Tainted White Rose

The Easter Egg Hunt

A week had passed and basically our lives were pretty much back to normal, however the news of the Campania voyage was still fresh in headlines.

“Still the same news?” Ciel groaned as he flipped through the newspaper.

“This whole accident has become very popular in London” I sighed as Sebastian placed my cup of tea in front of me.

“It was a rather terrible maiden voyage wasn’t it?” Sebastian smiled while placing Ciel’s cup of tea in front of him, “As I feared by the time we came back, you were quite ill but thanks to Lady Ciela all of us recovered quickly and making life return to normal”

“Normal, huh...” Ciel sipped his tea, “now that you mention it, Sebastian”

Ciel glanced up at the rabbit ears Sebastian was wearing; I didn’t even notice them until Ciel pointed it out.

“Exactly what about that is normal to you?” Ciel asked while glaring at the rabbit ears.

“Since today is Easter, we were ordered by Lady Elizabeth” Sebastian smiled.

“I see, so that’s why she was really excited today, she even came into my room this morning and kept jumping around,” I said as I sipped my tea.

“Well then if you two have finished breakfast, I was told to take both of you to the second floor,” Sebastian smiled, “Let’s go”

Ciel and I got up and followed Sebastian as he escorted us to the second floor; he then opened the two doors before us revealing basically everyone inside.

“You’re late!” Soma exclaimed.

“Finally!” Elizabeth clapped in glee and hugged Ciel, she then plopped rabbit ears on his head.

“W-why are they here!?” Ciel was surprised.

“I thought we could celebrate Easter together!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she walked towards me and put rabbit ears on my head. Everyone was here, Agni, Soma, Nina Hopkins, Edward, Francis, Bard, Finny and Tanaka.

“Easter is my favourite holiday since everyone gets dressed up in new clothes and hats!” Elizabeth twirled in joy.

“What!? I had no idea, so I came in my regular clothes....” Soma sighed in disappointment.

“Very well then!” Nina exclaimed, “Let’s unveil the new spring summer collection of Nina Hopkins, the tailor that makes the season!”

She gave Ciel, Francis, Edward, Agni, Soma and I new clothes as we all hurried off to get changed. After about half an hour, everyone was changed and the boys looked amazing, as usual Ciel’s outfit matched Elizabeth’s dress. Everyone in the room gasped as I entered the room again wearing my Easter dress. My dress was yellow with white and light blue embellishments. I put my hair half up and half down and had a yellow diamond hair pin.

“Everyone’s so cute!” Elizabeth cheered. Sebastian glanced a look at me and smiled, Francis did the same and I blushed.

“EXCELLENT!” Nina looked very happy, “It is a success!”

“Let’s start the egg hunt right away!” Elizabeth said as she brought in a huge basket of beautifully decorated eggs, “today I brought father’s special Easter eggs!”

“Well then, I will tell the servants to go and hide them” Ciel said as he was about to leave until Lizzie clapped her hands together.

“I have a better idea!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she took a really pretty egg from the basket, “ let’s have the person who finds this egg, hidden amongst all the others in the mansion be the winner!”

“So this egg hunt works like that?” Soma asked.

“Well it wasn’t meant to be a competition or anything...” Ciel sweat dropped.

“Ciela you made an egg didn’t you? You showed me this morning” Elizabeth asked.

“Ah, yes I did” I replied and quickly scrambled through the basket. I had made my egg and put it in Elizabeth’s basket so it wouldn’t get lost but then I eventually found mine.

“Here it is!” I smiled as I brought it out; the egg was shimmering blue and was nicely decorated. Elizabeth and mine had the same design except her egg was pink, white and not shimmering while mine was blue, white and shimmering silver.

“Why don’t we add a second winner?” Sebastian suggested.

“That is a great idea!” Elizabeth exclaimed and I just nodded.

“You would always find my Easter egg first, right Ciel?” Elizabeth asked as he hugged Ciel, “So you have to make sure to be first this year too!”

