Tainted White Rose

Saving Elizabeth

Sebastian released us from his embrace, I blushed madly as I remembered what just happened; I backed away from him a bit. Ciel’s face raged up in anger and slapped Sebastian in the face. Sebastian’s eyes widened to see that his young master had slapped him, and I was too.

“Have you forgotten about Lizzie?” Ciel asked angrily, “You still haven’t saved her and I ordered you to do so!”

“She fell to be the victim of the kidnapping, and is my first-”

“An order is not the same as a contract, saving you is always my first priority regardless of your order” Sebastian interrupted. Ciel fell quiet as soon as he spoke; I soon came closer to them.

“I have devoted myself to your service and protection, and therefore I can’t have anyone else steal you away” Sebastian explained as his maroon eyes turned demonic pink. At that moment Ciel realized what had just happened, he revealed himself to have a contract with his demon butler in front of me; he quickly turned around to face me.

“Sebastian, this is an order I want you to-”

“No need Ciel, I already knew from the beginning” I said as I interrupted Ciel. Ciel was surprised to know my secret about them.

“How?” he asked sternly.

“You see, I am not what you think I am,” I said softly as I raised my hand to have water and blue aura form into a sphere in my hand, Ciel backed away from me in shock, “I am a water guardian and I have no intent to hurt any human” I quickly glanced at Sebastian and back at Ciel.

“Does her majesty know?” Ciel asked.

“Obviously not, but my bloodline has this power,” I continued, “To control water and they have been ever since the Earth was born”

Ciel was astonished with my identity and turned to face Sebastian once again; he asked him carefully, “Did you know Sebastian?”

Sebastian glanced at me and looked at him, he nodded in reply.

“More questions will be answered in the future, but now is not the time.” I reminded Ciel sternly as I dispersed the water and aura from my hand; he looked back at me and nodded. He then took out the Hope diamond ring from his coat pocket and placed it in my cold hands. The ring prickled my skin as it was gently placed on it.

“Young master?” Sebastian asked seeming pretty confused as I.

“The ring is the next target for doll making,” Ciel said softly, “And the next is us.”

I looked up at him and smiled, “It seems so,”

“Since we both have a ring of the same stone, it will require some more effort to protect both of us, Ciel grinned, “and Sebastian I order you from now and always, to protect Lady Ciela’s life as of mine.”

“Ciel there is no need for that!” I shouted back.

“Of course there is, we are the queen’s favourite are we not?” he asked as he grinned at me; I nodded in reply. Sebastian then got down on one knee and bowed before us, “Yes my lord.”

I slid the ring in a small pouch which I tucked away close to my chest.

Suddenly a loud howl rang through the night sky, “Pluto!” Ciel exclaimed.

“It seems Lady Elizabeth is not anywhere in the mansion,” We all faced toward the tall tower a little further from here, “but she could be in that sealed off tower.”

We all quickly ran through the forest to get to the tower, it reminded me of the story of Repunzel and to me Elizabeth was the princess. From a far distance I could see Grell holding onto Pluto’s rope to prevent him from running off, he seemed frustrated.

“You two are alive?” Ciel asked as we arrived at the foot of the bridge leading to the tower. Grell turned around and instantly turned into fan girl mode as soon as he saw his lover.

“Sebas-Chan!!!!!!” Grell pounced at Sebastian but was stepped on by Pluto as he embraced Sebastian tightly. I face palmed, great now there are two fan girls who love him.

“Does this happen a lot?” I asked Ciel quietly and Ciel just nodded slowly in shame.

“Hey no fair!” Grell pouted, “Wait a sec, that couldn’t be a demon hound right?”

“Yup, but isn’t he adorable?” I asked as I ruffled Pluto’s hair playfully.

Grell then jumped up in glee and was going in super fan girl mode.

“A passionate night with two amazing, handsome and very hot demons, it is a dream come true!” Grell was just jumping around in joy. Could this get anymore worse?

“That is just disturbing...” Sebastian replied as he scowled at Grell.

“Pluto, I have been waiting for you,” Sebastian said as we all walked towards the entrance of the tower, my eyes widened when I recognized the seal on the door.

“Isn’t that the seal of the underworld?” I asked and Sebastian nodded in reply.

“When there is this seal on a door, only a demon hound or a water guardian can open this door.” Sebastian replied. Grell and Ciel looked toward me and I approached the door.

“There is no need Lady Ciela, just let the hound take care of it” Sebastian said as Pluto’s collar began to glow, making him transform into his real form. Pluto howled and the door opened, Pluto’s form made Grell excited..... Too excited. As Pluto ran through the entrance, he disappeared into the dark tower.

“I guess we will just follow him,” I said walking through the front door with everyone else.

. . . .

