When Beverley sees the TARDIS appear right in front of her, she's thrown into an adventure with the Doctor who saves the world, travels through time, has stories to tell and places to take her.

Scifi / Romance
Jenna Cassie Herdz
Age Rating:

Chapter 1-Chance Meeting

Chapter 1: Chance Meeting

Beverley Gilmore watched with wide, sea-green eyes as a brilliant gust blew back her fire red hair, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the thing appearing…materializing in front of her. Right in front of her. It was a tall, blue box making a strange sound, like an engine, a light sitting on top, fading on and off. The sound and light finally stopped so she could read ‘Police Box’ on top of the doors.

“I’m dreamin’,” she breathed, shaking her head in disbelief and taking a step back. “I’ve got to be dreamin’! That thing did not just appear out of thin air in front of me!”

“I’m afraid it did.”

“Who said that?!” Beverley shouted into the morning air, whipping her head around to find the man who’d spoken.

“I did.”

She turned back to the blue box to see a man standing in the doorway, leaning casually against the frame, his hands tucked into the pockets of his suit pants. A brown overcoat hung over his slim frame, a pair of white Converse on his feet, and she was too shocked to even giggle at seeing his outrageously styled brown hair. She stared at him, still unbelieving what she was seeing and he only grinned daftly at her, his brown eyes glittering with excitement.

“Who are you?!” she instantly demanded. “What is that thing?! How did you just…appear?!”

“I’m the Doctor,” he began, calmly. “This is the TARDIS, and…well, that last bit’s hard to explain.”

“Try,” Beverley breathed, unmoving.

“Can’t,” the Doctor shrugged, shoving off the frame and shutting the door behind him. He stepped closer to her and looked around the field he’d landed in, sighing, “Gotta find out what the TARDIS locked onto.” He looked back at Beverley, who’d been staring at him in wonder the whole time and asked, “Where am I, anyway?”

“London,” she replied, instantly. “England.”

“And the date?” he wondered.

“Um…July eighth, twenty eleven,” she sputtered.

“Right,” the Doctor nodded, looking behind her, then all around him as he took a deep breath through his teeth then stepped around her, chirping, “Come on.”

Beverley frowned, whirling around but staying in her spot as she watched him start to walk away.

“What?!” she shouted and the Doctor turned, taking one step backwards before stopping.

“Well, you wanna know why I’m here, don’t you?” he called, then gestured with his upper body that she follow him. “Come on, then. I might need another pair of hands. This way.”

He turned and strolled across the field toward the street and Beverley frowned in utter confusion as she watched him walk away. She was on her way to work when this blue box appeared in front of her. If she was late one more time she’d be fired, she was sure. She looked back to the box, then back at the Doctor still walking away and couldn’t help but feel drawn to follow him…this mysterious, strange man that had just invited her to follow him without even asking her name.

“Damn your curiosity, Bev,” she hissed before hurrying after him calling, “Wait! Mister! Wait!”

He stopped and turned with a smirk of triumph as she caught up with him, then replied, “Doctor, actually.”

“Doctor who?” she panted from running.

“Just the Doctor,” he shrugged, still smiling.

“Doctor of what, though?” she frowned.

“Everything,” the Doctor replied then frowned and asked, “What was your name?”

“Beverley,” she answered. “Beverley Gilmore.”

“Right, Beverley Gilmore, let’s find out why I’m here,” he grinned, holding up his arm for her to take and she still frowned in confusion.

“Are you mad?” she finally blurted.

“Sometimes,” he shrugged, then leaned in slightly to murmur, “But aren’t you curious?”

Beverley bit the inside of her cheek in thought, not taking her eyes off that big grin on his face and couldn’t help but smile in return. She looped her arm around his and nodded, “Yes, I am.”

“Brilliant!” he grinned, tightening his arm around hers then starting a fast pace toward the streets of London as he called, “Allons-y!”


