Tainted White Rose

Return to me

“Am I pregnant?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes, princess... you are” Sebastian replied calmly.

“What? That is impossible!” I gasped, “I-I’m not even eighteen yet! The guardian’s prophecy of having a baby without conception is too early! It’s supposed to be after my eighteenth birthday!”

“I don’t know what to say...” Sebastian sighed as he got up.

“Unless you raped me!!!!” I screamed as I waved my arms like crazy and pointed at him.

“Princess, don’t be silly I would never-”

“But you didn’t even touch me! Unless you mind raped me! Is that even possible!? NOOOOO IM NOT A VIRGIN!” I screamed and walked in circles, Sebastian sighed and grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him.

“Princess, I would never do such a thing without your consent, you know that” Sebastian said as he brushed his gloved fingers through my hair.

“Ya, I know but when something like this happens it makes me over think...” I said softly, “but ignore me, how about Ciel we will have to find that demon soon”

“Don’t worry, I got that covered” Sebastian said while turning to go to Ciel’s side.

“We should go right away” I huffed as I put my hands on my hips.

“I’m afraid I have to go alone,” Sebastian picked up Ciel and placed him softly in the open briefcase, “I can’t have your life in danger, after all a female guardian is powerless when she is pregnant, I can’t lose you”

“But Sebastian I-” I argued but it was no use.

“Princess, during the whole pregnancy you are considered a human and the only thing protecting you is my half marking” Sebastian reminded me.

“It’s not like that I don’t have powers, I do its just weakened for the baby’s growth,” I reminded him, “I won’t go near the demon, I will just stay a kilometre away from where you are”

“Not go-” Sebastian was caught off by some pecking made at the window; I looked over Sebastian’s shoulder and saw a beautiful bluebird with a letter in its mouth, my eyes widened.

“Bluebird!” I gasped as I ran towards the window and opened the window; the young bird flew in and right away changed into its human form.

“Princess, I have a letter for you” Bluebird bowed as she placed the letter in my hand. I turned to open the letter and on the letter was the stamp of the family crest, a Trancy family crest.

“Why does the queen’s spider want me?” I wondered as I quickly opened the letter, there it revealed a letter from Earl Trancy. I skimmed through the letter and my eyes widened, Sebastian was curious.

“Is everything alright?” Sebastian asked and I nodded.

“Earl Trancy wants me to meet him in two weeks for dinner, it seems that he is the new heir to the household and he wishes to see me since he wants to know everyone” I said suspiciously, “For some reason I feel like this has something to do with Ciel and how his soul was surprisingly taken”

“What are you going to do?” Sebastian asked.

“I am thinking of visiting his estate tomorrow and I will see if he looks suspicious, if so then I will tell you and I guess you will do a hunt” I explained as I placed the letter back in the envelope and handed it over to my maid.

“If that is the case then I will make preparations for tomorrow’s leave” Bluebird bowed and left right away. I closed the window and walked toward Ciel’s lifeless body, his body lay on the bed as if he was in a deep slumber.

“Ciel, we will get your soul back but it seems you will lose some of your memory” I sighed while brushing his dark blue hair, I looked down and noticed his blue diamond ring was missing.

“It seems part of your soul is in the ring,” I said softly, “and that selfish demon took it, luckily it was incomplete though”

“That is true, without consuming the body it is incomplete” Sebastian remarked.

“Well then, we have lots of work to do tomorrow” I said as I laid down next to the young Earl, I connected my fingers with his lifeless ones and kept his body close to my chest.

“I will get you back, I promise” I said softly as I closed my eyes and waited for the sun to rise.

. . .

~ Next day ~

“My lady, we have arrived at the Trancy household” Bluebird announced as the carriage door swung open, the sun’s rays hit my face as bluebird helped me out. At the front was a tall butler dressed in all black, he had short black hair and his golden eyes reflected through his glasses, he seemed very suspicious and from his aura it gave off a demonic vibe.