All of us climbed the dark cold stairs up the tower until we arrived at a door, we surrounded the door and Sebastian grabbed the handle of the door. At that moment, I drew out my sword from my sheath and got ready, Ciel gave the signal. Sebastian opened the door and we cautiously went inside the small dim room, the room smelled of clay and wax. The room had many doll sculptures and bodies lying around in several desks in the room. Across the room there was a young girl with a light pink dress and a light pink bonnet covering part of her golden hair, my eyes widened.

“Lizzie!” Ciel and I shouted as he ran towards her. He called her name several times and even shook her fragile body, but there was no response.

“It seems we were too late” Grell stated, my knees buckled and I felt like I was going to collapse. I didn’t want to lose my best friend, not Lizzie! First I lost my Mother, my father, my sister and now her?

“No....” Ciel stuttered in disbelief. I bet me and him wanted to believe it wasn’t true, but what would happen if it was?

“Lizzie, Lizzie! You have to wake up!” Ciel shouted as he kept on shaking her awake. I gasped as Elizabeth’s emerald eyes began to slowly open, I was feeling a bit relieved but still worried. I ran toward her and hugged Lizzie tightly, but something was off and I could feel it.

“The ring.....” Lizzie said softly. I unwrapped my arms around her and took out the pouch from my chest which had the ring and showed it to Lizzie. She smiled softly, “Ciel did you like my gift?”

Ciel was shocked to hear that the gift she was going to give him was the Hope diamond.

“Why would you give me this ring?” he asked softly which has concern in his eyes.

“Because...” Elizabeth was interrupted when she was lifted up into the sky without her will.

“I wonder why she moves without her own will.” Drossel’s voice rang out, “I wonder why she hurts the ones she loves?”

A weapon flew at her and she grabbed it, she was about to swing it at Ciel until I moved him out of his way.

“No, no, no!” Elizabeth cried as she kept swinging the massive weapon around without her control. Sebastian grabbed Ciel and kept avoiding her attacks and she too tried to swing at me. I wanted to protect Ciel without hurting Elizabeth at all.

“Grell you can see this too, can’t you?” Sebastian asked as he kept avoiding her attacks.

“I don’t want my blades to chip” Grell complained.

“Grell you are missing your opportunity to love him like you never have before!” I shouted as I blocked Elizabeth’s attacks.

“Please” Sebastian begged sweetly and at that moment Grell became energized.

“Does that mean we can kiss with tongue!?” Grell asked jumping up and down like a little child.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.” Sebastian said calmly as he had a grip on the big axe while shooting a smirk at me, my jaw dropped and my face turned really red; why did he have to say it to me? Say it to your fan girl in the corner! Grell’s face became really red and steam puffed out of his nostrils, he was charged up all right. He quickly took out his baby scissors and cut the unseen puppet strings on her back, she collapsed to the ground as if she was dead. Ciel bent down and caressed her cheek with his gloved hand, Sebastian picked up the thin puppet string.

“I did it! Compliment me Sebas-chan!” Grell begged.

“Great job Grell, not everyone can run with scissors” Sebastian said trying to be enthusiastic.

“I’m flattered to DEATH!” Grell danced around the room in glee and I just faced palm really hard.

“This string leads somewhere” Sebastian said looking upward to the shadows, I ran and leaped to land on the steel railing. I scowled at the figure which hid beneath the dark shadows.

“Drossel Keinz is it not?” I asked. He walked out of the shadows and lifted his arms, I felt a sudden tug of the strings wrapping around my body, the thin strings dug into my skin I winced slightly. The rest below was also wrapped in puppet string.

“What shall I use to make my new dolls?” Drossel asked himself and looked towards me, “especially you Ciela”

I tried to struggle out of the string but the more I tried the more the string dug into my skin. He walked toward me and put his finger under my chin.

“Hmm.... what a fine beauty you are” he complimented.

“Why thank you,” I said as I slowly made the water and aura surround him, “I am not ruining my complexion with your inhumane methods!”

The water and aura secured him very tightly, the string which surrounded us loosened. Sebastian quickly took the big axe which Elizabeth was using and jumped toward him. I then side kicked Drossel in the gut which made him fly towards Sebastian.

“You don’t seem like you’re made of good material” Sebastian concluded as he smashed the axe on his skull, his body fell on the cold, stony ground, he was dead. I jumped down softly and clapped my hands removing the dust in my palms.

“So beautiful!” Grell praised as he scooted near Sebastian on his knees.

“Drossel was a doll after all” I stated.

“His soul was collected five years ago” Grell added, “But for some odd reason we detected signs of survival”

“Someone must have been controlling him from behind, using his body as a puppet” Ciel said as he placed his hand on his chin in thought.

“Ciel” Lizzie called; I was relieved her own skin tone was coming back.

“Let’s go home Lizzie” Ciel said as he bent down reassuring her.

“I want to give you a birthday party..... Please?” She begged softly. In an instant Ciel’s eyes turned sad, in his heart and I even knew he didn’t want to.

