Tainted White Rose

Stolen away

The whispers kept itching around me as they snickered in the darkness, their souls were filled with desire for a taste of my soul. My surroundings were slowly coming to me, and I realized that I had been carried to a place perhaps unknown. The smell of my blood made my nose twitch, making me crack open my eyes, slowly and steadily... Was I dead?

“It seems you finally regained consciousness” Sebastian spoke smoothly, the world around me was dark but I noticed we were walking through the woods, the woods of the dead.

“Where are you taking me Sebastian?” I asked softly as I gripped onto his coat.

“The place where we first met” Sebastian replied with his smile, that signature smile he showed to humans. I could feel the presence of other demons coming closer, but couldn’t touch us.

“I see,” I said softly as I closed my eyes again but leaving a small smile on my lips, “It seems this will be my grave”

“Not quite,” Sebastian replied as he clenched my wound, “it will heal you, don’t worry, this won’t be your grave”

Soon Sebastian stopped and I opened my eyes again, in front of me was a beautiful water fall which sparkled in the moonlight as if there were diamonds in the water. He then walked in the water with me in his arms, keeping me close until the water reached his arms. I loosened my grip on his coat and Sebastian gently let me go to float on the surface of the water, it was cold yet refreshing at the same time. My blood stained the water but they soon surrounded me and formed a rose, which covered the whole area. I looked up at the night sky as the moon’s light gave me warmth; it shined on me as if the gods were giving me blessings from heaven. Soon the white roses which surrounded the edge of the water lost its petals and fluttered in the sky.

“Protect my child, protect my body, and heal me” I whispered as I closed my eyes. The white petals surrounded me like a swarm of butterflies, circling around me, continuously.

“I shall break the curse which binds you to him” Sebastian said softly as his lips gently met mine. Sebastian broke away and I could feel the swarming rose petals fall on me like snow, it tingled against my skin. I felt my body glowing and feel my wounds healing slowly, I was undressed by the water and changed into new garments. A circle of light surrounded me and engulfed me making me into a new person. The light shattered and my eyes instantly opened to find myself standing on the surface of the water; glimmers of light were falling like snow as Sebastian stood at the edge, gazing at me. I looked down at my hands and the cuts on my wrists were fully healed, the water was clear and pure as ever. I looked back at Sebastian, he smiled as he bowed before me; I slowly walked towards him keeping my head high. I was wearing a short sleeved baby blue dress with sparkling embellishments on the chest. I noticed I was wearing a diamond tiara on my head, signifying my reign as the earth’s water guardian.

“Sebastian you don’t need to bow before me, you are my fiancé there is no need” I reminded him.

“Until I am your husband, I will do so,” Sebastian replied as he got up, “shall we return?”

“Of course, I don’t want Ciel to worry about me” I replied as I walked off the surface of the water and as soon as I did, the tiara on my head disappeared. Sebastian swiftly picked me up in his arms and kissed me passionately.

“At last, I have you back” Sebastian grinned as we returned back at the manor.

. . . .

~ The next day ~

I sat comfortably on the chair near the sunny window; I was reading a couple of interesting books in Ciel’s library. The doors opened to reveal Ciel and Sebastian enter the room with coats on; I closed my book and got up as Ciel walked toward me.

“You’re okay. I was worried all night about what happened to you,” Ciel’s eyes saddened as he fiddled with a strand of my hair, “never scare me like that”

“Ciel, people say you are heartless but I don’t believe them at all,” I commented as I bent down and took his top hat off to kiss his head, “I wish you were my blood related brother”

“I wish the same as well” Ciel replied as he took the top hat from my hand and placed it on his little head.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I got a message from her majesty, there has been incidents about little boys being attacked by something,” Ciel replied, “Therefore, Sebastian and I will investigate”

“I would like to take part” I whined.

“Ciela, you just recovered and you’re almost four months pregnant, you need rest” Ciel begged, I sighed in defeat.

