Tainted White Rose

Danse Macabre

A week passed, though it felt like years when trapped in this dimension. Even though I have been trapped in this garden, Alice kept me company and she has been very kind and sweet. I have been watching what Ciel and Sebastian have been up to all this time, and it isn’t really pleasant. Ciel now knows that the Trancy household was the one who killed his family and burnt down the manor, even though it is a lie. Ever since I was kidnapped by the household, Ciel has been angry at Sebastian for not protecting me and he has A LOT of anger towards Alois now, however Ciel is waiting for the right time just like Sebastian.

I gazed at the mirror as I watched Sebastian announce Ciel’s daily schedule to the young child, Ciel just slugged back in his chair as the list went on.

“At noon you have the Funtom Company’s regular meeting, and then at two o’clock your dance lesson with Mrs. Hyatt. At six professor Macmillan will give you your political studies lesson, that’s all you have scheduled for today” Sebastian announced as he turned to his tea cart and took a silver plate from it, he then placed it in front of Ciel. On the silver plate was a letter, I recognized the stamping right away.

“Trancy” Ciel and I cursed under our breath as the young Earl ripped open the envelope and read the letter out loud.

“On behalf of the Earl Alois Trancy, I write to Ciel Phantomhive this day to apologize for my master’s discourtesy at the ball last week. We request your most honoured presence at the ball to be held here at the Trancy mansion tomorrow afternoon at four o’clock” Ciel read as he ripped the letter up in pieces when he finished; I feel his anger. Ciel then closed his eyes and sighed in anger.

“Alois...” Ciel sneered, “so you’re the one I should kill, this time I’ll make them dance to my tune...”

My eyes widened as I knew what he was about to say.

“The Danse Macabre” Both Ciel and I whispered as my fingers trembled.

“The “Dance of Death,” my lord?” Sebastian asked with his usual sly smirk on his face, “they have spared us the trouble of inviting them here”

“Let’s go, Sebastian. Its time for our duel” Ciel replied as a satisfied smirk spread across his lips.

“Oh no....” I gasped and the image went back to Alice’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked worriedly.

“This is bad, they are going to do the danse macabre” I replied as I fiddled with my fingers.

“Don’t worry I am sure Se-”

“You don’t understand, Hannah has the leviathan sword if Claude obtains it from Hannah and Sebastian gets even a scratch it won’t heal unless he comes to me,” I continued, “I am not able to heal him until my delivery!”

“I am sorry princess, but there is nothing you can do” Alice said as her face looked very sad. An idea shot through my head and I quickly got up and plucked a white rose from a nearby bush. I bit my thumb pretty hard, making it bleed. I dropped two drops of my blood on the white rose and closed my eyes.

“Come Bluebird, come to me” I commanded as I dropped the rose, when it hit the ground a blue and white beam shot up and in an instant a beautiful blue bird came flying to me and sat on my index finger.

“It worked!” I exclaimed as I twirled around in glee, “show yourself”

The Bluebird chirped and flew onto the ground; blue light surrounded the bird and slowly got bigger to form a beautiful maid.

“Princess! Thank goodness!” Bluebird cheered as she ran towards me and gave me a tight hug, she twirled me around.

“How are you Bluebird?” I asked.

“I’m okay, but I was worried sick about you ever since your presence suddenly disappeared,” Bluebird explained, “Sebastian told me what happened to you and I got even more worried but knowing you and your baby are okay makes me feel relieved”

“That’s good” I said as I embraced her again, I missed my maid she was made from my blood when I was born so I suspected this would work.

“What can I do for you princess?” Bluebird asked.

“I need you to do something very important for me,” I explained, “I need you to give my guardian’s sword to Sebastian right away. Ciel and Sebastian are going to the Trancy manor for the Danse Macabre and Hannah has leviathan in her, Claude will definitely use it to kill Sebastian”

“As you wish, however I don’t think Sebastian will be able to wield it since the sword only works with you” Bluebird reminded me.

