Tainted White Rose

Locked Away

I was walking through the Phantomhive garden since it was a nice day. From the cool breeze I could tell that autumn was arriving soon. I was alone in the manor since Ciel and Sebastian left to do his work since he wouldn’t let me join him anymore. One week passed since the fire incident and I have been staying at the manor ever since, both Ciel and Sebastian has been taking extra care of me. Sebastian has been more pleased to have me live here since he can stalk me every single day, however I managed to get some privacy when Ciel let me bring Tim along. Poor Sebastian, he was ordered to take care of the dog with washing, feeding, walking and so on. When Ciel and Sebastian were out for errands, I always loved to take walks with Timmy around the garden, it was refreshing and soothing. While I was on my way to return back to the mansion, Timmy ran ahead of me and started to growl at something.

“Timmy what’s wrong?” I asked as I walked a little faster to be by his side, when I turned the corner a demoness with long pale lavender hair which extended down to her ankles and indigo eyes. She had light brown skin and wore purple lipstick; her left eye was covered with bandages.

“It has been a long time Hannah” I said sternly as Timmy continued to bare his teeth at her. I ruffled Tim’s head to calm him down, he wasn’t too fond of demons, other than Sebastian.

“Princess, I am humbled that you still recognize me, our last encounter was when you were very young” Hannah said softly as she bowed before me.

“It has been a very long time and I see you have changed in personality,” I smiled, “what brings you here?”

“My master, Earl Trancy has invited you for a ball next month and I am here to give you your invitation” Hannah replied as she took out the invitation from her chest; I had to admit you can really hide stuff in there, they are useful pockets.

“Well, tell Alois Trancy that I humbly accept his invitation” I replied as I walked towards her and took the invitation from her hand.

“I shall” Hannah replied avoiding eye contact with me.

“I am guessing that injury is from your master isn’t it?” I asked as I touched her bandaged eye gently, she didn’t speak another word but I smiled at the demoness, “Hannah, you are the only demon I can trust other than Sebastian and you have served my family well”

“I am humbled” Hannah replied.

“You may leave, I don’t want you to get attacked by Sebastian” I warned as Hannah nodded and disappeared into the woods. I looked down at the invitation and played with it between my fingers.

“You finally want to meet him don’t you?” I said softly.

. . .

~ Month later ~

Ciel, Sebastian and I were on our way to Earl Trancy’s manor for the ball tonight. Ciel looked tense and nervous but he kept his composure.

“Ciela, how are you feeling? I hope you’re not too tired?” Ciel asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry Ciel I am okay, you don’t have to ask me that every time we are going for a long trip” I reminded him, the young boy relaxed a bit knowing I was fine.

“Don’t you think they will notice that you are expecting?” Ciel asked nervously.

“Not really, you don’t really notice until the end of the third month I am only on the second” I replied with a smile and then the carriage remained silent.

“Alois Trancy... Sebastian didn’t you say that the previous Earl Trancy dies three years ago?” Ciel asked.

“Yes” Sebastian replied.

“Three years huh...” Ciel spoke softly and sighed.

“Alois went missing after he was kidnapped when he was very young, but he came back just before his father passed away” I explained, “I have met the previous Earl when my sister was alive”

“I see but this one came along with a mysterious butler” Ciel added.

“Yes, that is correct. The story seems familiar somehow” Sebastian finished while glancing at his master.

“It’s a common one though” Ciel replied. After a very awkward ten minute of silence we finally arrived at the Trancy manor, Sebastian got out first and he assisted us out of the carriage. Sebastian glanced at me when he helped me out; he seemed to have gripped my hand a bit tighter than usual.

“Be careful” Sebastian warned as he whispered in my ear and I nodded.

“Right, then,” Bard announced, “We’ll be coming in the back way”

“See you later, young master!” Mey-Rin waved as the three of the servants drove off. Ciel gazed at the tall mansion before us, I held his hand and he gripped it tight. Sebastian was about to knock on the door until Claude opened the door.

“The right and honourable Earl Phantomhive, I presume?” Claude asked, he glanced at me, “and of course the honourable Countess Blue, it is nice to have you again”

“It is my pleasure” I replied calmly, his aura always creeped me out.

“We have been expecting the both of you” Claude greeted, “I am Claude Faustus, the butler of this house, please come in”

Ciel and I started our way in until Sebastian stopped and stared at something above, both Ciel and I were curious what he was staring at.