“Very well,” I sighed in disappointment, “just be safe”

“Don’t worry I will. I will be back before dinner” Ciel waved as he walked off with Sebastian and they were off to their mission. I found it quite odd that her majesty didn’t send me anything; I guess she liked Ciel more. I shrugged it off and continued back to reading.

After a couple of hours, Bluebird came running in, she looked pretty panicked.

“Princess we have a problem!” Bluebird exclaimed as she ran towards me, I set my book aside and got up right away to address the issue.

“What happened?” I asked.

“ The young Earl has been kidnapped and taken to the mental asylum in London!” Bluebird replied.

“What? Why were he taken there and by who?” I asked.

“By the Trancy butler!” Bluebird replied, and at that moment I was shocked.

“Then that means Alois is dead,” I said as I was scrambling through my mind to figure out why he had taken him there, but a sudden realization shot through, “Claude is going to merge Ciel and Alois’s soul together!”

“Isn’t that impossible!?” Bluebird gasped.

“Not when their past is very similar to each other!” I replied, “But why did he attack Ciel instead of me, he didn’t taste his he tasted mine”

“Unless he is doing this to lure you out, since he knows that Sebastian will be with him” Bluebird reasoned.

“So if Claude merged their souls together then Ciel could order Sebastian to never be by his side again!” I exclaimed in realization.

“It all fits together” Bluebird added.

“We need to get to the asylum quickly!” I said, “Bluebird, prepare my horse and sword right away!”

“Yes, right away” Bluebird replied, she kept out the window and went to do her job at once. I quickly tied my hair up in a ponytail and hurried down to the front.

. . .

“Go faster!” I ordered my horse as I galloped my way up the asylum; I had to be by Ciel’s side before it was too late. In half an hour I made it to the front gate and there were nurses and doctors stabbed to death by golden knives, I scrunched my nose.

“Claude Faustus...” I growled, I quickly got off my horse and ran inside the asylum, I hoped that I made it in time, but something told me that I was late. I followed the path of dead bodies which led me to an open room at the end of the hall, I heard Ciel scream.

“Ciel!” I called as I ran through the hallway and enter the room; Ciel was on the floor drenched in medicine.

“Ciel! Ciel!” I called his name as I bent down to his lying body.

“Don’t touch me!” Ciel slapped my hand away, I froze. He crawled away from me in fear, Sebastian frantically entered the room.

“Young master!” Sebastian called.

“You!” Ciel pointed angrily at Sebastian, “You were the one who killed my parents, Sebastian Michaelis!”

“Ciel that is nonsense, he wou-”

“Shut up, you wench!” Ciel shouted, “How could you try to kill me and take over our contract!”

“What?” I gasped. The door closed slightly to reveal Claude behind us, Sebastian and I glared at him.

“I didn’t predict you mixing their memories together, a ploy that would cloud the soul’s taste never occurred to me” Sebastian noted as he faced Claude.

“How could you! You fiend! How could you take Ciel away from me? Hasn’t taking my sister away from me brought you enough satisfaction?” I screamed as I was about to run toward him and punch him until Sebastian hugged me by the waist.

“Please calm down princess” Sebastian cooed.

“How can I calm down when he did something so inhumane and even corrupt the contract!!” I shouted as I tried to push my way through.

“What did you do to confuse him? He is drenched in medicine” Sebastian asked.

“Shall I answer, master?” Claude asked with a smirk which swiped across his face.

“No need” Ciel replied, Sebastian and I were stunned... This couldn’t really be happening. Claude walked by Ciel’s side and whispered into his ear, Ciel glared at us with anger.

“I know what to do” Ciel replied sternly. I gulped and waited for his dreaded words. Ciel flipped his bangs to show his tainted eye with Sebastian’s contract, it glowed brightly and angrily at us.

“This is an order: get out of my sight!” Ciel ordered as he pointed at Sebastian.

“No Ciel, you can’t!” I stuttered. Sebastian backed up step by step in utter most shock, he didn’t let go of the grip around my waist, I had a feeling Ciel was going to order Sebastian to hand me over.

