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Scp-049 x Natasha


The story takes place in the Scp foundation. It's another day for Natasha, she's been at the foundation for several years now, and shes got used to the tests and experiments. Natasha finds out she's being tested with Scp-049, the Plague Doctor.

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Chapter 1

The familiar sound of the doors awakes me. I feel the cold linger close, I decide not to move until my cell door opens. Standing in the doorway is a single guard, holding the standard Ak-47 pointed down at the concrete floor.

“Out,” The guard sounds gruff even with the bulky helmet pushed to his face. I don’t get much respect, considering I am in fact a D-class, but today they sounded annoyed more than anything.

I slowly climb out of the hard and creaky bed. I am met with the cold floor and chilling air that surrounds me. I take my time getting used to the cool air, but after a second the guard makes a gruff command

“Out.” I shiver and roll my eyes. I’ve been here longer than you have, buddy, keep your distance. I start to walk out of the cell that the foundation makes me call ‘home’, or ‘your room’. As I pass the guard, I can see through the thick plastic. Dribbles of sweat run down his forehead. Yeah, I hope your neck gets snapped into another dimension by 173, idiot. I turn my attention away from the petrified guard and look to my left to see the many, many cell doors.

I still remember the chilling fear I had when I first walked down that hallway.

To my right a guard starts talking to me, it goes in one ear, out the other. He turns and slowly walks away from me, I follow close by. I make my footsteps loud enough so he can hear me through the helmet, I’ve been here long enough that I know what they can hear, and what they can’t. We arrive at a cell door, I quietly prepare for what tests I’m going to go through. The guard just stands there, just staring at me. A few seconds of awkward silence later, an older woman almost sprinting, hands me a paper and holds her hand out.

Waht? A handshake? Hell no.

I push past my warnings and nicely shake her hand before I can look at the paper she shoved into my hand, she wraps her long bangs around her right ear.

“Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Dr. Amber.”

Dammit, it can speak.

“Wonderful to finally meet you!” She smiles warmly, a smile that can make anybody happy… Wonder if she’s married. Sadly, her smile goes right through me and I stay straight-faced, looking dead inside as usual. I finally notice the clipboard in her left hand.

I try to speak but she scans the clipboard and starts talking again.


Damn this woman is persistent.


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