“What is it?” Ciel asked.

“Ah, yes” Claude said as we all looked up to see a spider in its web, chills went down my spine; I really disliked spiders, they scared me, “the Trancy coat of arms bears a spider, so it’s our tradition not to kill them”

“It makes sense,” Sebastian noted, “If you try to force it away, it will sling to you for life”

All three of us properly made our way inside the manor and Ciel stopped to stare at the chandelier in the middle of the room, he seemed very distressed. He leaned against me and grabbed my arm.

“Ciel what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“Is everything all right young master?” Sebastian asked not having an ounce of worry in his voice.

“It’s nothing!” Ciel snapped out of it and regained his composure, “Might my butler come along?”

“Of course” Claude replied.

“Come on” Ciel ordered.

“Of course” Sebastian replied, we were about to leave until Claude stopped us.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid my master is currently away on business. He’ll return in time for the ball” Claude notified us.

“I see” Ciel and I replied.

“I’ve laid out tea in the drawing room. Everyone else is already there” Claude bowed.

“Everyone else?” Ciel and I were puzzled. Claude guided us to the drawing room, Sebastian opened the door for the both of us and instantly my best friend’s voice rang out.

“Ciel!” Lizzie exclaimed and hugged her fiancé.

“Elizabeth?!” Ciel gasped.

“Honestly! It’s Lizzie!” Lizzie whined the she looked toward me, “Ciela you’re here too!”

“Yes, I wanted to enjoy a nice party” I smiled.

“You’re late, my lady and lord” Lau smirked as he was sitting down and enjoying his cup of tea, as usual Ran Mao was on top of him.

“Lau!” Ciel gasped.

“You two were invited as well?” I asked as all of us made our way towards them.

“Yes, my lady of course we came, I came especially for you” Lau winked at me, I shivered he really was pervy at times.

“If I knew you were here I wouldn’t have come in the first place” I said flatly.

“Oi, that breaks my heart Countess” Lau smirked.

“CIEL!!!! CIEL!!!!!” Prince Soma ran towards the Young Earl and hugged him tight as he bawled his eyes out.

“Who in the blazes are you!?” Ciel snapped.

“Who am I?!? You mean you... you..” Soma stopped and then kept hugging him.

“I told you to let me go!” Ciel grew angry. A minute later, Agni came running in and pulled Prince Soma away from Ciel.

“You mustn’t do that, your highness!” Agni reminded him.

“No! Ciel! Ciel!” Soma waved his arms like a child.

“Who is that man?” Ciel backed off being a bit creeped out, Sebastian and I gave a glance at Agni and he smiled.

“My apologies, my lord,” Agni bowed, “This is the twenty sixth child of the king of Bengal, Prince Soma Asman Kadar”

“Why would that prince start weeping the moment he saw me?” Ciel asked.

“Ciel! I finally got to see you, but you are...” Soma was about to hug him until Agni stopped him.

“You see, his highness is deeply moved at meeting the founder of the Funtom Company” Agni explained, “Funtom toys are considered very rare and wonderful where we came from”

Suddenly Agni broke into tears as they hugged and cried on each other’s shoulders.

“I fear we can do nothing with them” Sebastian sighed, “Young master, my lady let’s retire to our rooms. We must prepare for the ball”

“Yes we should start getting ready” I said as I walked away with Ciel and Sebastian. When we left the drawing room, the demon triplets and Hannah were outside.

“Shall we bring you to your rooms?” Hannah asked and Ciel nodded, “My lord, please follow those three and the Countess can follow me”

“You get proper rest” Ciel reminded me and I nodded. All three of us went the same way until we reached the top of the stairs; we then went our separate ways.

“I bet the child will be as brilliant and beautiful as you” Hannah complimented as we walked down the hallway.

“I guess news spread fast” I chuckled softly, “I thank you though”

Hannah stopped at the double doors in front of us, she opened the door and gestured me to go inside, the room was spacious and bright with a hint of gloomy mixed in.

“My highness, if you need anything please call me” Hannah bowed.

“Of course, thank you” I smiled as she left while closing the door behind her. My suitcase was already in my room; I made my way to the curtained window and looked out to see that the sun was slowly starting to set.

“This is going to be quite a party” I sighed.

. . .

I brushed my hair and placed the lace hair band on the crown of my head, now my costume was complete. My dress was a creamy white dress which was to the floor and had a small train at the end. In the chest area there were rose shaped chiffon embellishments which made it simple but elegant. I was supposed to be Snow White from the stories by the Grimm brothers, their fairy tale stories were the best. I was about to head out the door until a small knock was made.

