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The Frozen and Pierced Heart Part 1


When Elsa was isolated it did not go unnoticed. Before her parents deaths the people and the nobles had their questions. Now some are taking matters into their own hands.

Adventure / Romance
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Storm Clouds

"Elsa what have you done!?" The king yelled as he burst into the great hall.

"I didn't mean to! it was an accident!" Elsa cried as her mother and father ran over to her.

Eight year old Elsa was holding the body of her sister as her mother ran over an knelt beside her. "Oh Elsa you killed her!" The Queen exclaimed as she examined Anna

"What! No!" Elsa cried.

"You monster you killed your sister!" The queen stared at her. Her eyes seemed to pierce into Elsa's soul with an accusing look.

"No! Anna come back!" Elsa frantically shook Anna's body as if trying to wake her. As she did her parents drifted back as Anna's body seemed to fade into nothingness. Suddenly glossy black brick walls seemed to spring from the floor around her. They reached the ceiling and crashed, locking into place. Metal bars rose around her as well filling the room with an eerie clang. She looked around paralyzed with fear as the dungeon trapped her.

"You're too dangerous Elsa. You need to be locked away. We have to keep you away from everyone." Her father's voice seemed to float though the walls to her.

"No! Mamma! Papa! Please!" As she pleaded he slowly changed from a little girl into her present sixteen year old body. She stood in the center of the room looking for a way out. An eerie dim blue glow lit the room. Suddenly she saw it. There was an open door. She ran for it but slammed shut sealing her inside. She fell to the floor and sobbed. She called out into the darkness but there was no answer. She was truly alone.

"Elsa?" A voice quietly called from the darkness. Elsa jumped up and looked around. The voice sounded so familiar.

"Anna! Where are you?" She called hopefully into the darkness.

"Elsa why did you kill me?" Anna's voice whispered in the darkness as Elsa franticly looked around for her.

"I didn't mean too I just lost control I'm sorry!" Elsa called, her voice pleading. "This can't be right. I did strike you with my powers but the trolls saved you. I would never hurt you. I love you!"

"If you love me so much why do we never play anymore? Why do we never talk? How come you can't so much as look at me?" The voice accused.

"I want to Anna but I don't want to hurt you. You have to be safe!" Elsa answered frantically as she spun around looking for Anna.

Then Anna slowly drifted into view. She walked straight through the wall. No longer was she the little girl Elsa had struck. This was Anna now.

"Anna!" Elsa ran to her sister. But the look on Anna's face stopped her. It wasn't the smiling happy face she was used to seeing the few times she had stolen a glance at Anna. Her eyes were cold. Her face afraid.

"Elsa stop." She said. "You know you can't touch me. You can't touch anyone. You destroy everything you touch. The storm inside you threatens everyone. You need to stay away from us. It's best for everyone if we just forget you. Goodbye Elsa." With that Anna slowly turned and walked away going straight through the wall. Elsa ran after her but ran into the wall. She pounded on it calling out for Anna, her mother and father.

"Anna! Momma! Papa! Please don't leave me alone! I'm sorry!"

Elsa awoke with a start out of her nightmare. Only she found it wasn't completely over. Her room was cold with ice forming and snow drifts. She remembered her sister was still alive but that she couldn't run to her and hug her no matter how much as she wanted to. She got up and wiped the icy tears off her face that had formed in her sleep. She walked over to the frosted over window and cleared a patch to look out in the night over the sleeping Arendelle. She wished she could be that peaceful. She just wanted the ice to stop and run to hold her sister like when they were little. She hugged herself. A habit she picked up when no one else could hold her. Even after eight years the nightmares just kept getting worse. She had grown used to her life of solitude and isolation but she still hated it. She also knew she couldn't just go about like things were normal. The fact remained that she was dangerous.

