Tainted White Rose

I will protect you

I leaned against the cold concrete railing as I watched the sun rise, my bare legs dangled at the edge and I breathed in the fresh morning air. I looked behind me and I still could see Sebastian sleeping on the bed, I was surprised that demons slept a lot even though they considered it as a luxury. I looked back into the distance and smiled as I started to remember all the memories Sebastian and I spent together, I never thought I would love a demon this much even though I despised them with my heart.

“You must hate me for loving the kind that killed you sis,” I whispered, “however, you are a demon yourself that has lost the memory of me”

A pair of muscular arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me close to Sebastian’s bare chest, I blushed and smiled.

“Good morning, my queen” Sebastian whispered as he nuzzled his face into my neck.

“Good morning to you too” I giggled as I rested my head on his as we both watched the sun rise.

“You are truly irresistible, even though two years for a demon is very short, it was long for me” Sebastian said as he squeezed me tighter.

“It was hard without me?” I asked.

“Yes, especially when you are now contracted to a master for all eternity,” Sebastian sighed, “however I won’t leave your side again.... never”

“You have made a promise with me by fully marking me, now our fates are locked together” I added.

“Yes.... forever....” Sebastian smiled as he kissed my neck. Suddenly a loud explosion was heard and all I could see was child about the age of thirteen fly out the window.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” The child screamed as he crashed onto the ground.

The child was all wet and struggled to get up, my eyes widened when the stream of power came from Yuuki’s room.

“The explosion came from my daughter’s room!” I screamed in shock. Sebastian let go of me and instantly ran inside, I sprinted towards Yuuki’s room. I slammed the door open and found Yuuki on the ground near the open window clapping in joy, I was both puzzled and surprised. I quickly ran towards her and picked her up in my arms.

“Mama!” Yuuki called as she hugged my neck, I brushed my fingers through her soft black hair.

I then looked outside from the broken window and saw the same child but Sebastian was helping him up and Bluebird was covering the child’s wet body with a towel. I was pretty confused and wanted to know why that child was in my daughter’s room, first of all how did he get inside the barrier? With Yuuki in my arms, I swiftly jumped out of the window and landed safely on the cool and dewy, green grass. I walked towards them while having a slow and increasing aura surrounding my body.

“Young master, are you okay?” Sebastian asked as he towel dried the young boy’s hair, my eyes widened.

“Ciel.....” I gasped in surprise. The young demon boy looked up at me and his annoyed expression changed into his soft innocent look he always had when he looked at me. His contract with Sebastian was glowing vibrantly as he clutched his eye patch in his hand.

“Ciela... it really is you” Ciel whispered as he regained his composure, Sebastian continued to wrap him with a towel.

“You haven’t changed one bit” I said softly, I still couldn’t believe he returned after three years. I still felt it was some kind of dream that I would wake up from, but I didn’t want to wake up.

“The same goes for you… But now you are a mother” Ciel noted as he looked towards Yuuki, they were staring at each other. I giggled under my breath and put Yuuki down; she kept hugging my bare legs and was feeling quite shy, even though she basically threw him out the window.

“You came back...” I said softly, Ciel nodded and approached me.

“I came back because we-”

“No need to explain why,” I interrupted as I placed my index finger on his lips to hush him quiet, “Welcome home”

Ciel took my hand and placed it on his cold cheek, where there once was warmth and human blood flowing through his veins.

“Thank you, sister” Ciel said softly as his body began to relax, he looked pretty stressed. Yuuki looked over my legs and stared up at Sebastian, she began to slowly walk her way towards him and tug on his leg, and she began to smile. Sebastian bent down and picked her up, she was giggling joyfully. I was surprised she did that, usually she isn’t accustomed to strangers.

“It seems princess Yuuki takes a liking in you” Bluebird noted.

“It is quite surprising” I added. Sebastian lifted her up in the air, and it looked as if he was examining her facial features.

“She is unique just like you,” Sebastian noted as he brought her down to the ground, “I expected a spoiled child like young master, but she is pretty well behaved.

“What do you mean I’m spoiled!” Ciel snapped at Sebastian, those two never changed.

“Dada!” Yuuki clapped her hands in glee, I was stunned and so was Sebastian. Even though she never heard that word, she knew it and she was happy.

“Yuuki....” I whispered softly as a rush of warmth went in my heart. Sebastian glanced at me and back at Yuuki, he smiled.

“I am not exactly your father, but you can acknowledge me as one” Sebastian smiled, and Yuuki smiled brightly as the sun. Sebastian placed her gently down on the ground; she ran towards me and hugged my legs.

“Ciel” I called.


“Sorry for my daughter throwing you out the window, her powers are developing much quicker than I thought” I said.

“No worries,” Ciel shrugged, “at least you don’t have to be worried about anyone molesting her”

“You got a point” I giggled.

“Why don’t all of you freshen up inside while I make some tea?” Bluebird suggested.

“That is a great idea, since it’s inappropriate for me to be in my robe in front of Ciel and Sebastian” I said as I turned around and started my way back with Yuuki following me.