“Countess Blue, the Earl is waiting for you,” the demon butler bowed, “please come inside”

I nodded and followed him inside the manor while Bluebird stayed in the carriage, as soon as I entered the manor, it gave off a weird vibe and I could tell that this was where Ciel’s soul was. At the top of the stairs stood a young boy with light blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He wore a long purple coat, a green vest with black lining and a black back. He wore a white button up shirt and brown short shorts with thigh high black stockings and brown high heeled boots with purple laces; to be honest he dressed with a feminine style.

“At last the well known, Countess Ciela Blue has arrived! I have been wishing to see you for a very long time!” the young Earl exclaimed in glee as he skipped down the stairs, it seemed that he was around Ciel’s age.

“I am honoured that a young Earl wished to see me” I smiled sweetly at him, he didn’t look suspicious but I knew deep down those innocent baby blue eyes possessed darkness and torture.

“However, I am happy to meet someone close to my age, it gets annoying to meet old guys” Alois rolled his eyes, but soon after I felt a pair of several demonic eyes stare at me from all corners, it felt pretty uneasy.

“Dinner is ready,” the demon butler bowed, “please join the young master”

Alois grabbed my hand cheerfully and pulled me to run along with him towards the dining hall, inside the walls were all red and there was a long table with red finished plates and gold eating utensils.

“Come sit next to me!” Alois exclaimed as he tugged me toward my chair, the butler walked toward us and pulled out the chair for me. I sat down and as he was about to assist Alois, he brushed his gloved hand through my hair very carefully to ensure Alois wouldn’t see, I stiffened.

“Claude’s food is disgustingly delicious!” Alois exclaimed cheerfully, and I just smiled at him.

“So...” His fake innocent eyes darkened and he put on rather a seductive look, “tell me about yourself Countess, you are popular among the nobles”

“Well, I am close to her majesty and of course I perform any duties she gives me” I said softly while Claude placed our dinner in front of us.

“You are known as the Queen’s sword and shield, am I right?” Alois smirked while picking up his golden knife and fiddling it in between his fingers, I gulped; wow this kid was scary and cheery at the same time.

“Y-yes” I stuttered a bit.

“So, you must be close with Ciel Phantomhive then?” Alois continued to give me an evil look; this was getting creepier and creepier.

“Yes I am, we are neighbours and partners for some work requested by her majesty” I said calmly as I slowly cut the piece of meat in front of me, the demon butler’s eyes still gazed upon me.

“Is that so? Well you must introduce me to him” Alois said as he stabbed the golden knife in the chicken, I stiffened. I was starting to get worried about my protection, Sebastian wasn’t here and Bluebird was just outside the manor to make sure I was fine; however she isn’t strong enough to fight through several demons to save me.

“Since I don’t have many friends, it would be nice to have some” Alois turned back to his innocent child mode.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled at him, he looked up at me with a surprised expression, “I will be your friend”

“Really?” Alois’s eyes brightened up in glee and I nodded.

“If you are then entertain me” Alois demanded as he ate the piece of chicken.

“Well, what do you want me to do?” I asked as I cautiously ate the chicken, I was getting some stomach sickness lately so I had to be careful.

“Anything, what is your best talent?” Alois asked me again, sounding a bit more curious. I gently patted my mouth with the napkin and smiled toward him.

“Do you happen to have a piano?” I asked and Alois nodded.

“Claude, I don’t feel like eating my dinner, clean this up” Alois ordered as he jumped out of his chair, I slowly got up. Alois was already running down the halls, I was walking fairly fast to follow him, but a pair of demonic eyes wouldn’t leave me. Alois opened the wooden doors to reveal a beautiful room with one dark brown grand piano in the middle, the young Earl gestured me to go inside first. I nodded and swiftly made my way to the piano as Alois sat on top of the grand piano and waited for me to play. I lifted the cover and rested my fragile fingers on the shiny black and white keys; I breathed out and started to play a piece. The song was called The Slightly Chipped Full Moon. Throughout the whole piece, I could see Alois’s eyes darken and feel alone. It looked as if he really connected with the sadness in the piece... yearning to be loved... to be cherished... to be known... That is what he really wanted and felt. When I ended the piece with the final note, Alois snapped out of his trance and looked towards me with loneliness in his eyes.

