Tainted White Rose

Unexpected murder and discovery

It was raining and the thunder boomed heavily all day preventing us from returning back. I rested on my bed while I attempted to sleep off my pounding head, but there was no use. I was about to close my eyes until a knock was made at the door.

“Come in” I sighed. Sebastian came in with a wet towel and some tea, he closed the door behind him and approached me.

“Your head is still hurting?” he asked putting the tea on the side table. I nodded in reply as I sat up, resting my head on the headboard. He placed the wet towel on my head and gave me my cup of tea. My little puppy climbed up onto my bed and lied down beside me; I gently petted him on the head.

“I should give him a name,” I said softly, “give me ideas”

“hmm.... How about Tim?” Sebastian suggested.

“It’s not a bad name” I replied back still petting his soft brown fur, he was a German shepherd. Suddenly a woman screamed, it was from Mey-rin. Sebastian and I quickly ran towards the sound as Tim followed behind me. The scream was from the basement where Lord Barrymore was kept; my eyes widened when I saw the blood splattered everywhere.

“Lord Barrymore is gone!” Mey-rin screeched while pointing at the blood splattered wall. Everyone in the room was shocked especially Ciel and I. A sudden loud knock was made at the front door and we all hurried upstairs to see who it was. Finnian opened the door to reveal a man from town, he was panting heavily with a very scared look on his face,

“The demon hound is back!” he said. At that moment we all ran to the chaining area where Henry Barrymore’s body was resting against the stone wall. Everyone was singing the lullaby and the servants screamed in shock. Sebastian approached his body, he was investigating the wounds.

“Great demon hound please forgive us!” One man shouted. At that moment Angela fainted to the ground and Finnian ran towards her. My head started to feel very faint and blurry, I started to lose balance.

“Lady Ciela!” Ciel cried. As I was falling to the ground I was caught by a pair of soft but muscular arms. All I could remember was whispering his name,


. . . .

~ The next day ~

My eyes cracked open as Sebastian stood beside my bed, putting his hand on my forehead; his cold hands relaxed my muscles.

“The fever has gone down a bit” Sebastian said as he slipped his hand back into his glove.

“I had a fever?” I asked as Sebastian nodded in reply.

“But, I think it’s gone now, how are you feeling princess?” He asked.

“I am feeling much better, since my headache has gone away” I said trying to smile as brightly as I could. I ran my fingers through my black hair when I noticed I was wearing a long sleeved silk gown..... a night gown.

“H-how am I in my night attire?” I said jumping up from my bed. I glanced at Sebastian who just stared at me with a confused look, my face started turning red.

“I changed you since your clothes were wet from the rain,” Sebastian continued, “I didn’t want your fever to go up more”

“PERVERT!!!” I screamed as I threw a pillow.

“Please calm down, it’s not that bad” Sebastian said as he ducked all the pillows that I threw at him.

“YA, FOR YOU TO SAY!!!” I screamed back, “M-MY BODY HAS BEEN EXPOSED!”

“I was blindfolded while I was changing you, does that make you feel better?” he asked. I nodded in reply.

“You better have not have lied Sebastian” I threatened, giving him a very hard stare.

“I don’t lie Princess” Sebastian assured. I sighed and took out my violet dress from my suitcase and placed it on my bed.

“Would you like me to help you with that dress?” he asked having a sly grin spread across his beautiful yet perverted face.

“No thank you, I can handle it myself,” I replied softly, “Unless you want a huge burn on your face,”

“I think I will skip that offer” he laughed as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

. . . .

I came down stairs to the dining room when I saw Ciel at the dining table all by himself; this was rather rare since Sebastian would always be at his side. I tried to put on a bright smile as I approached him,

“Ciel why are you here alone?” I asked.

“I was actually about to leave to enjoy an interesting show” Ciel said as he put on his coat and hat.

“Where are you going and what show are you talking about?” I asked again.

“You will see,” Ciel said, “Follow me”

I followed him up a far path which led to a broken down area with broken down walls and such. From a distance all I could see was Sebastian holding a huge dog’s paw while Finny was on the ground stunned. I scowled as I saw the dog, he was no ordinary dog it was a demon hound. Sebastian than threw the dog in the air, which made the hound crash to the ground.

“Sebastian, there is no time to fool around!” Ciel scolded, I was just behind him watching the whole scene.

“Young master!” The servants cried.

“Of course not,” Sebastian continued, “I shall take care of everything at once!”

I stood silently while I watched how annoyed he was with fighting an animal he hated the most, well good thing I adopted a little puppy. The whole time he kept on rewarding and punishing the dog, honestly even if it was a demon hound I felt bad for it. He then threw the dog in the air which fell pretty hard into what used to be a pool. Suddenly a fountain of hot water sprouted out of the big hole, and at the very top of the fountain stood Sebastian with the demon hound in his arms in human form. Sebastian jumped safely down which the naked man ran out of Sebastian’s arms and embraced Angela which I didn’t notice. I saw Ciel’s and Sebastian’s face turn sour as they saw how friendly he was toward Angela, which was very odd and suspicious. Later that day, Angela explained the whole story of how she hid “Pluto” from Henry Barrymore and how she cared for him. She then begged Ciel to take care of him.

“Please, would you be kind enough to keep him at your estate!?” She begged.

Sebastian was stunned, “I refuse, I am merely one hell of a butler”

“In my opinion I would keep him, we need someone to look after the estate right Ciel?” I said as Sebastian glared at me angrily, it was revenge for changing me while I was unconscious.

“That is a splendid idea!” Ciel exclaimed while Sebastian scowled at the both of us.

“Do you really mean that, young master?” he asked hoping he was joking. Ciel and I giggled under our breath.

“Yes it sounds pretty amusing.... in many ways” Ciel replied still grinning like crazy, Sebastian sighed.

“I guess the case is now closed” Sebastian said. We all headed back to the manor and packed up all our stuff, we packed them all in our carriage. I sat next to Ciel with the new little puppy in my arms.

“Looks like I am not the only one bringing a present home,” I said.

“Yes it seems so, but I think Sebastian will enjoy my present more” Ciel grinned as Sebastian made an annoyed look on his face.

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