Tainted White Rose

New Guests

“Princess, its time to wake up,” Sebastian said as I heard him pour the hot tea into the cup, I peeked open one eye.

“It’s morning already?” I yawned as I stretched my arms.

“Yes it is, did you sleep well?” he asked while handing me the tea.

I breathed in the sweet aroma, it was definitely a great start to my morning, “Yes, I did”

Sebastian took out a box from the cart and put it on my lap; I looked down at the box and was confused.

“Young master told me to buy you some dresses as a token of thanks,” Sebastian said.

“He didn’t have to,” I smiled, “Tell him that I am very thankful for the gift,”

“Of course,” Sebastian replied, “I shall be off to wake up Young master,”

I nodded until I heard Ciel shouting. I forgot, my guest room was right beside his, what did the new guests do this time? Sebastian excused himself and left the room. I finished my cup of tea and I quickly scrambled to see the dress Ciel got me. My eyes widened as soon as I saw the dress.... it was stunning! The dress was maroon red with beautiful black lace detailing on the body with a black bow on the hip. I quickly tried on the dress and to my surprise it fit! It was odd though, how did Ciel know my measurements...

. . . .

After breakfast, it seemed that Ciel was “scheduled” with busy studies and work...... I bet it was all because Soma and Agni wouldn’t bother him. I walked in the same room they were in; the room was bright and had a brown grand piano in the back. Ciel stared at the violin sheet music looking pretty clueless while Sebastian stood across from him, dressed as a typical music teacher. They turned to face me and I could see Ciel’s eyes widen and a crimson blush come across his cheeks, Sebastian smirked as his eyes traced all around my body.

“Thank you Ciel this is such a wonderful gift,” I smiled as I walked toward them.

“You deserve it” he replied. From the corner of my eye I could see that Sebastian was satisfied with how I looked in the dress. Ciel looked down at the sheet music.

“Bach’s Chaconne?” he groaned, “this is too difficult”

“I make the rules here, and if I say you play it, you simply play it,” Sebastian said sternly. He seemed like a different person when he was in “teacher” mode, pretty scary in my opinion. Ciel glared at him and I giggled softly.

“How about this, if you play it well then I will play the piece of your choice on the piano” I replied.

“You play the piano?” Ciel asked in amazement and I nodded in reply. I left to sit on the bench of the piano and waited for Ciel to play. Ciel was playing beautifully and I was about to drift off into the music until Soma and Agni started to pray to an idol figure of the Kali goddess in the corner.

“What is that?” Ciel asked as he stopped playing his violin. Everyone looked over and I just noticed that Lau was still staying at Ciel’s townhouse.

“They seem to be praying but it’s quite an interesting idol isn’t it?” Lau commented still staring at the idol.

“To me it’s just a statue of a woman,” Sebastian added I came over and put my hand on my hip “This is Kali, a goddess of their Hindu faith” I stared at the statue in amazement.

“Yes, Ciela you are right,” Agni turned around still keeping his praying position.

“A goddess of India?” Ciel asked.

“She is the wife of Shiva and the goddess of power,” Agni continued, “Kali is a great goddess who defeated the demon after a desperate battle, and as proof she carries the demon’s head.

“There you have it” Ciel glanced at Sebastian who was resting his chin on his hand in thought.

“Hmm, I wasn’t aware of anyone so strong, I should be careful when I go to India” Sebastian noted. They were done their praying and Soma started to nag Ciel again, the result, he kicked them out.

“Lady Ciela now it’s your turn to play the piano,” Ciel smirked as he pointed at the brown piano.

“But you never finished playing the piece,” I shot back folding my arms, “Isn’t it time for Art study?”

“Yes it seems to be” Sebastian replied taking out his pocket watch, Ciel cursed under his breath. We moved to the next room where Sebastian already made the structure. I sat down beside Ciel and we both drew together.

“Studies don’t leave me, even when I am not at home,” I whispered.

“It never leaves me either” Ciel replied glaring at Sebastian, I giggled.

“What? Drawing a bottle is boring!” Soma commented scaring Ciel and I. Soma’s eyes traced around the room and it landed on May-rin.

“You,” Soma pointed at Mey-rin who jumped with the sudden call, “Undress!”

“W-hat! I will only do that in front of my husband!” She replied covering herself. Soma’s eyes traced back to me and I jumped in my chair a bit.

“I will re-”

“Dress in this!” Soma ordered tossing me an embroidered red and yellow sari.

“I can’t wear this!” I whined.

“It would be nice to see you in it,” Ciel said slightly blushing and I could see Sebastian agreeing on it.

