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summer sky| jung hoseok


"Are you going to finish that?" "What the heck? No." BTS J-Hope summer camp au

Romance / Adventure
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Oh, summer camp. A place where you get ticks, bugs, lice. A place you're always excited to go to until you actually get there. That was your summer camp experience anyways.

You remember being a little kid and begging to go to this summer wonder. However, your parents could never afford to take you. So, like the good little boy/girl you were, you stayed home every summer without complaint.

This year, however, was different. You were begging to not go to this horrifying place. You didn't want to deal with the sweaty, smelly kids, and you didn't want to be away from your home. That's just how it was for you.

It's like leaving your bed for a day would kill you or something. Plus, who would want to leave the comfort of his or her home?

Definitely not you.

But you didn't get a choice. Your parents barged into your room, your mother lightly patting you on the side. "Wake up!" She exclaimed as she hit your side once again.

You let out a lazy whine as you yanked the blankets over your head and slithered down into the sheets like a hibernating animal. That's all you wanted to do at the moment, hibernate. However, your mother wouldn't let you, pulling you out of bed and watching as you helplessly plopped onto the floor in a pile of pillows and blankets.

"Clean this before you go, sweetie." Your mom called innocently as she pranced down the stairs with your father close behind her.

You grumbled as you stood up on wobbly legs, stumbling to your closet. You yanked the door open and then began to rummage around your clothes, deciding on some black shorts and a white, loose t-shirt. You weren't about to be stuck on a bus for hours in the heat with a sweater on. It just wasn't happening.

Then you ran your fingers through your hair, trying to get all the knots out with a quiet yawn. Stumbling to your bathroom, you grabbed your hair brush so you could brush your hair properly, throwing it on your bed once you were done. Then you began to brush your teeth, almost choking on your toothbrush as you shoved it down your throat to reach the back of your tongue.

You spit out the toothpaste into the sink, rinsing your mouth from the peppermint taste and then setting your toothbrush down in the little cup that rested on the corner of your sink. Then you quickly sprayed some cologne/perfume all overyourself, hobbling out of your bathroom in your effort to put your shoes on last minute.

"Dang," you. grumbled, swiping your phone up from its spot on your nightstand. You checked your notifications, silently hoping something had come up and you could miss the bus. However, the only message was one from your friend, reading "good luck".

You groaned, grabbing your already packed bag, because let's be honest, you knew you were going to have to go to summer camp anyway.

"Y/n!" Your mother called, annoyed. You whined as you basically half tripped, half fell down the stairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." You huffed, shoving your phone into your back pocket. Heading into the kitchen, you quickly grabbed a bowl, filling it with cereal and then pouring milk into it, stuffing your mouth while you stood at the counter.

The cereal tasted awful considering you had just brushed your teeth and that weird peppermint flavor was still in your mouth. And the milk was too cold for your sensitive teeth, making you flinch with every bite.

This was only the beginning of the pain.Outside, a horn could be heard honking in that annoying high pitched honk. You groaned, kissing your parents on the cheek and telling them goodbye. Then you ran out the door with your bag, rushing to the bus before you missed it.

You were about to go to summer camp. Yipee.

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