. . .

My white heels clacked on the marble floor with every step I took, the floor was reflecting my walking image. I noticed that my music room door was open, I was curious to know who was inside. I slowly and quietly popped my head into the sunny room, the sheer curtains were dancing in the summery breeze as Ciel stood calmly and gazed at the painting on the wall. His slender but fragile figure stood still and didn’t make a slight move; it was as if he was a statue.

“Do you like the painting?” I asked as I walked towards him and stood gently at his side.

“Yes, it brings back memories” Ciel replied softly, sill keeping his eyes fixed on the master piece. I turned my head and looked down at his pale and gentle face, from deep down I always knew that he hid his innocence with his crimes and mistakes, but he wasn’t the only one.

“Do you want to listen to a piece?” I asked as I turned around and walked towards my grand piano.

“Sure” Ciel replied as he walked towards the piano and leaned against the back of the instrument, waiting for me to play. I softly sat down on the bench and lifted the cover; I ran my fingers through the cold keys and prepared myself to play the first chord. I breathed in and started to play, the piano sang beautifully as my fingers danced on the keys. The piece was soft, peaceful and quite pretty; it always melted my heart every time I played it.

“You play the piano very well, I have never heard any pianist as fine as you” Ciel complimented.

“Thank you, I am honoured” I replied back. I continued to play as Sebastian quietly entered the room, trying not to disturb my playing but his presence was inevitable. As soon as I played the last chord, I saw Sebastian place a huge bouquet of white roses on my piano. Sebastian reached into his chest pocket and took out a bright red rose and gently placed it in the bunch of white roses.

“White roses?” Ciel said as he cocked his head to the side.

“Yes, my wife loves them and they suit her best” Sebastian replied softly as he looked at me, I blushed.

“Thank you” I said while closing the cover. I slowly got up from my bench and approached the two demons. Sebastian quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him, my back rested against his muscular chest while I faced Ciel. Sebastian then wrapped his arms around my waist and kept me in his embrace. All of a sudden the atmosphere became tense and Ciel bit his lip nervously, I was quite confused.

“Ciela, Sebastian and I returned not only because we had to but there is also a back story to it,” Ciel explained as he faced the two large French windows, “I am afraid I will have to break you the bad news”

“What do you mean?” I asked as the bad feeling started to emerge in my stomach.

“Ciela, the demons know about Yuuki,” Ciel hesitated, “There are rumours that a demon has been attempting to consume her soul”


“I’m afraid it’s true, my queen” Sebastian said with a sorrowful voice.

“Even if that demon tried they can’t pass through the barrier, only Sebastian and you can,” I explained, “I made the barrier that way so no other demons could enter”

“That is true, however a certain one can” Ciel bit his lip and sighed.

“Your sister can pass through,” Sebastian hesitated, “she was a former guardian and a member from your bloodline”

My knees buckled and I began to have a panic attack, my lips quivered in shock.

“Sh-she can’t! She would never do that! She is my sister!” I screamed.

“Ciela she lost her memory remember?” Ciel reminded me as he turned around and looked into my pained eyes.

“Since she is the strongest demon from the rest, she has the power to go through the barrier,” Sebastian explained, “she is a hungry demon and she will get our daughter’s soul at all costs”

“Why won’t she attack me instead?” I asked.

“You are the queen of Water guardians and the ruler of the bridge between the human and demon world,” Sebastian continued as he gripped me tighter, “Yuuki is still a child her powers are not strong enough to fight off a former water guardian”

“I can’t believe this.....”

“Ciela, we came here to protect you and your daughter,” Ciel said with determination, “I will not let her hurt her!”

“Ciel, do you truly believe you and Sebastian and fight her off?” I argued, “she is the best fighter in all of history, she could beat a thousand demons without hesitation!”

“With my life, I will protect my wife and daughter,” Sebastian whispered in my ear, “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again”

“Sebastian,” I called softly, “I know....but.... it’s not about my life now it’s about my daughter’s, she is my future now”

“We know” Ciel sighed. Sebastian loosened his grip on my waist and I instantly bolted out of the room, I sprinted towards Yuuki’s room and found her playing with her teddy bear. Yuuki was smiling happily and playing happily too, her smile was innocent and I couldn’t strip that away from her.....ever.

“Yuuki....” I called as I stumbled my way towards her, my knees felt weak and I collapsed in front of her, she looked up at me with those sweet innocent eyes.

“Mama!” She smiled as bright as the sun and crawled her way towards me, she nuzzled her face against the skirt of my dress.

“Yuuki.....my precious......” I stuttered as tears began to fall, “I can’t lose you or Sebastian....”

“Mama, no water” Yuuki said as she began to get worried. I pulled her close to my chest and hugged her tight.

“We will protect you no matter what, Mama loves you so much!” I cried as I hugged her close, her small hand touched my cheek.

“I love you, Mama” Yuuki replied back as I sat there hugging her close and crying, crying for her sake, crying for her future, crying for her life.

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