“Come in” I said still focusing on fixing my hair in the mirror not realizing who it was. The door opened and from how that person entered I assumed it was Sebastian.

“You know Sebastian there is no need for you to escort me down to th-” I was cut off when I turned around to see not my fiancé but Claude instead.

“Ah, I apologize I thought you were Sebastian” I said softly, feeling very nervous since Sebastian warned me to be careful when I was around him alone. Claude stood near the door fixing his gaze on me, this was a bad sign and it made it worse when I heard a “click” from the door.

“Princess, my master has ordered me to keep you company and entertain you while you stay here at the mansion” Claude said as he walked towards me, but I kept my strong composure.

“Well, I am feeling very welcomed here so there is no need to put you through all this trouble” I reminded him, I placed my hands at my side and I could tell that I had forgotten to hook my sword under my attire. This was bad, I had put my sword in my suitcase, and I knew I should have put it on first.

“No it’s no trouble at all,” Claude said as he walked behind me, “it is a simple job of a Trancy butler after all”

Claude glided his fingers through the very ends of my hair, he was about to raise one of my strands to his lips until I walked forward and turned toward him.

“I think its best that I join the others at the ball” I said quickly as I turned around to face the door until Claude zipped past me and stood before me.

“Why is there a rush? The ball hasn’t fully started yet” Claude said as I could hear the slight growl in his voice, I started to get really, really nervous.

“Its best to get there early” I said as I quickly walked around him until he grabbed my wrist, I abruptly stopped in my place. His grip was tight and it was hurting me, Claude then pulled me towards him, my back rested against his muscular chest wrapping his arm around my stomach and pinned me in place. I was trapped in his grasp as if I was a butterfly stuck in his web.

“Ah, ah ah” Claude snickered, “I need to talk to you first”

With his free hand he moved my black hair to one side and leaned in near my ear, he snickered evilly.

“My master ordered me to take Ciel Phantomhive away from Sebastian Michaelis and take you away from him as well... this will cause him great pain” Claude whispered deeply into my ear.

“You fiend,” I growled, “That will never happen!”

“Is that so?” Claude smirked and inhaled my scent, “how delightful, your scent and your soul is quite unique... it seems it holds greater pain and pleasure just like your dear “brother””

“You-” I was cut off.

Claude then kissed my neck, “you are too hard to resist, your soul is filled with despair, pain, revenge... the list goes on and on”

“You can’t take my soul,” I said still trying to wiggle free, “I have already been half marked by your enemy”

“Let me share you a little secret,” Claude whispered smoothly into my ear as he turned me around to face him, I looked up at his golden eyes, “You are stuck in my web, just like your sister was”

“Wha-” I was cut off by a pair of sinful lips pressed against my fragile ones, my body slowly felt frail and numb, as if I had eaten the poisoned apple but instead it was his lips.

“Good night, my princess” Claude whispered softly as I collapsed into a deep slumber, not knowing what will come of me.

. . . .

Hannah’s P.O.V

Claude placed her gently on the bed; the room was filled with blossoming everlasting red roses just like her lips. I stood there with my head down, wearing my black dress since I had to perform the demonic instrument at the ball.

“What are you planning to do to her?” I asked softly.

“I will plan to make her my wife when Sebastian dies,” Claude replied as he took a red rose from the nearby vase and placed it on her hands which rested on her chest, “she will make a beautiful and delicious bride”

“How about the child?” I asked, “You can’t devour the baby”

“I won’t, but I will abandon it,” Claude replied again turning to face me, “I don’t want her to train it and be able to kill me”

“Are you saying you want the child to be living on the streets?” I gasped while keeping my eyes on the sleeping princess.

“I will see what will come” Claude replied as he walked passed me and went to be by Alois’s side. When I couldn’t feel his presence, I walked toward her and took out the red rose from her hand and replaced it with a white one which was in my hair.

“Red doesn’t suit you that well, white suits you much better” I whispered as I caressed her warm cheek, “the only way you can get out of his web is by being kissed by your beloved”

I pulled the ribbon and the sheer curtains covered her bed; the drapes fell gently and softly in place.

“Sweet dreams, princess” I whispered as I left as the doors closed shut being locked by the intertwining sharp thorns surrounding the wood.

