Tainted White Rose

Burning passion

I quickly walked down the streets of London, the weather was a bit cold today but that didn’t stop me from preparing myself for another crime. The crowd hustled where the Yard was investigating, and from a distance I could already see Ciel and Sebastian there.

“Ciel Phantomhive!” Sir Arthur gasped as he saw the young Earl walk closer to him with a playful smirk on his lips, the young Earl played with the queen’s letter between his fingers.

“Let’s hear about the investigation” Ciel smirked. I entered from the side but a police officer stopped me.

“I need to get through” I said sternly to the officer.

“I am sorry but this area is restrict-”

“Queen’s orders” I interrupted as I showed him my silver family crested ring; the police officer bowed his head and let me through.

“You have to fill me in as well” I said as I walked toward the two, Ciel smirked while Sir Arthur was surprised.

“Ciela Blue!” Sir Arthur gasped, his face turned into a frown, “I am guessing you are with the Earl”

“You are correct” I replied as I showed the queen’s letter in my hand, he sighed once again.

“Anyways, there is no progress worth mentioning” Sir Arthur explained.

“What makes this different than past incidents?” Ciel asked and Sir Arthur was speechless.

“I see, this type of crime has happened before,” I pinned him down with my words, “it seems you have been just running in circles”

“You two knew...” Sir Arthur sighed in defeat.

“You just confirmed it” Ciel added and Sir Arthur flinched in anger, he really hated the both of us ever since we started working together.

“Show us the old case file” Ciel demanded.

“If there was any.... there’s nothing left to it” Sir Arthur replied.

“What?” Ciel and I gasped.

“We have nothing” Arthur shook his head.

“So I am guessing the body burned with the records” I stated.

“Basically, but Scotland Yard will definitely find out who was behind all of this!” Arthur exclaimed as he raised his voice proudly as if he did solve any major cases, “You two are not needed here!”

“That is what you say Sir Arthur, but the actual truth lied with the people who actually solve them” Ciel snickered, “I hope you’re right, let’s go Sebastian!”

Ciel, Sir Arthur and I turned to face Sebastian but we saw him kneeling on the floor, blushing upon seeing the cute stray kittens on the street, Ciel face palmed.

“Oh dear,” I sighed, “not again”

“Those round, artless eyes so innocent of the filth of this world...That adorable yet somehow noble tail...Those pale-pink, soft paws... how beautiful.... you remind me of my princess” Sebastian admired the cute kittens and he totally forgot we were here for a reason.

“Sebastian?” I called and instantly he snapped out of his daze and regained full composure as if nothing happened.

“My apologies, young master and lady. They were just such charming kittens, I couldn’t help myself” Sebastian bowed in apology.

“Let’s go, kitten obsessed idiot!” Ciel insulted as he quickly walked ahead of Sebastian. The demon butler glanced at me and I followed them both to the carriage. Ciel and I both got in with Sebastian coming inside last; he bowed in front of both of us.

“What shall we do now, my lord and lady?” Sebastian asked.

“We need to go to Undertaker” Ciel huffed, Sebastian and I froze.

“Ciel.....” I glanced at Sebastian and he gave me a look which told me to tell him nothing, “there is no need to go there”

“Why not?” Ciel asked, “He has the remains of the body”

“Well, there isn’t any” I replied.

“What?” Ciel gasped.

“The only thing that was left was the ashes” I said as I reached into my coat pocket and took out a small bottle of the victim’s ashes, I gently placed it in Ciel’s gloved hand.

“The fire was that hot?” Ciel asked and I nodded in reply.

. . .

The sniffling and crying crowd surrounded the glass coffin which only held a beautiful shiny shoe of the lady who got burnt to death. Ciel, Sebastian, and I stood near a tree and gave our respects to the corpse.... Well what was left of it.

“Young master, Lady Ciela” Sebastian notified us as he looked toward the old couple who was just joining. One was a man who dressed in black with a package in hand while his wife stood by his side, wearing all black as well.

“I’m Turner, the photographer” Mr. Turner announced as the guests turned to face him.

“We are terribly sorry for your loss” Both of them said as they bowed, the fiancé of the lady who died walked towards the two. Mr. Turner handed his hat and the cloth that wrapped the frame to his wife and handed it to the fiancé.

“I’ve brought the last picture taken of your wife” Mr. Tuner said softly, “she was very lovely...”

