Tainted White Rose


“You sure you want to do this?” I asked as I gave him a worried look.

“This is the only way I can get stronger” Ciel replied without hesitation. Sebastian, Ciel and I all stood on my practice field, where I would practice my fighting and such. I walked to the other side of the stony arena and turned around to face the young demon in the distance.

“Very well, but I won’t hold back” I reminded him as I hooked the chain on my waist.

“I hope you don’t” Ciel warned as he started to charge at me, I chuckled to myself since he was naive as ever. Ciel was close and was about to punch my face until I quickly dodged under him and kicked him in the gut, he went flying. Ciel quickly regained his composure and darted at me again but this time with a sword in hand. I dodged all his attacks and waited for the right time to hit him hard. I quickly bent down and kicked the sword out of his hand, his eyes widened in surprise; I then slid my other foot between his and made him fall to the floor. I quickly slid out my sword from its sheath and jumped up to strike Ciel. As I was going to strike him, Ciel closed his eyes to wait for the impact, but my blade missed his face just by inches as I flipped backwards and landed on the ground softly.

“You really need to work on your fighting skills,” I sighed as I walked over to Ciel and took out my sword from the pavement, Ciel was pretty stunned, “You fight like a girl.....”

“Thanks.... That is very supportive” Ciel groaned as he rolled onto his side and slowly got up. He dusted the dirt off of his clothes and walked back to Sebastian, who was chuckling under his breath.

“My, my I never knew that my young master was so weak” Sebastian chuckled.

“Shut up! I bet you can’t defeat her either!” Ciel snapped angrily, feeling quite embarrassed.

“Ciel don’t worry you will improve,” I assured him with a smile, “all you need is a little practice”

“Thanks” Ciel replied as he sat on a nearby stone and began to sulk, poor brother he really put it hard on himself. I walked towards the young demon and rested my hand on his head, while softly smiling at him.

“You are still a young demon, it takes time to acknowledge your powers” I explained.

“I guess” Ciel sighed as he rested his hand on top of mine, his cold hand tingled against my skin but it didn’t make me move away.

“Mama! Mama!” Yuuki called out as she ran towards me and hugged my legs; I looked down and smiled at her.

“Ah, I am sorry if Yuuki disturbed you” Bluebird apologized as she walked towards all four of us.

“No, no we were finished anyways” I assured her with a smile. Yuuki began to tug at Ciel’s shorts making him kneel down at her level.

“Do you want to play with me?” Ciel asked kindly. Yuuki nodded happily and pointed towards the rose garden before us.

“Go ahead Ciel, she wants to spend time with her uncle” I said while patting him on the shoulder.

“O-okay” Ciel replied as he followed my running daughter and Bluebird followed them both. I rested my hands on my chest and instantly my body was glowing light blue and surrounded my body with warmth. As soon as I opened my eyes, the light blue aura dispersed and I had changed from my fighting clothes to more comfier and prettier attire.

“You look astonishing my queen” Sebastian smirked as he trailed his eyes from top to toe. I wore a short sleeved light blue dress which consisted with mainly lace detailing on the top which exposed the front of my neck and showed my collarbones a bit.

“Thank you” I blushed as I turned away from Sebastian.

“Don’t hide your face” Sebastian cooed as he gently pulled my chin to make me look into his eyes. Sebastian gently held my waist and pulled me close to his body; he slowly leaned in and gently kissed my lips passionately. I gasped as I broke away for air; however our foreheads were still stuck together.

“Do you hate me?” Sebastian asked as he still kept me in his embrace.

“Of course not” I replied.

“I took your love for granted, and this time I swear I will be with you till the world ends” Sebastian whispered as he gently kissed my lips while our fingers intertwined.

“I swear to be with you forever too” I whispered back as I kissed him back too.

“Thank goodness” Sebastian chuckled softly as he quickly picked me up and twirled me around like a child in joy; I giggled as I hugged his head close to my chest and smiled. Sebastian slowly sat down on the plushy green grass, making me sit on his lap with my back against his chest. The demon butler noticed the wedding ring on my finger and began to fiddle with it.

As I lay on his muscular, but comfy chest however in my heart there was this sudden feeling that shook me, I felt an aura of a demon. The aura was very similar to my sister’s, in fact it was but it had a dark and uncomfortable feel to it. At the exact moment, Sebastian’s muscles stiffened and I knew right away he had sensed her.

