Tainted White Rose


Sebastian, Claude and I glared at the tower before us, I had a bad feeling in my gut and I was very upset at Hannah for what she did to him.

“What can I do to persuade you to return my young master, as himself?” Sebastian asked as he glared at the demoness, “I could always-”

“Don’t be rash, if you kill her-”

“Yes, young master will fall” Hannah cut me off and finished. Ciel kept teasing us by tilting back and forth, making us in a very uncomfortable situation.

“Ciel Phantomhive’s body now belongs to my master,” Hannah continued, “His soul, taken into Ciel Phantomhive, was quietly waiting for its time to awaken. He then took advantage of a weakness in Ciel Phantomhive’s heart, to steal his body using his own eye”

“Our hands are tied as long as the young master’s body is his hostage” Claude noted, Sebastian gritted his teeth.

“I’ll fall off, Sebastian! I will!!!!!” Ciel teased as he kept playing with us.

“Your hands may be tied, but your hearts aren’t, are they?” Hannah explained, “I’m sending you three on a journey. To retrieve Ciel Phantomhive, you’ll journey though the labyrinth of Alois Trancy’s heart, firmly engraving the proof that he lived”

. . .

I looked at the labyrinth in front of me as I gripped onto the stamp board; I looked around before I took a step inside. I was separated from Sebastian and Claude, since they would fight for me to go along with them, and that was not what I wanted. I whistled and instantly my guardian sword fell, piercing the ground in front of me.

“Thank you Bluebird!” I whispered as a cheerful chirp replied back, soon fading away. I ripped the skirt of my dress to make a slit on the side; I hooked on my sword and travelled deep into the fortress. I ran through the bushy corridors and reached a table with a letter on it. I picked it up and ripped it open.

“Who does Alois desire to be with?” I read aloud.

“Alois Trancy wishes to be with Claude Faustus!” I answered and the wall on my right shifted to make an opening, I entered the passage and in the corner was a desk with a stamp; I took the stamp and stamped the first checkpoint onto my card, on it was a spider. I noticed that I had to get around ten stamps, my eyes softened

“I will get you back Ciel, I promise” I whispered angrily as I moved on to the next checkpoint.

. . .

I had gotten seven stamps so far, and I was growing impatient by the minute. This was seriously annoying me and making me terribly worried. I was also worried about Sebastian and how he was going through the labyrinth, I hoped he was doing fine. I didn’t want to fall in the hands of Claude, especially when I am pregnant and defenceless for the next couple of months. A sudden boom rang throughout the labyrinth, and my gaze shot up at the tower, Ciel was groaning in pain as he grabbed onto his head. My eyes widened in realization, Ciel was trying to fight through it and I could tell since the labyrinth was based on Alois’s heart; if anyone interfered the labyrinth would change.

“Ciel!!! Ciel! Don’t give up! Fight through it! Fight through it! You still have to avenge your parents!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, which rang throughout the maze. Ciel paused and looked down at me, at that moment he was Ciel and I could tell.

“Ciela... save me” Ciel whispered until he changed back to Alois.

“Princess” Sebastian called; I quickly turned around to face the direction of his voice and he surprised me by being right behind me.

“Sebastian, we are in the same path? I thought we were supposed to be on different ones” I asked curiously.

“It seems young master is breaking through, he must have merged our paths together” Sebastian explained.

“We should quickly finish this up before Claude gets at the final point first” I recommended as Sebastian nodded, we quickly walked our way to the next area. When we arrived at the next checkpoint, I quickly picked up the letter and read it aloud.

“Has Ciel Phantomhive already achieved his revenge?” I read as I glanced over at Sebastian, signalling him that it was best if it came out of his mouth.

“The answer is no” Sebastian replied and the dead end soon opened up to lead us to the stamp area.

“It seems that Ciel has broken through” I noted as I stamped the stamp on my booklet, the stamp had the famous bitter rabbit made by the Funtom Company.

“It seems to be” Sebastian said as he stamped his. The both of us looked up at the tower, the young earl was watching over us and I knew he wanted us to win and take him home. I was going to follow Sebastian until my head suddenly felt very light and dizzy, it made me stumble.

“Princess are you okay?” Sebastian asked as he caught me in his arms, I grabbed my head and panted.

“ye-yeah, I was feeling just a bit hazy but I think I am okay” I said as I tried to stand on my own two feet but soon collapsed again into his arms.

“You are not okay; I should have left you at the m-”

“No! I am not giving up! I will not leave until we bring him back home!” I replied angrily, “I don’t want to be looked down on again; I want to be strong until the very end!”

“However, your health is-”

“I don’t care; I made a promise to Ciel that I will bring him back!” I shot back as I panted. Sebastian sighed and quickly picked me up in his arms.

“You are quite a stubborn fiancée” Sebastian sighed as he walked through the labyrinth.

“I can walk on my own!” I complained as I flailed my arms in the air.

“Sure you can princess.....” Sebastian replied sarcastically as I just pouted and folded my arms like a little child. We soon arrived at the second last checkpoint and Sebastian carried me to the small birdcage, which inside was the next question. I reached in and read it aloud.