“Did this song not satisfy you?” I asked.

“No, it was fine” Alois answered softly while his eyes still looked sad. I was reaching to touch his cheek but he instantly slapped it away and glared at me.

“Don’t touch me!” Alois screamed. I backed away slowly and let him know that I wasn’t hurting him, instantly Claude ran into the room.

“Your highness, is everything alright?” Claude asked, he cocked an eyebrow as he looked toward me.

“Yeah.... I just...” Alois was stunned a bit; this was my chance to leave... I did enough investigation.

“It seems that the Earl is not feeling his best, it would be better for me to leave” I said softly as I walked toward the door, I could still see Alois being pretty shocked.

“Claude, walk her back” Alois ordered and Claude bowed. The demon butler and I walked down the quiet hallway towards the front door.

“You attacked the young boy’s soul...” I pointed out as I looked at him, he looked back at me.

“It is an honour to have the princess come at the manor, you are splendid as ever” Claude noted, he had some sort of desire in his voice... it creeped me out.

“It seems you are not the only one” I replied back keeping my voice firm.

“I am surprised that our princess could feel our aura, even though she is expecting” Claude said as my eyes widened in shock. How did he know? Demons can’t sense the presence of an embryo or fetus, let alone sense a pregnant guardian.

“How did you-”

In a flash Claude pinned me to the wall, but I was quick enough to have my sword in between us; good thing I kept walking with my sword attached to my hip, which was hidden under my dress; thank you Nina.

“Don’t you even dare” I growled.

“Despite being powerless, you are still sharp,” Claude’s eyes travelled up and down my body, I shivered.

“You bastard” I cursed as I continued to glare at him, “might I remind you that it is very rude for a noble’s butler to attack a Countess”

“I just wanted to see whether you could protect yourself or not, after all I wouldn’t want our princess to be unable to protect herself at such a vulnerable state” Claude said as he regained his composure, he pushed back his glasses and bowed, “forgive me for my rudeness”

“Very well,” I sighed as I lifted one side of my skirt and put my sword back into its sheath. Claude walked me down the stairs to the front entrance and he opened the door to let me out.

“I hope you come again” Claude announced as I walked out the door, it had become night and Bluebird was standing in front of the carriage with the door open. I quickly got inside and the carriage went on its way.

“Shall we go along with the plan?” Blue bird asked from outside.

“Yes, right away” I replied back, instantly the carriage stopped and I got out. In a flash Sebastian jumped down from the tree dressed in his all black coat and wore his top hat, he held a big briefcase in his hand.

“Is it him?” Sebastian asked as he lifted the top hat to show his maroon red eyes.

“Yes” I replied back, “we are pretty far away from the manor so the plan will begin”

“Very well” Sebastian replied. I looked up at the night sky, my eyes flashed light blue and dark stormy clouds were forming, soon enough it started to rain and thunder.

“Luckily, the power to change weather hasn’t wiped out” I said as it rained really hard and the storm travelled towards the Trancy mansion. Bluebird opened the umbrella and put it over my head.

“That is a good thing” Sebastian said softly.

“Remember all you have to do is find a tea called New moon drop, inside one of the boxes is his ring, so just return it back and we will see what happens” I reminded him.

“I will get it done as soon as possible” Sebastian bowed slightly, “Princess, did that butler hurt you in anyway?”

“No” I lied, I didn’t want to tell him the truth or he would go crazy, this would be a very bad time to make a scene. Besides, he didn’t do anything but wanted a closer look of me.... well.... thats what I thought of it...

“Good, I don’t want his grubby hands touching my food and my fiancée” Sebastian said as he clenched his fists, “I shall be on my way”

“Meet me at the river” I said while turning to head back inside the carriage.