. . .

Ciel’s P.O.V

The air was quiet but filled with tension, I had followed something out here, but I don’t remember exactly what it was. I leaned against a tree as that person’s voice rang out.

“What’s wrong?” The blonde maid asked as it walked out from the shadows, “can’t you breathe? Does it hurt? If so, I’ll lick it all better for you”

“Enough of this rubbish!” I said sternly as I gritted my teeth, “enough of this rubbish, Alois Trancy!”

“So you were on to me,” Alois smirked as his real voice came out, he pulled the wig off of his head, “what a drag”

“I thought if I let you get me alone, you’d make a move” I said while fixing my eyes on him, my chest was full of anger.

“So you followed me on purpose?” Alois asked innocently, but his face turned dark, “But...”

Claude appeared from behind the tree and the triplets jumped from the air to be by Alois’s side.

“I can’t have you underestimating me” I smirked as I felt Sebastian’s presence behind me.

“My young master is quite right” Sebastian spoke as he walked by my side, “I believe I warned you earlier, Claude”

“Oh,” Alois raised a brow in amusement, “we just wanted to chat somewhere quiet”

“What could you possible want from me?” I asked, being careful with my words, “enough to hold a costume ball and dress yourself up that way?”

“Simple, I want you,” Alois smirked as he brought his index finger up to his lips, “and Ciela”

“What do you mean?” I clenched my fists hard; it made me angrier that he had eyes on Ciela.

“That I want you. That’s all, Ciel Phantomhive,” Alois replied, “after all you are the last piece I want. If you refuse me... I will have everyone in the mansion killed”

I glanced at the Trancy roof and quickly thought of Ciela, but I knew she was strong enough to handle anything, however she was pregnant.

“I’ve arranged for a little performance,” Alois continued his blabber “and if it begins, everyone dies... including the people you care about”

I just glared at him, I would never let him lay a finger on them especially Ciela... If anything were to happen to her they were dead.

“Well?” Alois cocked an eyebrow.

“Do as you like” I snapped back, “but keep Ciela out of this, she has nothing to do with you”

“Are you sure about that?” Alois gasped, “Oh, she actually does”

“In what way is she applied to you?” I asked.

“Well... that is a secret” Alois winked at me, I shivered, “Claude did you do what I asked?”

“Yes, your highness” Claude replied, I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Good” Alois smirked as he faced Claude, “Don’t get cocky just because your butler has a little talent, Ciel. My Claude here is even more amazing!”

Alois stuck out his tongue and on it revealed his contract with the butler, it was glowing in the dark, I glared at him.

“I was right after all, I thought you’d have one,” I said, “You understand our contract, Sebastian”

“Of course,” Sebastian replied, “I’ve been your loyal servant ever since that day. I shall grant you any wish you like until the day our contract is fulfilled and I take your soul”

Sebastian smirked at me and I smirked back, “Good answer”

“Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel,” Alois turned to Claude, “get me Ciel!”

“This is an order, Sebastian do whatever it takes to protect me. Do not fail” I reminded the butler, keeping in mind that Ciela must be okay in the party.

“Yes, your highness” Claude replied.

“Yes, My lord” Sebastian replied as he carried me in his arms and ran through the forest, the triplets kept attacking us both, but Sebastian kept dodging them all.

“Group attack: The ranking from Hell!” Claude announced as if he was an actor in a play. The triplets kept circling us and Sebastian kept an eye on each and every one of them. The three of them locked Sebastian in place, but of course the butler jumped up at the nearest branch and got out from the trap.

“I see that you three are very skilled” Sebastian remarked as he continued to run from them. A thought ran through my head... what happens if Ciela is not at the ball? She would have been by my side by now....

. . .

Ciela’s P.O.V

The sun is shining bright; I could feel the warmth on my closed eyelids. I slowly open them to be surrounded by darkness and nothing but the silent blackness. I sat up and found myself sitting on a luscious green lawn surrounded by bushes of black and white roses. In the distance I could see a big and bright mirror which was embellished with only pure white roses, that was the only light here. I slowly got up and walked toward the mirror, all I could see was my reflection and I was dressed in my Snow White costume.

“Where am I?” I asked aloud. However there was no answer... but silence. I touched the mirror, its cold glass made my fingers tingle, all of a sudden the mirror rippled as if I touched water and soon it revealed an image, of Sebastian using glasses full of water as instruments.

“Sebastian?” I asked, but there was no answer.

