Tainted White Rose


We walked through the hustling crowds where people circled around the crime scene, there were half naked English men hung by foot from a building, they didn’t seem dead.

“All these people just came from India?” Ciel asked startling Aberline, “It seems they weren’t dead”

Ciel walked toward Randall grabbing the paper from his hands, Randall glared at the young Earl as he was reading it.

“The child of craziness and laziness...” Ciel read out, he then handed me the paper. Randall’s eyes looked toward me looking rather shocked.

“Y-you couldn’t be the Countess Blue? He asked.

“You are indeed right,” I replied, “I am working beside him from now on”

His eyes turned from shock to a scowl, and I knew what he was thinking, I read the paper Ciel gave me.

“This person is somewhat right,” I stated “I do agree that our country would be better off if these new riches from India were gone”

“That mark...” Ciel pointed trying to imitate it by slightly sticking his tongue out. Randall furiously grabbed the page from my hands.

“He is mocking the queen and our country!” Randall continued, “This person must be Indian!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions,” I shot back, “It could simply be someone who despises the business that Indian riches are making”

“That is true,” Ciel replied, “Whoever it is I will find them, they are ruining the name of the queen”

“It seems that the yard doesn’t know where most of them stay,” I continued, “Most of them are living in the dark streets of London, the East End. However, it is hard to identify the exact route and number of them”

“Then we should go, Sebastian,” Ciel ordered, “Lady Ciela”

I nodded and left with them travelling through the streets.

“Where are we going?” I asked curiously.

“I need to pay someone a visit” Ciel replied. A little while later, we arrived at an alley way with stairs leading down to a door; this place was pretty familiar, actually very. We walked down the stairs, and as soon Sebastian opened the door, a foul smell of smoke was blasted on to our faces. We walked through the dark room to be faced with a dark figure in front of us. I scowled at the dark figure who I knew perfectly well who it was, he was a pervert, a know it all, and his eyes are always full of lust which scares the soul out of me, it is none other than Lau..... That pervert.

“Ah, my little Earl has arrived,” Lau smoothly said, “It seems that my lovely countess has arrived as well”

I partially hid myself behind Sebastian, he chuckled to see how childish I was compared to Ciel at that time, I just glared at him.

“I always knew you two with come” Lau said. The lights suddenly flashed on and all you could see was a bunch of girls surrounding him, I sighed as he was pervy as ever.

“Welcome Earl, welcome Countess!” Lau greeted, “Long time no see.... Oh and by the way, Happy belated Birthday!”

“I have something to ask you” Ciel requested while having an annoyed look on his face.

“Hmmm... news spread quickly, I guessing it’s about “That” incident no?” Lau grinned.

It is a surprise you don’t know since you are the Shanghai Mafia, Quingbang Executive...” I added. Lau looked toward me and smiled at me.

“It seems you have grown, come a little closer I want to examine you,” Lau grinned. I carefully walked toward him still keeping my distance. He took my hand and brought me closer; I was pulled toward him making me sit beside him.

“My you have grown much prettier, and you have grown wonderful womanly features just like your sister” he kissed my hand softly still looking at my face.

“Don’t you control the streets of the East end?” Ciel asked looking annoyed. From the corner of my eye I could see Sebastian feeling tense; he was secretly glaring at Lau..... Geez what a softy.

“Yes that is true...” Lau continued, “By the way what exactly is “That” incident?”

Ciel and I just face palmed, he was definitely a show off.

. . . .

We got out from the smoke room (Thank goodness) and walked through the east end of London, we were expecting some casualties, but nothing popped up. Suddenly, Ciel bumped into an Indian man and started to create some drama.

“Ow my rib..... How am I gonna live?” The man complained. Soon enough more people like him surrounded us.

“Give us everything you have!” the men shouted.

“It seems we are surrounded by thugs” Sebastian said as he cracked his knuckles, I then quickly took out a ribbon from my coat and pulled my hair into a high ponytail.