Not a day went by that she didn't think about the night she almost killed Anna. She remembered the old troll telling her there was beauty in her power. She could not see what that beauty was though. And was it really worth the price? She only saw her mother and father at times and could never touch them. She nearly killed her own sister and couldn't se her because she couldn't risk harming her again. Then there was the fact she was heir to the throne. She shuddered to think what the people of Arendelle would think if they found out their queen could destroy them. She crawled back into her bed laying there awake. She wished that one day she could show Anna hat she really did love her. That one day she could care for people. And maybe one day someone would care about her too and not just be afraid of her power. She started to fall back into an uneasy sleep, her last wish is that someone, anyone, would just hold her one day.

From outside the council chambers in the castle of Arendelle shouting could be heard going on all through the day. Inside heated discussions were taking place about the Royal Family and its future in the Nation.

"Your Highness you must see reason!" an advisor shouted. "The kingdom cannot have a family who locks themselves away from them!"

"We do no such thing!" The King retorted back angrily staring down the advisor. "The Queen and I find time to go out among the people."

"And then return right to the locked up tight castle which we, your own council are barley allowed to enter!" A Noble shouted.

"We have our reasons." The King shouted back.

"And what are those? Another Noble asked from the other side of the room. "Over eight years and we have never been given a plausible explanation."

"It does not concern you, just the family." The King replied sternly

"And why shouldn't it concern us?" A cold but voice asked from the first row. The voice belonged to Count Snider. A heavier set man with black but greying hair and of average height. He stroked he sideburn beard as he spoke. He was one of the more influential of the Nobles and his patience with the Royal family was nearing an end.

"Excuse me?" The King replied glaring at the Count.

Snider did not back down. "Why should such an …oddity not concern us? Then there is the matter of the girls…"

"You will refer to them properly!"

"Of course your Majesty, my apologies." Looking bored as he said it. "However there is legitimate concern about the two princesses."

"What concerns?" The King asked icily.

"Well not so much over the youngest Princess Anna. Although she never leaves the castle at least she has been seen outside her room and around the castle. Your Heir on the other hand stays behind a locked door in a locked castle. In fact I have not seen the Princess Elsa since she was 8 years old." He looked around the room. "In fact please raise your hand if you have seen Princess Elsa at all since the gates shut."

Only two raised their hands slowly. "Oh good" Snider said sarcastically. "We have proof she still exists. Tell me Gentlemen, did either of you speak with her at all?"

Both shook their heads and muttered something about getting a glance as she went into the study or library.

"So there we have it the Royal Heir to the throne who turns 17 in just over a month never being seen. And let's not forget You, Your Majesty have rejected two suitors already who have travelled to see her. You would not even let them see her. One was from a very rich and powerful kingdom."

Murmurs went up from the council as Snider continued on. "Everyone in here has heard them. Rumors of all sorts flying all over the kingdom about the Princess and Heir to the throne that no one has laid eyes on since she was 8! The people are being to think there is something wrong with her."

"That's not true Elsa is just fine!" Roared the king.

"Then prove it to us." Shoot back Snider. "Bring her down here and have her speak to us, assure us we have nothing to fear."

"Absolutely not!" The king said in almost a panic. Who knew how they would respond if Elsa lost control.

"You see! The king is gambling the future of Arendelle on a… a shut in!" Snider yelled as he turned addressing the counsel.

"How dare you!"

And with that the council chambers exploded back into chaos.

Elsa sat in her room against the door trying to keep it together. Despite the distance from the chambers the shouts still carried their way upstairs to her room. Although she could only make out a few words here and there she knew it was not a happy meeting. She also knew she was a subject of conversation. During the meeting she had snuck out to the library to get a new book when she heard her named mentioned. Rather angrily too. It was not like her but she moved closer to the chambers to hear what was being said. Unfortunately the cruel and ugly things she heard just made her angry and sad. A small part of her in the back of her mind wanted to storm into the council chamber and prove she was not who they thought she was.

Tears stung and froze to her cheeks though as she realized in a way they were right. There was something wrong with her. She looked down at her gloved hand as she tried to hold the tears back wishing like she did so many times before that the power would just leave her. She choked up even more because even though deep down she wanted to be brave she knew that if she went in she would lose control and they would all see just how dangerous she might be to the future of Arendelle.