The fiancé broke into tears as soon as he saw her picture, I felt bad for him since he had to lose the love of his life. When the picture frame was placed in the fiancé’s hand, the frame dropped and instantly broke.

“She was truly beautiful, wasn’t she?” Mrs. Tuner whispered as I gave her a sour look, she looked very suspicious. As the old couple gave their condolences and left, I noticed specs of shiny ash sparkle off her back, it was awfully similar to the ashes I gave Ciel. I gave a quick glance at Ciel and he gave a glance at Sebastian.

“You know what to do right?” I whispered to the demon butler.

“Yes” Sebastian replied softly.

“Good” Ciel confirmed as he walked off, I am guessing he wanted some lunch now since it was time.

. . .

Until the case was solved I stayed at my townhouse in London, the weirdest thing was that our houses were very close to each other, his house was two houses down from mine. I unzipped my dress and my fluffy dress fell on the floor, only revealing my undergarments. I looked myself into the mirror and inspected my baby bump, so far it had been three weeks and nothing bad has come up, other than the random morning sicknesses during the day. I threw my hands behind me and played with the corset laces, I had loosened them ever since the second week since it was hard to breath and was bad for the baby.

“If you’re bearing a child, you shouldn’t be wearing a corset” Sebastian announced, his sudden presence made me jump. I quickly grabbed the robe from the nearby chair and put it on.

“Sebastian, you have to stop surprising me like this!” I scolded, “I was in my undergarments!”

“We’re engaged, you shouldn’t be embarrassed princess,” Sebastian chuckled as he hopped inside from the window, “besides I will see you without it soon”

I turned my back towards him and crossed my arms, “at least knock”

“I wanted to surprise you...” Sebastian said as he gently wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his face into my neck, I blushed furiously.

“Geez... you are such a child” I blushed.

“Well, you are my everlasting dessert” Sebastian chuckled as he kissed my neck.

“Did you get the results?” I asked.

“Yes, the substance we found on Mrs. Turner and in the ashes are the same, its magnesium oxide” Sebastian replied, still keeping me in his embrace.

“Isn’t it explosive when ignited with photography based flashes?” I asked and Sebastian nodded.

“Also, young master is outside waiting for you, I have come to get you” Sebastian said softly.

“Thought so, I will get ready immediately” I said as I walked away from my embrace and walked inside my big closet. I quickly grabbed my combat dress and quickly put it on; I slid on my black stockings and hooked my sword on the silver chain around my hip. I then finished it off by tying my hair up in a high ponytail with a white ribbon. I walked outside my big closet to see Sebastian on one knee.

“My princess, shall we?” Sebastian smirked as I took his hand; he instantly picked me up bridal style then jumped out the window.

“Were there any other cases which were similar to this?” I asked.

“In fact yes, all of them have been newly wedded wives that went to get their wedding picture taken” Sebastian replied, my heart stopped for a second.

“That’s final, I am never getting my wedding photo taken” I stated and Sebastian just simply chuckled. From the air I could see Ciel leaning against the carriage, waiting impatiently for us.

“You’re finally here, what took you so long?” Ciel asked.

“Sorry, I had some minor issues” I said as Sebastian let me down.

“I am guessing you got the details from Sebastian” Ciel cocked an eyebrow and I nodded.

“We should get on our way” I said as I walked in front of the two males.

“Certainly” Ciel replied as all three of us walked into the carriage.

. . .

“Lalala~ Ladidadada~” Mrs. Turner sang as she threw the substance into the air, she kept dancing and running through the streets like a crazy person. The carriage stopped at the nearest intersection and we quickly got out from the carriage and ran towards her.


“Yes, it’s Mrs. Turner from the Portrait studio” Sebastian finished as we continued to run towards the crazy woman.

“Happiness! Where is my happiness?” Mrs. Turner shouted as she took the picture and the surrounding area exploded, I quickly dodged it while Sebastian jumped toward Ciel and protected him from the explosion.

“So that camera is her ignition device, eh?” Ciel exclaimed.

“It seems to be!” I replied back as I ran towards her

“Capture her, Sebastian!” Ciel ordered.

“Yes, my lord” Sebastian replied as he ran towards Mrs. Turner. She kept on throwing the substance around until she went in a dark alleyway and disappeared. I followed her and a familiar red headed grim reaper jumped from above, I quickly took out my silver sword from its sheath and blocked “her” scythe attack.

“Long time no see Princess!” Grell teased.

“Why are you here?” I asked sternly as I pushed him and he jumped back.