“Sebastian, take care of them” Ciel ordered.

“Certainly” Sebastian replied while pulling his glove tight, this was going to be fun.

“Everybody in this place hates British people” the thug shouted in Ciel’s face grabbing his coat, I quickly kicked the thug’s gut and he went flying. Everyone was stunned to see me do that, especially from a lady.

“Please don’t touch him roughly like that,” I smiled as I cracked my knuckles, “So who’s next?”

“You little bitch!” he spat in my face, I was about to give him another punch until someone stopped me.

“Wait,” a young Indian man with dark purple hair ordered, “I am looking for someone, have you seen her?”

He approached us with another man behind him, he noticed us three.

“Are you two English nobles?” he asked.

“What if we are?” Ciel replied.

“I will side with my countrymen if that is the case,” The man spoke, “Agni!”

“Yes?” his butler asked.

“Defeat them!” the young man ordered. The butler nodded and started unwrapping his bandaged right hand. He them plummeted toward us, Sebastian grabbed Ciel and jumped back, I ran towards him with full speed as well. Agni was about to hit me, but I blocked him with my arm. I then side swept my leg under him, but he jumped over, I quickly back flipped to avoid his kick to my face. He then hit me in different points of my arm as I tried to block him; I winced as he hit my pressure points. Sebastian softly dropped Ciel on the floor and ran towards me, he pulled me back and held me with his left arm around my hip as he blocked Agni’s lightning attacks. They both jumped back, but I was still in Sebastian’s embrace.

“I have hit your vital points several times, why is it that you are still standing?” Agni asked curiously, still not letting down his guard.

“We were just walking down the street and these goons came out and attacked us!” Ciel cried from behind.

“What?” the young man asked, he faced the others, “Is it true?”

The thugs hesitated and they received a glare from the young man.

“That is not right! My countrymen have been wrong in this time!” he said, “Agni!”

In one minute Agni took care of the twenty goons who attacked us, I was impressed despite the fact that he was human!

“I have finished, Prince Soma” Agni bowed; he then walked toward Sebastian and me he then bowed in apology.

“I am very sorry to hurt you and I shouldn’t have hurt a young lady,” Agni said with a worried look on his face, “I hope you are not too hurt”

“It is fine, my arm is slightly numb but it should be fine in a while” I replied back while smiling at him. At that moment Sebastian let go of me and I was back on my own two feet. Soma picked up Ciel’s top hat from the ground and put it back on Ciel’s head.

“I am looking for someone so I will be on my way,” Soma waved, “See ya”

As they left, Lau peeked his head out of the tip of a building’s roof.

“What are you doing up there!?” Ciel shouted at Lau waving his arms around.

“Waiting for the right chance to go in!” Lau exclaimed as he jumped down the tall building.

“Who are they?” I asked Lau while rubbing my slightly numb arm.

“They wear prettier clothes and have better English then the rest of them,” Lau concluded, “they don’t seem to live in the East end”

Lau looked toward me, “It seems you have developed better fighting skills too! My you have become much more like your sister”

I hesitated and my voice became soft, “It seems so”

“Our first job is to deliver these goons to the city yard,” Ciel said looking rather annoyed, “then we can go home”

. . . .

~ Later that Evening ~

We arrived at Ciel’s townhouse in London, he even offered me to stay at his estate until the case was solved.

“She called me all the way from the country side for such a small case” Ciel grumbled and puffed. All four servants came and greeted us with their lovely and cheery smiles.

“Welcome master and Lady” They sang.

“You have brought them all this time!” Lau pointed out.

“We had to or else there wouldn’t be a home if we came back” Sebastian grumbled.

“Since, it’s cold why don’t we warm ourselves up with some tea!” I suggested trying to warm up the mood.

“I will serve the tea as soon as possible” Sebastian said smiling.

“Fair enough then” Ciel replied.

“Instead of English tea how about some chai instead?” Someone offered.

