Tainted White Rose


“HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!”

I was about to strike him until Sebastian came between us and grabbed my wrist, my eyes widened as tears continued to stream down my cheeks.

“Hurting young master will not solve anything” Sebastian reminded me as he pulled me towards him, my aura calmed down and my powers dispersed as I clenched his coat.

“He half marked my daughter! She is only just a child and he ruined her future!” I argued.

“However you slaughtering him will fix nothing!” Sebastian reminded me as he slowly let of my wrist.

“Ciela, I half marked her for her own protection and I want to protect the most precious thing to you,” Ciel explained, “I don’t want her life to be haunted by hungry demons, I want them to know she is my......... soul mate”

“You can’t just force her!?” I shouted angrily.

“Young master, she is right you shouldn’t have forced a young child....” Sebastian noted.

“Shut up Sebastian, you did the same!” Ciel scolded as his eyes turned into pink demonic slits and glared at Sebastian, the butler didn’t hold back.

“I only half marked my wife to save her from a life or death situation” Sebastian reminded Ciel, the young demon bit his lip.

“Mama!” Yuuki’s voice rang out through the hall, all three of us turned to see Yuuki walking towards us; she tugged on the skirt of my dress.

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked as I bent down and held her tiny hands, she gripped them tight.

“Pweez no hurt Ciel,” Yuuki begged as her big blue eyes darkened in worry, I could tell in her eyes she really cared for Ciel even though he wasn’t with her for very long. I could sense Sebastian was astonished like me, to hear words of plea from a small child of only 2.5 years; this was quite remarkable.

“You really care about him don’t you?” I asked as I knocked my forehead with hers, she nodded slowly while not looking away from my eyes.

“She has spoken...” Sebastian’s eyes darkened.

“I have no other choice but to accept this fate...” I sighed as I swiftly carried Yuuki in my arms; I turned around to face Sebastian and Ciel. Ciel’s eyes softened as he saw Yuuki, I was pretty surprised to see how attached Ciel was with Yuuki; he wasn’t much of an attached person but was pretty possessive.

“Ciel, promise me you will protect her if anything happens to me, okay?” I asked as I walked towards Ciel and used my free hand to ruffle his soft hair.

“I will do whatever it takes” Ciel bowed before me, I smiled.

“I know you will” I replied as Yuuki clapped in glee.

“Young master please don’t do anything inappropriate, I don’t want you to taint my daughter” Sebastian glared at Ciel; he just gave him a blank look.

“I won’t do anything!” Ciel huffed as he crossed his arms.

“Just checking.... I don’t want my daughter to be scarred by a pedophile” Sebastian warned.

“I am not a perverted demon unlike you!” Ciel argued, I laughed hard. It was pretty hilarious to see Sebastian’s fatherly instinct come out and hit his own master, this was quite a show.

. . .

“Good night love” I whispered as I kissed Yuuki’s soft, but warm forehead. She finally fell into a deep slumber after brushing my fingers through her hair for nearly half an hour, it seemed she was having a hard time falling asleep. I slowly but gently untangled my fingers from her small ones and carefully crept out of bed. I fixed my lacy robe as I smiled softly, knowing a little guest was in her room.

“Are you going to watch her all night and scare the living soul out of her?” I joked as I walked towards a dark blue chair which was in the shadowy corner of the night, there I saw Ciel sitting calmly, resting his chin on his palm. His blue eyes flashed red for a moment and returned back to his normal colour.

“I don’t plan to” Ciel whispered as I gently sat on the arm of the chair. Ciel was silently watching Yuuki sleep; she always looked like an angel when she slept.

“You know you don’t have to be by her side all the time” I reminded him.

“But I want to.....” Ciel replied as he continued to gaze at my daughter.

“You are quite stubborn” I giggled as I tip toed to the door, I softly opened the door and was about to head out until I poked my head, “goodnight Ciel”

“Good night sister” Ciel whispered back as I closed the door behind me. I smiled softly as I walked down the dark hall and back into my room. As soon as I closed the door behind me, Sebastian quickly twirled me around and pinned me against the bed, his pink demonic slits glowing brightly in the dark room as he smirked at me. He brought his lips and locked it with mine, it was passionate but rough, he growled in satisfaction. I gasped for air as Sebastian gently kissed the top of my head, I blushed.

“You’re too cute” Sebastian whispered as he sat up while putting me in his lap, my back was against his chest and I could feel his cold skin tingle against mine, and his hot breath dancing on the brim of my neck. I blushed as he moved my long black hair to my left shoulder as he kissed my neck.

“You can’t stay just a couple minutes without me can you?” I joked as he inhaled my scent.

“Nope, not at all,” Sebastian replied smoothly, as he trailed his fingers down my shoulder. As soon as he reached my hands, he intertwined his fingers with mine and brought one of my hands to his lips and kissed the back of it. With his other hand he covered my eyes.

“Sebastian?” I called in confusion.

