Tainted White Rose

Battle between sisters

“Yuuki!” I shouted as I smashed her door open, inside the room there was no one but Bluebird on the ground and bleeding horribly. My eyes widened in shock and both Ciel and Sebastian were as well.

“My.... Lady..” Bluebird stuttered in pain as she tried to get up, in an instant I ran towards her and knelt down beside her. I formed water in my hands and rested them on her wounded calf, it was quite large.

“Bluebird, don’t worry you will be okay!” I assured as my powers slowly healed it back to normal. I was feeling both angry and scared about what happened to Yuuki, I knew she had to be kidnapped.

“She.....came and took little princess...” Bluebird tried to explain but I hushed her so she could have some energy.

“I will search the area” Sebastian announced as he jumped out the open windows, I glanced at Ciel and gave him a worried look. I could tell from his angry eyes that he was furious about what happened to Yuuki.

“I should have stayed with her for the whole night....” Ciel gritted his teeth as he looked down at the floor.

“Don’t worry, we will get her back.... I will make sure of it” I said as I finished healing Bluebird, though her wound was healed she did lose a lot of blood and energy.

“Do you have any idea where she could be?” Ciel asked as he approached the both of us, I closed my eyes and the first person that popped in my mind was my sister.

“It’s definitely my sister,” I spat out in disgust, “I never thought she would go back on her words”

“I shall prepa-”

“No, Bluebird you need rest,” I interrupted her as I helped her up and half carried her to Yuuki’s bed, “Lila is my sister and I have to kill her with my own hands”

“Very well, my queen” Bluebird bowed her head as she slowly lied down.

“You’re going to the sanctuary aren’t you?” Ciel asked sternly.

“I bet that’s where she is waiting for me,” I replied as I walked towards the window, “Let’s go Ciel, let’s bring her back”

. . .

I stomped through the forest while my aura was raging vigorously around me, making the surrounding small forest eerie and quite disturbing. Each step I took caused the ground to crack, my rage was way above my limit and I was ready to rip her face off. I could hear the other demons whispering and some even scurried away in fear.

“I never thought Ciela was that scary when this angry” Ciel whispered to Sebastian as my husband carried him through the forest.

“Well now you know, Young master” Sebastian sighed as he followed my noticeable trail. As soon as I reached the water guardian sanctuary, I could feel another presence of a demon and that demon shouldn’t even be allowed to enter other than Sebastian and Ciel.

“My, my it seems I have angered my queen” Lila teased as she stood on top of a rock in the middle of the water fall, there in her cursed arms held my daughter who was asleep or should I say put to sleep.

“You seemed to be so anxious to start our battle quite early, though you promised it would be tonight” I glared at her as she rested Yuuki’s body on the rock, she then jumped down on to the large body of water as she stood there with her head held high.

“Well, you seemed to have brought your husband and that little weak pip squeak along.... I am not the only one who broke the promise,” Lila raised her eyebrow as she was mocking me, “well then little one shall we dance?”

“Fine then” I replied sternly as I walked on to the body of water. Instantly I made an invisible shield keeping any demons out and us in. White balls of light came out of the water and surrounded me, and transforming me into my true form. As I walk closer and closer each part of my body was now clothed with my battle outfit. My long black hair turned into silvery white and my dress has changed into a short dark blue dress with really short shorts under, the dress came up to my mid thighs. Then on top of the dress was a long coat which was dark blue and had many embellishments at the tail of the coat and on the short sleeves, it exposed my legs and the chest of my dress. On the waist was undertaker’s chain of lockets which connected with a gold medal with a diamond in the middle. My arms had black arm guards from the elbows down; they were black with gold, silver and dark blue embellishments. I wore black lacy thigh high socks with black over the knee boots, which were laced up on the side. On my forehead where the gem was, it was surrounded by a dark blue ribbon that surrounded the circumference of my head with another black chain with black gems. My cleavage was exposed by the diamond cut out on the dress and on the collar there was a sapphire medal with a black ribbon. Finally on my waist was my guardian sword, which was hooked onto the belt of my coat.

“Undertaker’s lockets... I thought we had them?” Ciel asked as he faced Sebastian.

“I gave it back to her, he entrusted them to her initially” Sebastian explained as he didn’t keep his eyes off of my sister and I.

“I shall not be intimidated by your look” Lila smirked as she zipped towards me with blue aura forming in her hands, she took a swing at me and I dodged her attacks, she smirked as I kept dodging her dangerous swings.

