Long Way Home

Chapter 6

Kyeilyanni's POV

Juliah was the first up. She woke me and Emily. We all ate breakfast then brushed our teeth. We stayed in our pajamas from the night before. I'm in batman girls muscle shirt with batman shorts and knee-high socks. Emily is wearing a spider-man shirt and shorts with long socks, and Juliah is wearing a Superman shirt and shorts with long socks . We took our luggage and brought it down to the cab waiting for us.

After we finished loading our bags, I asked the cabby to wait a few minutes. I ran up to the guys's room. I put a not on the door. "By the time you read this I'll be gone. I love you. <3"

I ran down stairs with a single tear drop running down my face. I got in the cab and we were on our way to the airport. We were running late, so as soon as we got there we boarded the plane. I put my headphones so I could fall asleep. We are on our way back to L.A.

It was about a 6 hours flight so I decided to get sleep now. I woke up just as we were landing. We got off the plane and I saw my mother and father waiting for us. Juliah, Emily, and I walked over to them. Mom ran to me and hugged me. "Who is this?" Mom asked with a kind voice. "My name is Juliah. I'm a friend of Kyelyanni's." She told her.

"Is it okay if she stays with us while her parents are out of town?" I asked already knowing the answer. "Yes. It would be a pleasure." I really do love my mom. Mom drove us home. We got our luggage out the back and went up to my room. "What's for dinner?" I yelled down to mom. "Lasagna." She yelled back.

Right now it's 8:00 in New York so I presume he is already at his concert. I don't know why he hasn't contacted me though. Luke would normally have at least texted me by now.

"Kyeilyanni were going to the store. Want to come?" Juliah asked. "Okay." I said as we walked down stairs into the car.We were about 5 miles away from the store.We were at a stop light talking as it was red. It turned green and we began to go, but the car on our right didn't stop. Everything went black.

Luke's POV

We just finished the concert and Kyeilyanni still hasn't showed. Why haven't I seen her at all today. [ring ring] Ashton's phone went off. He was talking over the line with someone. His face went pale white. "We need to leave now." Ashton told me and the guys. We left immediately trying to dodge the fans. We were on our way to the airport. "Where are we going?" I asked Ashton. "L.A." He said.

We were suppose to get time off for another week, so why are we leaving. Did something happen? The entire way there I was just left wondering. When our flight landed we were rush to some place. The driver stopped at the hospital. Now I was a little worried. Ashton was the first one out of the car. He ran for the door as fast as he possibly could, and we followed. As I got through the doors I saw Emily in the waiting room with a cast on her arm.

I ran over to her. "Are you alright do you need help?" I asked. "No I don't need help the ones you should be worrying about is Juliah and Kyeilyanni." When she said this my heart sank. All that went through my head was "what happened to her?" "is she okay?" Emily told us which room the both of them were in. I walked to Kyeilyanni's with the feeling of having a heart attack. I got to her room and pushed open her door.

There she was laying on the bed sleeping. Her face had bruises all over, with a bandage on her forehead, and a cast on her foot. I wanted to cry, but didn't. I left her there and went to look at Juliah. She was better. Honestly I think she was fine. The only thing that was wrong with her was that, she had a cast on her hand. Other than that she was great.

I walked over to Emily and asked her what happened. She told me that they had a green light, but the man on their right didn't stop at the light. She was driving, Juliah was in the seat behind her, and Kyeilyanni was on the side that got hit, so she was damaged the most. The man that ran the light wasn't hurt. He just kept going. While saying this she was crying. I was mad. He didn't even stop, he just kept going!

We could only stay for 15 minutes because visiting hours were over. I stayed though. I wanted to be there when she woke up. The others left, keeping in contact me all through the night. It was 2:00 a.m. when I fell asleep. At around 5:00, I was woken up by a tap. Kyeilyanni finally woke. She was in tears. "I'm so sorry." She said. I was crying of happiness. "What are you sorry for? I'm sorry for not being there with you. I love you so much." I told her.

She hugged me and wouldn't let me go. I kissed her and she kissed back. It was long and passionate. She patted the side of her bed inviting me to lay next to her. "Never let me go even if you hate me. Don't" She said to me. "How could I ever hate you. Your the best thing that happened to me." She clung to me and as I said this. She fell asleep holding me and me holding her. I love her.

Their pajamas in the begging of the chapter; http://picture-cdn.wheretoget.it/ntf8gj-l.jpg

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