“Got it...” Ciel laughed nervously.

“Ciela, did you accept my marriage proposal yet?” Soma asked as he scooted beside me.

“No” I replied flatly.

“Why not?” the prince whined while pouting is bottom lip.

“Because, I don’t want to” I replied flatly again.

“Hmmm.... how about this, the winner who finds your egg will have the right to have your hand in marriage” Soma smirked.

“Fine, do whatever you want....” I sighed.

“It’s settled then!” Soma cheered, at that moment Sebastian and Francis glared at each other, there was definitely some lightening going on between them.

“Wait a minute! I definitely won’t let you have my sister’s Easter egg and I won’t let you have my future wife’s either!” Edward shouted angrily as he pointed at Ciel.

“Well, I’m not the one who decides...” Ciel sighed.

“Hmmm doesn’t that look interesting?” Earl Grey shouted as he crashed through the window with a smirk on his face, all of us were surprised to see him arrive without notice... Especially, through the window. Seriously, does he have a hard time finding the door or something?

“Earl Grey!? Master Phipps?” Ciel and I gasped.

“What are the queen’s butlers doing here?” I asked.

“A delivery from her majesty” Phipps replied as he gave the basket of eggs to me.

“It’s for the Earl,” Phipps said while handing the basket over, “Yours is in your estate, we gave it to your maid”

“I hope you two didn’t crash through my window...” I said as I gave Grey a glare.

“Uhhhh..... well....... not exactly....” Grey stumbled.

“You did didn’t you....” I continued to glare.

“Ya....” Grey nodded in denial.

“Wow! They’re so cute!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

“Anyways, I overheard that you have to get your fiancée’s Easter egg first and someone has to get Ciela’s, right Earl?” Grey asked Ciel, he nodded in reply.

“Great! I’m participating too then!” Grey smirked.

“What!” Ciel gaped at Grey.

“It would be nice to have a beautiful, smart and useful wife by my side” Grey glanced at me and winked. Great more people...

“This will be fun!” Grey smirked.

“Wait a second,” Sebastian paused as he took out something from his coat, “I’d expect there would be injuries if we didn’t have any rules between these members.... that is why....”

Sebastian took out a plain egg and smirked, everyone was confused, “why don’t we establish some more rules involving these?”

“we’ll divide everyone up into teams of two, and have one of them carry a raw egg in a ladle during the egg hunt,” Sebastian explained “One can freely exchange the egg through use of the ladles and the team is disqualified for whatever reason the raw egg breaks”

“That is very smart” I complimented.

“Since young master cares for lady Ciela so much to care for her as his sister, in the case of young master finding her egg she can choose to marry whoever she wishes” Sebastian added in.

“That is a great idea, Ciel I hope you find it” I winked at the young Earl.

“I will don’t worry, I promised Edward that he wouldn’t have you” Ciel smirked.

“Well then, let’s decide teams!” Sebastian exclaimed. After a couple of minutes, the teams were made. There was team Sebastian and Ciel, Grey and Phipps, Soma and Agni, Mey Rin and Bard, Snake and Finny, and finally Edward and Francis.

“To win you must find either mine or Lizzie’s egg,” I smiled, “and of course whoever finds my egg has a right to have me as their wife, but if Ciel finds it then that won’t happen”

“Then let’s get started!” Elizabeth exclaimed, “Ready?”

“GO!” Elizabeth and I shouted in glee. Everyone rushed through the manor to find our eggs.

“I hope Ciel will find mine” Lizzie’s eyes were filled with hope.

“Don’t worry Lizzie, he will find it I am sure of it!” I assured the young marchioness.

“But, I wonder who will find yours?” Elizabeth thought.

“I wonder....” I said softly.

“Do you want anyone to find yours?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, obviously I want Ciel to find it” I replied.

“Why? You don’t want a husband?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well first of all if Ciel got it then I wouldn’t be pressured to get married anytime soon” I lied, no matter who would have won, I already made my decision.

