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Chapter 3

So she went to the boy’s room and knocked while her hands started to sweat. When they let her in she found them all in onesies, so they were really cute and she couldn’t help but smile, she had never seen guys dressed like that but she was learning very quickly that these guys were an exception to everything she knew. Then again what did she know about boys anyway?

“Hey Angel come on in” said George when he opened the door for her.

The other boys greeted her as if he she was their best friend, they hugged her and told her to act like she was at home. It was impossible to her that she had just met these boys a few hours prior.

She stood awkwardly to the wall as they played with their laptop.

“What are you doing there, come on the bed” said Josh, then he blushed as he took the double meaning of the sentence, but he didn’t feel like correcting himself, since she was approaching. He tugged at her hand and she fell on the bed smiling.


Angel has an amazing smile don’t know why she hides it all the time though, these three idiots are nuts for her and she doesn’t even get it, I think even I might get used to her, I bet if she lets herself go a little she would be so much fun and she has to get into her pretty head that she looks good, she shouldn’t hide herself in baggy clothes.

Look at George he’s smiling like an idiot, does he think no one notices that he glances her way every few seconds like he is hanging onto her every word.


“So, we are going to watch a movie, any preferences?” asked her Jaymi, when they were done with twitter.

She shook her head.

“I say we watch a scary one” said JJ as he got settled in bed near Josh.

“Let’s watch Woman in Black since I already saw Paranormal Activity” said George, they were the only two scary movie they had.

They all decided on that one and Jaymi put the movie in.

Jaymi sat on a loveseat near the bed and JJ snuggled near, whilst Angel stayed on the bed between Josh and George, she was a little uncomfortable but soon enough she settled in and got really into the movie, it was shit scary and she was a little bit jumpy and she went totally red when at one point a face in the movie came out from the darkness and she found herself grabbing Josh’s thigh, he looked at her wide eyed and she immediately took her hand away, not believing she was so clumsy enough to do that, but she was a bit relieved that was all she did, she could have peed herself that would have been a lot more embarrassing.

When the movie ended all the boys were asleep and Angel was dozing off but as the credits came on she noticed and slipped away right after making the boys a little more comfortable on the bed, because that’s how she was.

“Angel” George murmured, she didn’t even ask him anything because she knew he was fast asleep, was he dreaming about her though?!

With that thought in mind she padded slowly out of the room and back to hers.


The next morning things were hectic, Angel was woken up by a screaming Helen, telling her that they didn’t have time to find other people and she would have to take care of most of the contestants, the host and everything. Angel had to calm down for a second because after a scary movie Helen waking her up like that wasn’t so nice.

“And don’t come in sweats please, some people tend to be on stage, like guests you know and in case someone drops by, they tend to go backstage and meet everyone...well...at least wear some jeans” she said as she popped her head inside her room one last time.

Angel knew she wasn’t the best dresser but the comment hurt a little, she dug into her clothes and found her favourite pair of jeans and a nice baggy white shirt and matched it with black converse, she thought she looked decent enough as she looked into her mirror. She hadn’t had much time to acclimate with her room, it was beautiful, and she really loved her floor to ceiling mirror. Soon enough she needed to be out of the room again.

She was told a driver was waiting for her downstairs and in fact she found an SUV waiting for her and in it were already most of the other stylists, Helen was sitting shot gun yelling orders and answering calls, ‘that woman must be so stressed’ thought Angel.

When they arrived panic was everywhere, camera people were running about and a van full of the contestants arrived and they started running in for practice and to choose clothes and see everything was just perfect for their first live show.

“Hey you” she heard from behind her.

It was George.

“Hey George, are you excited?” she asked.

“Understatement to what I’m feeling but it’s a good thing anyway, didn’t even know you left last night” he said, live shows today and he wants to talk about the movie night, she thought it was quite strange.

“Yeah you were all beat up and I didn’t want to wake you” she said, Helen was gesturing for her to join her, “listen I have to go, I’ll see you later today for hair and makeup, good luck” she said, to her shock he hugged her and ran to the stage were the rest of the boys were waiting for him, they all waved to her as she blushed and scrambled away.

Guys all seemed to like the green-eyed brunette that took care of their hair and was so near when she did their makeup but she was so oblivious that she would never notice it.

By the approaching of the hour of judgement people were running around more frantically, Ella was the first to get ready.

“Good luck, don’t be nervous you are just great” told her Angel.

“Thank you, I love this by the way” she said loving her look and her rolled up fringe just how she liked it.

They hugged tight and she was off.

When everyone was done and she had to push the boys away from her room Angel went out to see if anyone needed finishing touches, she retouched some lipstick here and dabbed some sweat there, but basically everything was going smoothly.

Louis Walsh came up to the boys and told them he had some amazing news for them.

“I have a surprise for you guys, but I need to leave so here, meet One Direction” he said, he nodded to them with a huge smile, turned the corner and left.

Union J was practically left with their mouths open wide staring at the X Factor legends in front of them.

“Hey guys I’m Louis” he chirped, everyone said so many things about them but they were so down to earth it was overwhelming.

“Zayn” he nodded.

“Hi I’m Harry” he smiled.

“Hey, guys I’m Niall” he grinned.

“And I am Liam” he said politely.

“Obviously we know who you guys are, you are amazing” they all mumbled as they moved forwards and shook the guys’ hands in excitement.

“So guys we just wanted to tell you to have fun out there and just be yourselves” Louis looked at his band mates, “Yeah basically just... you know give it all you can and make the most of it” said Harry.

The Union J boys were mesmerized and were all nodding taking in the information but Harry noticed that one of them was getting distracted every few seconds and he decided to see by what, a girl was behind him a little way away and she was giving the thumbs up to the boy and he was smiling at her, as soon as Harry looked the girl looked away, her face hidden under her hair.

Harry was curious about this girl, why was this boy so distracted by her, but she seemed to have disappeared into the darkness of the backstage area because even though he had moved a bit away from the rest of the guys to take a better he couldn’t see her and he had to turn back his attention to the boys.

As soon as One Direction said their goodbyes to Union J Harry noticed that the same distracted boy rushed the way the girl had disappeared, and he saw the girl reappear again as she ran to a contestant in order to fix her makeup when George met up with her.


I looked as the boy with his hair strangely like mine hugged the girl from behind and jumped as he did so, why did I want to see her face so much?

What was wrong with me all of a sudden?

I looked as the guy I have been cheering for, James Arthur walked to her too talking about his hair, I think, she in fact took out some spray from her pocket and in a few minutes his hair looked amazing.

Another guy and a girl approached and they were all talking about how they wanted their hair better and they didn’t like the other stylist, with a few swift movements with her hands she made some changes and he saw as she took the girls back to a room so she could see what she could do.

What is this girl?

And most importantly why do I want to know so badly?

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