“Of course” Sebastian quickly bowed and ran off into the stormy night, I just hope Ciel and Sebastian come back together.

. . . .

I sat at the side of the river, dipping my feet into the very cold water, patiently waiting for the two to arrive. The morning summer sun was warm and welcoming, how I yearned for its warmth and security. I placed my hand gently on my lower stomach and rubbed it in circles.

“I wonder what kind of child you will be” I whispered, “I hope to see you soon”

“Princess” Sebastian called, I quickly turned around to see him standing in the sun with Ciel in his arms, I quickly got up and ran towards Sebastian who was placed him down on the soft green grass, I sat beside his sleeping like body.

“Did you get the ring?” I asked. Sebastian took out the tea box from his coat pocket and opened it to reveal the ring inside, I smiled. Sebastian placed the blue diamond ring onto Ciel’s finger and it glimmered in the sunlight, I bent over to Ciel’s face and kissed him gently on the forehead.

“Ciel, wake up” I whispered.

“Young master, its time” Sebastian said softly

. . .

“I can hear water. I can feel the light hitting my eyelids... It’s the summer sunshine,” Ciel spoke softly, “Am I dreaming?”

“The reflection you see in the spring of dreams...” Sebastian spoke.

“Is the next chapter of the story” I added.

“A brilliant golden afternoon” Sebastian finished.

“What would I see if I woke up?” Ciel asked.

“If you wanted to know Ciel...” I said softly.

“Open your eyes, Young master” Sebastian requested.

Ciel’s eyes slowly opened, his dark blue eyes glimmered like always. He was Ciel, but he wasn’t the same... something was missing from him... and that was his memory...

“Sebastian... Ciela” Ciel called as he clearly saw us watching over him, Sebastian was standing over him as he was rowing the boat down the river. I was sat next to Ciel, we both smiled warmly at the young Earl.

“You slept well” Sebastian smiled, Ciel groaned as he got up to see another guest on the boat, the young blonde marchioness smiled happily at him. Ciel turned to his right and saw another boat with Bard, Mey Rin and Finny welcoming him with more bright and lively smiles.

“Young master, we are almost there. Its time to work” Sebastian announced while continuing to row down the river.

. . . .

“The area has been plagued by floods for a long time. I am delighted at the addition of a new floodgate on Phantomhive lands and Blue lands, thanks to your support,” Ciel announced, “Lady Ciela and I fully committed ourselves to the difficult task of flood control”

“Continuing this job as our family has been for many generations” I finished as both Ciel and I bowed at the crowd, applauds rang around us and I could hear the girls squealing over Ciel and the young bachelor nobles gasping in awe over me.

“Shall we?” Ciel asked as he took out his hand, I smiled and gladly took it. All three of us walked out from the spotlight and headed towards the crowd. In a flash, many nobleman and noble women surrounded us.

“This will certainly control the floods” One nobleman exclaimed.

“It will, and we will continue to monitor it to insure the safety of the people and animal habitat” I smiled. The guests continued to bubble around us, it was getting pretty tiresome.

“Pardon me, my lords and lady,” Sebastian politely bowed, “I’m afraid my master and lady have another engagement”

Both of us smiled, and politely excused ourselves.

“How tiresome” Ciel sighed.

“I agree, it gets quite stuffy when people surround you too much” I sighed as I continued to fan myself. I still had to wear a corset to hide my pregnancy even though it only seemed to be two weeks, I made sure not to tighten it like I always did, however it was starting to get stuffy by the day. Soon enough I would have to take this bothersome corset off and that would be heaven.

“Ciiiieeeeellll~” Lizzie shouted from afar as she ran toward the young Earl beside me. She jumped into Ciel’s arms and he spun her around.

“Elizabeth!” Ciel gasped, I smiled.

“Ciel, Ciel, Ciel! Look at this!” Lizzie stuffed the newspaper in Ciel’s face.

