Long Way Home

Chapter 4

Kyeilyanni's POV

It was only 2:00 a.m. when Luke woke me. "Let me sleep a little more." I grunted . "Oh, come on. I know you wanna come." He said while tickling me. I got up and didn't bother to change because I was too tired. "Where are we going?" I asked half asleep. "It's a surprise." When he said this his face was just pure evil. Luke knew I hate surprises. I think this is what the guys were whispering about earlier. Being my stubborn self I sat on the couch. "If you want me to move you have to give me a kiss." i said acting as if I was a queen.

"Okay." That's all Luke said. Now I am thoroughly worried. I have never seen Luke say just "okay." He walked over to me and picked me up. "Put me down!" I tried saying quietly because the others were talking.

We walked out of the room and to the one Emily and I were going to stay in. He slid the card in and threw me on the bed. "Your the one who said to kiss you." He said while laying his body on top of mine.

"I meant to give me a kiss and nothing else." I said trying to make any excuse. "You never said where." He just looked over me smirking. "Luke Robert Hemmings! Get off of me right now!" I yelled at him. I wasn't ready for this we have only been dating for 5 months. "I'll get off but, I will never let go because you're mine." He said moving to lay on his side next to me.

I know that I was mad at him a few second ago, but how can I stay mad. "I love you, but not yet." I said as my face started to show a different emotion. "Oh. Not yet, but soon right?" He said laughing.

I playfully punch the side of his arm. He looked down and kissed me. He used his tongue to try to make me open my mouth, but I rejected him. He looked down at me with his little kid mad face and kissed me again. This time he tickled me and slid his tongue in my mouth. I was deep and wonderful. That led to him kissing my neck, leaving a few visible hickeys.

I stopped him or else he would have continued. "Some times your not fair. How long are you going to have to make me wait?" He said with his beautiful face. "Let me think about it." I said playing with him.

I never thought that Luke would ever snap at me, but he did. "That's so not funny! I'm being serious here! You know I won't wait for you forever!" When he said this my heart shattered in two. Luke stormed out of the room slamming the door. I felt tears rolling down my face.

I texted Emily to come to our room. She did and she also brought Juliah. I told them what happened and they told me that he was stupid for ever saying that to me. I began crying, then Emily did, then Juliah joined us. They were like my sisters, even though I met Juliah yesterday.

The three of us watched Unbreakable Molly Schmidt and OINB for most of the morning. When we were finished it was 5:23 a.m. and the guys were banging on our door. "Why did you leave?" Michael questioned. "What happened?" Calum asked with a worried face. "Why didn't you wake us and tell us?" Aston began to say. Luke walked into the room and Juliah's, Emily's, and my eyes turned toward Luke. I looked at him then looked away.

The boys noticed us and questioned us about what was happening. There was no reply. "Can I tal-." Luke tried to say. "No!" i screamed louder than I thought. Everyone looked at me. I didn't notice but, I was already crying. It just wouldn't stop. Michael pulled me into his arms and let me cry into his chest.

Aston's POV

I sat there looking at Luke confused, angry, and sad. With my anger I pushed Luke into the hallway. "What the hell did you do to Kyeilyanni?" He looked down to his shoes.

It took me a while before I understood what he did. "My god. Please tell me you didn't try to do that to her?" I said kind of disappointed. No reply yet again. He stood there and shrugged his shoulder as if he didn't do anything. My fist moved on there own and before I knew it Luke was on the ground with one hand on his face. "Don't get involved with her again!" I yelled at him and directed my anger to him.

Luke's POV

"It was a accident! I swear!" I was yelling at Ashton while covering the part of my face where he hit me. "It's just that I wanted to go a bit farther with her, but it went in the wrong direction. "I swear!" I said pleading to Ashton. "I even went to buy this." I said holding out my hand to showing Aston the ring I got Kyeilyanni. http://zales.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pZALE1-16687674t400.jpg "She's only 16 and I know we can' t marry yet, but I can still promise to be with her. I know I said hurtful things, but I didn't mean them and I really do love her!" I told him, but his face didn't change.

"Don't tell me that tell her." Ashton said pointing at the door. The both of us walked into the room and Kyeilyanni was still crying. Calum and Michael were both about to hit me, but Ashton stopped them. "I'll explain in the other room." Ashton said while signaling Emily and Juliah to come. They glared at me then the five of them left. "I wanted to apologize for what I said." I said. Her face didn't even move an inch. She still had her face in her knees, but she stopped crying.

"Please look at me." I said restraining from crying myself. She turned her head toward me then towards the ground. "I know what I said was horrible, but I just wanted to go a little farther with you." As I said this my voice began to shake a little. "I wanted you to be mine forever." I said this and her face moved immediately. "What do you mean wanted to be? Am I no longer yours?" She began to cry again. Her words did hurt me.

"That's not what I meant. Ugh. This is getting really hard to explain." I said walking towards her. "I know that because your only 16 that you can't legally get married, but I promise to be with you forever." I told her and took the ring out. She cried even more. "Does that mean a yes?" I asked thinking she was going to tell me no. "Y-yes. o-of course." She said stuttering.

She tried to get up to hug me but fell to her knees. She had become weak in her legs. I took her hand and put the ring on. Picking her up she squeezed me hard. I set her on the bed and lay beside her. It was like our first night together. She clung to my side and wouldn't let me go. "Forever." I whispered into her ear and kissed her on the forehead. "Forever." She said back to me before falling asleep in my arms.

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