“He should be able to, but just in case I want you to find my body and on my sleeping body is a rose with both of our blood on it. Take the rose and my sword to him, but please be careful since it is heavily guarded by several demons” I warned her.

“I shall do what my lady has asked” Bluebird bowed before me and smiled, “I will be on my way then”

“Thank you” I smiled back as her body turned to glitter and disappeared back to the real world.

“I never thought that was achievable,” Alice gasped in amazement, “I hope that whatever you wish will come true”

. . . .

3:30pm that day

I watched closely as Ciel arrived at the Trancy household.

“Ciel! You came!” Alois cheerfully exclaimed.

“Alois Trancy....” Ciel grumbled under his breath.

“It was very good of you to come, my lord” Claude bowed as he gave a rather uncomfortable glare at Sebastian.

“Come right this way! I’m holding a very special ball for you today!” Alois said as he guided Ciel and Sebastian to his garden. In the garden was a huge stone chess board with several chess pieces on the board, there were statues of Vikings surrounding the chess board and the one that caught me the most was a queen sitting across from the king statue. The queen statue was sitting elegantly and her hands were folded as if she was holding something precious in her hands.

“What is this?” Ciel asked.

“One of the duelling arenas of the old” Sebastian replied.

“I say, Ciel, why don’t we have our butlers dance in our places?” Alois suggested, “Whoever can dance the longest wins. The loser of course will have to follow the victor’s orders”

Alois twirled around like a little girl, “What do you think?”

“It would seem they planned a death match as well” Sebastian whispered in Ciel’s ear.

“That sounds like just our sort of ball,” Ciel smirked, “much better than dressing ourselves up in false costumes”

As the clock stroke four, Ciel ripped off his eye patch and his contract with Sebastian gleamed in the sunlight.

“Sebastian, this is an order: Win, and bring Alois Trancy to stand before me, bring back my sister!” Ciel ordered, “I’ll kill him with my own hands, in even more pain for what he did to her!”

“Yes, my lord” Sebastian replied happily as he opened his eyes to reveal his pink demonic eyes that would pierce into anyone’s soul, the amused eyes of a demon.

“Your orders, Master?” Claude asked.

“Make Ciel Phantomhive mine, and make sure he doesn’t take Lady Ciela away from my grasp, this will definitely give Sebastian Michaelis exquisite agony,” Alois ordered as he stuck his tongue out which revealed his contract with Claude, “I’m sure you can do it, can’t you Claude?”

“Yes, your highness” Claude bowed as his eyes turned demonic pink as well.

“Bring her!” Alois ordered.

“Bring who?” I whispered.

“I don’t know” Alice replied. Soon the triplets brought a white one armed sofa with a girl in a beautiful red dress; the dress has a rich rosy red that glimmered beautifully in the sunlight. The dress was a one shouldered dress and it had a low cut, it had to be a dress with a train regarding that some of the fabric was hanging out of the sofa. I squinted and looked loser as I gasped to realize who it was, they placed the sofa down on the palm of the queen statue’s hand.

“It’s me” I gasped.

“Go awaken her,” Alois ordered, “I want her to see this match in real life”

“Yes, your highness” Claude bowed as he ran and jumped onto the palm of the queen’s statue, my eyes widened as the triplets dispersed onto the battlefield. Claude approached my sleeping body and bowed before me as he took my hand, he then placed his cursed lips and in an instant I returned back to my body. I shot open my eyes to be back to the real world, it was about time.

“We have a special event for you my princess” Claude said smoothly as he got up, I was definitely back in my body but I felt as if I was a puppet bring controlled. I slowly got up and faced the battlefield, Ciel and Sebastian both looked shocked while Alois was amused.

Claude returned by Alois’s side, as I sat here unable to make a move, my wrists and ankles felt like they were chained by strong spider webs. Ciel gazed at me with his soft eyes, he was angry and sad at the same time while Sebastian was just plain angry.