“Seems you’re having a hard time, my queen” Lila laughed evilly as she suddenly disappeared, and only her laughter lingered in the air. I closed my eyes and tracked her presence, I could tell she was dancing around and trying to trick me. When I found out she was coming from behind I quickly bent down and there she revealed herself, attempting to chop my head off. I then raise my leg and kick her hard on the gut, she falls back but then flips back into her fighting stance. She swings her leg high as she forms a water tornado and flings a couple at me, at different angles. I then quickly take out my sword from my dark blue sheath; the sword had a dark blue middle line running through the middle of the sword it was glowing with my powers. In one big swing the tornados dispersed, but at that exact moment Lila came at me from under and grabbed my legs and pulled me into the water.

“Ciela!” Ciel shouted as he tried to run towards me, but was electrocuted by the invisible barrier.

“It’s no use young master, she has fully surrounded the area with her barrier, I can’t even pass through” Sebastian sighed as he tried to figure out where there was a weak spot to get inside. While Sebastian was finding a way in, Lila and I were beating each other up in the water. Lila kicked me hard in the stomach, making me fly out of the water which made me hit the top of the barrier. As Lila was jumping up to stab me with her water spear, I swung the spear out of her hand and kicked her in the face. She grabbed my leg and threw me on to the surface of the water. I hit the surface hard, and as she was coming at me she had formed water daggers and threw them at me. I raised my hand and created a shield that stopped the daggers from stabbing me. Lila was about to punch the life out of me until I quickly rolled away from where I was and quickly stood up in my fighting position. I waved my sword in the air and created five white water snakes with piercing dark blue eyes that hissed at her presence.

“I never thought you would bring those out, they are quite a surprise” Lila smirked as she fingered them to come at her. In a second they sprinted towards her in different angles. Lila was dancing on the water as she dodged their attacks. I teleported behind her and stabbed my sword through her stomach, her eyes widened and coughed up water as she dispersed into nothing.

“It’s a water clone!” I gasped as Lila came from behind me and held her razor sharp ice spear near my neck.

“You maybe intelligent, but don’t think I can’t counter you” Lila chuckled as she brought the spear closer to my neck. I quickly formed a water ball in my hands and created an icy core in the middle. I quickly elbowed her in the stomach, kicked her behind the knee making her collapse and then smashed the ball on her head. At that exact moment she stabbed the side of my stomach with the ice spear before the explosion occurred.

“Crap, she got me” I cursed as I took out the spear from my side; I was surprised that my wound didn’t heal immediately. My eyes widened as I noticed that her spear had a liquid which would cause a demon or element guardian to not heal.

“We are on par” Lila chuckled as she walked out of the misty explosion with blood on the side of her head, she knew as well that she couldn’t heal either, a guardian’s attack will never let any demon heal. I then raised my sword as water danced in the air, following the movements of my sword. When I sliced the air, the water dispersed and it aimed at Lila who was dodging the attacks. She quickly punched the body of water, making an ice trap on where I was standing, at the moment I jumped up but the trail of ice continued following me.

“This is crazy!” I gasped as I tried destroying the already tall tower of ice, itching its way closer and closer towards me, but there was no use. Soon enough it trapped my legs and I was as high as the top of the waterfall, and there on that rock was where my little daughter was sleeping.

“You thought you could escape my grasp.... well it isn’t that easy is it?” She mocked as she created a stairwell of ice and climbed up to become face to face with me. Her pink demonic slits were glowing vibrantly as I glared at her. Without her knowing, I was slowly putting my trap in place but I needed some time. My hands were behind my back with my sword, the weapon was stuck onto the frozen ice with my legs. I slowly but quickly cut my finger against the sharp blade letting four drops of blood fall into the water, all I had to wait for is my blood to reach the bottom of the lake and summon my most powerful creature.

“I have underestimated you quite a bit” I chuckled as she circled me while playing with an ice dagger in her hands.

“Same to you, since I have you in my grasp I wonder how I should kill you” Lila smirked playfully as she raised my chin with the ice dagger. She then looked at Yuuki and back to me while raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t you dare hurt her; she has nothing to do with us!” I hissed.

“Well, I am a hungry demon....” Lila noted.

“Who is hungry for power!” I reminded her.

“That is true..... I want to be the queen of demons and be able to infest the world with them!” She said proudly as she looked at Yuuki with great hunger.