“To a butler, the master’s orders are absolute” Claude teased as he smirked at both of us.


“Shut up!” Ciel ordered, his angry eyes burned through mine but I kept strong. Sebastian bowed slightly and glared at Claude.

“Princess, it is best that we leave” Sebastian suggested. I stayed where I was and kept keeping eye contact with Ciel, he was now a different person and I could tell from his eyes.

“Very well” I said softly as Sebastian picked me up bridal style and hurried off. Sebastian jumped out the window and led me to the front gate where my horse was. We both climbed on and galloped our way back to my manor, I could tell that Sebastian was furious and he really wanted to cool off. When we reached the woods, Sebastian climbed off and gestured me to stay on.

“Do you want to cool off in the woods?” I asked.

“I think its best when no one is around” Sebastian replied as he held the reigns and walked through the forest with the horse in his hand.

“I took a shamefully long time to prepare dinner,” Sebastian babbled on and on in anger, “and now look what’s happened”

Sebastian stopped midway and his aura became very frightful and unpleasant, he was engulfed in black aura.

“Delaying dinner is absolutely not allowed however, first...” Sebastian’s eyes turned bright demonic pink, brighter and scarier than the eyes of a rabid wolf, “As butler to the Phantomhives, I must clean away the spider webs... that’s plain”

“Sebastian...” I called softly, “I know you are angry and all but please go a little further so you don’t kill my horse in your presence”

Sebastian let go of the reigns and walked deep in the forest, leaving his uncomfortable trail of evil horror. I gently got down from my horse and ran in front of him and hugged him tight, this made Sebastian stop in his place.


“Be quiet for a second” I hushed him and bit by bit, his unpleasant aura calmed down, “I want to stay like this for a while”

I looked up at him and I could see his eyes were full of anger and unsettlement. I gently went on my tippy toes and kissed him, Sebastian kissed me back passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked me up in his arms, I gasped for air. Sebastian burrowed into my neck.

“We will get him back and we will make them suffer for taking him” I said, “but will you do me a favour?”

“What is that princess?” Sebastian asked curiously.

“Leave some of his demon life for me when you kill him, I want to finish him off for killing my sister” I replied.

“Of course” Sebastian nodded. Soon my white horse galloped his way to us and huffed and puffed. Both of us climbed up on my horse and Sebastian placed me in front of him, making me rest my head on his chest.

“You should get some rest, it will take a while to get to the Trancy manor” Sebastian suggested as we went on our way to his estate.

“Yeah” I replied softly as I looked toward the setting sun, I closed my eyes and we went off to save our Ciel.

. . .

The warm smell of tea, the warm sun shining on my face, the fresh smell of morning dew.... where am I?... This place felt nice. I slowly opened my eyes to be welcomed by the morning sun; I was guessing it was around 7 am. I slowly got up and stretched my arms as I saw the beautiful scenery in front of me. I was on a tall hill and I could see trees covering the rolling hills and in the far distance was a beautiful, sparkling pond.

“Good morning Princess, did you have a good rest?” Sebastian greeted as he poured the cup of tea, the delightful smell of Earl Grey made me smile. I turned around to face him as he placed the cup of tea in my hands, the sudden warmth rushed to my cheeks.

“Earl Grey, how refreshing” I smiled.

“Yes, it is quite the aromatic tea to wake one up” Sebastian bent down and placed a small plate full of ginger snap cookies on the thick blanket, which I was sitting on. I looked passed Sebastian to see the Trancy manor; it was slightly covered up in the morning fog.

“I have prepared you your attire for the day and a warm coat,” Sebastian continued as he placed the neatly folded clothing on the blanket, “Please enjoy your tea until I come back... I need to do a couple of things”

I nodded and Sebastian turned around and walked in to the forest, I sighed and continued to drink my tea calmly. I bet he was gonna snap in five... four... three... two... one... CRACK!