The demons prepared them self for battle while Sebastian stood there smiling as he held the silver knives in his hand, he was so typical.

“Now then...” Claude fixed his glasses as he stared up at me, wanting me to give the signal.

“Begin!” I shouted and in a flash the three triplets were heading their way to attack Sebastian each having a spear in their hands.

“Group attack: Bloody Washtub!” Claude exclaimed as the three made their attack. Sebastian dodged them with his ever so strong silver knives.

“Group attack: move from the Bloody Washtub to the cursed vanity mirror!” Claude ordered.

The three demons then retrieved a stronger and sturdier spear, all three of them were doing a simultaneous three man attack on Sebastian but of course he blocked them all.

“You have just the rapport I should expect from identical triplets” Sebastian noted as he flipped over them. The three then combined their spears together and made a gigantic one, it was as big as my trident.... Well actually mine is bigger but it was pretty big. With full force, the triplets threw the spear at Sebastian; I held my breath as Sebastian tapped the bottom part of the spear gently rested it on his shoulders. He then spun the spear around and dropped it behind him until at the right time he kicked it to come up over his head. He then grabbed the spear and with full force, and threw the spear aiming at the triplet’s foreheads. The three demons were pinned onto a statue at the exact same point as they got stabbed.

“Now you can get along better” Sebastian dusted off his hands in satisfaction, I smiled softly and I could tell he knew that small smile came from me.

“Nice work” Alois whistled as Ciel focused on the fight. Soon Hannah zipped behind Sebastian and threw two knives at the butler, they cut through his black tailcoat.

“Oh, now I’ll have to mend this” Sebastian sighed.

“No need,” Hannah shouted confidently, “you'll be full of holes soon!”

Hannah took out two small pistols from her bosom and shot two shots at Sebastian, the butler just calmly dodged them as he sewed his holes. Hannah then took out a huge gun from under her and aimed it at Sebastian as he danced around to dodge it all.

“I see I certainly am in danger of being full of holes like this” Sebastian teased as he hid behind a stone pawn, “I shall repay you for every last bullet”

Sebastian fanned out a great number of silver knives in his hands and jumped into the air; he then quickly glanced at me and smiled.

“You should be keeping your eyes on your opponent” I said softly.

“However your beauty is distracting me but helping me at the same time” Sebastian replied as he threw the knives at Hannah which pinned her to the stone floor.

“Hannah!” I gasped in shock, this was the first time I have ever seen Hannah in this position. I wanted to get up but I kept feeling a strong tug on my wrists that made me remain seated. Sebastian smirked as he pulled out even more knives from his coat; I have always wondered how Ciel had that many silver knives. Sebastian threw them at Hannah until a stone pawn was kicked in front of her and it blocked the attack, I looked over to Claude who kicked the stone pawn. The clock rang loudly which boomed across the whole garden, it made me shiver.

“That will do,” Claude announced, “its time for tea”

“Goodness, is it that late already?” Sebastian asked as he gazed at me, I looked at him back.

“I must prepare my master’s refreshments” Claude noted, “We’ll suspend the match temporarily”

“In that case, might I make use of your kitchen as well?” Sebastian asked as Claude nodded.

“Claude, bring Lady Ciela here she must be lonely up there” Alois ordered.

“Yes, right away” Claude replied as he went by my side instantly.

“I am surprised that you are not trying to escape” Claude noted as he took out his hand for me to take, I felt a sudden relief of tension on my wrists and ankles.

“What is the use of doing so when trying to escape will only make my body weaker” I replied as I took his hand, he picked me up bridal style and walked down the statue stairs, Sebastian was glaring at him. As we were walking through the battlefield, Claude brought me closer to his body and glanced at the angry Sebastian who was furious for touching me in that manner. Claude walked me up the stony stairs and guided me to the empty seat in the middle of Alois and Ciel; both Earls looked at me with awe. As soon as Claude placed me down gently, I felt the same tugging at my wrists again.

