Tainted White Rose


Ciel’s P.O.V

The sun shined on my face as the warmth made me cringe; we had picked up all our stuff for our journey to Houndsworth, I even had to bring my three servants which I know will destroy my mansion if I didn't bring them. The last time I left them, Baldroy almost blew up the whole mansion, and luckily we came back in time to stop him. However, I had one more person to pick up before we left to Houndsworth, Ciela Blue.

“Young master we arrived at her estate,” Sebastian said, “It seems that the countess is our neighbour,”

“Her house was much closer than I thought,” I replied.

“Young master, whose house is this?” All three asked.

“You will see,” I replied.

“I will get the countess,” said Sebastian as he climbed off the coach and walked towards the door.

Ciela’s P.O.V

“Is everything ready?” I asked my maid, Bluebird.

“Yup!” she chirped with a smile.

I made my way down the stairs as I pulled my black hair up into a high ponytail. I wore a loose white blouse and black pants which was tucked into my brown riding boots. I was actually wearing my hunting outfit for comfort, since a dress is pretty bothersome for a long trip. A knock was made at the door, and Bluebird quickly opened the door to reveal Sebastian at the entrance, he bowed.

“My lady, are you ready?” Sebastian asked.

I nodded in reply and Bluebird gave him my luggage, he took them and left to put them on the carriage. Bluebird smiled as she handed me my coat,

“Good luck!” she cheered.

“Thanks” I replied.

As I walked with Sebastian toward the carriage, Ciel and the three servants looked at me with shock, I cocked my head to the side and asked them, “What’s wrong?”

“Uhhh... Lady Ciela what are you wearing?” Ciel asked while being a bit dumbfounded as he inspected my attire.

“I am wearing my hunting outfit, it’s much more comfortable than a dress especially for a long trip” I replied.

They were all still staring at me like I was crazy, from the corner of my eye I could see a smirk spread across Sebastian’s face.

. . .

“Are we there yet?” The three asked.

“Actually, here we are!” I said pointing at the “Welcome to Houndsworth” sign, which was pretty broken down.

All three of them were astonished when they saw the skulls and bones on the ground; they got creeped out when they saw several collars hang on the dead tree.

“I thought this was a resort?” Finny asked.

“I forgot to say it is the next site for the queen’s resort” Ciel replied hiding his smirk with his hat. I softly giggled at their shocked expressions.

“EH?” All three cried. From the corner of my eye I noticed an old woman walking with a stroller along the road, something wasn’t right about her and with the town’s atmosphere. As she was strolling the baby along, she kept on repeating a few words, “Small white dogs are good and the black haired dogs are bad”. As we continued our path through the town, the windows were shut and the doors were closed, it was quite gloomy.

“This is really quite a peaceful town” Sebastian stated while keeping his signature smile.

“Because you like gloomy and depressing places,” I grumbled under my breath, only loud enough for Sebastian to hear, I could see a slight smirk spread across his face.

“Good boy!” A young man exclaimed.

Sebastian, Ciel and I turned around to see a young man petting his puppy, they looked like they were having fun; I smiled at the thought of how close they were. Sebastian was rambling on and on about dogs and their trainers, it made Ciel rather irritated.

“Just say it already” Ciel said annoyingly.

“Thank you, my lord. I love cats, but I am not fond of dogs,” Sebastian continued, “To be frank, I hate dogs” he smiled back at Ciel looking as cheery as ever, well trying to be.

“Woof!” Ciel replied as I giggled under my breath.

We got very close to the Manor and from the distance I saw a beautiful maid with bluish white hair and dark purple eyes, she was waiting at the front. When we arrived she walked toward us,

“The Earl Phantomhive and Countess Blue I presume?” She asked with a very soft tone. Sebastian nodded in reply.

“Welcome to the Barrymore castle, my master awaits your arrival.” She welcomed us as she curtsied, “Please follow me and I will take you to him.”

Sebastian helped us both off the carriage and followed her through the dark and gloomy manor, we then walked into his study room sitting at his table. As soon as he saw us his face grew angry and suddenly whipped the poor maid.

“You idiot, I wanted you to bring me the queen’s messengers but instead you bring me two Chihuahuas!” he shouted as he continued to whip her.

Ciel and I gaped at him, “Chihuahuas!?”

I was furious with Lord Barrymore’s action; I quickly stood in front of the maid and closed my eyes waiting for the whip to hit me.

“Sebastian!” Ciel ordered as he instantly grabbed his wrist from striking the whip at us.

“What are you doing, you filthy Doberman!” He shouted, struggling to get out of Sebastian’s grasp.