The loud sound boomed throughout the whole area, birds fluttered away from the trees and went off into the sky. After a couple of minutes, several trees were pushed to the ground by the angry demon, I sighed again. I finished my tea and slowly got up to change; I took off my cape and unzipped my dress. I took the folded dress and was on my way to change into it until a familiar voice made me jump.

“My, my the baby bump has gotten bigger” Grell remarked as he walked out of the shadows with a sly grin on his face, his red hair looked lavishing in the sun.

“Grell!” I gasped as I covered myself with the dress; I wasn’t completely naked since I had my undergarments on, “Seriously, couldn’t you cover your eyes?”

“Geez, it’s not like I am gonna rape you or anything...” Grell rolled his eyes and turned around, “hurry up and change already”

I quickly slipped on the dress Sebastian gave me; it was navy blue, Ciel’s favourite colour.

“I’m done” I said as I buttoned the back, Grell turned around and sighed in disappointment.

“I was hoping to find Sebas-chan” Grell pouted and soon after another crash was heard.

“Well, if you need him he is over there,” I pointed towards the sound, “why are you even here?”

“I will tell you when I return with my lover!” Grell skipped away into the forest, I just gaped at the drag queen. Seriously, he doesn’t understand the meaning of HE IS TAKEN. I walked over to the edge of the hill which was facing the manor, and from above I could see hundreds of collapsed trees and two butlers confronting each other. I gritted my teeth as I saw Claude... that bastard... He was definitely going to pay for what he had done. A soft breeze brushed through the area, making my skin tingle and hair dance a bit, I turned around to face the pond and quickly brushed my waist length hair with my fingers. I quickly unraveled the ribbon from my coat and used it to tie my hair in a ponytail. The sudden pictures of Ciel drifted through my mind making me feel disheartened; I closed my eyes and remembered that night when we returned from the Curry contest....


The thunder crackled loudly and the lightening made its mark through the dark clouds. The rain pounded against the windows as if there were people trying to escape a prison. I rested my back against the fluffy pillows and kept myself warm in the soft blankets, this was a perfect position to read my favourite stories written by Edgar Allan Poe. I glanced at the clock beside my bed and it was 11:30, I yawned as I shut the book and placed it on the table. I was about to blow out the candles until I heard a muffled scream from my neighbouring room, it was Ciel. I quickly climbed out of bed and slipped on my lacy robe, I then quickly paced out the door and gently knocked on his.

“Ciel?” I asked softly as I walked in, I saw him huddled under his covers and shaking in fear. I gently closed this door and step by step I made my way to him.

“Ciel, are you alright?” I asked as the thunder boomed, shaking the whole manor.

“Ciela?” Ciel asked as he peeked out from his covers, his forehead was damp with sweat, “T-he thunder... it.... frightens me”

“Ciel, don’t worry it won’t hurt you,” I walked over to his bed and gently sat on the edge, “it may sound frightening but it won’t do any harm, we are safe”

I smiled at him as I caressed his warm cheek, he looked up at me with a bit of fear in his eyes, and he looked scared and alone. I uncovered the covers from him and gestured him to lie down, he nodded and did so. I pulled the covers up to his chin and smiled at him, he calmed down a bit.

“Don’t worry, it was all a dream and lightening can never touch you, I promise” I reassured as Ciel nodded. I was about to return to my bed until Ciel grabbed my wrist, I looked back at him and his blue eyes met mine.

“Please stay until I fall asleep” Ciel requested softly.

“Of course” I replied as I climbed in bed with him, Ciel wrapped his arms around my waist and burrowed his head into my chest, I smiled softly.

“Please don’t tell anyone” Ciel blushed while closing his eyes to sleep

“Don’t worry, I won’t” I smiled as I fell asleep with him in my arms.

End of Flashback

“Princess... princess,” Sebastian called my name, “Princess, are you okay?”

I snapped out of my daze and realized that both Sebastian and Grell had returned, Sebastian had a worried look on his face.

“Why are you crying?” Grell asked.

