Tainted White Rose

One door closes, another opens

A week had passed since that night; I haven’t been to Ciel’s manor since due to all the wedding preparations. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I was walking through the garden with Francis asTimmy was running around getting some exercise. It was a little breezy today but it was nice at the same time. He stopped and turned towards me, I stopped and was confused until he bent down on one knee and took out a small black box from his white, coat pocket. Francis opened the box to reveal a beautiful yellow diamond ring with little diamonds surrounding it, this ring was truly beautiful.

“Ciela, I never got the chance of formally proposing to you and now I have the chance,” Francis smiled and his lilac eyes gazed into mine, “Lady Ciela Blue, will you marry me?”

“Yes” I replied as my new fiancé slid the ring into my ring finger, I then jumped into his open arms and he spun me around in glee. Francis kissed me passionately on the lips and I kissed him back, we both giggled while embracing each other.

“You look so beautiful” Francis said as he gazed into my eyes, I blushed but at the same time my heart sank when those words reminded me of Sebastian.

. . .

Ciel had invited me for tea while Francis had some duties to attend to. Ciel and I had tea together in his greenhouse; it was big but not as big as mine. Sebastian placed the china cups full of Earl Grey tea in front of us, the aroma was perfect.

“I never thought you would decide to get married this quickly” Ciel stated as he took a biscuit from the plate, Sebastian glanced at me and I glanced at him.

“What can I say? Life is unexpected” I said while taking a small sip from the hot tea, the drink was perfect as always, Sebastian would always make the best tea.

“That is true,” Ciel said, “Where is the wedding taking place?”

“It will take place in the Air Guardian sanctuary, since he is an air guardian,” I said while waiting for Ciel’s response, “in other words, its at his estate in France.

“W-wait a sec, the duke is an air guardian?” Ciel gasped, “I never knew that!”

“Ya, he is.... did I not tell you before?” I asked.

“No, you never did” Ciel replied.

“Well anyways, now you know,” I said while sipping my tea again, “Also, the wedding will be next week”

“I see...” Ciel replied softly. I then took out the invitation from my purse and placed it on the glass table; Ciel took it and opened it.

“You want me to come?” Ciel asked while opening the white card.

“Of course, you are like family to me” I smiled softly as he blushed a bit.

“However, how would I get there?” Ciel asked.

“Well, the sanctuary is not forbidden to humans, but it is to demons that has no contract with a human, so Sebastian can take you there” I said.

“That is true, you can get there right Sebastian?” Ciel asked while glancing a look at the demon butler.

“Of course” Sebastian bowed, my eyes softened while still avoiding his gaze.

“I would be very happy if you two came” I smiled as I clapped my hands together; Sebastian’s eyes widened a bit when he noticed the engagement ring on my finger.

“If that is the case then I will definitely come.... I would not want my “sister” to be married to another man without seeing you off,” Ciel said while placing his finished cup of tea on his saucer, “tell me, are you truly happy with this decision?”

“Y-yes, of course I am” I stuttered a bit. It’s not that I am not happy... it’s just.... well something is missing from me and I was trying to fight that off.

“Then if that is the case then I won’t say anything else” Ciel said while slumping back in his chair, he seemed pretty sad but kept his composure.

. . .

~ Week later ~

I sat and stared at myself in the mirror as Bluebird made my hair, she put all my hair up and made two braids that started at my ears and merged at the back, it was really nice.

“It’s your special day today, princess” Bluebird hummed as she continued to fix my hair.

“Yes, it is” I replied softly, my heart was still in some discomfort but I continued to ignore it. A sudden knock was made at the door.

“Come in,” I ordered and Francis’s butler walked in with a big white box in hand.

“Princess, your dress is ready” Francis’s butler bowed and placed it on the nearby table and kindly left, I sighed.

“Princess, your hair is done,” Bluebird clapped her hands together in joy, “shall I help you with the dress?”

“Of course” I replied with a smile.

. . .

A knock was made at the door, “come in”

The door opened to reveal Ciel wearing a black tuxedo, he looked rather handsome, and beside Ciel was Sebastian. I was behind the vanity wall while Bluebird was finishing zipping up my wedding dress.

“Are you ready?” Ciel asked as he sat at the couch next to the door and at that moment the dress was zipped up.

“Yup” I replied while walked out of the vanity wall and facing Ciel, his face blushed slightly and Sebastian’s eyes softened as he saw me in my wedding dress.

“What do you think?” I asked as I twirled around.

“It’s beautiful” Ciel smiled softly.