“You look magnificent Lady Ciela,” Alois smirked while complimenting me and staring at my chest, geez that kid may be moody and a young teen but he was sure perverted, “the dress that I have bought specially for you has complimented you very well”

“You know it’s not noble of a man to keep an eye on a lady with dirty looks when you have a dirty mind” Ciel snapped.

“Hmph, maybe you are keeping her for your own dirty self” Alois snapped back as Ciel glared at him.

The two demon butlers were making food for tea and I could feel hungry eyes lay on Ciel and I, it was none other than the spider who sneaks and feasts on its own accord, not caring for anyone else.

“Oh, do excuse me” Sebastian teased as he threw a whip of cream at Claude’s glasses, Claude glared back at him, “the way you looked at my young master and fiancee concerned me very much. Especially the way you seemed to be assessing their soul’s flavour...”

Claude took a whip of the mixture and threw it at Sebastian; my fiancé dodged it and threw it back at him. The two of them kept going at it; back and forth... it was like a food fight... but with demons.

“I won’t allow you to lay a finger on their souls,” Sebastian warned, “or any lip either!”

Claude got furious and thumped his mixing bowl against the table, soon they revealed their master piece; on Sebastian’s side there was a lady who was going to be eaten by a snake, on Claude’s side there was a lady who killed the snake. Claude took off his glasses and licked the remaining mixture, he glanced an erotic look at me, I shivered. Sebastian went over to the nearby master piece and decorated it with berries; Ciel rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“What a pointless display” Ciel sighed as he turned his head to look at me, I looked toward the young boy and gave him a sad smile, he scowled. I bet he wanted to kill Alois for putting me in misery. Soon enough the food was done and the two young Earls left their seat and headed downstairs as I sat where I was since I was unable to move until Claude came up and retrieved me. As Claude escorted me to the table in the garden, Sebastian pulled out the chair for me and I sat down while thanking him softly; however instead of feeling chains on my wrists there was a very heavy pull on my ankles, they were very uncomfortable.

“Today’s tea features puits d’amour, crème patisserie and raspberry jam in a pastry made of pie dough,” Claude announced as Hannah placed the tea and pastry in front of me, “accompanying Mariage frères Eros tea”

I took a small piece from the pastry and gently popped it in my mouth, it was extremely delicious, however it didn’t have the care and warmth Sebastian had in his cooking.

“How do you like Claude’s cooking?” Alois asked, “Isn’t it delicious!?”

“Yes.... it is...” I said as I took another spoonful but I didn’t touch his tea, since I did enjoy Sebastian’s much better, I was honestly not being biased. Sebastian then presented his pastry and placed a piece of cake and cup of tea in front of Ciel and I, this was one of my favourite cakes.

“Black forest: layers of chocolate sponge cake and cherry compote dressed with white cream,” Sebastian announced, “it accompanies with a superfine Keemun tea I had sent to us from the Qing Empire’s Anhui Province”

“All right” Ciel said as he gently placed a small spoonful of cake into his mouth. I took a small spoonful and popped it into my mouth, the cake melted deliciously in my mouth and my pregnancy cravings kicked in.

“I hope you are enjoying it, since it is your favourite desert my lady” Sebastian smiled.

“I am surprised that you still remember” I replied softly as I sipped the aromatic tea, this had brought me a sense of peace and happiness.

. . .

After tea all three of us returned to our seats as the battle was about to begin. Hannah stood by Claude as Sebastian stood across from them; I looked up at the sky but there was no sign of Bluebird, I started to get nervous.

“Shall we dance?” Sebastian asked as he rose his hand.