“Yes..... Please do” Ciel replied with a sad expression on his face. Elizabeth smiled softly and closed her eyes; she was exhausted from that whole fight.

“It’s not over yet,” I said as Drossel’s body rose up and walked toward the exit.

“I... n-need..... To...r-report to my master” Drossel stuttered as he struggled to get to his destination.

“He is all hurt but still? Why?” Grell wondered.

“I can understand. You see he is merely doing his job as a butler” Sebastian replied as there was some sort of pity in his eyes. The doll then opened the door to a bigger more beautiful room, and there lied Pluto in front of a chair which was facing him. Drossel then collapsed to the ground. We all entered and I stood beside Sebastian.

“Pluto?” Ciel was surprised to see him be so friendly with a person Ciel was not familiar with.

“I apologize,” The mysterious man spoke, “my butler was unable to even offer you hospitality”

“So you were behind this” Ciel said sternly.

“Why would you make these innocent girls into dolls?” I asked sternly as I scowled at the mysterious man.

“Doll making is quite remarkable and is noble work, which means preserving it means it is the most beautiful and perfect of people, it is very hard to find in people but not impossible” He replied, I gritted my teeth in anger all for perfection? That was crazy!

“Why were you after Lady Ciela and me?” Ciel asked as he took the hope diamond from his pocket, “We won’t be made into dolls and be displayed somewhere!”

Ciel furiously threw the hope diamond at the mysterious man’s chair.

“You two should know your place?” The man shot back.

“Why is that?” I asked sternly, “For your own selfish needs?”

“My butler was made of straw, but he wouldn’t understand why I wanted you two” He replied.

“Ciel Phantomhive, you were never supposed to live, your body is unclean,” he continued, “Ciela Blue you were born pure, but your soul and body has been tainted with the unclean. Our eyes widened in shock, he wanted us because of your dirtiness? Due to the fact we were destined that way? We both glared at him with so much anger. I really wanted to punch this man’s face right now.

“Why do you know this?” I asked again as I gritted my teeth.

“Easy, people like you two should never exist in this world” The man replied straightly, “unworthy, unfaithful, dirty and a destruction to the world.”

I couldn’t take anymore of his jibber jabber this was going too far. Water and blue aura slowly swirled around me as I grew angrier and angrier. Was it my fault that my mother, father and sister died? Was it?

“Lady Ciela, calm down” Ciel commanded.

“You want to rip his face off too; I am not the only one!” I shouted as I ran towards him with the sphere of the element swirling in my hand, I confronted the man face to face but, I realized he was just a doll. Everyone ran to my side and they were surprised as I. However, there was a small doll that sat on his lap, he looked toward me and started running out the door. I quickly made a whip with water and caught the small doll before it left, I brought it close to me, and it was laughing like a mad man.

“You think you can insult us like that! YOU WILL NEVER EVER LAY A FINGER ON CIEL OR I AND I WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT!” I screamed as the aura around me grew stronger and stronger. Grell, Ciel and Sebastian backed away from me. The crazy doll in my grasp became to laugh harder and harder, I then compressed the water tighter and tighter by the second and soon enough he blew to bits and his remains fell to the ground. The aura around me began to fade and I slowly began to calm down, soon enough I was back to normal.

“T-hat was pretty scary” Grell stuttered as he hid behind Sebastian worried he would be killed.

“Calm down, you won’t be next.... unless you piss me off like before.” I joked.

. . . .

~The next day~

That night it was Ciel’s birthday and Elizabeth threw a party for him.

“Congratulations!” Everyone cheered.

“Congratulations, Ciel!” Elizabeth cheered as she clapped her hands in joy. Sebastian made Christmas pudding and served it to Ciel, I smiled to myself, Sebastian and I made it together for him, and Elizabeth had a little surprise in it. Sebastian cut the pudding and he put the piece of it in front of Ciel. Ciel took one bite of his piece and he took out a ring from his mouth, Elizabeth looked pleased.

“If you have a ring in your portion, you are guaranteed happiness in the future” Sebastian said proudly. Elizabeth smiled in glee and took Ciel’s hand,

“You will have happiness in the future!” She said as her eyes became watery.

“Wait a second, I have to give him my present” I said getting up from my seat, I took out the hidden wrapped gift from behind and placed it in front of him.

“You d-”

“ah ah ah, open it first then talk.” I said waving my finger at him. He then carefully unwrapped the gift and took out the box and on it was my family crest. Ciel opened the box to reveal a silver pocket watch with his crest engraved in gold, he opened the pocket watch to reveal his name in the inside cover of the watch, also engraved in gold. Ciel’s eyes widened and looked at me.

“Happy birthday Ciel” I smiled, “Also this is part of it”

I bent down and kissed him softly on his cheek, I could feel his face burn up. From where I was I could definitely sense an aura of jealously coming from Sebastian.

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