“How was Ciel Phantomhive’s soul taken away when the contract wasn’t completed” I read aloud.

“When we were attending Ciela’s and Francis’s wedding ceremony in the sacred garden, the power in the garden temporarily shuts down the power of the contract seal, and when all of us returned at the manor, the seal’s power was neutralized,” Sebastian continued, “Before the seal’s power returned, young master’s soul was taken away from me”

Instantly the wall in front of us opened up to reveal a flight of stairs that led up to the stamping area, Sebastian with me in his arms went up the stairs and got our booklets stamped.

“Finally, the last checkpoint,” I exclaimed, “After we answer the final question, we can get Ciel back”

“Of course, if Claude doesn’t get there first” Sebastian noted.

“Well, we better hurry Sebastian; we can’t let him have it!” I ordered.

“Yes, your highness” Sebastian replied as we whipped off to the last point. He was running pretty fast, which made me hide my face in his chest; I could feel him smirk... I swear that demon was always teasing me. We finally reached the last checkpoint, however it seemed that we were not the only ones. The pillars were crushed on the ground, and we could both see a pair of hands gripping on to the edge of the floor, it seemed that our little friend was caught in a trap. Sebastian gently placed me down and luckily I was feeling normal again, he then walked over to Claude and stepped on his hand on purpose while smirking evilly at him.

“Nice to see you again Claude” Sebastian smirked. All of a sudden a scream was heard, all three of us looked up and it seemed that Ciel was back to normal for a short while.

“Sebastian!” Ciel called his name sternly.

“Young master, you came back” Sebastian’s eyes softened a bit, which was pretty unusual for a demon but I guess everyone wants Ciel.

“He saaaaawww you, he sawww you!” Claude teased as he jumped out of the trap hole and stood before Sebastian while making little goggles out of his fingers, “Congratulations on young master’s return; however you broke his order for you to stay out of sight! You can’t do anything when he can see you; you have failed as a butler!”

Sebastian gritted his teeth in anger, he really was frustrated. I quickly walked over to Sebastian’s side and glared at the spider demon.

“Ah, how can I leave without bringing my new wife along with me” Claude raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me get my revenge and protect Ciela!” Ciel ordered, Sebastian and I gasped as we looked over to him, “this is an order: get my soul back and help me get my revenge! Until then you will be my butler until my soul is in your hands!”

“Ciel” I whispered as I smiled a bit, I could feel a tinge of relief in his eyes when he glanced at me.

“Yes, my lord” Sebastian replied with a smile as he bowed before him, Claude was disgusted and not very happy. Ciel laughed crazily again and I knew that Alois had taken over.

“Obtain Ciel? You, Claude? You, Sebastian? You, Ciela?” Alois raised his voice, “To hell with it all! I’ll make everyone, everything that won’t love me be gone!”

“Master...” Hannah gently called out his name.

“I finally found people that love me.... Luka.... and Hannah” Alois said as he walked off with Hannah inside the clock tower.

“He is going to make a contract with her!” I gasped.

“In this situation, it is best to properly identify the enemy of the hour” Claude noted.

“There is no helping it, even if it is just for a short while, I guess we have no other choice” Sebastian said as he quickly picked me up in his arms. I quickly drew out my sword and got it ready; I bet we had to go through some not so delightful obstacles. The two demons smashed through the front door and sprinted their way up the thorny tower, the vines were after us and I kept swinging and chopping at them.

“Keep it up princess!” Sebastian encouraged.

“Yeah! But they are catching up to us, they really have the speed” I said as I cut them up, “As expected from Hannah’s heart catching labyrinth, I never thought it would be as persistent as Alois”

The three of us soon reached the top and smashed through the door.

“Ciel!” I called.

“Young master!” Sebastian and Claude called. All three of us were stunned as we saw Hannah bow before Alois who was in Ciel’s body; the two rings were smashed on the floor, empty with colour and with no souls. Sebastian gently let me down and I stumbled a few steps until I collapsed on my knees in shock.

“This.... Couldn’t be....” I stuttered.

“Claude, you snared my heart in a spider web, my eternal Highness....” Alois said softly as the contract in the left eye flickered into Hannah’s contract seal.

“No....” I whispered.

“I wanted your love, but you didn’t want to” Alois smiled softly as tears ran down his cheeks and collapsed into Hannah’s arms.

“The contract is complete,” Hannah announced with a satisfied smirk on her lips and her eyes glowing demonically in the dark, “I’ve signed a contract with Jim Macken and Ciel Phantomhive’s soul along with him”

“Ciel....have I really lost you?” I whispered in shock as the two demons and I just looked at the young Earl in the arms of our enemy.

. . .

The fog was thick and humid; it blocked our path as the boat sailed gently along the water. Hannah was singing a beautiful song in Welsh while Alois was resting his head on her lap; this reminded me of how my sister would do the same. Claude and Sebastian were rowing the boat as I dipped my finger in the water, I was looking at my reflection and there was sadness and pain etched on my face.

A little while back...

All of us gaped at Hannah as her eye patch went on fire and revealed her healed eye with the contract.