“Come on, Elizabeth, I can’t see it like this!” Ciel said trying to push the newspaper out of his face.

“It’s a deer!” Lizzie pointed happily at the picture in the newspaper.

“Isn’t that the white deer that everyone is gossiping about?” I asked.

“Mhhmm! There’s an ever so rare deer and elusive deer that lives on a hill right near here!” Lizzie jumped in glee, “I was wondering if we could find the white stag that brings happiness!”

“I have never heard of it...” Ciel mumbled, “Besides I’m very busy”

“You’re so mean” Lizzie pouted as tears started to form in her emerald eyes and soon enough she started bawling in front of the whole crowd.

“Lizzie... its okay” I tried to calm her down.

“Elizabeth!” Ciel gasped in surprise, looking really nervous about how to deal with this situation.

“Well, I never. He’s making his fiancée cry!” A nobleman exclaimed.

“It seems he is more around Countess Ciela a lot more than his fiancée” One Nobleman pointed out.

“I have heard that Earl Phantomhive acknowledges her as his sister” The nobleman’s wife said.

“They say they’re engaged, but I suppose they’re playing house” Another noble chuckled.

“I wonder if that means my niece still has a chance” A young noblewoman whispered to her friend.

“If that is the case, I should bring in my nephew for the Countess” her friend whispered back.

“Sebastian, prepare a boat” Ciel sighed, he was annoyed with how nobles gossiped and so. He really wanted to keep his family reputation. Luckily he wasn’t in love with a butler... let alone be in love with a demon...

“Certainly” Sebastian bowed, and I nudged Ciel to make a move and he sighed again.

“Lady Elizabeth,” Ciel called as he put out his hand toward his little crying fiancée, “I’d like to go inspect another floodgate downstream. Would you like to accompany my sister and I on the river? Then all three of us could find the elusive white stag together”

“Yes, of course! I’d love to come with you and lady Ciela!” Lizzie blushed and her frown turned upside down into a very happy smile, “I can wish for Lady Ciela’s prince to come for her when I find it!”

“That is very considerate of you Lizzie” I smiled, and Lizzie took Ciel’s hand as we walked to a nearby tent and dressed for our boat outing.

“Ciela! Ciela! Please come help me choose a dress!” Lizzie cheered.

“Of course, I want to see my best friend all prettied up for her little fiancé” I giggled.

“We will meet at the dock then” Ciel said as he walked away to get dressed by Sebastian. Lizzie took my hand and we both ran into the dress shop.

“There are so many dresses!” Lizzie hopped in joy and she looked around for her perfect dress. I found a simple but cute baby blue dress on the table, it had a brown belt and some simple brown embellishments, I carefully lifted the dress and showed it to Lizzie.

“How about this one? I think it would look adorable on you” I smiled.

“Its perfect! You always have the best taste in dresses!” Lizzie exclaimed, “But how about you Ciela?”

“Don’t worry about me, I will find something” I assured her. From the corner of her eye I could tell she spotted a simple light pink dress with dark pink and white embellishments, it didn’t have too much frills and it was cute, a nice touch for summer.

“I think that dress would suit you, it would compliment your natural glow” Lizzie said as she picked it up to show me, I smiled. After both of us got changed we met Ciel at the dock, and we had to go down a couple of steps to get there, Ciel and Sebastian was waiting for our arrival.

“I have prepared the boat for my ladies” Sebastian bowed slightly, he looked up at me and I could tell he was satisfied with what I was wearing. I made it simple in fresh by changing my hair and making a side French braid and finishing it with a nice little cream hat.

“Shall I escort Lady Ciela first?” Sebastian asked as he raised his hand.

“Of course” I smiled as I took his gloved hand. The both of us slowly climbed down the stairs and I could feel the eyes of many bachelor nobles on me, geez they never stop.

“Don’t you think that butler is handsome?” A noblewoman whispered to her friend.