“Very well” Claude took off his glasses and tucked them in his coat pocket and took out his glove with his teeth. He brought his fingers to Hannah’s purple lips, Hannah whimpered but she opened her mouth and allowed Claude to enter his hand inside her throat, her saliva was drooling out of her mouth, it was rather disturbing. Claude then grabbed a hold of the sword and slowly pulled it out of Hannah’s body, Alois stuck out his tongue in disgust while Ciel gasped.

“What’s that?” Ciel gasped.

“Its leviathan, a beautiful yet demonic sword which cuts through almost anything” I explained softly. As Claude pulled it out of her, the green and yellow sword gleamed in the sunset’s light it has been a very long time since I seen that amazing sword.

“Well, my goodness me!” Sebastian smiled in amusement, “If it isn’t Leviathan, that cursed ancient sword cloaked in eternal darkness! I never dreamed you had such a fine article”

“I’m merely giving your invitation to dance the response it deserves,” Claude pointed the sword at Sebastian, “let’s begin our Danse Macabre”

“Bluebird now!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and a small but elegant chirp responded back to me. My big, blue and silver sword dropped in front of Sebastian, having it dug into the ground, the sword was in its sheath and our rose was wrapped on the handle.

“What the-” Ciel and Alois were stunned, I smiled softly and Sebastian did as well.

“It seems you have a little gift,” Claude raised an eyebrow, “I wonder from whom....”

“You know this sword perfectly well” Sebastian smirked as he took the rose and brought it to his lips, instantly the sheath of the sword was engraved with my pure blood, the engravings were white and red. Sebastian threw the rose at me which landed on my lap, he then drew out the sword from its sheath, and the sword had engravings with my name. Now both of us were able to wield the sword since I agreed with it by signing it with my blood.

“Shall we?” Sebastian smirked. Claude plunged at him while Sebastian dodged his attacks, he didn’t want to use my sword for some reason. His hair was cut by the sword which also sliced the stone pawn behind him.

“Wow Claude’s sword is better than Sebastian’s isn’t it Ciel?” Alois asked as he skipped over to his enemy.

“I’ll admit it that thing did make me tremble” Ciel confessed with a straight face. Alois then hopped onto my sofa and ran his finger through my hair and circled around my jaw line, I tensed up.

“It seems my little guest has been helping someone,” Alois whispered into my ear, I shivered since I couldn’t protect myself in anyway, “I should punish you for betraying me”

“I never betrayed you in the first place, you were the one who took advantage of me” I snapped back, keeping my eyes on the game. I could tell Ciel was angry since he clenched his fists really hard.

“Alois,” Ciel called, “Would you mind showing me around the manor?”

“What?” Alois turned to the smirking Earl, who had a plan up his sleeve, “you need the water closet too?”

“Of Course!” Alois replied with a smile, and the two boys got up. Alois stopped in place and turned around making Ciel and I quite puzzled, the blonde approached me with his hand out.

“It would be rude to leave the Countess here all alone” Alois said, I took a long breath and lifted my hand to take his, somehow I didn’t feel the tugging anymore, it was as if the curse was lifted. All three of us exited the balcony and headed inside the manor, even though I wasn’t “chained” to a chair, I was still feeling like Alois has control over me since I was unable to take my hand away from his. Alois brought us in a library and on the back walls were a couple of swords hanged up for decoration, Ciel wandered off to the wall.

“Where are you going?” Alois asked as both of us followed him.

“I’ve watched enough of these performances,” Ciel sighed as he took off his gloves and threw it on the floor in front of us, Alois was very puzzled but knew what was going on, “Alois, Earl Trancy, you robbed me of my pride and demeaned me, you even went so far to kidnap my sister and control her. I hereby challenge you to a duel!”

“Oh, so you didn’t just want me to come piss with you” Alois’s face darkened into his evil form, he let go of my hand and approached Ciel, “what do you have in mind? What weapon?”

“Swords!” Ciel exclaimed proudly as he turned around and walked to the wall. He gently took out two swords from their stands and gave one to Alois. The blonde Earl bounced the sword in his palm.

