Tainted White Rose

A missing friend

My fingers danced along the keys of my piano as the melody made me sway in my chair while Tim was peacefully sleeping beside my bench. All my stress was relieved from playing my most favourite piece, until a knock was made at the door when I ended the final chord.

“Come in” I said softly as I got up from my bench. Blue bird was at the door holding a tray with a letter on it, it was from the Queen. I walked towards her and opened the letter,

My dear lady Ciela,

There are missing girls that have made the Yard rather astonished, and all these missing children have been missing for a long period of time. All of the victims have received the Hope diamond which soon later disappeared with them. Both the ring and the girls have not been found, and it seems there is a connection. Please find them and report back to me with Lord Ciel.

Queen Victoria

I folded the fine piece of paper; these poor girls have been kidnapped and possibly killed. A sudden flashback of my sister’s death sprung into my eyes, my hands stiffened. I had to save them they didn’t deserve to die.

“What is going to happen, my lady?” Blue bird asked with a worried look on her face.

“I will have to investigate alone on this, Ciel must be busy at this time” I said as I hurried out of the room. I quickly tied my hair up into a high ponytail and changed into a more suitable outfit for investigations like this. I changed into a knee long dress which had a white top with a black skirt from the waist down. I covered my legs with black tights and wore black strapped flats. I had my sword tied tight to my hip with a silver chain. I then hurried out the door jumping from tree to tree, roof to roof quietly and quickly to the lively streets of London.

Ciel’s P.O.V

Elizabeth’s maid said she lost her somewhere around here, I looked around the dark path of the street where only the moon’s light and the street lights showed me the way. However, I had to roam the streets with Pluto; he was a waste of my time. I remember what Sebastian said to me before he left...

~ A while back ~

“Take this my lord, it should be of some use” Sebastian said holding Pluto in his hand.

“And how will it be useful?” I asked curiously.

“It is useful to distract the enemy while you run away” he replied. I just scowled at him for insulting me, but he was right.

~ Back to present ~

I guess he could be useful in some ways, I took out a ribbon which belonged to Elizabeth and gave it to Pluto to sniff in her scent, and he just scratched his head.

“Are you seriously only going to listen to Sebastian?” I asked furiously. He then ran off dragging me to another dark alley which led me to that same red headed grim reaper that killed my aunt, Grell Sutcliff.

Ciela’s P.O.V

I kept jumping from roof to roof, until a similar voice stopped me, I stood on a rooftop until my eyes widened to see Ciel in an alleyway with Pluto talking to a red headed man. I was stunned to see that red headed man, he was definitely a Death god I could sense it from here. I wanted to go to Ciel’s side but that would blow my cover, I didn’t want Ciel to truly know who I really was; not for now at least. Suddenly Pluto barked and ran off into the darkness of the alley, Ciel and Grell followed behind. I too followed them from above to see where he was leading him. In the end, he stopped at a doll shop. My eyes widened as I saw a very similar looking doll from the window, it looked exactly like...

“Lizzie!” Ciel shouted in shock as I clenched my fists. How could she be one of the victims? I thought they were all linked to the victims who had the hope diamond with them. Unless she somehow got the diamond, but who could have given it to her? Suddenly Pluto crashed through the window of the store, Ciel and the death god entered the store. I jumped to another roof to get closer to the shop, without getting seen. From the window, I saw all three entering another room and they didn’t return for a while. I quickly jumped down from the roof and entered inside the shop, surprisingly there was no one except me. I went through the same door they went through and revealed myself to be in front of a huge castle, from the distance I could see Ciel and that death god talking. I stayed within the shadows to hear their conversation.

“Grell protect me” Ciel said sternly, my eyes widened in surprise, he actually asked a death god to protect him that is something you don’t see every day.

“What!?” the death god asked.

“I’ll let you do whatever you want just protect me,” Ciel begged.

“I am not the type of girl you can just pay you know, I-”

“I’ll let you do whatever you want with Sebastian for a whole day” Ciel interrupted as he smirked at the death god. My jaw dropped; did he just say that the death god could basically fool around with Sebastian for a whole day? I shivered, that.... was weird and the death god says he is a girl.... that’s weirder....

“I can do anything I want with him,” the death god thought, “I can kiss him?!”

“Whatever you want,” Ciel replied straightly.