“Thank you” I smiled back. My wedding dress had a mix of Victorian and Japanese style to it. The base of the dress was an off the shoulder white silk dress and covering the waist was a pink and red silk fabric which had cherry blossom designs on it. The fabric on the waist was extended to the ground and was a one meter train; it had a couple of ruffles.

“Ah, I have something for you” Ciel said while nudging Sebastian. The butler then walked toward me with a blue velvet box in hand. As soon as we were face to face he opened the velvet box to reveal a beautiful diamond hairpin with a couple of ruby embellishments, it was amazing. My lips curved into a smile and I quickly looked into Sebastian’s maroon red eyes, they were filled with anger, sadness and pain.

“Thank you so much, I will cherish forever” I said as I quickly walked toward Ciel and gave him a big hug.

“It’s my pleasure, you have helped me so much this is the least I can do” Ciel said while not moving, it seemed he wanted to stay this way for a long time.

“Please be careful Earl Phantomhive, you don’t want to ruin her hair” Bluebird kindly warned.

“Ah, yes” Ciel said as I moved away, “Oh, Ciela do you know where the powder room is?”

“Ya I do, but it’s quite confusing, let Bluebird bring you” I suggested and Ciel nodded.

“Sebastian, you keep Lady Ciela Company until I return” Ciel said as he followed Bluebird out of the room. As soon as the door closed, it was pretty quiet.

“Sebastian,” I bit my lip as I turned to face him, “would you be kind enough to put on the hairpin and my veil?”

“Of course my lady, I shall do anything for my princess” Sebastian slightly bowed. He then took the pin out from the box and the white veil from the table, I turned my back towards him and he gently placed both of them in my hair.

“It looks wonderful” Sebastian complimented; I smiled softly and turned around to face him. We both gazed at each other and the pain in my heart became stronger, I wanted........what did I want? What did I yearn for? Why is my heart doing this?

“Princess,” Sebastian said softly as he walked behind me, from his cool breathe I could tell he was down to my neck; I shuddered a bit, “I wanted you to be dressed liked this on our wedding, I wanted to hold you...”

“And make you mine...” Sebastian growled slightly as he was about to come closer and kiss the nape of my neck but then stopped to inhale my scent, “however, I can’t...”

Sebastian then backed away and walked towards the vanity table where there was a bouquet of white roses. He carefully picked them up and handed them over to me, I took it.

“I think it’s time now” Sebastian notified.

“But.... Ciel...” I argued and Sebastian just smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, they are already there,” Sebastian assured, he then took out his hand, “I will be walking you down the aisle since young master is too short to do so”

“Very well” I nodded and took his hand and together we walked out of the room towards the garden. On our way, we had to go through a wooden bridge and the cherry blossom trees were beautiful, their petals kept falling on both of us, but the one who I was going to be beside was not Sebastian but Francis. From the distance I could see a huge weeping cherry blossom tree and it was definitely the biggest from all of them, we stopped at the end of the bridge and saw Francis standing at the foot of the tree with the priest. My feet were shaking and I was definitely nervous, couldn’t believe this was actually happening... I was actually getting married. I saw Bluebird and Ciel waiting for me to walk down the aisle with Sebastian; I bet the demon butler could feel my uneasiness.

“Princess, there is no need to be scared” Sebastian assured.

“I....know” I replied slowly. At that moment Sebastian and I took the first step on the aisle and together we walked slowly, each step I took was killing me and something in my heart was being tugged by something. From the foot of the tree I could see Francis smiling at me, I just blushed and looked down at the floor, as soon as I reached the tree; Francis walked down from the platform and took out his hand. I was about to reach for Francis’s hand until I looked back at Sebastian, he just smiled at me and slowly let go. As he let me go, I could feel my heart tearing apart as well as the tension between my lover and I.

“Thank you, Sebastian” I said softly before I turned around to take Francis’s warm hand, Sebastian just bowed slightly and walked away.

“You look beautiful Ciela” Francis complimented as we walked up together on the platform.

“You look dashing as well” I giggled.

“Shall we begin?” The priest asked and the both of us nodded. After all of the stories and wedding stuff, soon came the promise.

“Will Francis Blanc take Ciela Blue as your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest asked.

“I do” Francis replied as he smiled at me, my heart began racing.

“Will Ciela Blue take Francis Blanc as your lawfully wedded husband?” The priest asked. At that moment, my mind went blank and I started to remember all the moments Sebastian and I spent together, Sebastian making me his fiancée, meeting him after one year, the curry contest, the circus, Easter and especially my birthday.

“Lady Ciela?” The priest asked and at that moment I snapped out of my flashbacks.