“That would bring catastrophe!” I shouted.

“So?” Lila cocked her head without care, “we demons won’t be controlled by petty humans and angels”

“That will not only destroy the human race but also destroy the lives of demons” I warned.

“After I kill you and take your daughter’s soul, then who will be there to stop me?” She asked as she dug the dagger deeper into my chin, “besides I have a better way to kill you......... I shall kill you from the soul”

Lila backed away from me and jumped towards where Yuuki was sleeping, my eyes widened as she picked her up in her arms.

“YUUKI NO!!!” Ciel shouted as he tried to go through the barrier but my powers were stopping him from going in, Sebastian was not there beside him..... Where was he?

“Don’t you dare touch her!” I shouted angrily at Lila, she just licked her lips as she stared at me with her pink demonic eyes.

“Hmph....You’re a pathetic mother” Lila smirked as three water snakes rose from the water, their eyes were glowing red and hissing at me as they inched closer and closer. I bit my lip, knowing I had to preserve my powers for my summoning; I had to endure as much pain as I had to, for the sake of my daughter’s life.

“You are the pathetic one, Lila,” I smirked, “because you can’t endure a mother’s pain and never will”

The snakes came at me at once and once tore off the tail of my coat, the second one bit parts of my arms, the third one attacked my stomach and wounded my sides, and the fourth one wounded my two legs. I was bleeding heavily and I was shaking in pain, but that didn’t stop me from holding on.

“Look how beautiful you look with your delicious blood smothered all over your body,” Lila smirked, “I can feel your pain, the torture...... You look quite dead right now”

“Please....I feel great,” I smiled as I coughed up a bit of blood, “you know my brother once told me, if you get an opportunity to escape with a single thread of a spider’s web, you find your way to escape no matter how much you have to sacrifice your dignity for it”

“I don’t see your thread of a spiders web” Lila mocked as the fifth snake wrapped around my body and was about to lunge into my chest to eat my heart, I smirked.

“I do now” I smiled as the water instantly bubbled vigorously.

“What? It’s impossible!” Lila gasped as she laid Yuuki gently on the cold rock. The water exploded as my creature arose from deep slumber. My water phoenix screeched in a high tone as she flew up into the night sky, she was a beautiful bird with a light blue body and dark blue and white tail and wings. Her eyes were as black as the night and the gem on the forehead was glistening brightly than a star. She fanned out her wings and sparkles of white light dropped each time she flapped them.

“It’s the great Oceania..... The messenger and knight of the water guardians...” Lila gasped in shock.

“Wow” Ciel awed in amazement while Lila was shaking a bit in fear, knowing she couldn’t fight it.

In a flash, Oceania flew towards me and grabbed the snakes in her mouth and crushed them to death. She flew back around and her wings destroyed my icy prison, at that moment she caught my fall and I was riding with her in the air. I pointed my sword towards where Lila was standing and she flew towards that direction right away. I jumped off her back and reached for Lila’s arm and grabbed it. I pulled her towards me and made her fall towards the body of water. Oceania flew back around and caught her in her claws while I landed softly back on her back.

“ARRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!! MY BODY IS BURNING!!!!!” Lila screamed as Oceania clenched her hard. I jumped off of the phoenix’s back and stood silently on the water as I watched Oceania rough Lila up, and injure her greatly. As soon as I could see that Lila’s clothes were all tattered up and she was basically painted with blood, Oceania released Lila causing her to fall on to the surface of the water. Her body was covered in cuts and blood; she struggled to get up and only managed to go on her knees. She tried to stand up by grabbing onto my tattered clothes; she leaned against my chest and rested her head against my shoulder.

“Y-you...... have more power than I could have imagined......” Lila whispered into my ear.

“You don’t deserve to live!” I said sternly as I stabbed her heart with my sword, as tears streamed down my face knowing I had officially killed my sister with my own hands. At that moment the invisible barrier shattered and both Ciel and Sebastian could now enter the sanctuary.

“Ciela..........Thank you.....I can now die in peace, sis........” Lila whispered as she rested her bloody hand on my head, my eyes widened as tears continued to stream down my face.

“You......Y-you regained your memory?” I gasped as I collapsed on my knees with her.

“I never lost it Ciela..... I purposely wanted you to end my life....” Lila coughed up blood.

“W-why?” I whispered.

“B-because.....W-when that demon killed me.....H-he wanted to cause me the greatest pain.....and that was to live as a demon and not die in peace.......B-because of him, I couldn’t die in peace” Lila cried as she spoke slowly.