“She’s here....” Sebastian growled as I quickly got up from his embrace. The aura was coming from the manor and I had a feeling she didn’t want to attack Yuuki now. I glanced at Ciel, Bluebird and Yuuki; they seemed to be safe at the moment but I had to be cautious.

“I think I know where she is” I said as I quickly walked inside the mansion, Sebastian followed behind me. Knowing my sister she always enjoyed reading books when she was “alive”, and I had a hint she was in the library.

We made our way into the library, it was eerie and quiet as if no one was inside but I knew she was in here and Sebastian did as well.

“You welcomed yourself in didn’t you?” I said loudly as my voice echoed through the silent room, I stood in the middle of the floor, waiting for her response, waiting for her voice.

“My, my I have underestimated her majesty quite well,” A strong feminine voice replied, “I never thought a water guardian as young as you would be intelligent”

I turned towards the voice and there a young woman, no more than the age of 22 sat on the polished wooden railing, beaming her demonic eyes onto me. The demoness had pale, white porcelain skin which contrasted nicely with her ocean blue eyes and long wavy black, brown hair which was up to her waist. She wore a tight black body suit with black high heeled boots, they had a red sole on the bottom of her shoes.

“I am not as naive and unknowledgeable than you think, Lila” I said sternly while my voice died down as I said her name. Sebastian stood in front of me as he glared his pink demonic eyes at her, which she did the same to him.

“I never thought that a young girl like you would know my name, I have truly underestimated you,” Lila chuckled, “however I do find it foolish for a stronger demon than I, protect a water guardian.... it is interesting how he is horribly hungry but does nothing to harm you”

“I cannot feast on my wife can I now?” Sebastian spoke as he tugged on his gloves.

“Or are you toying with her just to taste that miraculous and powerful soul of hers?” Lila teased as she jumped down to the floor, her pink eyes glimmered in the shadows just like jewels in the sunlight.

“Stop joking around, I know why you’re here,” I said as I began to prepare myself for any sudden attacks, “I won’t let you lay a single finger on my daughter!”

“I was actually here not for her,” Lila snickered as she walked towards me from behind, “I was here to talk to you”

“Oh really? Why is that?” I asked while not glancing away from our pretty intense stare.

“I wanted to make a deal with you,” Lila continued, “I will not attack your daughter only if you come alone tomorrow night at the demon’s sanctuary, there we will have a battle to the death”

“What happens if I refuse your proposal?” I asked curiously.

“It seems you haven’t noticed the trap I have set up....” Lila smirked as she circled around Sebastian and me, “I have already put her under my spell, which she will fight her way through you and your body guards to come to me. My trance has given her the power to kill you all merciless”

Instantly Sebastian flashed his way in between my sister and I and pinned her neck to the wall, he snarled angrily as she smirked at him.

“How dare you!” I screamed. I had forgotten that my sister was an expert with hypnotizing and manipulating people when she needed to, it was one of her unique attributes.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Lila warned Sebastian as he clenched her neck even tighter.

“Why is that?” Sebastian asked.

“You don’t want your daughter to go on a killing spree do you? After all she is under my control” Lila reminded us, Sebastian loosened his grip on her and backed away.

“You fiend!” I cursed.

“Now, tell me will you agree to come alone tomorrow night or should I feast on your daughter’s delicious soul slowly and painfully?” Lila mocked as she licked her lips in great hunger; it seemed she didn’t eat human souls in a while. I stood silent, clenching my fists hard until they turned pale, I was too angry to even reply.


“Fine” I replied sternly.

“It’s dangerous if you do that!” Sebastian interrupted as he walked towards me, his pink demonic eyes glowered before me however I looked into his glowing eyes with my teary ones.

“I have no other choice” I reminded him.

“Good, remember to come alone or she is mine to feast” Lila reminded me as she walked towards the shadowy corner and disappeared without a trace. My knees buckled and I collapsed onto the cold wooden floor, tears streaming down my face while I punched the ground with so much force, the whole floor cracked beneath us.

“I have failed as a mother” I spoke softly as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“You haven’t failed” Sebastian assured as he bent down and wiped my tears with his gloved thumb, I rested my hand on his.

“I have to kill her in order to break that trance, but knowing her she must have something up her sleeve” I quivered as I continued to cry.

“You will kill her, that is a fact,” Sebastian explained as he looked into my eyes, “you are the queen of us demons, you rule us, torture us, protect us...”