“With tongue!?” the death god asked dancing around Ciel. Oh god, I can’t believe my fiancé has a fan girl who is obsessed with him.... wait a second did I just say Sebastian is my fiancé..... That did not come out right.... but at second thought Sebastian would be tortured by him..... That is actually not that bad. The death god, known as Grell went inside the mansion with Ciel, I followed them quietly from behind.

“All right, here we go!” Grell cheered as he opened the door, from where I was I saw a young girl standing on a podium, she was one of the missing girls but she looked like a doll, a dead doll. Suddenly the young girl grabbed Ciel by the neck, choking him. I quickly got out from the shadows and drew out my sword, I headed toward the girl.

“Ciel!” I shouted as I cut her neck with my sword. The doll collapsed on the floor unresponsive, Ciel was on the ground coughing, his eyes widened in surprise to see me.

“Lady Ciela, where did you come from?” he asked as he got up from the ground.

“I received the queen’s letter about the missing girls so I wanted to solve it at this hour,” I replied, “I was going to contact you but I was worried it was too late to do so”

“Who the hell are you?” The death god asked as he jumped down from the chandelier. I turned around to face him; he had little scissors in his hands.

“I am Ciel’s partner for any missions given to us,” I said putting my hand on my waist “And you are a death god”

“How do you know that?” he asked as he walked toward me. From the corner of my eye I could see Ciel surprised as ever.

“From your looks” I replied walking back to Ciel. Ciel had taken the Hope Diamond ring off of the young girl’s finger and clenched it in his hand. The doors in front of us suddenly opened to reveal a man which resembled a puppet; he kept on singing a similar tune.

“It seems my creation became a failure,” the man said lifting his hand, “However, I can make them stronger!”

“Who’s that?” I whispered to Ciel.

“Drossel Keinz” Ciel replied while glaring at him, I looked back at Drossel and clenched my sword harder. As he sung his song, four more girls entered the room; I bet they were harder to cut than the last one. As the girls were in the spotlight, Drossel descended slowly back into the darkness.

“Anyone who stands in the way of Sebby’s and my love..” Grell said as he ran toward the dolls, “...gets this!”

Grell tried to stab them with his scissors with full power, but he was pushed back by the dolls and fell to the ground. As I thought, they were made with stronger material, but they shouldn’t be a problem for me.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn,” I said as a grin spread across my face. I ran towards the same doll Grell charged into and kicked her really hard into a wall, the wall cracked. I then quickly kicked her neck which made it snap out of place.

“One down, three to go...” I said as I charged into the next doll. I kicked her off her feet, which made her collapse to the ground, and swiftly I stabbed my sword through her iron neck. I really wanted to use my powers right now, but I couldn’t in front of Ciel.

“Ciel I know Lizzie was kidnapped by him,” I said as I fought with the third doll, “You go ahead, the rest of us will catch up!”

Ciel nodded and ordered Grell, “I want you and Pluto to play with these dolls, Ciela come after you are done with them!”

He then ran off into the next room, I smiled and hoped he would be safe. As soon as I couldn’t feel Ciel’s presence, I jumped onto the podium.

“I guess its show time,” I grinned as the water and blue aura swirled around my sword. I then headed for the two dolls and took care of them in one swing, their bodies collapsed with the rest of the dolls.

“You.... couldn’t....be....” Grell stuttered, “A water guardian?”

I faced him and smiled sweetly as I nodded, I put my index finger to my lip.

“Let’s keep this a secret from Ciel okay?” I winked as Grell nodded. Suddenly more dolls came into the room, surrounding us and enclosing us in a circle, I put my sword back into its sheath.

“Good luck Grell!!” I smiled as I jumped over them and ran through the next door. From behind I could hear Grell cursing at me for leaving him with a bunch of dolls.

. . .

I ran up the dark stairwell which led to a door, I opened the door to enter a bright blue room and Drossel was sitting on the ledge of the second floor, he cocked his head to the side and stared at me.

“You are very pretty,” he continued, “You would be a perfect addition with Ciel”

“I won’t let that happen, I won’t let you turn me and Ciel into those dolls” I said sternly as I glared at him.

“What have you done with Elizabeth!?” I asked.