“Fine,” I sighed as I went to the next room to change. A few minutes later, I peeked into the room where everybody was sitting.

“Come in! Don’t be shy!” Soma encouraged. I slowly walked in and everybody’s eyes widened in awe.

“I look bad don’t I?” I blushed as I looked down.

“You look perfect, just like Lila” Soma’s eyes softened. Ciel was blushing and Sebastian was examining me from head to toe. Mey-rin danced around me in glee.

“My lady you look beautiful!” Mey- rin commented.

“This is official! You are perfect to be my wife!” Soma announced. My jaw dropped and everyone else’s too. Sebastian secretly glared at him and was gritting his teeth.

“Umm... well I have to refuse that offer,” I said calmly, “I am not ready yet”

“How old are you?” Soma asked.

“Sixteen why?” I replied.

“I am only seventeen, girls your age get engaged by then,” Soma said shaking his head, “Plus who wouldn’t want to marry a handsome, smart, and very exciting prince!”

“This is amazing my prince! We should contact your parents right away and prepare the wedding!” Agni cheered in. Oh snap....

“W-wait no!” I flailed my arms up and down.

“How about this, consider me as your life partner,” Soma smirked, now this was almost a breaking point for Sebastian, I could see it in his eyes.

“F-fine....” I stuttered, “But I make no promises”

I quickly glanced at Sebastian who was clenching his fists, Soma nodded in approval. Sebastian quickly glanced at his pocket watch.

. . . .

Soma was on the floor lying down staring at Ciel and Sebastian and boredom as Sebastian was teaching Ciel fencing skills. I was sadly forced to stay in this sari for the whole day; I even had to sit next to Soma.... great.....

“What time will you finish?” Soma whined pulling me closer to him, I softly shrieked in surprise. Ciel rolled his eyes and stomped toward Soma.

“I can’t concentrate!” Ciel shouted in anger. Sebastian sweat dropped and noticed I was closer to Soma then I was with him, he frowned.

“No need to get mad” Soma whined again making the puppy face. Ciel stomped back huffing and puffing.

“Fine, if you want my attention that much then be my opponent” Ciel said straightly while tossing the fencing sword toward Soma. Soma nodded and he walked over to face him, they both had determination firing up.

“So, if I beat you then you will help me?” Soma asked.

“Only if you win,” Ciel replied, “If you lose then you must stay quiet and be out of my way”

They both nodded in agreement, Sebastian announced the rules and the fight began. Soma plunged forward and hit the sword against Ciel’s boot. To his surprise the sword bent, I suddenly realized that Soma didn’t know the rules of fencing and Ciel perfectly knew that he didn’t know. Suddenly Soma’s chest was wide open and Ciel was about to strike him until Agni charged in front of him.

“Prince this is dangerous!” Agni shouted as he hit Ciel’s pressure point, I quickly ran toward Ciel. He collapses on the floor clutching his elbow I bent down in front of him and touched his elbow.

“It will be numb for a bit, don’t worry” I reassured as I caressed his elbow, Ciel nodded.

“Lord Ciel I am very sorry!” Agni panicked, “My body moved on its own when I thought the prince was going to lose!”

“Agni is my butler after all! In other words I won thanks to you!” Soma laughed while praising Agni who was worried about Ciel.

“Hmm I think the butler should take reprisal for his master” Lau suggested handing the sword to Sebastian.

“It’s true; you were being too mean to a novice who didn’t know the rules” Sebastian commented.

“Wha...” Ciel tried to give a reply but his head hanged low when he didn’t know how to reply.

“However,” Sebastian tossed the other sword to Agni, “As the butler of the Phantomhive family I can’t ignore it”

“Plus, we are behind schedule by ten minutes!” Sebastian said pretty frustrated and annoyed.

“That’s his real motive isn’t it” Ciel and I both said glaring at him.

“This is good,” Soma’s eyes were determined, “whoever wins this battle will get to have Ciela’s heart”

My eyes widened, this was bad.... very bad... Sebastian’s eyes scowled at the thought but it made him more determined to win, soon enough a smirk travelled through his lips.

“In the name of Kali the goddess you can’t lose!” Soma exclaimed, “She will definitely be mine!”

Agni stood in front of Sebastian; they both were in their fighting stance.

“Sebastian this is an order, silence that brat!” Ciel ordered glaring at Soma, “Don’t let him have Lady Ciela either!”

“Jo Ajna” Agni replied.

“Yes my lord” Sebastian replied

I gulped slowly, both Sebastian and Agni are very strong but I don’t like to be the “fight for her heart” kind of girl, you know how awkward and scary that is? Why do I have to be the girl to be fought over?

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