“I’ve never duelled before” Alois noted as he glided his eyes through the clean sword, “you decide how we will do it, Ciel”

“We stand back to back, and begin walking at the call of “Allez!” Ciel explained, “We pivot on the tenth step, and the duel begins”

“Seems simple enough” Alois smirked as the two faced opposite directions and were back to back.

“Allez! One... Two... Three... Four... Five!” The two shouted as Ciel turned around to plan to attack Alois, but he got beaten by him. I watched as the two were glaring at each other with envious eyes, Ciel’s were filled with hatred and anger, while Alois just wanted to make him his, I felt as if I was a mere statue just watching, but unable to intervene.

“No cheating” Alois smirked as he stunned Ciel. The young Earl gritted his teeth and swung his sword at Alois while the two dodged each other’s attacks and danced their way up the stairs, Alois was enjoying this.

“Really, I wish you wouldn’t get so hot and bothered!” Alois giggled as he skipped away from Ciel, “Come on, Ciel let’s have fun with this dance!”

Ciel was angry and tired; he really wanted to finish him off. He kept on glancing at me and every time he did, it always looked as if he had more energy to finish Alois off. Their swords clashed together as they kept fighting each other off, soon Alois cornered Ciel and made him lean against the wooden railing, I gasped.

“Down you go!” Alois exclaimed as he grabbed Ciel by the neck and pushed him off the second floor.

“Ciel!” I screamed as I ran toward him but something was pulling me back, the same tugging on the wrists was preventing me to go by his side. This was seriously annoying, I tried to push myself and I could feel the pressure on my wrists get stronger and stronger but that didn’t hold me back. Alois jumped off the ledge and towered over the injured Earl.

“No! You can’t!” I shouted and Alois just smirked at me. I kept pulling and pulling, soon I felt the blood drip from my wrists. Alois tapped the sword under Ciel’s chin; he looked up at him in disgust.

“You’re finally mine, Ciel...” Alois giggled evilly, “Sebastian wants to eat your soul. But he won’t get to. I’m going to tear your soul to shreds. Then when I am done with you, I will do the same to Ciela and feed it to the spiders”

“The soul of the Queen’s guard dog and the Queen’s sword and shield are not so cheap that some trifling little spider can afford a taste” Ciel smirked which angered Alois.

“So, you still got the energy to be cheeky,” Alois remarked as he lifted his sword to slice his head, “Just give up and be mine already!”

“Ciel! No!” I screamed as I tugged even harder and soon the invisible chains broke free. Disregarding the pain on my wrist, I ran towards the two and jumped in between them to stop Alois from wounding Ciel. I was on top of Ciel as I faced him, I smiled as tears fell.

“Thank goodness you’re okay” I smiled as my tears fell on his cheek, his eyes were full of shock and horror, I had no idea why.

“Ciela....why?” Ciel gasped until I noticed blood dripping from the right side of my waist, I had been stabbed by Alois’s sword. I didn’t think it hit a major organ or tissue, which was good but my blood dyed my crimson dress even darker.

“Because... you are special...” I replied softly, Ciel gently touched the area where it was bleeding and his hand was covered by blood.

“What a foolish countess, throwing her life away for a worthless Earl!” Alois exclaimed as he pushed me off of Ciel. I was thrown onto the ground and my side was burning in pain, Ciel was still in shock but he turned angry.

“You bastard!” Ciel cursed as he grabbed the sword beside him and stabbed Alois deep into his side, at that moment Claude and Sebastian rushed in the room.

“Young master!” Sebastian called as the two butlers froze in shock, as Alois collapsed and rolled around in pain while the blood was spreading. I stayed on the cold floor, grabbing my wound it was bleeding pretty heavily.

“It hurts!” Alois screamed in agony, “Help me! Help me, Claude!”