“Huh? I was crying?” I asked as I touched the cold teardrop on my cheek, “Ah, I didn’t notice I was... anyways, Grell why are you even here? You need to do some explaining”

“Let’s talk while I prepare Princess’s breakfast” Sebastian then walked away and quickly prepared a table with three chairs, he prepared some milk tea and placed my breakfast on the table.

“That was quick” Grell exclaimed as he skipped to his seat and sat down. I followed and sat in my chair. Sebastian poured the milk tea for Grell and he seemed to have a very disturbed expression on his face as he poured it into the cup.

“Er.... Seeing you making tea just for me...” Grell trailed off as he played with his fingers, “I’m happy of course, truly! But, umm....”

“This is Suutei Tsai, a Mongolian tea flavoured with rock salt,” Sebastian smiled as he handed the cup of tea to Grell.

“R-rock salt!?” Grell gasped feeling very scared and uncomfortable, I started eating my breakfast in front of me, I was starving.

“I’m sure it will be wonderfully stimulating to feel the sting of the salt in your fresh wounds,” Sebastian circled Grell, “Just for you, I’ve doubled the amount in the recipe”

“On second thought, I....” Grell hesitated but swallowed hard and took the tea, he took a long sip and instantly he shrieked in pain, “Th-the stimulation of love is just too exquisite!”

Grell cried and collapsed with a smile on his face, he looked rather dazed.... I am guessing he was dazing about Sebastian and him.... I glanced at Sebastian and swallowed hard.

“I hope you are not thinking about giving me that tea” I warned.

“Don’t worry I added extra sugar for you” Sebastian smiled; I sighed in relief as I popped the piece of scrambled egg in my mouth. Grell stumbled to get back onto the chair; his lips were swollen from the burns made by the salt.

“Grell, hurry up and spill the beans” I ordered. Grell then explained how Alois was murdered by Claude.

“I see, so Claude murdered Alois Trancy there” Sebastian noted.

“Yes, his next idea was a soul infusing ceremony” Grell explained.

“And he used Ciel for that” I added.

“Correct, two souls can never completely fuse but memories can be overwritten” Grell added.

“Then right now, Alois Trancy is...”

“Yes, He’s the same age as your master... and he’s been turned into a ring, thicker than blood and more crimson than passion” Grell interrupted Sebastian. I finished my plate of breakfast and patted my mouth with the napkin; I then got up and walked over to the edge of the hill.

“But the one thing I don’t get is why so be fixed on that brat’s soul,” Grell sighed, “isn’t it just easier to get a simpler meal”

“Well, you remind me of someone I know.... Actually whom I despise the most” Sebastian replied harshly.

“See, grim reapers don’t understand how precious a soul is to a demon and how precious a human’s soul is to a guardian as well... you see Ciel’s soul is one of a kind” I explained as I kept my eyes fixed on the manor.

“Ciel Phantomhive’s soul a fine one!” Claude shouted and his voice echoed through the area, I clenched my fists and I could feel Sebastian’s angry and disturbed aura.

“Sebas-ch-chan” Grell laughed nervously.

“Let’s go, Grell” Sebastian ordered.

“We need to dig up some information” I said as I started my way to the abandoned town which was not that far. Sebastian quickly picked me up in his arms and ran towards the abandoned village.

“Sebastian!” I gasped.

“I don’t want you to collapse, besides it will be faster” Sebastian replied.

“Very well” I sighed in defeat.

“Wait up!” Grell shouted as he tried to catch up to us.

. . .

The sun was starting to set and we had arrived at the abandoned town. I guess I was wrong when I said it was nearby. Rubble and abandoned broken buildings were everywhere, it felt like a ghost town.

“I guess we are here” I said softly as I gestured for Sebastian to put me down.

“Ugh, what is this gloom?” Grell snorted as he hid behind Sebastian like a little girl, “But it’s not bad! Nude among the ruins not bad! This photo shoot will be awesome!”

I looked back at Grell and gaped at him as he twirled around with the camera in his hands.