“You are more than a mere human” a voice rang out, it made me jump a bit in surprise then a face of a little girl showed up on the mirror, “I am honoured to meet a water guardian”

“You can talk?” I asked in shock, this was the first time I have ever seen a talking mirror and if this was the case then this is not a dream... I am actually in this dimension.

“It seems that your highness yet doesn’t know of me” the little girl giggled, “I am the talking mirror which only reveals the human world if they know how to use it and so far you have been the second”

“There has been others?” I asked and the little girl nodded in reply, “where exactly am I?”

“You are in a demon’s prison where they lock the souls of many, in this case you are in his web” the little girl explained, “you are actually in a deep slumber while your soul is locked away; you are basically dormant”

“So, all of this is not a dream?” I asked again and the girl nodded, “tell me what is your name?”

“My name is Alice, I died at the age of fifteen and this demon took my soul and locked me into this mirror so I have been here for a hundred years now. Many souls have come and gone” Alice explained.

“How do I get out of this dimension?” I asked.

“The only way is for your beloved to come to you and awaken you by a kiss, however he has to come before Claude controls you” Alice replied as her face darkened, “many have been here to be eaten by him and even tortured, even young children, it is really sad to see”

“How much time do I have?” I asked again, as I was getting a bad feeling in my gut.

“You only have two weeks” Alice replied, “but since a water guardian is here then that means you are bearing a child”

“You have guessed right” I replied.

“I can tell you are not like the others, you remind me of one that was here... she was just like you” Alice noted.

“Who was she?” I asked curiously.

“She was a water guardian like you, I think she was around twenty and when she came here, she was really beaten up” Alice explained, “her name was Lila, is she your distant cousin?”

“No, she was my older sister... and I just found out that Claude at eaten her soul...” I said as I clenched my fists in anger.

“Actually... she was turned into a demon...” Alice said as she bit her lip, “her memory has been fully wiped out though”

“WHAT! Claude turned her into a demon!” I gasped, “but...but I thought it was impossible for a water guardian to become one!”

“Yes, he did and it’s not exactly hard to do so, but I think Claude wanted her to suffer more so that is why he turned her into one” Alice explained.

“I see” my eyes darkened. I was happy that she wasn’t dead but she is dead to me, if she is the opposite of me, now we were from different worlds; she was a demon while I was a water guardian.

“To cheer you up I could show you anything you wish?” Alice offered, “what do you wish to see? Your sister?”

“I think its best if I don’t see her, it will bring me even more pain...” I bit my lip, “however show me Ciel Phantomhive”

“Very well, your highness” Alice closed her eyes, then the mirror rippled to show Ciel sitting at a table, surrounded by the whole gang and they were smiling as he was eating the curry bun, I smiled.

“Thank goodness he is safe, I was really worried about him” I mumbled to myself.

“Is that boy someone special to you?” Alice asked as she continued to show me his image.

“He is the same as me, filled with pain, vengeance, and revenge for what the others have done to his family... he is like a younger brother to me” I replied.

“He seems like a very cute boy” Alice giggled.

“He is, he really is” I said softly as I touched the mirror with my index finger. I looked around the room but there was no sign of Sebastian, and no sign of Claude too.

“Can you show me Sebastian Michaelis?” I asked and in an instant it showed Sebastian glaring at Claude while the spider butler was looking out onto the lake.

“You are persistent people, hunting my young master and fiancée so relentlessly” Sebastian spoke sternly.

“My master ordered it” Claude replied, “he told me to steal Ciel Phantomhive and Ciela Blue away from Sebastian Michaelis”

“He is my young master and princess is my fiancée” Sebastian reminded him.

“The feel of him... One rarely encounters something so fine....” Claude envied, “The feel of her soul, her scent...She has quite a magnificent asset...”

“Just remembering that someone other than me touched my young master and fiancée, it makes me sick” Sebastian glared at him as his dark aura was beginning to rise, “With your sticky white spider’s thread... you have defiled the both of their”

“Ciel Phantomhive’s and princess’s....” Claude continued as he took off his glasses.

“Soul!” both of them said as Sebastian ran towards him and punched him in the face, Claude dodged the attack and kicked Sebastian in the face. Sebastian jumped behind him and gave him a sign that looked like to me was... “come at me bro”

Both demons jumped up and wrestled each other like children.

“That night you took my young master’s soul! I won’t let you have princess’s either” Sebastian growled.