“You will have to find out soon” Drossel replied calmly. He then began singing again; I just ignored him and ran through the next door across the room. I pushed the door to have myself in a completely dark room with no lights. I was surrounded by darkness and nothing else, the never ending room was cold and it tickled against my skin. I heard footsteps from a distance and tried to run towards it, but it felt as if I was going nowhere. All of a sudden I felt a hard push on my back which made me fall into the abyss. As I was falling there was a small circle of light and it grew bigger and bigger. Soon enough I realized that the light was from outside, my eyes widened, I was falling from a tower. I closed my eyes shut waiting for the impact, but instead I felt something soft and muscular hug me tight. I peeked open one eye to see Sebastian holding me close to him, I gasped.

“Princess, I won’t let you fall don’t worry” Sebastian whispered. I realized that Sebastian was carrying me bridal style through the sky; I guessed he jumped to catch me. We finally reached the ledge of a window, he stood on the ledge and the moon’s light illuminated his face as I gazed into those maroon eyes while he did the same with me.

“You may have grown a lot, but those blue eyes will always be the same” Sebastian said softly. I gulped nervously.

“Y-you can p-put me down now” I stuttered as I could feel my cheeks get warmer.

“I can’t, you’re gripping on to my coat” he said as a smirk appeared on his face. I immediately loosened my grip and he put me down on the ledge, I looked away feeling a bit embarrassed. I quickly jumped down onto the ground and at that moment I noticed a symbol on the carpet. Sebastian gently tugged my arm, causing me to sit down on the window next to him.

“What wa-” I was interrupted with his gloved finger on my lips. I nodded and noticed that Ciel had entered the room, but he had a rather hurt or angry expression on his face.

“Truly nothing good happens on your birthday, does it?” Sebastian asked calmly. I clenched my fists, I wanted to say something but I thought it was better for me not to say anything. Ciel was shocked to hear those words come out of his mouth, and I was too.

“You lost your mansion, your parents,” Sebastian continued, “this time will you lose Lady Elizabeth too?”

“Sebastian!” Ciel shouted. “Take that back!”

Ciel noticed me sitting next to Sebastian and was shocked; I just looked into his eyes.

“Take what back, young master?” Sebastian asked, I just sat quietly witnessing the emotional guilt sebastian was inflicting on the young noble.

“What you said!” Ciel replied angrily.

“I am guessing the business you wanted to take care of was savouring your painful past?” Sebastian asked. Ciel gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, I felt a sharp pain in my heart knowing what he had been through.

“Remember time you said that the ring had already been shattered and reborn?” Sebastian asked again.

“That is true,” Ciel continued, “Don’t say the things I have said before!”

“Sebastian, I am the same as Ciel don’t anger him more” I said softly as the picture of my family shattered in my eyes.

I smiled sadly and got up from the window ledge. I slowly walked toward Ciel and I looked deep into those dark blue eyes filled with hatred and sadness. I gently touched his warm cheek with my ice cold fingers. He eventually moved away from my touch and glance. The same tune that Drossel was singing came on again and the room was filled with the iron made dolls, Ciel and I backed up as Sebastian walked calmly towards us.

“So he controls them with this tune,” Sebastian said calmly, “in that case...”

Sebastian began to sing and dance circling the room, while twisting the words around with the tune, soon enough the dolls began to collapse in a second.

“Well that was easier than using my energy” I grumbled under my breath.

“~My fair lady~” Sebastian bowed in front of us.

“Who are you calling a lady?” Ciel said feeling offended. I giggled softly under my breath.

“Young master, Lady Ciela we should leave.” Sebastian said as he got up, holding out his hand.

“I don’t think so; Ciel Phantomhive is my master’s possession now.” Drossel said as he entered the room.

“He is not someone you can keep,” I shot back.

“However, it is all said from the ring on his finger.” Drossel said. All of us shot our eyes at Ciel’s ring, it glistened in the moonlight.

“Whoever possesses the hope diamond is made into a doll like the girls here,” he continued, “And Ciel Phantomhive is one of them, might as well take Ciela Blue for a perfect addition”

“Made with silver and gold...” Drossel finished.

“Silver and gold will be stolen away, stolen away.” Sebastian sang as he took both of us in his arms and jumped out the window. Sadly, I was the one closest to Sebastian’s face and he kept looking into my eyes; matter of fact we were nose to nose. Ciel looked up and blushed at how close Sebastian and I was, Sebastian just continued looking into my eyes without making a move.

“Better than Silver and Gold,” Sebastian whispered softly as we landed safely on a bridge.

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