“Hello there handsome men.... Want a taste?” A middle age woman said as she tried to look seductive, “Just kidding, it’s been far too long, I can’t manage it”

The older woman got up and walked towards us, she looked at me and had a warm smile on her face.

“Welcome to the cursed village of Archnophile,” the woman greeted, “why are you three here in a deserted place like this?”

“I thought this place had been burned completely away” Sebastian spoke with suspicion.

“May I ask how it is possible for you to be the only survivor?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m the only one who was saved by a demon” the woman replied with a sorrowful voice.

“A demon?” I asked curiously.

“The boy told me he’d signed a contract with a demon, to make his beloved brother’s wish come true, but I thought he was just playing around,” The woman continued, “however, that day everything he said came true and I was the only one left...”

She was about to continue until a bullet went straight through her head, making her dead on the spot, the three of us turned around to see the demon triplets with rifles in their arms.

“Here we go” Sebastian said as he plunged toward them in full speed, he started attacking them with his silverware.

“Oh, no, I let the second handsome pose go to waste!” Grell exclaimed with a scarlet blush spread across his face, he took precise pictures. I ran towards Sebastian and so did Grell, running like a fan girl. At the top of the path Sebastian was fighting with the triplets rather aggressively.

“Ah, things are heating up nicely!” Grell’s eyes glowed with enthusiasm.

“Geez, you are quite the one who is energized” I commented.

“Of course I would, I get to shoot sexy modelling poses of my Sebas-chan!” Grell replied.

“Oh dear” I sighed as I crossed my arms and just watched the show in front of me.

“Look at those nice limbs, that cruel gaze....OOOOHHH that nice ass!” Grell shrieked in happiness, I just face palmed. Sebastian cornered the three and took out a white sewing roll and tied them up to a tree.

“Drat, its over already!?” Grell whined.

“Now, Grell. The death scythe!” Sebastian ordered, but Grell refused, “Please”

“Come on Grell please do this” I begged.

“Oh, Sebas-chan, you always do this...” Grell blushed. Sebastian sighed with annoyance and stood up still keeping the grip on the strings, he faced toward us as Grell and I watched him.

“What a hot day it is” Sebastian announced smoothly as he loosened his neck collar and tie, Grell had his jaw wide open while I covered my face blushing red. Sebastian combed his fingers through his hair and flipped his hair very elegantly, making any girl melt. This scene definitely made Grell not only melt, but have a major nose bleed.

“Does that help?” I asked as I cocked an eyebrow.

“HELL YEAH!” Grell shouted as he roared his death scythe and sliced through the trapped triplets; in a flash their cinematic records were revealed. In the records, it had shown the whole scene of how the village was destroyed.

“As we thought, they were behind it all” I gritted my teeth. The scene then switched to Ciel helping Hannah and holding her hand, Sebastian snapped.

“THAT, I did not expect” Sebastian added, and his shadow was roaring with anger, Grell hid behind me in fear. Sebastian quickly took my hand and made me walk with him, he was rambling and he was really, really angry.

“I can’t stand for people putting their grubby fingers all over my dinner, and they think they will take my fiancée? Ha think again...” Sebastian rambled on and soon he twirled me in his arms, I ended up being carried back to Trancy manor with him.

. . .

I stood at the front of the manor as Sebastian knocked the door and hid himself by climbing an arc. Claude saw me stand in the night and he walked towards me.

“My, my has princess come for me? Or perhaps something else?” Claude teased as he turned his eyes to look at Sebastian who was glaring at him, “I never thought you would actually waltz right through the front door”

“The young master ordered me out of his sight, and I shall follow that” Sebastian replied.

“However, I can see him whenever and where ever I want,” I sternly said, “besides Sebastian is not violating the rule if only you see him”

“I came today to return this to you” Sebastian smiled as he took the black rose from his coat pocket and smelled it. He then threw it at Claude, he instantly disappeared to pop up and punch the bastard right in the gut, he went flying and fell to my feet. I put my foot on his chest as I glared at him, my eyes were literally glowing with anger.