“Fair e-,” Ciel was interrupted when he was surprised to see the two young Indian men inside his home, “Eh? What the!”

“Seems we have an unexpected guest” Lau giggled.

“Why the blazes are you here!” Ciel screamed at the young men.

“Huh? I helped you earlier today so isn’t this the way to repay the favour?” Soma continued, “Plus in India it is common to entertain the benefactors!”

“PRINCE!!!! I found the bed!” Agni shouted as he waved like an adorable child.

“HEY! LISTEN TO ME!!” Ciel shouted. The young men went upstairs and found a bed to sit on, Soma plopped himself on the comfy bed.

“Why do I have to look after you?” Ciel argued, “Also, Who exactly are you?”

“This is the twenty sixth child of the King of Bengal, Prince Soma,” Agni introduced, “Now I will make some ginger tea to heat up our bodies, I will use the kitchen then!”

Agni trailed off to find the kitchen as Sebastian sadly followed him. Soma looked at me with a confused look on his face while propping his head on his hand.

“You!” he pointed.

“Me?” I asked.

“Yes you.... I have seen you somewhere before” Soma answered.

“Huh? Do you know him?” Ciel asked me.

“Not from what I know of” I replied looking at him. Soma then suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me closer, and pulled the ribbon from my hair. My hair dropped swiftly to frame my face and fell to my waist.

“You couldn’t be.... Lila?” Soma asked softly, my eyes widened as I heard that name, that precious name that I hold dear to my heart, that name that belonged to my late sister.

“H-how do you know her name?” I asked in shock as I pulled away from his grip.

“She visited my palace when I was fifteen years old and she learned to do traditional dancing,” he continued, “she sang, she danced, and helped us when we had a drought, she was an amazing person”

“T-hat person you just said was..” I bit my lip and clenched my fists, my eyes were begin to water, “S-she was my sister”

“What? Really!? How is she? I have wanted to see her for a very long time!” Soma jumped out of the bed and blasted me with so many questions.

“S-she..... Is... I am sorry will you please excuse me...” I stuttered and ran out the room tears were streaming down my face as I ran through the hallway. I ran into an empty room and I stood alone in the dark, my knees collapses on the floor and my tears kept rolling down my cheeks. My beloved sister, she died protecting me and I couldn’t even do anything for her.

“Why did she have to go?” I screamed aloud as I wiped my tears with my sleeve. The water and blue aura danced around me as I cried. Her smile, her black ebony hair, her beautiful brown eyes and most of all her warmth; I missed it all...Every second of it...

“Princess, please don’t cry” Sebastian said as he bent down to wipe my tears off of my cheek.

“I miss her so much,” I replied as I rested my cheek in his hand, “I will never be able to embrace her again”

He moved closer toward me and opened his arms to me, I looked up into his eyes and he smiled.

“This is the least I can do” Sebastian said. I jumped into his arms and buried my face into his muscular chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, soon enough the blue aura and water disappeared. I stayed in his arms for a while, I wanted to stay this way, I wanted to hug him and feel the same warmth my sister gave to me.

“Thank you, Sebastian” I sniffled.

“Your most welcome, princess” Sebastian replied softly.

I looked up into his maroon eyes and I brushed my hand against his cheek, I smiled softly. He leaned in close and our foreheads touched each other, I blushed slightly and I bet he noticed.

“Please don’t cry, a woman’s beauty disappears when that happens” Sebastian whispered.

“A woman’s beauty never disappears,” I replied back still keeping this position.

“That is true especially for you,” Sebastian said with a smirk.

“You are such a flirt, for a demon” I giggled, softly bonking his head with my fist.

“Princess, dinner is ready we should call the others,” he said as he wiped the remaining tears off my face. I nodded and got up from his embrace I was headed for the door until he pushed me flat against the wall, his arms trapped me.

“S-Sebastian!” I gasped.

“I have one thing to do first,” He said as he took a strand of my hair and pulled it up to his lips, he kissed it gently, “I won’t let anyone have you”

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