“Yes, he is, however if he was of royal blood the two would definitely be a perfect match” Her friend whispered back. I could feel a silent and very small smile creep upon Sebastian’s lips. He gently and carefully helped onto the boat, ensuring that I was not going to fall. Soon enough, Ciel with Lizzie in hand walked down the stairs, the crowd applauded and of course the little girls gasped and went in fan girl mode. Ciel helped Lizzie on and eventually we were all ready to go on a nice boat trip down the river. As Sebastian was rowing the boat down the river, Lizzie was anxious as ever to find the white stag.

“Princess, you look astonishing as always...” Sebastian whispered loud enough for only me to hear.

“You keep flirting as always” I sighed and I could hear Sebastian chuckle softly. We soon stopped at the other side of the river for lunch, all three of us sat on a big white sheet of fabric on the ground. From the other side of the river I could see Lau with a cheery expression and Ran Mao on the carriage placing bets of weird stuff..... As expected of Lau....

“What does he think he’s doing?” Ciel mumbled.

“As expected...” I sighed.

“I was so sure we’d find the stag by lunch too...” Lizzie sighed with a sad expression on her face.

“It’s called “elusive” for a reason...” Ciel stated.

“Don’t worry Lizzie; I am sure we will find it soon!” I assured.

“Then we will eat lunch and go back to searching!” Lizzie cheered.

“That’s the spirit!” I clapped my hands together.

“Sebastian, what is today’s lunch?” Lizzie asked.

“For today’ picnic luncheon we have shrimp salad, salmon pie, and Cheshire cheese sandwiches” Sebastian announced as he opened the wicket briefcase and then he quickly closed it.

“What’s wrong Sebastian?” I asked since he looked kind of upset.

“My apologies; there’s been a slight mistake” Sebastian smiled.

“That’s not like you, Sebastian” Lizzie stated, she was taken back a bit since she was right. Sebastian then opened the other wicket briefcase and pigeons went flying, but not too far since Sebastian jumped up and caught them swiftly.

“Geez, what are you playing at?” Ciel sighed, he seemed kind of irritated.

“One moment, my lord” Sebastian replied. He then walked off with the pile of wicket briefcases.

“I wonder where he is going” Lizzie cocked her head to the side.

“I am pretty sure he is bringing back the right lunch” I replied. Soon enough Sebastian came back with a plate full of food, it was really tall.

“May I present freshwater fish and lobster soufflé with roast pigeon in the style of Pyrenees” Sebastian announced as he placed our plate of food in front of us, it smelled delicious.

“How wonderful!” Lizzie awed, “wait, wasn’t the menu listed before a bit different?”

“I made some changes to show the local ingredients to better advantage” Sebastian replied. All three of us started to eat our lunch and it was delicious as always. I popped the pigeon meat in my mouth and it wasn’t bad at all, however I started to get sick. I quickly covered my mouth, Ciel glanced a worried look at me.

“Is everything alright, Ciela?” Ciel asked with a worried expression.

“Ah, I am okay just feeling a bit sick to the stomach” I replied softly still holding my hand on top of my mouth. I slowly got up and excused myself to turn around and head for the forest, when I was pretty far away I threw up near a big tree.

“I guess she doesn’t like pigeon meat” I coughed.

“It seems that the stomach sickness has been giving you some difficulty” Sebastian said as he rubbed my back.

“When did you get here?” I asked as I continued to cough.

“I wanted to see if you were alright or not... it seems the little princess doesn’t like my cooking” Sebastian said as he handed me a glass of water, and I took it.

“I don’t think she has a problem with your cooking, she has a problem with the pigeon meat” I replied while drinking the whole glass of water, I felt a lot better.

“Maybe some desert will calm you down” Sebastian said as he gave me the desert, “It is Eton mess with wild strawberries”

“Thanks” I said as I took the glass, I took a spoonful and stuffed it in my mouth.

“How do you like it?” Sebastian asked.

“It’s delicious, and I am pretty sure she has no problem with it either” I giggled.

“Do you think young master knows that you are a water guardian?” Sebastian asked.