“I have some business to do;” Grell shrugged, “besides I wanted to see my dear Sebas-chan!”

“Then why did you attack me?” I asked.

“You keep interfering in our romantic encounters!” Grell exclaimed as he came to attack me again, Sebastian caught up to where I was, zipped in front of me and blocked Grell’s attack with his silverware.

“I hope this creature didn’t mess up your mind in anyway princess” Sebastian said.

“I could have protected myself perfectly fine!” I scolded my fiancé.

“It is my job to protect you even if you perfectly can, especially in this state” Sebastian reminded, I puffed my cheeks like a child.

“Are you part of this all Grell?” Sebastian asked the grim reaper.

“All I’ve been pulling are the red threads of fate that bind our hearts!” Grell exclaimed in a girly tone, this was getting annoying since he stopped us from catching Mrs. Turner who was blowing up the town as we speak.

“Sebastian, you take care of your fan girl, I will follow Mrs. Turner” I informed Sebastian as I flipped over them and ran off to find the crazy lady. I ran out of the alleyway to be welcomed by burning hot flames, there were burnt bodies everywhere. I ran through the streets of London until I reached Big Ben. My eyes wandered around the whole street but no sign of her, until I caught an eye of a sparkling substance coming from the clock tower.

“Did she really intend to burn all of London?” I gasped as I sprinted my way into the entrance of the tower and climbed up the stony stairs. I was on my last flight of stairs until an explosion caused the window to shatter, the force made me fly to the wall. I hit my back hard and collapsed on the ground. The morning sickness returned but I tried to ignore it, I got up and dusted myself off and continued up. When I reached the top, I hid behind a pillar and took a deep breath. I had to stop this crazy woman from destroying the city; I didn’t want any more innocent people killed.

“May you all find happiness! May you all find happiness!” Mrs. Turner kept repeating as she sprinkled the substance in the air, I drew out my sword and confronted her.

“This is enough!” I shouted while pointing my sword towards her.

“So you’ve come to interfere with my happiness, too?” Mrs. Turner scowled at me as she quickly picked up the camera.

“Do you actually think you will find happiness by killing others? By killing innocent people!?” I screamed back at her.

“Yes, I will! That man told me so!” Mrs. Turner exclaimed as she hit the button, the substance went off and exploded in the area around me, I quickly dodged them all by tumbling and doing flips. However, one explosion bursted really close to me before I could even dodged it, causing me to collapse and slide on the coarse floor. It was much harder to fight when you were pregnant, the difference in combat is huge.

“A little brat like you would never understand how rotten it was to be married off to a man who I didn’t love!” Mrs. Turner screamed, I quickly got up and glared at her.

“Instead of moaning and groaning around, then you should have done something! Maybe you didn’t love him but he must have loved you! Did you even take that to account?” I shouted back.

“I want to feel a burning passion for a splendid man!” Mrs. Turner ranted on, “how could I love that pig! I bet he didn’t even love me once!”

“Killing other happy couples just because you’re unhappy makes you even worse than a pig!” I gritted my teeth as I ran towards her.

“Pig...pig, pig.... You just called me a pig you little bitch!” Mrs. Turner screamed as she was about to explode me to bits until I jumped up and dodged it. I then flipped behind her and kicked her in the back, making her hit a nearby pillar.

“You should start thinking about others than yourself!” I scolded. In a couple of minutes Ciel arrived while panting heavily.

“Ciela!” Ciel shouted as he ran towards me, Mrs. Turner quickly grabbed the camera and was about to explode the young Earl.

“Ciel watch out!” I screamed while running towards Ciel. I jumped to protect him and both of us collapsed on the ground.

“I see, I will have to roast the both of you then!” Mrs. Turner laughed like a crazy person.

“Ciel, are you alright?” I asked as I clenched my stomach.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Ciel said as he sat up, he saw me in pain and grew angry, “Ciela you are hurt aren’t you!?”

“I’m fine... just a bit weak that is all” I assured him but actually I was feeling much worse. Ciel clawed off his eye patch, his left eye was glowing brightly showing the contract with Sebastian.

“How long do you intend to fool around? Especially when Ciela and I are in danger, Come Sebastian!” Ciel ordered.

“Talking to yourself? You must be a lunatic!” Mrs. Turner exclaimed.

“Pff...You are the real lunatic!” I spat at her, she scowled.