“Ooh, you feel that?” the Doctor asked, stopping in front of a shop and letting Beverley’s arm fall from his to reach into the inside pocket of his jacket to pull out something silver and metal.

“Feel what?” Beverley frowned. “What is that?”

“You don’t feel that?” he asked, examining the thing in his hands before pointing it ahead, the light shining as it buzzed. “That tingling sensation like…the chills are trying to run through you, but you won’t shiver.”

“That’s specific,” she muttered. “I don’t feel a thing and you still haven’t told me what that is.”

“Sonic screwdriver,” he frowned in concentration, scanning the thing around him then stopped with wide eyes as he pointed at a potted tree on the sidewalk. “Oh, that’s it!”

“That’s what?” Beverley frowned, running after him when he rushed toward the tree, scanning it up and down with his screwdriver. “What’s so special about a tree?”

“This, is no ordinary tree,” the Doctor replied, not looking away from it. “This…is a transmitter.”

“A transmitter?” Beverley echoed, utterly confused as the Doctor knelt down to examine and touch the tree. “Right here? In the middle of London?”

“Well, best place to hide alien technology: Right in plain sight,” the Doctor replied, standing and tucking his hands into his pants pockets again, looking around. “But the question is: Who put this transmitter here and why?”

“So, your…TARDIS picked up the signal that thing was transmitting?” Beverley assumed.

“It would seem so,” he replied, running a hand through his hair with a frown in thought. “It wasn’t a message, or anything. Not even a distress signal just, white noise.”

“So…what now?” Beverley couldn’t help but ask as he only stared at the tree a moment.

“Now,” the Doctor sighed, glancing around, “we’ve gotta answer that question I just asked.” He leaned down to the tree again and pointed his screwdriver at the bottom of the pot. “There should be an entrance here…somewhere…Ah ha!”

Beverley jumped in surprise when he shouted and lifted the pot from the ground to reveal a trap door. She frowned in wonder and moved toward the Doctor to look inside as he only stared inside the dark hole as well.

“What’s down there?” she breathed.

“So many questions, so little time to explain it all to you,” he replied before moving to sit at the edge and lower himself in. “Right! Come on, then. Down the rabbit hole, Beverley Gilmore!”

“How do you know it’s alien and not just the sewers?!” Beverley shouted at him as he climbed down a ladder attached to the wall inside the hole.

“Do you think a sewer would be under a potted tree?” the Doctor wondered, stopping to look at her then waved her toward him. “Gonna come or what?”

Beverley sighed in exasperation at herself and her curiosity before kneeling down and lowering herself into the hole as he started climbing down again.

“Out of your mind, you are,” she muttered to herself. “Completely bonkers.”

“That’s what makes it fun,” the Doctor grinned as she started climbing down the ladder after him. He jumped down the last few rungs of the ladder and straightened himself out before looking up to watch Beverley climbing down.

“Fun,” she scoffed, coming closer to the end. “Right.”

Her foot slipped on the second to last rung and she gave a small squeak as her hands lost their grip. A pair of hands caught her waist and steadied her on the ground as she leaned back against the body they were attached to.

“You alright?” the Doctor asked, concern in his tone and on his face as she craned her neck back to see him.

Gosh, he’s tall, Beverley thought as her eyes met his and she felt her face flare in a blush before she finally shoved off of him and straightened herself out.

“Fine, thanks,” she sighed, flipping her hair from her face before they both turned to the tunnel they found themselves in, red lights lining the ceiling being their only light.

“Well, that’s not ominous at all, is it?” the Doctor joked before holding his hand toward Beverley to allow her to take his hand murmuring, “Stay close.”

She instantly grabbed his hand, trusting him completely from being so afraid, and she just knew, somehow, that he was the only man that would be able to protect her if they ran into anything. And she knew it could be anything. The only thing that could be heard was their footsteps as they started down the tunnel.

“So…what would aliens be transmitting a nothing signal for?” Beverley whispered, needing some sort of noise in the deafening silence to calm herself.