“You so deserve it!” I shouted as I jumped on his chest and walked off to Sebastian’s side, he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“That is a surprise,” Claude said as he stumbled his way to get up, “a demon, terminating a contract?”

“You broke it first!” Sebastian and I glared at him.

“We swore to defer our battle over the young master’s soul until it attained its ultimate state, after he completed his revenge,” Sebastian reminded him and Claude snickered under his breath, “Our agreement was to use each other until then”

Claude gently took out his black rose from his picket and showed it to us, there were spider mites under it.

“These spider mites discolour the leaves,” Claude clenched the rose even harder and it disintegrated into dust, “I regret to say that my black rose was infested... and now both roses are dead”

“The contract is terminated” Sebastian added.

“I aim to devour Ciel Phantomhive’s soul, and soon yours princess,” Claude gave me an erotic look which only made Sebastian pull me closer, “But I no longer do it merely to sample the “ultimate flavour” you speak of, in fact I only used him to lure you in”

“How disgraceful of you, there is more to it than that Claude” Sebastian gripped on his gloves tighter with his teeth, “demons have eternal life, we’ve grown weary of living so long... far too long. My young master’s presence lends spice to the world we’re glutted on, in fact princess had done the same”

“His soul and princess’s dwells in darkness yet remains unstained by it... it is filled with purity and darkness at the same time,” Claude raised his hand, “Your soul has vexed us, tantalized us, driven us mad princess, you are in fact a demon’s drug. And now...”

“To think its even given us this fight between us two demons,” Sebastian leaned in closer to me and kissed me gently on the lips, making Claude twitch, “is quite revolting don’t you think?”

Sebastian broke away and the both of them took out their fancy utensils and began to fight. The two demons headed for each other, head on head. Claude threw his knives at Sebastian and he simply pushed it away with his. Claude was about to stab Sebastian until he blocked it.

“The young master is mine now and soon will be her!” Claude smiled evilly.

“You’re awfully confident for someone who hasn’t signed a contract with him or even marked her as yours!” Sebastian snapped back.

“Once I manage signing a contract with him, I’ll never ever let go of him for a moment,” Claude snickered, “then I will make princess fully mine, even disregarding the fact she is pregnant!”

“You bastard!” Sebastian snarled as he dodged Claude’s attack by flipping backwards.

“SEBASTIAN!” Ciel called, everyone stopped in their places and turned to see where the voice was coming from. At a far distance there was a fortress, one definitely made by a demon and the top was glowing. The three of us ran towards the stone railing in front of us and saw Ciel climbing up the thorn labyrinth.

“SEBASTIAN! SEBASTIAN!” Ciel called over and over again while Claude bowed and Sebastian hid himself behind the fountain. I just stared at him as he climbed the labyrinth; my heart was heavy and distressed.

“You’re being summoned,” Claude turned back at Sebastian and gave him a very disturbing smile which would make all girls run away, “which means he’s noticed you. You’ve been seen! Disobedient little Sebastian Michaelis, you’re no longer a butler!”

“Sebastian” I whispered his name softly and I looked at him with sad eyes.

“Sebastian, help me!” Ciel cried. All three of us returned to stare at him again, my eyes were wide in shock... this definitely was not him... this was definitely not!

“If you don’t I’ll climb all the way up!” Ciel shouted. I looked deep in his eyes and I could already tell...... Alois Trancy....

“It would seem that I haven’t broken orders yet,” Sebastian added as he jumped off the fountain and walked toward Claude and me, “that is not my young master”

“He is right, I could tell from the way his eyes stare at us, it is indeed someone else” I said as I clenched my fists hard, so hard they were turning white.

“No.... that’s”

“It is my master, Alois Trancy....” Hannah interrupted as she walked in between the three of us, she has a sly smile on her face.

“Sebastian! I’ll fall off! Sebastian!!!!” Ciel... no Alois cried out raising his arms and acting like he was going to fall off.

“Hannah...” my mouth went dry, “what have you done?”

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