“Someone should teach you some proper manners!” Mrs. Turner gritted her teeth. Suddenly a roaring sound from outside came and it grew closer and closer, Mrs. Turner ran over to the railing and looked down.

“Here” Ciel offered and I took his hand, I leaned on him and he tried to walk me to the railing too. From above all three of us saw Grell and Sebastian running up the tower.

“What the devil?” Mrs. Turner gasped.

“My butler, and a freak” Ciel smirked, he seemed somewhat proud.

“I’m more of a deadly efficient reaper than I look!” Grell shouted.

“Stay out of this!” Mrs. Turner screamed as she poured the last container of magnesium oxide and clicked her camera. The explosions didn’t affect them both at all, she became furious.

“It seems that Sebastian is using Grell as bait” I noted.

“What a fiend” Ciel smirked, my knees buckled and I collapsed on the ground.

“Ciela!” Ciel gasped.

“I’m fine.... Don’t worry” I assured again. Grell flipped over the railing and flew over on to the floor; Mrs. Turner attempted to explode Grell but kept failing. Grell kept posing in front of the camera.

“Now listen here! We ladies ripen and colour and sweeten each time you photograph us!” Grell exclaimed as he kept posing with very proactive positions, it was rather disturbing, “That’s right! Just like a bright red, succulent fruit!”

“He is really weird...” Ciel sighed.

“Yeah, but he is useful at times” I giggled softly.

“It’s pouring...no, it’s gushing out of me! Just welling up out of every pore! Yes, right now I am the Queen of the Fruits!” Grell exclaimed as he ripped open a few buttons from his shirt, I just face palmed.

“Yes, the Mangosteen of Reapers!”” Grell exclaimed as Ciel and I just gaped at him.

“Indeed, it’s hard to resist biting you” Sebastian announced in a very provocative tone as he licked his thumb.

“Can we please make this child friendly” I sighed while glancing at the young Earl,

“I am not a child!” Ciel crossed his arms and protested.

“You are under eighteen, my dear” I giggled.

“So are you!” Ciel argued.

“I will be eighteen in six months, you have a long way to go” I teased.

“Please bite me!” Grell exclaimed as he kept on sending blow kisses to Sebastian. The butler walked toward us, Ciel stood up and stood in front of me as if he wanted to protect me.

“You’re late!” Ciel scolded the butler.

“My apologies, my lord and lady” Sebastian bowed before us.

“I told you to burn!” Mrs. Turner screamed. In a flash, Sebastian kicked the camera out of her hands and made her collapse on the ground, I smiled.

“Impossible....” Mrs. Tuner gasped.

“This is the least I would do on my master’s orders” Sebastian said while fixing up his clothes.

“Wh-who are you people?” Mrs. Turner asked in a frightened tone.

“I am merely one hell of a butler,” Sebastian smirked, “and my princess’s fiancé”

“Geez, you don’t have to announce that to the world” I sighed. Ciel helped me up and we approached the old lady, the camera softly landed in Grell’s hands.

“Now tell us everything” Ciel and I ordered, in an instant she burst into tears.

“He told me what to do! He told me if I did this, splendid men would fall in love with me!” Mrs. Turner cried.

“He?” Sebastian asked.

“The one with the golden eyes!” Mrs. Turner replied as her body slowly engulfed in flames. My eyes widened, I think I had an idea who it was.

“I can’t believe it! Her soul is burning too!” Grell was shocked.

“Burning passion Happiness!” Mrs. Turner screamed as the flames ate her up.

“Wait! I still have question!” Ciel was about to run up to her until Sebastian pulled him back and picked him up in his arm as he picked me up with the other. Sebastian cradled us both in his soft but muscular arms. Before the balcony exploded to bits, Sebastian and Grell jumped off the tower and landed safely on the ground.

“Are you hurt, young master? Lady Ciela?” Sebastian asked.

“I’m fine” Both of us replied as he let us down, soon Grell arrived.

“How can this be? How could the soul I’m to collect just burn up?!” Grell asked frantically while flipping through his book, “This is definitely not right!”

Sebastian looked toward me and he seemed a bit concerned.

“My lady, are-”

“I have to report to Will, so I’ll make this the last one!” Grell interrupted as he brushed near Sebastian and took a quick picture of both of them.

“Next time let’s sit for a lovers’ portrait in the night, Sebas-chan!” Grell waved as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, “ Bye bye!”

“At last...” Ciel sighed.