“I see....” Elizabeth replied.

“Marchioness, Countess,” Tanaka called, “Why don’t we stay in the garden and wait for the two winner’s arrival”

We both nodded and went our way to the garden.

. . .

Elizabeth and I waited anxiously for the winners; the disqualified team members had come to the garden and sat at the table. Everyone was here except Ciel, Sebastian, Perverted Earl Grey and the diligent Phipps.

“It seems that the goddess Kali does not want us to be together” Soma sighed in disappointment; he rested his chin in his hands and looked rather sad.

“I guess it’s for the better, don’t worry you will find a prettier bride” I tried to cheer him up.

“Ciela,” Francis called, I turned to face him, “this is the first year that I have failed to find your Easter egg”

“It seems to be, but it’s okay,” I giggled while I held his warm hands in mine, the duke smiled back, “you tried your best that is what counts!”

“Ah! They’re back!” Elizabeth got up from her chair and there was a big smile that swept across her face, she then ran towards Ciel and hugged him tight.

“You did it! You got it first after all!” Elizabeth was delighted and I could tell Ciel was blushing a bit.

“Yes, as always” Ciel smiled as they both held the pink egg in their hands.

“Fufu! May this Easter egg bring you lots of happiness!” Elizabeth wished.

“Thank you Lizzie!” Ciel replied as they both smiled and held the egg in their hands, they were such a cute couple.

“Lady Ciela,” Earl Grey called, my heart beat faster, this was not good, I turned to face him, “I wanted you by my side, especially during our wedding night, however, I failed to get your egg”

“Y-you tried your best!” I replied while laughing nervously.

“I will not give up though!” Grey exclaimed; I just sweat dropped, geez this guy doesn’t know when to give up.

“Lady Ciela,” Sebastian called, I then turned around and walked towards him, he held my blue egg in his gloved hands I smiled softly, “I got the egg”

“I knew you would,” I smiled as I placed my hands under his, “I wish you all the happiness in the world”

“I don’t believe in happiness, I only believe in having you” Sebastian whispered, I giggled as I looked deeply into his maroon eyes; oh how I loved them.

“Sebastian, you keep my egg,” I said softly, “it will hold memories and will be a good memory of me”

“As you wish my lady” Sebastian bowed.

“Ciela! Come join us!” Lizzie called.

“I will don’t you worry!” I shouted back as I ran towards the group and joined them for lunch, the table was filled with delicious food and pastries. Indeed this was a very splendid Easter.

. . . .

~ Later that Evening ~

All the guests left except Francis and I. Ciel wanted us to stay a little longer and join him for some tea before we left. My heart was filled with discomfort since I had to tell my young Earl some important news. We sat in his family room and Sebastian served us warm orange pekoe tea with some light biscuits.

“It was a rather busy and tiring day wasn’t it?” Ciel sighed as he sipped his tea.

“Yes it was, but it was quite enjoyable,” Francis added he then looked towards me, “right Ciela?”

“Ah, yes it was” I gave them a nervous smile while Ciel glanced at Francis.

“If I am not mistaken you are the Duke of France right?” Ciel asked.

“Yes, I am Earl” Francis replied with a smile.

“What brought you here in London? Was it for travel purposes?” Ciel asked curiously.

“Well, I guess you would say so however, I wanted to give my old friend a surprise visit” Francis replied, “and I came to see her for a reason”

“Oh, I see,” Ciel nodded as he took another sip from his tea, my heart began to beat faster and I started to get a lot more nervous. I could tell Sebastian noticed it and he addressed it right away.

“Lady Ciela, you seem quite nervous is everything alright?” Sebastian asked worriedly, I gave him a soft look.

“Well....” I swallowed hard, “I actually have some news for the young Earl, and I couldn’t really keep it anymore”

I could see Francis being pretty happy but he kept it in, Ciel was confused while Sebastian was getting a little nervous but anxious at the same time.

“Well, what is it Ciela?” Ciel asked.

