Long Way Home

Chapter 5

Kyeilyanni's POV

I woke up and Luke wasn't there. He's probably at his concert. I got out of bed and put my slippers on. It was only 6:18 a.m. I decided to walk next door and wake up the girls. I left my room and into the other. Only Juliah was there, so I assumed she went to watch the concert. "Wake your lazy bum up!" I yelled into Juliah's ear. She jumped up with her eyes wide. I think I scared her a little more than intended. "What the hell?!" She practically screamed.

Juliah wasn't the happiest in the morning, but neither was I so it didn't bother me. "Take a shower with me." I was laughing as I said this. "Oh my gosh, don't get started." She said. In the end we just took a shower together. I got out 5 minutes before her. I set my clothes on the bed. I decided to wear http://s9.favim.com/orig/130724/animal-print-aqua-backpack-cute-jacket-outfit-polyvore-Favim.com-798475.jpg

I walked down to the car. "I'm waiting in the car for you." I texted her. 10 minutes later I saw her walking out from the door. She was wearing https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a4/10/f2/a410f2f19293d4c523560c9663b3db57.jpg

"Get in loser, we're going shopping." I quoted from "Mean Girls." "Idiot" She said laughing. Juliah has come to show us her true self. She's still kind, she just acts as dumb as we do. "Where are we going?" She asked.

"The mall, like ,I want, like ,some new clothes." I said using a valley girl accent. We drove off heading to the mall. On our way there we saw the place the guys were preforming at. You could hear the crowds scream from out in the street. We got to the mall and found the closest parking spot to the doors as we could. The first store we stopped at was Victoria's Secret. Juliah and I bought http://ak1.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/60360175/id/AIt-5bp_Qw_Xlvo1NzJmng/size/y.jpg

I bought http://ak2.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/114741204/id/avVQSWif4xGoQCv7Y1Zllw/size/y.jpg and http://ak2.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/74708192/idC37myOtyREmN74X-xEUmFg/size/y.jpg Juliah bought http://ak2.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/64091584/id/fHMaEJutSfWenfo8ZgpoCA/size/y.jpg

We spent $473 in VS alone. A hour had already past and I wanted to buy a phone case before we left. So I got http://ak1.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/cid/118412518/id/lKOi-By94xG_U3w8iPOa4g/size/y.jpg We walked to the Starbucks and ordered two passion tango tea lemonades. While we waited for our drinks we sat at a table. A boy with brown hair and deep blue eyes and a boy with brown hair and caramel eyes walked over to us. "Hey." The boy with blue eyes said. Juliah and I looked at each other. "Um, Hey." I am really shy when I meet new people.

"Can we sit with you?" They both asked. "Sure!" Juliah was a little more bubbly than usual. [buzz buzz] My phone rang. It was Luke. "Where are you. >_<" He texted me. "At the mall with some friends. Why?" I replied. "Where in the mall?" He asked. It was a little weird for Luke to be this worried...Now that I think about it, it actually isn't.

"The Starbucks." I answered him. "Be rght thee." You could tell he was in a rush because he was misspelling things. Luke ran in through the door and saw me than ran to the table and hid by me. The rest of the guys and Emily did the same.

"Why in such a rush." I asked Luke. "I already knew you were in the mall so we came down here(running out of breathe) and the fans chased us." He told me. Luke realized that there were two guys at the table and glared at them.

"Who are they?" He asked kind of mad. " I'm Garrett and this is Wesley." The blue eyed boy said. Luke look at me and he was not happy. The band, Garret and Wesley, and us girls talked to each other for almost 2 hours. The entire time Luke had his arms crossed and was slouching back in his chair staring at me. I made me feel worried. What was he going to do?

[1 hour 45 minutes later] "Well we have to go. It was nice talking to you." Wesley said. "Uhm, can I get your number?" Garrett asked me. It was just too cute and I couldn't reject him. "It's 555-XXX-XXXX. You can call me any time." I said politely.

Garrett kissed me on the cheek and said, "See ya later." They both left and it was just the guys and us girls. Luke walked over to me and slung me over his shoulder. "I thought I told you, you were mine?" He said. He was hiding his face and it was adorable. He put me down and I kissed him. "I am yours and you're mine." I told him. His face lit up.

We left the mall, but we had to dash out the back doors of the mall. Luke and Calum rode with Juliah and I, while Emily went with Ashton and Michael. We drove back to the hotel. We all sat there watching each other making a fool of ourselves and getting fat off of pizza and candy. I don't think I like pizza anymore after eating so much. "Goodnight guys." Emily, Juliah, and I said to the boys before going to our own room.

"Is it okay to not tell Luke?" Emily asked. Tonight we were going back home. "Yeah, it's fine." I said sounding really sad. I didn't want Luke to become sad again, because it made me feel horrible. Our bags were already packed. We are taking Juliah with us because, we found out she lives in L.A. to and even goes to the same school as us. We all put on our pajamas and went to sleep."I'm sorry Luke", was all that went through my head.

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