“Young master, you ordered me to capture her, but...” Sebastian brought out his hand and inside was the same substance, “but that was all left”

“So everything burned to ash...” Ciel sighed. The wind picked up the ash and it fluttered into the sky.

“We will have to inform her majesty of the work of a woman crazed with greed” I spoke softly. My knees started to buckle and I was starting to feel dizzy.

“Lady Ciela?” Ciel called out but before I could say anything I collapsed into a pair of soft and muscular arms.

“Lady Ciela! We need to bring her to the hospital quick!” Ciel ordered before the world around me went dark and there was only silence.

. . .

“Is everything okay with her? Will she be all right?” Ciel asked frantically, I could tell he was worried from the sound in his voice. I regained my consciousness and I realized that I wasn’t at home, I was at the hospital and Ciel was talking with the doctor.

“No need to worry she is all right and will be fine, however” The doctor spoke softly, “she is pregnant”

“Wh-what?” Ciel gasped, this was bad.... very bad, “she never told me”

“It could be that she didn’t know since she is only three weeks into her pregnancy, but since she is bearing a child, it is best to give her plenty of rest, not too much stress and I recommend that she is off from her vigorous work if it exhausts her so. After all she is merely seventeen years old and to have a baby at her age will definitely take a toll on her body” The doctor explained. I cracked open my eyes to be blinded by the bright white light, the room was very white and only Ciel, Sebastian and the doctor was in the room with me.

“Sebastian? Ciel?” My voice cracked.

“Ciela!” Ciel called as he quickly went to my side, he put his hand on my cheek, “thank goodness you’re okay”

“You have recovered quick, since no injuries were present. When you are ready you can leave, I will release you” The doctor excused himself and left the room, it was very quiet. I carefully sat up and leaned against the fluffy pillows, I needed to explain all of this to Ciel.

“Sebastian! How could you be so careless!? How could you impregnate her?” Ciel scolded Sebastian; I was shocked that he still remembered that Sebastian and I were engaged.

“I didn’t do any of the sort” Sebastian replied quickly.

“He is right, he didn’t do anything” I spoke softly as I bit my lip.

“What are you saying? You knew you were pregnant and you didn’t tell me? Why?” Ciel asked.

“First of all it is not Sebastian’s child, and you know that I am a water guardian so the first child will be given birth to a pure child without conception,” I explained softly, “second of all, I didn’t want to bother you from your work and I knew that my pregnancy would get in the way”

“I see...” Ciel replied softly, “but no matter what I would have understood, you know that... we are like siblings... I may be younger but I will help you in anyway”

“Ciel... you don’t have to....” I said softly as I placed my hand on his cheek.

“I don’t understand, I thought you were a water guardian so why can’t you protect yourself and be given extra energy?” Ciel asked.

“When a guardian is pregnant with any child, she will lose her powers to protect herself, instead it is all used to protect the baby from miscarriages,” I explained, “so in other words if someone kicked me really hard or I was losing too much blood the baby would still be able to survive... it’s a sacrifice for the child’s life”

“If that is the case, then from now on I request that we don’t work together anymore and until you give birth, I want you to live in my manor for the whole time being,” Ciel begged, “please Ciela”

“Ciel, you can’t stop me from doing my work” I argued.

“It is my way of protecting you, I can’t put your life in danger because of my dirty work” Ciel sighed.

“Look, my family has been doing dirty work for a very long time, even longer than your family” I argued, “however to make you at ease I will not go off and fight on my own, but I will contribute, it is my job!”

“Very well,” Ciel sighed, “but will you accept my request in staying at my mansion for the whole pregnancy?”

“Fine” I sighed.

“Sebastian!” Ciel called.

“Yes, my lord” Sebastian replied.

“This is an order, you will apply all the rules and guidelines of the contract with Lady Ciela, she is always second priority” Ciel ordered as he ripped off his eyepatch. The purple contract symbol glowed brightly, despite being in a bright room.

“Yes, my lord” Sebastian replied with a smile.

“It is your duty as a fiancé anyway, so you should always protect her” Ciel said sternly.

“I already have, my lord” Sebastian replied.

“Good” Ciel confirmed, “Shall we go home and get some proper rest?”

“Yeah that would be much better than staying in this gloomy place” I smiled; Sebastian walked over to me and picked me up bridal style.

“I could walk you know!” I argued.

“Princess, you are still weak so I have to” Sebastian replied as all three of us headed out the door and went on our way back home.

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