“Might be some sort of code that only their species can translate, or maybe it’s just a…sort of calling,” the Doctor replied, not taking his eyes away from what was ahead of him.

“Calling?” she echoed. “Like some sort of…force pulling them toward the signal.”

The Doctor stopped, still holding her hand and now looking up at the ceiling in thought as he murmured, “I hadn’t thought of that.” He looked to her and smiled, “Good thinking, Beverley Gilmore.”

An alarm suddenly went off, loud and blaring as the lights above their heads started blinking as well. Beverley slapped her free hand to one of her ears in pain, gripping the Doctor’s hand tightly in fear with the other.

“What happened?!” she called over the siren.

“Apparently, we’ve been found!” the Doctor guessed. “Time to run!”

He launched at a full run down the tunnel, nearly dragging her with him. They nearly slammed into the wall at the end that made a sharp turn to the left, the sirens and lights still going. The Doctor pulled Beverley to the left just as a caged door came down at the turn, just missing them. Beverley looked back at the door, but the Doctor only continued running down the tunnel.

“Keep moving!” he yelled, but she looked behind her and watched in sheer terror as more bars came down every few yards they passed, always nearly missing them. “Don’t look back! Just keep running!”

Beverley pulled her gaze from the bars chasing them, just as a trap door opened below them and they went shouting down a slide, holding each other’s hands in a death grip each. They finally landed on a rock ground, the Doctor on his back with a grunt, then he gave another when Beverley landed on top of him, a cloud of dust kicking up around them.

“Alright?” he coughed.

“Yeah,” she coughed in return, lifting her head from his shoulder and swallowed hard when their eyes met. “Y-You?”

“Oh, just a little…dizzy,” he replied, trying to shake it off then frowned in wonder, sniffing at the air.

“What is it?” she frowned.

“Smells…sweet,” the Doctor answered, still frowning in thought before looking back at Beverley and asking, “You feeling alright?”

“Fine,” she shrugged in a breath, her eyes half closed and a slight smile. “I feel more than fine. I feel like I’m flying.”

“Well, this isn’t good,” he said, shifting to get her off of him then pulled them both to their feet. “Beverley, you’ve got to snap out of this now.”

“Why?” she giggled, wobbling on her feet. “Snap out of what? I’m fine.”

“‘Course you are,” the Doctor retorted before a light blasted on above them. Beverley giggled again as she leaned her head on his shoulder, his gaze darting around the darkness before he looked back at her when she lifted her head again. He took her face into his hands and urged, “Beverley, come on, stay with me.”

“Are you going to kiss me, Doctor?” she giggled before her smile dropped and she stopped laughing to sultrily say, “I’d like that.”

The Doctor let his hands fall from her as she resumed giggling and looked into the darkness around them to shout, “What have you done to her?! Whoever you are, leave her alone!”

Silence was all that answered him, and Beverley still giggled.

“Show yourselves!” he shouted.

All that answered was the echo of his own voice.

“Fine,” he ground out before reaching into his jacket and pointing his sonic screwdriver above their heads. “Let’s illuminate the conversation.”

More lights blasted on, one at a time around the one that still shone on them, and they revealed rows and rows of strange spectators around them. They were formed like men, but their eyes were vertically set instead of horizontally. There were no noses and their mouths were shaped into sharp Vs, their hairlines set just at the crown of their elongated head which gave way to short, brown hair covering the back of their heads, and small holes on either side of their heads served as ears.

“Oh, I see you now,” he breathed when all the lights were finally on then enunciated, “Genonians. Of course! It all makes sense now!” He frowned in thought before admitting, “Wait. No it doesn’t. What’re you lot doin’ here? You finally found that wonderful planet in the Messer System and you all come here?”

“We must experiment,” they all replied together, making the Doctor frown in wonder.

“Experiment?” he echoed. “Experiment for what?” He looked to Beverley as she still giggled and realization soon sparked as he turned to them and replied, “Oh, the gas! The gas is some sort of…emotional inducer, eh? Making people experience emotions at will?” He frowned in wonder again and asked, “What would you wanna do that for?”