“My master signed a contract with me while in control of Ciel Phantomhive’s body,” Hannah smirked, “Ciel Phantomhive’s soul is with my master, until my master’s soul is released as the contract stipulates”

I clenched my fists and covered my face with my bangs; I was just shocked and felt worthless.

“What are the details of the contract?” Sebastian asked, “What are Alois Trancy’s wishes?”

“That is a secret between my master and me” Hannah replied calmly.

“How cocky” Claude snorted.

“However, I will tell you this, my master’s wishes include for one of you to end your life as a demon” Hannah explained, my head shot up and I looked her in the eye.

“What? That.... That is ridiculous!” I gasped, I was worried that Sebastian would be killed and I couldn’t handle any losses anymore.

“Hannah... What happens if we strangle you to death?” Sebastian suggested.

“My viscera will glow in noble blue and Ciel Phantomhive will come back to life” Hannah replied with a satisfied smile upon her cursed lips.

Flashback ends

“Princess, its time” Sebastian said as he bent down and picked me up in his arms, I didn’t reply nor make a move. I was in too much shock to even do anything, and it would devastate me more if I lost Sebastian. Hannah with Ciel in her arms walked off the boat with Claude while the both of us followed them into the island of the dead, a demon’s sanctuary, and the same island where the water guardian’s sanctuary was.

“Sebastian” I called softly.


“Make sure you come back to me, I can’t lose you”

“Understood, I promise I will come back to you, no matter what form I come in” Sebastian assured as he pulled me up a bit and kissed me, I kissed him back. Hannah placed Ciel’s body on the bench, where demons feed on their masters, she caressed his hair.

“What you two will carry out here is a formal duel between demons,” Hannah announced as she got up and turned to face the both of us, “And princess cannot interfere in the battle in any matter”

“Very well, I wasn’t proposing to anyway” I said as I gestured Sebastian to put me down, I then walked over to Hannah and sat down on the floor next to Ciel’s body, I lightly touched his fragile fingers.

“Let the battle begin” Hannah announced as she walked over to Claude, he kept her still as Sebastian slipped off his glove and put his arm in her mouth. He then slowly took out the demon sword from her, I glared at it. Hannah wiped off the saliva from the corners of her mouth and took the sword from Sebastian; she threw it far off into the land.

“Whoever wins, will claim Ciel Phantomhive’s soul” Hannah announced as she raised her hand to gesture the signal of the start of the fight. The two demons dashed off into the distance in grasp of the sword to kill each other.

“Hannah, you cherish Alois that much?” I asked as I brushed my fingers on Ciel’s cheek, he was warm and fragile as always.

“Yes, princess he is very special” Hannah replied as she walked toward the bench.

“Why did you betray me?” I asked again.

“I never betrayed you, I only did whatever my duty was set out to be” Hannah explained.

“Yeah, you are right,” I replied half heartedly, “I am guessing your intention is to insure Ciel Phantomhive’s soul does not fall in Sebastian’s hand or Claude’s”

“Yes, you are correct” Hannah smiled as she sat down beside me.

“I wonder what will come when he finds out.” I said softly as I started to fiddle with Ciel’s soft dark navy and black hair.

“All we can do is wait what fate wants” Hannah noted as she looked back into the dark, open space. It seemed that the two were in a pretty aggressive fight since several loud sounds of booming and crashing was heard. Soon, little droplets of rain painted the dry floor, it began to rain harder.

“Ah, it’s raining” Hannah said as she looked up at the depressing sky, I closed my eyes and both Hannah and I began to cry.

“Claude is dead,” I said softly, “are you really going to make Sebastian even though he did nothing?”

“Yes, that was what my master wished” Hannah replied still having her tears roll down her cheek.

“You have definitely changed from before, I remember you never cried for anything not even for a demon’s death,” I chuckled softly, “however you are the same in a way”

“Yes,” Hannah replied softly, “its time”

Hannah stood up and picked up Ciel in his arms, she started walking to the nearby cliff behind us, I followed her. Both of us looked out into the stormy ocean, Hannah brought her lips close to Ciel’s and kissed him, Ciel’s body was glowing white and then it faded back to his original colour. Sebastian stood behind us, Hannah was smiling.

“Our happiness has come,” Hannah began to cry again, “My master, Claude acknowledged you”

“Hannah” Sebastian called and she turned to face him, I turned to face him as well.

“The contract between my master and I is now fulfilled, all you have to do now is to kill me” Hannah said, my eyes darkened since I knew that this was the end of Ciel’s life, his human life.

“Your young master will get his body back, however even if he gets his body back, he will be as good as a dead person to you,” Hannah explained as the floor beneath us began to crack, “Our happiness now comes to a conclusion, Ciel Phantomhive is...”

The floor beneath us cracked and we both were falling towards the ocean, Hannah gave me Ciel and I hugged him close to my chest, tears were falling from my eyes as I closed them.

“a demon...” Hannah finished as we both fell into the raging ocean water. Hannah disappeared, but Ciel and I kept sinking deeper and deeper to the bottom.

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