“Yes, your-”

“Stay back Sebastian!” Ciel ordered as he got up and his eyes were filled with rage, “Stay back until I’ve killed him!”

“Very well my lord” Sebastian bowed slightly as Claude was stunned with Ciel’s actions. Sebastian noticed me hurt on the ground and quickly ran to my side; he bent down and held me in his arms. Sebastian held my wound, making his snow white gloves red.

“Princess, you’re bleeding pretty badly... why did you have to risk your life?” Sebastian asked as he cradled me in his arms.

“He is my brother... that is what siblings do” I panted as I glanced at Ciel.

“Die, Alois Trancy!” Ciel shouted, “You went so far to almost kill her!”

“No! I don’t want to die!” Alois begged for mercy, “It hurts... Spare me Ciel! Please!”

“You’re a disgrace, Alois” Ciel continued, “Begging, after you killed my parents and wounded my sister!”

“You don’t understand anything! I am like you being tricked by demons! We are being played! She is playing you as well!” Alois screamed, “My parents were killed you know!”

“How dare you compare yourself to me, you think Ciela has not gone through the same? Her parents were brutally killed like mine,” Ciel raised his sword, “Die!”

“Help me, Claude!” Alois screamed as he gripped on to Ciel’s leg. Ciel was about to stab Alois until it was inches away from his face, Claude had held the sword from behind which prevented the sword from killing him.

“Claude!” Alois’s face brightened up instantly.

“Let me go, you bastard! Let me go!” Ciel shouted as he tried to pull the sword away from Claude but his strength was no match for him.

“Sebastian, get Ciel before he hurts him!” I warned, Sebastian gently placed me on the floor as he ran to Ciel’s side, but before he could do anything Ciel gave him a good slap on his face. Ciel slapped him with his hand with my blood; Sebastian quickly grabbed him and brought him toward where I was. Sebastian glared at Claude and he did the same, Ciel was panting heavily and tried to get out of Sebastian’s grasp. Claude turned his eyes to look at the blood smeared on his face as he licked the droplet. Instantly his eyes flashed demonic pink as he gasped in surprise, Sebastian started to get worried.... Very worried.

“Alois Trancy!” Ciel panted as he wanted to finish him off but got very tired in Sebastian’s arms.

“Given the circumstances, I can’t allow this dance to continue,” Sebastian announced as he looked at the both of us, “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we must excuse ourselves for today”

“Bluebird!” I screamed in agony and Bluebird came crashing through the window. She stood in front of me with two small swords in hand, she was ready for anything.

“My lady! You’re bleeding!” Bluebird gasped as she bent down and picked me up, I kept panting as well as Ciel.

“Claude?” Sebastian asked while the spider butler was still in a daze after tasting my blood.

“Qu-Quite. We’ll save the rest of our ball for another day” Claude replied as he quickly regained his composure.

“Let’s be on our way, young master and lady” Sebastian suggested as he and bluebird got up with us in hand.

“Very well” Claude bowed as Sebastian and Bluebird went on their way out of the manor with Ciel and me in their arms. Sebastian led us to the carriage and we right away got in, Ciel was sitting with Sebastian while I was lying down and resting my head on Bluebird’s lap.

“I’m losing too much blood” I panted as I clenched my wound; Ciel looked at me with an exhausted expression.

“Why did you have to do that? Are you not aware that you a have a child in you!” Ciel scolded.

“Ciel, no matter what happened to me, this child will live even if I am bleeding to death” I explained.

“Well doesn’t it need a mother?” Ciel shouted furiously, “do you not acknowledge that child’s future?!”

“I do acknowledge its future, and you know perfectly well that if I didn’t jump in you would have been dead! You would be gone from this world and you wouldn’t be able to kill Alois with your hands!” I fought back with a stern voice. My head started to get fuzzy and the last thing I knew was that my head fell softly on Bluebird’s lap.

“CIELA!” Ciel screamed.

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