Tainted White Rose

Welcome Home

~ Three Years later ~

The warm summer breeze swept inside the room as the sun’s rays brightened up the place. My white piano was glowing beautifully as I played a very peaceful piece. The sun’s soft rays showered upon a vivid painting above my marble fireplace. It was a picture of Ciel, Sebastian and I. Ciel and I were sitting on a black couch as Sebastian was towering over us, Sebastian and I were smiling, while Ciel gave a small yet silent smile. I grinned softly as I kept on playing the piece, it really had been three years since that day, and I never seen them since. Ciel became a demon and both Sebastian and he went deep into the depths of hell, where both demons and humans were equal. I predicted that they were not coming back again, since it already has been three years. I finished my final chord and slowly got up from my piano, I approached the two open French windows; I leaned against the frame and looked out into the rolling hills and far ocean.

“Where are you Sebastian?” I sighed as the wind brushed through my long hair. I moved mansions and moved towards the edge of the Celtic sea, where it was quite peaceful and calming here. I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my face and heart, I pictured Sebastian’s physical features, his dark maroon eyes, his tall, slender and muscular figure, his soft black ebony hair which perfectly framed his face, and those cursed but soft lips. I opened my eyes and looked back at the scenery in front of me as I fiddled with the wedding ring on my finger. The memories we spent together and this ring was the only thing left of him. A small knock was made at the door.

“Come in” I answered, the door gently opened to reveal Bluebird with a small child of two and a half. The young girl had wavy, shiny black hair and dark blue eyes which were very similar to Ciel’s. Her cheeks were rosy pink and she smiled while clapping her hands joyfully. The little child wore a cute little baby blue dress with white ruffled socks and cute little white shoes.

“Did my little Yuuki have a good afternoon nap?” I smiled brightly as Bluebird walked towards me and gave me my daughter in my arms, I gave her a kiss on her cheek, and she giggled.

“Mama! Mama!” Yuuki cheered as she hugged my face, I smiled.

“Does Yuuki want to play outside with Timmy?” I asked.

“ouside! Ouside!” Yuuki cheered and I giggled.

“Very well, I shall prepare the toys for princess Yuuki and Darjeeling tea for my queen” Bluebird bowed, I nodded and all three of us left to go outside.

. . . .

I sat on the cool grass as I watched Yuuki play in the garden; we were near the rose garden.

“Mama! Ball!” She shouted as she ran towards me with the red ball in hand, I took out my hands and she plopped the ball in my hand. Timmy was playing with her; he acted as her good friend and wouldn’t mind keeping her company.

“Good job Yuuki!” I smiled and ruffled her hair, “would you like to play fetch with Timmy?”

Yuuki nodded cheerfully and took the ball again, she threw it and both of them ran towards it. Even if Tim caught the ball he would bring it back to her and she would throw it again; Timmy was a good dog, he kept an eye on her all times.

“My queen, here is your tea” Bluebird said as she handed me the china cup filled with tea, it was the same set Ciel gave me on Christmas.

“Thank you” I replied as I took a sip from the aromatic tea. Bluebird sat beside me and both of us watched as they played together.

“It’s already been two years since she was born,” Bluebird smiled, “she reminds me a lot like you”

“The time has really flashed fast,” I chuckled, “I never knew I was that playful”

“You were quite,” Bluebird pointed out, “how long will you keep the secret that you have a child, but not married?”

“I told them I was secretly married to the vice president of the Funtom Company and had a child, however he has been away a lot for business reasons,” I explained, “after all Sebastian was the vice president”

“Yes, ever since Lord Phantomhive handed the company over to you, it has still been a huge profit in London,” Bluebird continued, “But, I am more concerned about you, what happens if he does not come back?”

“If that is the case then I will say that he died, and he will be dead to my heart forever,” I replied softly.

“What will you do if he doesn’t come back?” Bluebird asked again but with a more worried tone.

“Then, I will be a single mother for all my life until I die. Even if I choose to marry someone else they won’t accept me since I already am a mother” I explained. I took the last sip of tea and placed the cup and saucer on the grass.

“Explaining the prophecy to a human is not going to work and besides people will think I am a witch” I sighed.