“Begin,” a voice echoed from above.

The Doctor looked up and around with a frown again, but he had no time to ask another question before Beverley gripped his arm and spun him around to make him face her. She gripped the collar of his coat and pulled him toward her, planting her lips to his. His eyes widened in shock before he gripped her shoulders and shoved her at arms length.

“Beverley,” he called. “You’ve got to get a grip.”

“I thought I did,” she giggled, trying to pull him toward her again, but he pushed her away again and looked up.

“What do you want?!” he shouted. “Who are you?!”

“We are the Genonians,” Beverley suddenly replied in an altered voice, making him face her again. Her eyes were glowing white and she only stood still now as he kept his hands on her shoulders and she continued, “We will keep the human race.”

“Beverley, come back,” he ordered, shaking her shoulders a bit. “Come back!”

“We will keep them,” she continued. “Train them. Make them our friends and companions.”

“You can’t use people like this!” he shouted upwards again. “Stop it! Let her go!”

“Genon,” the entire race chanted in unison, over and over again, including Beverley.

The Doctor looked around in wonder at what was happening, before looking back at Beverley, not knowing what else to do except one thing.

“Sorry,” he murmured, taking her face in his hands again, his fingers placed in precise spots as he finished, “But you started it.”

He pulled her face toward his and planted his lips to hers. The chanting instantly stopped and Beverley’s arms wrapped around his neck to kiss him a little deeper before she pulled away with a shout of pain. She began sinking to the floor but he caught her around the waist with one arm to support her as she set her head on his shoulder with a groan and he pulled out his screwdriver to point it around the room.

“Gotta be an exit,” he ground out before his screwdriver locked onto something and he grinned. “Allons-y, Beverley!”

“Oi, don’t scream at me, eh?” she groaned, making the Doctor look back at her, still grinning.

“Whoop, sorry,” he replied before grabbing her hand and dragging her toward a door that swung open, blue light flooding the path. “I’ve gotta get back to the TARDIS!”

He aimed his screwdriver ahead as they still ran down the blue lighted hall until they came to a ladder and came to a skidding stop. He pulled her toward it and helped her start up the first few rungs.

“What happened?” she frowned down at him as he started after her.

“Long story, just keep climbing!” he called back.

“Is this how it is with you?” she wondered, stopping at the top when she reached a closed hatch and she looked down at him, continuing, “Running? All the time, running?”

“Oh, yes!” the Doctor grinned up at her, still climbing. “Scooch over and let me get that door open.”

Beverley quickly moved over as much as she could on the ladder as climbed up to squeeze onto the rung with her, both holding on with one hand each. He aimed his screwdriver at the rim of the hatch they were underneath. The ladder rattled, making them both nearly lose their grip. They both looked down to see a few of the Genonians at the bottom, trying to climb up to them.

“Well, now what?” Beverley asked the Doctor as she looked to him, but he didn’t look at her.

“Now…” he trailed off, looking back at the hatch he’d unlocked and placed a hand on it as he resumed, “…we let in a little light.”

He shoved the hatch up, letting the sunlight into the tunnel and making the Genonians cringe back at the sudden brightness.

“Up and out, Beverley Gilmore!” he grinned and she hurried up to the top and crawled onto the concrete before turning back to help the Doctor out as well. He shoved the top back over the hole they’d just crawled out of, the covering being another potted fake potted plant and knelt down to seal it again with his sonic screwdriver.

“Right,” he sighed, standing up straight and looking to Beverley and holding out his arms to Beverley as she frowned at him as if he were mad. “Come closer and let me have a look at you.”

“Why?” she frowned, shaking her head and the movement made her dizzy. She took a stumbled step toward him and he caught her when a foot came out from under her.

That’s why,” he explained, supporting her as he led her back the way they’d gone down the street. “Come with me to the TARDIS and we’ll make you right as rain.”

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