Speaking of losing control, she just noticed small flurries were forming in the hallway. She had to get out of here before things got worse or someone saw. Elsa ran back to her room all the while repeating to herself "Conceal, don't feel." As she slammed the door shut then sank down leaning against it and cried softly.

She felt the tears freeze as they fell. She wished she could be brave, most of all she wished she didn't have to live with the constant fear of being a danger to those she loved. She hugged herself tight as she sat there, a chill sweeping the room and flurries coming down despite the gloves. How? She thought, how could she ever be Queen? She dare not let anyone beside her Mother and Father come near her. At least she had some comfort in that. That while they were around there were two people who loved an understood her. But even then she saw them so little. Both were of course busy with the business of the kingdom but she was afraid of harming them as well.

She had become used to being alone but she still hated it. She wanted to love, to hold Momma and Poppa and to play with Anna once again. She thought back to what the troll had told her the night of the accident. "There is beauty in it…" But Elsa couldn't see the point in creating a few pretty snow decorations if the tradeoff was freezing people to death. This was one of those times when she wished there was someone else she could talk to who maybe could understand.

Just then she heard and all too familiar knock on her door.

Anna too had heard the heated arguments coming from the council chambers. Unlike Elsa she was more familiar with what was going on because of her roaming around the castle. However she did not fully understand it yet. She wanted to barge into the chambers and tell those awful men they couldn't talk about her sister like that.

Although truth be told she was wondering herself why Elsa wouldn't leave her room hardly ever for the last eight years. They were so close when they were little but that all seemed to change without warning. Anna no longer knocked on her sister's door as often as she once did. She grew a little tired of pleading at a closed door without knowing why the sister she adored refused to open. She never gave up on her sister though. Despite the fact Elsa had shut her out she would always love her big sister. She had memories of everything they used to do and held onto hope that things could one day be that way again.

As Anna wandered the halls getting madder by the minute at the things they were saying about her Dad, Mom, and Sister she thought she heard something. It sounded almost like someone crying. She quickened her step to try to find the source of the noise and then heard quick footsteps. Anna ran after the footstep and turned the corner just in time to see her crying sister run into her room. It was the first time in weeks she had actually caught a glimpse of Elsa.

Anna went to her door and raised her fist to knock but paused a second knowing what the likely outcome would be. But this was Elsa she couldn't ignore what she just saw. She knocked gently and called softly "Elsa?" As usual there was no answer but that wasn't going to stop her. She called again "Elsa, are you ok?" She was greeted by silence again. Anna proceeded to talk "Elsa I know you can hear me. Don't pay attention to what those awful men say. They don't know you. They just worry about money and politics. Just know…that no matter what. I'm here and I love you, no matter what." She paused for a minute and listened. "Well if you ever need me just ask I'm always here for you."

What Anna didn't know is on the other side of the door Elsa wanted nothing more than to fling it open and hold her sister tight. But fearing what would happen if she did, she just hung her head and sat still.

In the council chambers things had gone from bad to worse.

"Enough" lord Snider stood. "Since the King will not see reason I propose we adjourn and discuses some other options." He glowered at the King.

"Do not do something which there is no going back from Count Snider." The king warned.

"Oh never your Majesty, but perhaps you should have thought the same when you closed the gates permanently." He replied as the councilmen allied with him joined him as they exited the room.

The king lingered for a while talking with the council members loyal to him when an army captain came in and saluted the captain of the guard and bowed to the king. "Your majesty I have a message from Admiral Hauge."

The King took it "Thank you Captain" and began to read a frown ever growing on his face. Finally he looked up at the Captain. "Get me General Nohr."

"Yes Majesty" The Captain bowed and exited quickly and the King turned an addressed what remained of the council.

"Gentleman, what I am about to order may seem extreme but if successful will prevent a larger rebellion."

To be continued…

End Chapter 1

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