“Possibly, but I think I should hide the fact that I am pregnant or all hell will break loose” I said as I ate another spoonful of the delicious dessert.

“But for how long?” Sebastian asked.

“I don’t know as long as I can hide it,” I sighed, “anyways we should be getting back before they get worried.

“Very well” Sebastian said as he got up, he then approached me and picked me up bridal style with my dessert in my hands.

“I can walk you know” I sighed as I continued to consume the Eton mess.

“I know, but I would like to help the crown princess as much as I can” Sebastian said as we walked our way back to the river.

. . . .

The clouds grew darker and soon enough it was pouring rain, Lizzie was walking ahead of us still determined to fine the white stag. I was still carried by Sebastian since Ciel ordered him to continue carrying me since I was feeling unwell.

“She is determined as always” I sighed. Ciel ran over to Lizzie.

“Let’s call it a day” Ciel said.

“No! I want to find the white stag!” Lizzie fought back.

“Please don’t be unreasonable, the stag will hide itself in the rain anyways” Ciel begged, “besides we can look for it another day by just telling people and offering a reward”

“Ciel......” Lizzie’s eyes darkened, “you idiot!”

“Elizabeth!” Ciel gasped.

“Lizzie!” I gasped.

“That wouldn’t mean anything; you don’t understand how I really feel at all!” Lizzie shouted, “Forget it!”

Lizzie then ran off in the rain, and Ciel continued to call her name but she wouldn’t turn around.

“Oh dear, I don’t want her to be sick in the rain” I said worriedly.

“My, my Earl you made her angry with you,” Lau sighed, “I wonder how it will end”

“Lau!” Ciel and I gasped as we turned around to see him with Ran Mao and happily waving at us.

“I bet on you two finding it,” Lau continued, “I wish you two wouldn’t disappoint me”

“Geez Lau, you really are persistent” I sighed.

“Anyways, why would I care about what you want?” Ciel said sternly.

“A gentleman is charged with pleasing his lady, am I right?” Lau teased.

“That is true in a way” I stated

“It’s not my fault to be born as an English noble” Ciel sighed as he touched his blue ring, my eyes softened he was right, we all have duties to do and keep for our family, it is quite troublesome.

“Anyways! I have finished collecting my money, so I’ll just leave!” Lau exclaimed as left. Ciel turned around to face Sebastian and I.

“We’re going to bring Elizabeth home, Sebastian,” Ciel ordered.

“SEBASTIAN!” Finny shouted as he ran towards us, all three of us faced him and Lau as well.

“What is it?” Sebastian asked.

“Lady Elizabeth is in big trouble!” Finny panted, Ciel and my eyes widened in shock.

“We need to help her right away!” I exclaimed, “Sebastian, you can put me down now”

Sebastian did what I told him to and all of us ran to where Lizzie was, soon enough we arrived with Mey rin and bard on the riverside and Lizzie on the boat in the water, the current of the water was strong and the only thing holding the boat was the rope.

“Elizabeth” Ciel and I shouted. Lizzie tried to stand up but she stumbled and fell.

“Keep your hands on the boat!” Ciel shouted.

“Don’t move, we will get you right away!” I shouted.

“The white stag..... I really want to find that white stag” Lizzie said softly.

“Elizabeth....why?” Ciel whispered to himself.

“It’s because she loves you Ciel,” I said as I shocked the young Earl, “a fiancée will do anything for her fiancé, she will seek whatever makes him happy”

“What shall we do, young master?” Sebastian asked.

“Whatever we do it needs to be quick or else that floodgate will collapse” I said as I pointed to the old one in the distance, it had started to leak, “On top of that if it collapses the water will wash upstream, and this whole area will be swamped”

“Sebastian!” Ciel ordered as he touched his eye patch, “This is an order, stop the flood!”

“And may I leave Lady Elizabeth?” Sebastian asked.

“Don’t make me repeat myself!” Ciel replied angrily as he took of his coat, I’ll protect Elizabeth, that’s my duty!”

