Long Way Home

Chapter 3

Luke's POV

The band and I have been on tour for three months and right now I'm missing Kyeilyanni more than anything. I miss her warmth, smile, laugh, her everything. The boys said that it was only four more weeks until we go back home, but I can't wait that long.

For the past six weeks all I've been doing in laying on the couch staring at the phone. Every time that Kyeilyanni texts me or calls me I'm too busy to answer. [buzz buzz] My phone received a message it was from Kyeilyanni. "I miss you. :(" It was the first time that she was able to talk to me while I was free but, for some reason I couldn't answer.

"I get that your busy, but I have good news!" I wanted to know desperately what it was, but as I was about to reply Calum and Michael told me that we have somewhere to go. I turned my phone off and left sad and depressed.

Kyeilyanni's POV

I kept texting Luke, but no matter what he wasn't answering. I was waiting all week to tell him that I had a surprise waiting for. I knew he was busy, but I wish that he would at least answer me once. Even if I wasn't able to see him I just wanted to talk to him even a little. "Kyeilyanni, Emily's here for you." My mother yelled from the front door.

Emily walked into my room and we just looked at each other and then started celebrating. Emily loved 5sos and always wanted to go to one of their concerts. Now we have the perfect excuse.

"You ready?!" She was so exited, but I was screaming inside because I was going to see Luke after three months. I could finally hug him and feel secure in his arms. "Yeah." I said while looking at my phone to see if he replied yet, but the was no answer.

We headed to the airport to catch our flight. I was glad because tomorrow I was going to see Luke. Ashton, Michael, and Calum all knew I was coming and promised to keep it a secret. Our flight was called and we boarded the plane. As soon as we got on I fell asleep. "Wake up!" Emily yelled in my ear. "We're here."

"We're here." I texted Ashton. He was here to pick us up. "Meet me out front" He responded. Emily and I made our way out front where we met Ashton. I immediately ran up to him and gave him a hug. We got into the car and were off to the hotel. He explained to use what we were going to do and where to meet the boys at.

We got to the hotel, but Michael, Luke, and Calum were out in the lobby. Ashton walked to the boys and distracted them while Emily and I dashed towards our room. Luckily Luke didn't see me.

We opened our room door and automatically Emily called the bed closest to the door. I had no problem with it because I like looking out the window. In California it's only 7:30, but here in New York it's 10:30 so we decided to go to sleep so we could start to get used to the time zone. All I could think of while I was trying to fall asleep seeing Luke. I can't wait.

When I woke up so did Emily and because we were practically sisters, so we just took a shower together. It took us about 30 minutes before we got out. We went to our suit cases and threw our clothes on the bed. I decided wear http://www.polyvore.com/look_punk_rock_style/set?id=61011887 and Emily wore https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/02/13/54/021354050a97b5239306cb8fd7a6146f.jpg

"Meet us in The Marmara Manhattan room #305" Aston texted me. "Be there in a few." I replied eager to see Luke. Emily grabbed her phone and we left the room. We walked over to the elevator and rode up to Ashton's floor level. Exiting the elevator I started to get butterflies. I was just to happy.

I found room #305 and knocked at the door. Michael answered the door and let us in. "Luke's in the bathroom." He said trying to get me to go in there, but I refused. I waited by the bed for him. Emily, Calum, Ashton, and Michael went down stairs to eat breakfast.

It was about 5 minutes before I heard Luke turning the bathroom door knob. I ran for the closet and I saw Luke walk out to his bed. While he stood there staring at his bed I ran behind him and hugged him.

He looked over his shoulder and began crying. It was a heart-warming moment. "When did you get here" He said trying to crying hard and trying to stop. "Yesterday." I was smiling and holding him while saying this. He buried his head in my chest. "Why didn't you tell me." He no longer could stop his tears.

"I had the boys keep in a secret." I said and he began crying even harder. "I love you." I bent down and kissed him. It was a very passionate kiss. I could feel his face smiling. We pulled apart and sat there hugging me. Holding my hand he got up and led me down stair to where the others were. All of us shared a table together. Luke was punching the boys in the arm, mad because they knew about me coming. It was too cute, we all just laughed. "Aww, Luke is just too adorable!" Emily and I said in sync.

Luke stopped punching and his face became bright red. Laughter filled the room. It was a memory I was never going to forget. After finishing breakfast Luke insisted that we goo to the zoo, that we did. The first exhibit we stopped at was the penguins. Luke stood there admiring them.

He was like a little kid. Then we made our way through the other exhibits. While looking at animals all the boys were whispering about something, but I didn't worry about. It felt like a magical day, but we weren't finished it was 5:57 and the concert started at 7:30. The arena was 30 minutes away so we left and headed towards the arena.

We pulled up near the arena and the security guards came to escort the band to their rooms. Emily and I went through the crowd to into the arena. When we finally made it through it was 7:15! We got to our seats in the front row.

"Hi my name is Juliah!" The girl in the seat next to mine said trying to make a conversation. "My name is Kyeilyanni and this is my friend Emily." I said being polite. Juliah was surprisingly kind. We talked to each other until the boys walked out on stage.

Like the rest of the crowd we started screaming on the top of our lungs. The three of us sang the lyrics and screamed together. I really like Juliah she was one of the few people that would treat me like an actual human.

The concert finished and we headed out the doors. It took us 10 minutes before we got outside. "Do you want to stay with us?" I asked because she was like my new best friend. "OMG. Can I really? I would love to!" She said sounding so excited.

We got into Emily's car and drove to the hotel. On the way there I kept texting the boys. "We're bringing a friend over with us. Hope you guys don't mind?" I was really glad I had made a new friend that actually liked me for me. "I would be a pleasure." They replied. "Oh, so now you actually start acting like gentlemen?" I texted sarcastically. "Jackass." I knew that it was Luke because we joke around a lot. We got to the hotel and went inside. Emily and I took Juliah up to the boys's room.

We didn't tell her that she was going to meet them, so when she saw them she jumped on me knocking me to the ground. "I love you! Your the best!" She said excitedly. Luke walked over to our side and pulled Juliah off me then pulled me to his side. "She's mine." He said it so seriously.

His jealousy was cute. We all laughed at him. For the rest of the night we all talked about each other and joked about things. I have no clue why, but for some reason the boys always end up in their underwear. Emily, Juliah, and I covered our eyes trying not to see anything.

Luke moved my hands away from my eyes. "You better get use to this because you going to see this more often." My face became heated and I was blushing. My nose started to bleed and everyone laughed while I tried hiding my face. That night we all fell asleep on the floor. It was great and on top of that, I made new experiences, and gained a new friend. It truly was a magical day.

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