“Shhhh....” He hushed, “It’s a surprise”

In an instant I felt my body being carried somewhere, but everything went very fast and soon enough I knew we were somewhere else other than our room. From my surroundings, I could hear the ocean waves and the refreshing smell of the salty water. Soon enough Sebastian uncovered my eyes and here we were standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The salty breeze tingled against my bare skin and there I closed my eyes as the breeze engulfed my body.

“I thought I could take you here where you could relax,” Sebastian continued as he took my hand and walked me to the edge of the water, “you were pretty tense this whole day”

“That’s very kind of you” I thanked him as I dipped my foot into the Ocean water. The water was very refreshing and cool, it made my body relax. I closed my eyes and in instant I felt my powers surrounding me and transforming me into my true form.

“Pure beauty” Sebastian gasped. I opened my eyes and I could see Sebastian kneeling before me on one knee and gazing into my blue eyes. My long black hair had turned silvery white as snow, and my hair was a half up and half down. On both sides of my head, there were white roses embedded in my hair and on top rested a beautiful diamond tiara. I was wearing a very long, sheer, white strapless dress that had a train. On top of the dress was a beautiful dark blue robe that was soft as silk and has breath taking embroidery, a light blue ribbon was tied on my waist which held the robe in place. On my ankles there were silver anklets and on the middle of my head there was a royal blue jewel, which glimmered in the starry sky.

“You’re my husband Sebastian, don’t kneel down like that” I begged as I grasped his hands in my palms.

“I am only a mere demon who has fallen for my queen, I maybe your husband but you’re too beautiful.... too miraculous” Sebastian continued as he got up and circled me, while investigating every inch of my body.

“You changed my life too” I spoke softly as I blushed.

“Therefore......” Sebastian pulled me in his arms and we kissed, “we shall be together till the world ends”

“What happens if I die? I can’t live forever” I questioned him.

“That’s why I marked you Ciela, so we could live together forever” Sebastian smiled, my face brightened in an instant.

“However, that does not apply if I were murdered” I pointed out.

“That’s true but I shall always protect you, no matter what” Sebastian reminded me as we both faced the roaring ocean. In a swift movement he quickly picked me up in his arms and carried my bridal style.

“Are you going to travel with me until the night ends?” I asked as I giggled.

“Of course” Sebastian smiled as he carried me while walking on the water and travelling into the distance.

. . .

~ Next Morning ~

A warm and sweet aroma filled the room; the sweet smell of Darjeeling tea brought a small smile to my lips as I slowly opened my eyes. There I saw Sebastian pouring the tea for me, I then noticed that his white shirt was unbuttoned and there I could see his muscular abdominals and over all muscular but lean build.

“Are you enjoying the show?” Sebastian chuckled as he raised an eyebrow at me. My face went red and I instantly turned to my other side and crossed my arms, while puffing my face like a child.

“Pfft.... Wh-what made you think I was staring at you?” I huffed while biting my lip, denying the fact that I was actually staring at him.

“You are a horrible liar, I hope you know that” Sebastian chuckled again as he placed the tea cup on the bedside table and sat on the edge of our bed. I turned back to look at his handsome face, gosh his looks were remarkable. I sat up and leaned against the puffy pillows as I took the tea from the table and took slow sips.

“Mmmm..... Truly the best” I smiled as I continued drinking it.

“I am happy you like it” Sebastian smiled as he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. I glanced at the two chairs near the balcony windows, on one chair there was an all black outfit for Sebastian and on the other there was a light blue dress. Both were nicely folded, and I was guessing Bluebird had brought them in early in the morning.

“What time is it?” I asked as I finished my tea.

“It’s around 8:00 in the morning” Sebastian replied.

“Shouldn’t you attend Ciel?” I asked.

“No need I already did at 7:00 while you were still asleep” Sebastian replied as he took the empty cup and placed it on the tea cart.

“I swear your gonna start spoiling me” I joked.

“Can’t help it” Sebastian shrugged calmly as he approached the chair with his clothes on it and then quickly changed into it. The all black clothing suited him very nicely, other than his butler outfit.

“You forgot something” I noted as I quickly climbed out of bed and approached his butler clothes on the dressing table. I slipped my hand into the waist pocket and took out the Phantomhive pocket watch. I took the watch and walked towards him.

“You don’t want to lose this” I said as I hooked the chain on the waist coat and placed the watch in the pocket.

“You are quite a cute wife,” Sebastian chuckled as he leaned in towards me and kissed me, “my cute wife”

“You little sneaky demon, trying to get something early in the morning” I giggled as I poked his forehead.

“The poor demon needs some entertainment no?” Sebastian teased as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Well then my dear husband,” I winked, “you will have to be patient”

“Sorry but demons aren’t that patient” Sebastian chuckled as he unwrapped me in his arms. I picked up my dress and undergarments and started changing into it, while Sebastian was fixing his tie in the mirror. As soon as I was done changing, I quickly swept my hair up into a high ponytail. As I was tying my hair with a white ribbon, the door blasted open and there I could see Ciel panting and his demonic eyes were glowing in fear and in rage.

“Young master?” Sebastian was confused.

“Ciel what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“Yuuki is gone!” Ciel shouted.

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