Sebastian smiled and replied, “Yes, my lord”

When Sebastian quickly left, Ciel jumped into the water as he gripped onto the rope. I was on the edge of the riverside, ready to jump in if Ciel drowned. When Ciel reached the boat a huge wave of water was flowing downstream, this was not good.

“Sebastian, what are you doing?!” Ciel gasped. Soon enough the force of the water hit the two nobles making them be engulfed in the water.

“Ciel! Lizzie!” I screamed, I quickly took off my hat and gloves.

“Are you going to save them in this current?” Lau asked.

“Of course I am, what did you think I was doing in the first place!” I shouted back as I dove in the water. The current of the water was very strong but luckily I got a hold of them both. With as much kicking power my body could give I managed to swim to the edge of the river and put them to safety.

“Thank goodness” I coughed but soon enough the strong current swept me away and into the water. I was losing air... I couldn’t hold it anymore....

. . .

“Princess,” a similar voice called, “wake up”

My eyes cracked open to see Sebastian above me, he smiled softly at me and he was wet from the whole swim.

“Sebastian” I whispered.

“Luckily I got you in time” Sebastian said as he leaned in close and our foreheads met, he then leaned in more to kiss my lips.

“Stop, people will see us” I whispered.

“Its fine, they are far away so they can’t see us” Sebastian whispered back as he kissed me again.

“You always take advantage of me when I am vulnerable” I giggled.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help myself but to taste your delicious lips” Sebastian whispered again as he kissed me even more. I broke away for air and soon enough he carried me again bridal style, I noticed that the stormy skies had cleared and the sun was out shining brightly again. My dress was soaked and I Sebastian’s too. Sebastian carried me back to where all of them were.

“Ciela!” Lizzie and Ciel shouted as they both ran towards me.

“I am glad you two are safe” I smiled.

“I am glad you are safe, you didn’t have to sacrifice your life for me...” Ciel’s eyes darkened.

“Ciel,” I placed my palm on his cheek, “you are like a brother to me, I would do anything”

“Ciela...” Ciel’s eyes softened.

“Sebastian!” Ciel looked angry, “I told you to stop the flood!”

“I did, I restored it so it won’t flood again or ever” Sebastian replied.

“What do you mean?” Ciel asked.

“You see, I restored the flow of the river to its rightful form by using natural elements and altering the shape as well, thanks to everyone’s help” Sebastian explained, “and now its back to the way it was several thousand years ago”

“That was when the white stags were here” I added.

“However, we didn’t find any...” Ciel said.

“That’s all right. I know we’ll find it one day” Lizzie smiled.

“If you’re looking for the elusive stag, he’s right on that hill” Sebastian said as he pointed at the hill above, Lizzie and Ciel ran up the hill while all of us followed behind.

“A white stag!” Lizzie exclaimed with glee, I smiled.

“It was a hill figure after all” I smiled.

“A hill figure?” Bard asked.

“Yes, an ancient picture cut into the chalky rock of a hill” Sebastian explained.

“The storm earlier must have washed away the surface of the hill and revealed this beautiful figure,” I said as I gazed at the art, “it is quite magnificent”

“Thank goodness you found the white stag Ciel” Lizzie smiled as the soon to be married couple held hands.

“You were the one looking for it” Ciel stated.

“Say, Ciel, are you having fun?” Lizzie asked, “I had fun, because i got to spend a whole day with you”

“You see, whoever sees the white stag are filled with happiness for their whole life” Lizzie explained, “and I hope you are blessed with it”

“Lizzie....” Ciel called softly.

“At last you called me that” Lizzie giggled happily.

“It’s beautiful...” I whispered.

“But not as much as you” Sebastian whispered back. I smiled and placed my hand on my stomach.

“I hope you are filled with happiness for your whole life” I whispered softly to my unborn child, “because I don’t want you to ever go through the pain I did”

Sebastian looked at me and smiled, “I hope so too”

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