“I-I am getting married,” I bit my lip and Ciel choked a bit on his tea.

“To whom?” Ciel asked in surprise, he had a feeling that I was not talking about Sebastian, since I wouldn’t say it in front of the royal.

“To Francis, the Duke of France” I replied softly as I looked towards my soon to be husband, Ciel’s eyes were shocked and Sebastian’s was as well.

“Is that true?” Ciel gasped while wanting a sure answer from the prince, and he simply smiled along with a nod.

“Yes, it’s true,” Franci replied, “she accepted my proposal and we are getting married in two weeks”

“Did you tell anyone!?” Ciel asked again, sounding a bit more shocked.

“No.... you are the first, I wanted to keep this matter private for a while and then we will tell the rest,” I replied calmly as I sipped my tea, I didn’t want to admit it in front of Sebastian but I had to, this decision would be the best for the both of us. I was a Countess and I had to respect the decision which was made by my parents.

“Well then, I congratulate you both and may you two be happy” Sebastian put his butler mask on, put up a smile and bowed. From his aura I could tell he was in rage and Francis felt it too, Francis just shrugged and continued to drink his tea like everything was fine. It wasn’t like the demon had much of a fight against an Air Guardian.

“Y-yes congratulations” Ciel stuttered a bit and softly smiled at both of us.

. . .

Francis and I returned back at my estate and we both retired to bed. Since Ciel and Sebastian weren’t staying here anymore, I had his room moved to the end of the hall, which was pretty far away from my room. It was already 11:45 at night and I still wasn’t able to sleep, I continued to rest on my fluffy bed and kept turning.

“What a nuisance” I sighed as I got up from my bed and grabbed my lacy white robe. I tied the sash around my waist and walked over to the large glass doors which led out to my balcony facing the garden. I opened the doors quietly and instantly the songs of the night animals welcomed me into the night. I walked onto the cold concrete to reach the thick railing which was big enough for me to sit on. Carefully, I climbed on the railing and let my legs dangle over the edge, I looked up at the night sky and it was filled with beautiful glimmering stars.

“They are truly beautiful” I said softly as I kept my gaze on the little diamonds.

“Not as beautiful as you” Sebastian said, I gasped and turned around to see him walk out from the shadows of the balcony.

“Sebastian! What are you doing here?” I asked, my heart dropped when I saw him. I tried to avoid meeting direct eye contact with him, and he knew it.

“I came to see you” Sebastian replied as he walked towards me.

“Why?” I asked, I was getting nervous as he came closer and closer. I turned my whole body towards him and he slammed his hands beside me while leaning in close, I flinched.

“You know why,” Sebastian seemed pretty angry but he kept calm..... Well kind of, “why did you accept the duke’s proposal even though you knew we were engaged?”

“Actually I was engaged to him before I even met you” I replied sternly, still avoiding eye contact.

“You could have called the engagement off,” Sebastian argued, “you don’t even love him so why?”

“First of all, if I were to marry you in the future, everyone knows you as the Phantomhive butler and a Countess cannot marry a butler. If I married you, my status would crash,” I argued back, “second of all, he loves me and I care for him and you don’t even love me!”

Sebastian didn’t say a word and just looked into my eyes and slowly backed away from me but he still stood in front of me.

“It is true; demons can’t feel what humans feel but pleasure and pain,” Sebastian said softly, “however, I am unable to take the half marking away since it is permanent”

“I know” I nodded as I got down from the railing and walked toward him, I placed my hand on his cold cheek, his dark red eyes stared into mine. Those beautiful but sinful eyes that always looked into me but couldn’t take my soul, the ones that I would always fall into. However, now I won’t fall into them except one more time, just for tonight... just for tonight...

“Sebastian, please forgive me” I said softly as tears began to form in my eyes. I climbed on his shoes and stood on my toes to reach his beautiful soft lips. My lips met with his and he replied back, we kissed for a pretty long time while my tears streamed down my face. Sebastian... I love you... but I have to leave you... I’m sorry....

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