“That is true,” Bluebird said quietly, “I know this isn’t my place, but waiting for a demon is quite foolish, they are horrid and ugly creatures who lie a lot. Even though Sir Sebastian seemed to be a different demon, all demons always remain the same. Perhaps maybe it is best to marry Duke Francis, he is still an eligible bachelor…”

“Bluebird... I know it is foolish to love a demon and even be married to one but if your fate is chained to him for the sake of millions then I will have to be with him... even if my heart aches and cries... I will wait for him” I replied.

“But my lady, you are now Queen of the pathways between the demon world and hu-”

“There are only some things I can do... and being queen doesn’t mean I can be the most powerful person” I reminded her by cutting her off. I knew she was right, but I had to wait... I had to protect my daughter.

“I apologize for making you uncomfortable” Bluebird bowed in apology and I forgave her.

“It is fine, you were only stating your thoughts.... That's all” I sighed sadly as I saw Yuuki and Tim happily playing together. I really wished someone was beside me.... I really did....

. . .

“Goodnight my little Yuuki” I whispered as I kissed her soft forehead, I backed away and brought the blanket to her chin, she snuggled inside it. I brushed my fingers through her soft hair and quietly left her room. I travelled down the long and dark hall, after four doors I entered into my room. My room was slightly brightened up by the moon’s light, which entered from the huge balcony glass doors. In front of the doors was a cream chaise, I stretched my arms as I walked towards the balcony doors. I turned the handle and opened the doors to let in the fresh, cool summer breeze sweep inside my room. I loosened my lace robe and lied down on the chaise, while facing the open windows. I rested my head gently on the soft and cushy pillow as I looked up at the lonesome moon in the clear night sky; the air was fresh and relaxing. Even though my body was relaxed, my heart and mind was not at ease, even though I tried to forget him I couldn’t wipe him out of my mind... I tried not to remember him since he would only bring me more pain, but I had to face reality and not run away.

“Sebastian....” I whispered his name as my eyelids began to be heavy and soon enough, I closed my eyes to be carried away into a deep slumber.

Sebastian’s P.O.V

I stood at the balcony doors as I watched Ciela sleep, her breathing was stable however I could tell she wasn’t sleeping peacefully like she always would. Her long black ebony hair beautifully framed her innocent face, her half open robe exposed her white night gown which was a little longer than mid thigh. Her smooth legs creeped out of her lacy robe and her skin was kissed by the moonlight.

“I finally returned to you,” I whispered as I walked toward her sleeping body and bent down on one knee, “Your husband has returned to his queen”

I leaned in close and gently kissed her rosy pink lips, they still had the warmth and pureness which made demons go crazy, like I did. Her lips were a drug, a beautiful poison to us and especially me who craved for it. I broke away and took out a classical white rose from my coat pocket and placed it near her sleeping body.

Ciela’s P.O.V

I felt like someone was here in this room, and I knew it wasn’t Yuuki or Bluebird... but someone else. I slowly opened my eyes to reveal a familiar looking man who was about to leave, I blinked twice and realized it was Sebastian, my eyes widened and I instantly sat up.

“Sebastian” I called as my heart was beating like a drum. Sebastian stopped and turned around to face me, my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t believe my eyes... it was really him... It really was him... the man who I waited for...

“Ciela, you are beautiful as ever” Sebastian smirked as he turned around and walked towards me, he bent down to my level and he smiled at me. I brought my hand to touch his cold skin, I thought this was all a dream but it was real. His cold skin made my fingers tingle, and I smiled brightly.

“You’re back.... You’re back!” I gasped as I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight, Sebastian held me as I nuzzled my face into his neck, my eyes began to tear up and soon enough I cried silently.

“Don’t cry Ciela, I am here, I returned to you” Sebastian said as he nuzzled his face in my neck, I moved away from his neck and we lightly touched our foreheads together.

“I will never leave you again, I am here to stay” Sebastian whispered as he leaned in closer and kissed my lips, I kissed him back. He then wiped my tears with his thumb and kissed me again, my heartfelt free and finally happy, it felt as if something released from me.

“Can I make you mine?” Sebastian asked as he looked deep into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

“Yes” I whispered as I kissed him in reply, I wrapped my arms around his neck while pulling my body close to his. Sebastian swiftly carried me in his arms as he brought me to my bed.

“Finally,” Sebastian whispered into my ear as he continued to kiss me the night away.

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