“Ah yes.....” I stuttered, “I.....I....”

I quickly looked back at Ciel and Bluebird and Sebastian wasn’t there, my eyes widened. I never knew this would take a toll on a demon’s heart that much.

“Ciela is everything okay?” Francis asked with a worried expression.

“Umm.... well....” I stuttered even more and then Francis let go of my hand, I was shocked and rather confused.

“What?” I gasped.

“Go Ciela, I know that the one who is supposed to be by your side is not me,” Francis smiled that kind and sweet smile he always did as a child, “I guess that the one who has truly won your heart is the demon”


“Don’t fight your heart, follow what it wants don’t go by what the world sees is perfect” Francis put his warm hand on my cheek and I could tell from his lilac eyes that he was sad, “all I want is to see you happy, and if that demon can bring you happiness then go for it”

“However, always remember that I will always be there for you, and if he hurts you I will simply kill him” Francis gave me a tight hug and a loving kiss on the head, tears were about to form in my eyes but I fought it back, “go before he does something stupid”

“Thank you Francis, thank you” I smiled at my ex crush and he just smiled back. I quickly picked up the front of my dress and ran down the aisle towards the bridge where Sebastian and I just went on. I was about mid way on the bridge and from the distance I could see Sebastian leaning against the wooden railing, looking at the falling cherry blossom petals. I kept running towards him but it was hard for me since the long veil and train was dragging me down. Sebastian saw me and he instantly stood up and walked towards the middle with his arms open wide, I sprinted and in a flash I jumped into his arms as we kissed each other passionately.

“You chose me?” Sebastian asked as he continued to kiss me.

“Ya, because I love you and I can’t live without you,” I gasped for air and I continued to kiss him, we broke away and knocked our foreheads together.

“I love you too...” Sebastian said softly as the cherry blossom petals began to fall on us like light rain. It felt as if the heavens wanted us to be together even though we were from different statuses and worlds.... I guess this is what they called unbreakable, forbidden love.

. . .

“I knew you were coming back” Ciel said as he sipped his tea, I just laughed.

“I guess its good to be back home,” I smiled, “even though Francis’s estate was very nice and the garden was breath taking”

“It seems that Young master enjoyed it too” Sebastian remarked.

“It was a nice vacation from all that work” Ciel mumbled as he finished his tea. The grandfather clock rang at nine and it was time for Ciel to head to bed.

“Its time for me to retire” Ciel sighed as he got up from his chair and I did as well. Both Ciel and I walked up the stairs to our room, every time he had me over for the night our rooms would always be beside each other.

“Good night Ciela” Ciel waved.

“Good night Ciel” I waved back and we entered our rooms. When I entered the room, on my bed was my night gown all neatly folded. I unzipped my wedding dress and changed into my night clothes, I threw my wedding dress on the vanity table since I was too lazy to neatly put it away. I was about to climb into bed until I felt a really sick feeling in my stomach, I quickly ran into the attached bathroom and threw up on the toilet; in an instant that feeling was gone.

“I must have eaten something bad... but all I have eaten was vegetables so how?” I asked myself, then I remembered something important but I doubted myself.

“Wasn’t my period supposed to be a week ago on Easter?” I asked myself again; in an instant my eyes widened.... There was no way that this was happening. I quickly flushed the toilet and rinsed my mouth; I ran out of my room and barged into Ciel’s

“Ciel! Sebastian!” I cried as I slammed opened the door, I saw Ciel’s lifeless body on his bed while Sebastian looked rather angry, the demon looked at me and I was shocked.

“How couldn’t I have sensed it....How couldn’t I have not known?” I gasped.

“That is odd, you would sense a demon’s presence, especially since you are beside Young master’s room” Sebastian wondered.

“But, where were you?” I asked.

“I was getting some water for young master and when I came back he was like this” Sebastian said.

“Do you know who it is?” I asked.

“I have an idea” Sebastian said as he took out a briefcase from the closet.

“But, if you didn’t sense his presence, then why do you look so disturbed?” Sebastian asked.

“I have bad news as well,” I bit my lip, “I think I am pregnant”

In an instant Sebastian stopped, he looked very worried.

“Then that means you would have a child in you,” Sebastian said slowly and I nodded, “then that would mean you are powerless for the whole pregnancy”

“Pretty much” I gulped, “But, I am not exactly sure...”

In a quick movement Sebastian sprinted toward me and bent down. He put his gloved hands on my stomach and closed his eyes, he then flashed them open.

“Am I pregnant?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes, princess... you are” Sebastian replied calmly.

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