“What happens if I lose?” I questioned.

“I will protect our daughter with my life and I will make sure she is gone from this universe” Sebastian promised as he hugged me in his arms, this was the first time I have ever seen him be so emotional over someone other than me.

The wooden doors slammed open and I could see my little daughter running towards Sebastian and I. She jumped into my arms and nuzzled her face into my chest; Sebastian gently ruffled her black hair as she giggled in glee. Bluebird stood at the door, she looked different than usual, and she seemed a bit pale.

“Bluebird, are you feeling all right? Where is Ciel?” I asked curiously, Bluebird hesitated and she lowered her head a bit. A pool of tears began to build in her light blue eyes, I really began to worry.

“Bluebird what’s wrong?” I asked as I quickly got up and ran towards her; I gently held both of her shoulders. This was not normal at all, she never cries like this.

“I am very sorry my lady...... what I did is truly my fault..... I shouldn’t have left her with him just for a moment..... just for a moment,” Bluebird began to burst into heavy tears as she bent down at my feet, “Master Ciel..... has......”

“Has what?”

I turned around to face Sebastian and my daughter. Sebastian lifted her dress till her stomach and there I saw the half rose imprinted around her belly button, I was utterly shocked.

“Half marked her....” Sebastian spoke softly; I could tell he was in disbelief and in shock however Yuuki was acting perfectly normal. Yuuki started to become uncomfortable due to the tense aura, she clenched Sebastian’s coat tightly in her small hands afraid for any arguments that could occur; she really hated fighting.

“How could he....” I mumbled to myself as my body completely froze up in shock, Bluebird continued to weep at my feet. I stumbled past my maid and started to slowly walk my way down the hall, at the end of the hall I could see Ciel stand there looking at me with his dark blue eyes, those same eyes I wanted to protect and cherish. When I reach the middle of the hall, I raise my lowered head and glare at him with angry eyes as tears of pain stream down my cheek. Water and blue aura begin to surround me like a hurricane about to kill millions of innocent people; my hair was dancing furiously in the air along side with my raging aura. There the young demon stands with no emotions at all, all he does is stare at me with blank emotionless eyes and stands there silently and makes his presence similar to a wall flower.

“CIIIIIIEEEEEEELLLLL!!!!!!!” I scream as I begin to run towards him with full speed, my mind goes blank, no thoughts ran through my head as I headed towards him. I raise my powerful hand and I prepare to strike him with my full power.

Ciel’s P.O.V

I stared into her angry, teary eyes. I hurt her love, trust, passion and care for me..... I ruined and tainted her one precious thing that she protected...... I half marked her daughter......for Yuuki’s protection. I close my eyes, standing still, hearing every second go by as the clock ticks and ticks, waiting for the impact.


“Buburd I want water pweez” Yuuki asked, Bluebird smiled and quickly ran inside to grab her glass of water, since it was already mid afternoon I also thought she went inside to prepare her a snack. Yuuki waddled her way into my lap with flowers in her hand I lied down on the grass as she sat on my stomach and began to decorate my hair with flowers, I smiled at her.

“You look pweety Ciel!” Yuuki exclaimed as she clapped her hand in glee.

“I am not what you think I am Yuuki, I am something ugly” I sighed sadly.

“No!” Yuuki argued, my eyes widened in surprise, “Ciel is vewy pweety and good!”

She put her hands on my hand and lifted it to my chest, where my human heart used to beat.

“Ciel is a good boy!” Yuuki smiled. All of a sudden I felt an unusual aura coming from the mansion, I looked towards where Sebastian and Ciela were but they were gone, they must have gone in to inspect.

“What iz wong?” Yuuki asked. I started to get worried and brought Yuuki’s head to my chest, I hugged her tight.... I had to protect her at all costs no matter what; she was my sister’s daughter I had to protect her.

“Nothing Yuuki.... nothing” I reassured her. A sudden idea flew through my head; even though I wanted to protect her forever I knew this method would protect her for life. Like Sebastian protected Ciela and will continue to protect her all her life, I want to do the same, I want to be her knight for Yuuki. I quickly sat up and had Yuuki sit on my lap, I knew I was going to regret this but it was the only way.

“Yuuki please forgive me” I ask before my mind goes blank and the only thing I hear from her is her small tiny voice.

“I will” Yuuki replied before she cried in pain.

Flashback ends

Ciela’s P.O.V

“HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!”

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