“Ciel’s soul wasn’t complete, not with just his soul, the body is needed as well” Claude said as they circled each other on the water.

“Then you came here” Claude scowled.

“Yes, I retrieved his soul from you thanks to my fiancée” Sebastian smirked, “I won’t let you have her”

“Well, it is too late don’t you think?” Claude said as he made a water tornado.

“What do you mean!?” Sebastian snapped as he made a water tornado as well which blew up and the two demons were in the water. Sebastian came up to the surface and carefully investigated his surroundings.

“I have kept her as mine” Claude hissed.

“Really? So first you take my young master then you plan to my fiancée” Sebastian growled.

“I already have taken her, from right under your nose!” Claude said as he came out of the water and trapped Sebastian by grabbing his slender neck.

“You didn’t even realize that I have locked her away from you, you didn’t even notice that I have tainted her lips...” Claude hissed in Sebastian’s ears, “her lips... her soul is quite delicious, how foolish of you to not eat her up”

“There is no point of devouring her is she is the last one!” Sebastian snapped.

“You do have a fierce obsession with your master’s soul and with that girl...” Claude sneered.

“But of course. You see, I am a demon” Sebastian replied calmly... I don’t even know how he could be so calm in this situation, “You have a master yourself so wouldn’t you know?”

“Cultivate a soul, and then feast upon it. That is our lives,” Claude whispered in Sebastian’s ear as his fingers crawled up to where his heart lied in his chest, “my master is another one of those souls worth desiring, but to give a soul that lost its memories a second revenge... no human is worth the trouble”

“My young master is unlike any other human you have ever seen” Sebastian smirked as he flipped out of Claude grasp and took out his silver knives, he brought them up to the spider demon’s neck.

“As to this second revenge, I do intend for him to have his vengeance again but I lack something critical,” Sebastian noted, “a target of that vengeance”

“If that is the case than I shall steal a Ciel Phantomhive with a perfect revenge... since I have almost taken your fiancée away from you...” Claude noted as Sebastian let the demon go and put on his glasses.

“Would you care to make a deal?” Sebastian suggested.

“This is the first time I have seen two demons make a deal... wow these demons are like the non violent type” I noted.

“May I ask why you want to see this “Sebastian Michaelis”?” Alice asked kindly.

“Sebastian is my fiancé, a demon that I have foolishly fallen for” I replied.

“Your fiancé is different, I can tell from his aura” Alice noted. The image returned to the two demons who were sitting across from each other. They were in a green room with headless statues, it had an eerie atmosphere. The two had a plate with a white rose and the ceremony began. The two demons slid off their gloves with their teeth and showed their contract on each other’s hand as their eyes were glowing demonic pink. Sebastian bit into his wrist while Claude cleanly cut his wrist with a silver knife, the two tainted the white rose with their blood, rose turned bloodshot red.

“I shall make the two of you the targets of my young master’s revenge, in return you bring me back my fiancée” Sebastian spoke.

“Then once Ciel Phantomhive gains his revenge, I will take him and give you back the princess” Claude threw the rose at Sebastian, “we place our seals”

“On this pact” Sebastian replied as he caught the rose and threw his rose at him. The two of them poured their demon blood on the red rose which turned black. Sebastian licked his blood from his wrist and instantly it healed, his pink eyes returned back to the original colour and Claude’s eyes did the same. The two demons left, but before Sebastian did he quickly took a white rose from the vase. When Claude left to return to Alois, Sebastian was returning until he met up with Hannah who was walking by.

“Hannah Anafeloz” Sebastian called, which made her stop.

“Yes?” She asked. Sebastian faced her and took out the white rose from his pocket and handed it to her.

“Give this rose, which I will taint with my blood” Sebastian requested.

“She looks better in white than red, her soul shall not be tainted by you” Hannah warned.

“Her soul has already been tainted by me, she is my fiancée” Sebastian announced proudly as he brought the rose to his lips. Sebastian bit down on his lips so hard that blood was dripping from his mouth, he gently kissed the rose and it turned red.

“Very well demon” Hannah sighed as she took the bloody rose from Sebastian, “I shall drip her blood on this rose to make it half red and half white, you will be the one that has tainted her while the white is her pureness”

“Thank you Hannah, I will come back for her when the time has come” Sebastian said as he returned back to the ball.

“You heard that princess, he will come for you” Hannah whispered, loud enough for me to hear, I smiled.

“He better come”

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