn’t tell you because she didn’t want any more stress on you”

“B...but... Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked.

“I didn’t know until your sister had died and my parents thought you were dead as well” Francis replied calmly, “then about six months later I found out your were alive but was unable to reach you due to studies”

This was bad, very bad. Now I was engaged to two men and on top of that they were two different “species” that hated each other. The one big problem was that I love Sebastian and Francis. However, I grew to love Sebastian even though he was a demon who was quite a pervert but he had a good side... well somewhat.

“Ciela, I know that you are stunned but we don’t have much time” Francis said, “you know as well that you have to give birth to a baby without conception, every female guardian’s prophecy”

My face went pale; this was true since that would happen after my eighteenth birthday.

“If you gave birth and didn’t have a husband, your nobility status and social status would be at great risk” Francis warned. He was right; if that were to happen I would be in big trouble.

“Ciela, I have adored you ever since we were young,” Francis got up from the bench and bent down on his knees and rested his gloved hands on my quivering ones, “and I lost you without even treasuring you, I wish to treasure you forever and not lose you again”

“Francis...” I called softly as tears began to stream down my face, the truth had pierced my heart and it had left me with an undeniably hard decision. I couldn’t go back on Sebastian nor could I go back on what my family decided for me.

“Ciela, I know that you were half marked by that demon butler,” Francis said as his eyes darkened a bit, “how dare he half mark you while you were weak and helpless, I won’t allow him to taint you”

“Francis, I give him credit for saving my life” I reminded.

“I know and I am grateful for that however, that demon can’t return your love but I can” Francis said softly as he wiped my endless streaming tears from my cheek. That statement slammed me hard, but that made me think, does Sebastian really care for me or does he just use me for his purposes?

“I will show you the world, I will bring you places where you have never been, I will treasure you, love you forever,” Francis said softly as he leaned closer towards me, my lips quivered. He gently placed his finger under my chin and raised it to his lips. His lips were about to be pressed against mine until a black figure quickly picked me up and carried me away from him, tears continued to stream down my face.

“You shouldn’t hurt a lady’s heart like that,” Sebastian said sternly as he hugged me tightly, “and I won’t allow you to touch my fiancée”

“Well the demon was eavesdropping after all,” Francis glared at Sebastian, “and for your information she is actually my fiancée”

“Please.....stop....” I stuttered as I gestured Sebastian to let me down, he nodded and gently put me down on the ground. I then walked in the middle and glanced at both of them, my heart was filled with despair and it felt like it was going to rip apart.

“Ciela, I treasure you so much... don’t you remember all the times we had together?” Francis asked.

“Princess, ever since I saw you all wounded up like that, I saved your life and have promised to be by your side until the end...” Sebastian said.

“I treasure you both in my heart...” I said softly still feeling quite uncomfortable.

“But, you can only take one” Francis added.

“I know....” I replied softly. My head was starting to hurt and the world around me was starting to spin, I didn’t feel too good.

“Ciela!” I heard them both call my name as I fell into a pair of muscular arms

. . .


“Francis! Francis! I got hurt!” I cried as I clutched my ankle, it had become sprained since I tripped over a tree root. My pink ruffle dress ripped and it exposed my stocking covered legs.

“You are such a klutz” Francis giggled as he walked toward me and bent down to my level he smiled sweetly at me. He looked down at my ankle and sighed.

“You won’t be able to walk with this injured ankle,” Francis said as he brought out his hand, “here I will carry you”

I smiled and took his hand, he gently picked me up bridal style and we walked through the forest.

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered as I looked down in shame, I gave him trouble because of my foolishness.

“Don’t worry Ciela, we all get hurt once in a while! Plus I am a strong nine year old boy!” Francis exclaimed, he tried to cheer me up, “I will always be by your side whenever you get hurt!”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really! I will take care of you forever and ever!” Francis cheered.

“Well that’s a long time, but when you grow up how are you going to take care of me when you have to take care of your wife?” I asked.

“Simple! I will make you my wife and then I will be able to take care of you forever!” Francis smiled as his lilac eyes glimmered.

“You’re going to make me your wife?! But there are better and prettier girls out there!” I whined.

“You are the prettiest eight year old girl I have ever seen and no one can surpass you!” Francis smiled again and I blushed.

“You just said that to make me feel better...” I mumbled as I puffed my face, Francis just laughed.

End of Flashback

I slowly cracked open my heavy eyes and found myself on my soft and fluffy bed.

“Thank goodness you’re okay!” Francis exclaimed.

“huh?” I carefully sat up and rested my back against my pillows; I looked toward Francis who was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“It seemed you passed out, I am guessing you over exhausted yourself from that Campania cruise” Francis said softly, his beautiful lilac eyes gazed into my blue ones, his eyes looked relieved but worried at the same time.

“Where is Sebastian?” I asked.

“He went to his master” Francis replied flatly.

“Oh, I see” I replied quietly. I looked at the clock which was on my bedside table, it read 6:30pm and my eyes widened.

“Ciel’s medicine!” I gasped, I was about to get out of the bed until Francis stopped me.

“Ciela, you need to get some rest” Francis said.

“But, I need to give Ciel’s medicine” I complained.

“I already told Bluebird that you wanted to give it to him” Francis replied.

“Oh okay, then if that is the case then I don’t have to worry” I sighed in relief.

“Ciela, I know you are overwhelmed with the whole engagement, but I want you to know that-”

“There is no need” I cut him off.

“What do you mean?” Francis asked.

“I have decided....” I swallowed hard and my hands were starting to get clammy.

“Before you tell me your decision and possibly break my heart, allow me to do this” Francis said as he leaned in close and gently placed his soft lips on mine. My heart was shaking but I kept my strength. He then broke away and we both gazed at each other, Francis was anxious to know.

I slowly breathed out and fiddled with my fingers.

“I..... want.......”

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