“I ordered him to do it,” Ciel replied while Sebastian was looking into my eyes, I looked away right away feeling pretty nervous. I regained my composure and looked at him straight in the eye,

“What?” lord Barrymore said in shock. I helped the poor maid get up from the ground and she mouthed a “thank you” to me, I nodded back with a smile.

“It seems you have gotten our letter” I said returning to Ciel’s side as he sat down at the table while I leaned against the table.

“I am Ciel Phantomhive, and the lady you were about to hit was Ciela Blue” Ciel said calmly. At that moment Sebastian let go of his wrist and Lord Barrymore rubbed his wrist still looking surprised.

“Very well,” Lord Barrymore continued, “go prepare tea!”

Angela nodded and scurried out the room as soon as she could to prevent any more beatings. She soon came back with a cart with tea, she tried pouring tea into the cup but her hands were shaking furiously. As soon as Sebastian noticed he whispered into her ear, and poured tea for us. I smiled softly to see how kind he was even though he was a demon.

“I can’t sell this place,” Lord Barrymore said as he slapped the paperwork on the table.

“Why not?” I asked curiously.

“A curse” he replied flatly

“Curse?” We both said.

“Those who interfere with our family are cursed, and is killed by the fearful dog,” he replied, “Nothing can change it and no one can help it!”

“That is interesting,” Ciel continued, “We will figure out this “fearful dog” you say, but I won’t leave until we figure it out.”

Lord Barrymore was furious, but there was nothing he could do. Angela later showed us our rooms for the night; my room was beside Ciel’s. I flopped on to the cold yet hard bed, something was bothering me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I stood up from my bed and walked towards the window to open it. An idea shot through my head which made me quickly take out a black cloak and my sword. I quickly and quietly jumped out the window and landed safely on the ground. I started my way up the path towards the town. As I walked along the alleyways I saw the same small pup I saw earlier curled in a corner with a hurt paw, I quickly ran towards it and hushed at it as I picked the poor thing in my arms.

“Don’t be afraid I will help you,” I cooed. I lifted my hand which swirled with water and a blue aura, I then put my hand on the wound and it instantly healed. The pup licked my hand in thanks, but at that moment I heard a faint and muffled scream ahead. The pup ran out my arms and ran towards the scream; I quickly followed the pup which led me to the same place where Ciel, Sebastian and I encountered the young man playing with his dog. I hid within the shadows to reveal Henry Barrymore choking the young man, my eyes widened to see him take a skull and make bite marks all around him. He was trying to make a scene in which a so called “demon dog” made this incident. As soon as a howl was made, Henry Barrymore was about to leave until I drew out my sword and ran towards him. I kicked the back of his knees causing him fall to the ground, grabbing his arms I secured them tight behind his back and my sword was right under his neck.

“What the-”

“So you’re the culprit, and so called demon hound!” I said cutting him off.

“That voice.... your one of the queen’s messengers!” he shouted back, struggling to get out of my grasp.

“No one will believe you!” he said.

“Really?” I continued, “even if I witnessed you killing this innocent man?”

From the distance I could see the townspeople coming closer and closer with their pitchforks and fire. However Ciel and Sebastian approached me more quickly than the others.

“Lady Ciela, what is going on?” Ciel asked.

“There was never any demon dog, Lord Barrymore was the one who killed him!” I said still gripping him tightly. Sebastian came to my aide when he gripped onto Lord Barrymore and I gave him to Sebastian. Soon enough the townspeople came looking quite shocked to see Lord Barrymore trapped.

“What is going on?” One townsperson asked.

“He was killed not by the demon dog but by your own mayor” Ciel announced as he pointed toward Henry.

I explained from how the young man was killed to how Barrymore made it look like it was the demon hound that did it.

“Well there is no actual evidence that I did it, you could have!” he shouted.

I whistled and the same little pup I healed came towards me with a piece of cloth. I carried the small dog in my arms and showed the evidence to everyone,

“This is from his trousers, this dog tore it off when he was trying to protect his owner, and I found him hurt on my way here!”

Everyone scowled at Henry, and from his face I could tell that he was going to be in a great deal of hell. Sebastian released him and the town attacked him without any mercy. As they carried him off in the distance, Ciel, Sebastian, Mey-rin, Baldroy, Finnie and Angela came towards me.

“I guess the case is closed right?” I asked Ciel as I held the small pup in my arms.

“It seems to be,” Ciel replied.

“Why don’t we return back to the manor and I make everyone a nice cup of tea!” Angela exclaimed.

Everyone agreed and we started our way back to the manor, Sebastian was walking beside me scowling at the puppy in my arms.

“Are you jealous Sebastian?” I teased as I cuddled the puppy in my arms.

“No......” He replied still glaring at him.

“This is why I hate dogs” Sebastian whispered softly.

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