“We could have lived together like a family despite you being a demon!” I argued as I held my sister closer to my body.

“I..... wanted........ a better life for you....... and now you got that.......Now I can die knowing I have a brother in law, a niece and you being a hero of this world.......I got to see you fly from the nest..... That was what I wanted.....and what Mom and Dad wanted too.....” Lila explained as she struggled.


“Ciela.......Thank you...... I W-will always watch over you and love you.....Now I can go with Mom and Dad......Be good okay?” Lila whispered before she closed her eyes and released her last breath. I carefully lay her down on the surface of the water and watched her peaceful dead body; I could see her smile a bit.....

“Lila....... I love you too” I whimpered as I cried horribly. Oceania sat beside her body and lowered her head in respect, the gentle wind brushed through my body and I could feel her warmth. I also felt the aura of other demons surrounding the sanctuary and also bowing their heads in respect.

Sebastian and Ciel walked slowly towards me, and from the reflection I saw Yuuki safe and sound in Ciel’s arms. I even felt the aura of someone similar, in fact a person I haven’t seen for years.

“She finally died in peace” A familiar voice rang out from the sanctuary, I looked out into the distance and found Undertaker walking towards me, his bright yellow green eyes glowed vibrantly. Each step he took caused white lights to come out from her body, it slowly formed into her, she looked vibrant and beautiful as always.

“Undertaker” I gasped as well as Ciel and Sebastian, we stared at Undertaker and how Lila’s soul was standing beside him. As soon as he stopped, Lila fully formed and she was glowing like an angel as she wore a white gown, and had a tiara on her head. I stood up and watched her stand beside Undertaker, she smiled at him and he did the same at her. She then looked at me, especially at the chain of lockets I had on my waist.

“Ciela, you see that locket in the middle? That is mine” Lila spoke as she pointed towards it. I looked down and saw the locket with her name on it.

“Lila Blue” I read as I opened the locket to reveal her faded photo on one side and the other had Undertaker’s photo of when he was young and gallant, I remembered him dressing that way when he came to train my sister.

“Undertaker, I thank you for helping me and loving me,” Lila smiled as she cupped Undertaker’s cheeks and gently kissed him on the lips, “you helped me reach my light”

“All I wanted was for you to be happy....” Undertaker whispered as she smiled at him. I was really shocked; I never knew my sister was in love with a creepy death god like him. Lila looked back at me and then at Yuuki who was sleeping soundly in Ciel’s arms. She simply smiled and soon her body was fading into white balls of light, which then floated up to the sky and disappeared. The warm wind embraced us all and brought a small smile to my lips as I saw her soul go to where she belonged.

“How on earth did you fall in love with her sister?” Ciel asked while gaping at Undertaker.

“I am simply her knight” Undertaker shrugged as he walked towards my sleeping daughter in Ciel’s arms. He gently caressed her cheeks and smiled. I clutched the locket in my hands and closed my eyes remembering her smiling face.

“Wait!” I shouted, Undertaker turned back and was quite confused. I then unhooked the chain of lockets and tossed it to him, which he caught and clutched Lila’s locket.

“You need it more than me” I shouted as I smiled at him.

“I knew you would take care of it” Undertaker shouted back as he disappeared into the mist. At that moment I collapsed onto my knees and clutched my stomach as I groaned in pain, Sebastian caught me and carried me in his arms.

“You definitely reached your limit, it will take you some time to heal” Sebastian said worriedly as he trailed his eyes over my wounds.

“Sadly.....” I sighed as I rested my head against Sebastian’s chest and closed my eyes, “it’s finally over.... she was laid to rest, my daughter is safe, the two worlds are at peace and I can finally go home”

“Indeed, and we can go home and stay together as long as we can live” Sebastian spoke softly as he kissed my head, I blushed a bit. Oceania flew up into the air and sung a beautiful song, in fact the same song my sister used to sing every time she was happy. Sebastian and Ciel jumped up on to the large rock on top of the waterfall, there we were about to leave until Ciel was gazing at the sun rise while holding Yuuki close to his chest. Sebastian stood next to him and all three of us gazed at the beauty of nature and how she was welcoming a new and beautiful day with a bright future ahead of us. I smiled as I closed my eyes and unintentionally fell asleep in the arms of my husband, but I always knew that we would become a happy family, like I had always dreamed of.

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