The Frozen and Pierced Heart Part 1



Both Elsa and Erik ran from the falling ice chandelier. They were not fast enough to escape its destruction though. Its massive size hit the floor with incredible force cracking it. The force knocking them both off balance as it exploded into thousands of razor sharp shards. Erik reacted and grabbed Elsa falling on top of her. His body protecting hers from the shrapnel. With his larger build and wearing heavier clothing he could withstand the impact of the shrapnel were as she might not survive it. They both hit the ground and he tucked her head into him. Then he looked down at her. She was not moving or speaking. Blood ran from her head and he couldn't even tell if she was breathing. Fear rose in his chest as he looked at her. No, he couldn't lose her. "Elsa!" He called forgetting formality for the moment. "Elsa talk to me!" There was no answer.

He put his head down and heard her shallow breathing. He let himself breathe. She was alive. She was hurt and unconscious though. He had to get her back to Arendelle.

He unconsciously stroked her face with his thumb. He was so afraid he had lost her. This shouldn't have happened. Not to her. She didn't deserve this. He wiped the blood away and tried to stop the bleeding when he heard footsteps approaching. He quickly pulled his pistols out and pointed them at the approaching men and said with deadly seriousness. "Come any closer and I will kill you."

Both Alexander and Hans stopped dead in their tracks looking shocked. "Captain!" Exclaimed Alexander.

"I'm dead serious. Two people you brought up attempted to kill the queen. How do I know you don't have the same intentions?"

Alexander slowly took his sword off and placed it on the ground. "Captain I swear on the graves of my ancestors I only wish to help the queen. Please let me help you."

Erik kept his weapon drawn but nodded for him to proceed. "Thank you. However you step one toe out of line and I will kill you."

Alexander nodded. "I understand." He helped Erik attend to Elsa's injuries. "She is lucky to have someone as loyal as you."

Erik just nodded his heart still racing from almost losing her. He picked her up and carried her out of the castle. Alexander helped him on his horse as he held onto Elsa making sure she was secure. The other men tied the hands of the two would be assassins. As the group headed out Erik turned to Hans. "Princess Anna is safe last I saw. She came up here to the castle but the snow creature chased her away. She may be in the surrounding area. Otherwise my best guess is she headed back to Arendelle."

Hans nodded. "I'll search the surrounding area and catch up with you." Then he took some of his men and rode off.

Alexander rode as close as he dared to Erik. He wanted to be as close as possible to Elsa who was nestled into Erik as he held her. Alexander couldn't help feeling somewhat jealous of Erik as he rode. There he was holding the most beautiful girl Alexander had ever seen in his arms. Well arm. Erik rode with Elsa propped up against him his arm around her and his hand holding the reigns of his horse. His other hand almost constantly seemed to be either on his sword or pistol. He held her close to him to keep her steady but not so hard as to hurt her. Alexander thought it looked somewhat like the romantic paintings of the gallant knight carrying the fair lady he rescued on his horse. However the faces of the two were completely different from the painting. Even in her unconscious state Elsa's face wore the same look of fear it had before. Erik's face was cold an emotionless. His eyes constantly scanning like those of a hawk. Although, Alexander noticed, once in a while his eyes would look down at Elsa's face and his face would show signs of compassion.

Alexander sighed. He thought about volunteering to carry Elsa for a while but knew Erik would never agree. And he was slightly afraid he would kill him for asking. Still Alexander couldn't help but stare at Elsa's beautiful face. He wished he could so something to ease her worries. That she would wake up and it would all be better. He would do anything to see that pretty smile again. As they rode on Alexander pledged to himself that while he may not have been the hero he and Erik would share one thing. No one else was going to harm Elsa.

Erik was well aware of the looks he was getting from the entire search party. From some of the whispers and smirks they gave each other he had an idea what they were joking about as well. He didn't care. He took no pleasure in holding Elsa as he carried her back home. To him anyone who took pleasure in carrying an injured girl was an idiot. He would rather she was riding her own horse under her own power.

Still that didn't mean he was without feeling. Every time he looked at her he felt guilt, pity and compassion. He felt guilty because he had promised her should would be safe. Yes she was alive but she had been far from safe. The pained look on her face was just a constant reminder of his failure. He felt pity for her because of what she had gone though. In the four years he had known her she had lived in constant fear of her powers. Now in the last week those fears had manifested themselves in the worst ways possible. He was concerned what this would do to her. He feared she would lock herself away and never come out again. He had to make this right somehow. He looked down at her again just wishing he could undo everything that had gone wrong for her. She shouldn't have to go through all this. She was so young and had so much ahead of her. Granted he was only four years older than her but he knew what he signed up for at an early age. She hadn't asked for any of this. She shouldn't have had to endure any of it. He knew that the recovery for her would be a long road.

However before any of that started he needed to get her home. Alive.

No one in the search party was a doctor. Erik and Alexander had done what they could to treat her injuries but Erik wanted someone more qualified to take a look at her. The problem was he needed someone he could trust. Someone like…

All the sudden he had an idea. He held Elsa steady as he retrieved some paper and wrote a short message with one hand then put the mark of the royal guard on it. He called over one of the Arendelle guards he noticed was wearing a cavalry uniform. "Corporal come over here."

"Yes Sir." The young man rode up alongside.

"How are your tracking skills?"

"Very good Sir."

"If I sent you out do you think you could locate us again?"

"Yes Sir. With us heading back to the castle and the speed we have to go at it should be easy to find you again."

"Good." He handed him the letter. "Take this to Camp Spear. Give it to Col. Rekner of the 3rd regiment of the Royal Marine Brigade. Follow his instructions. Understood?"

"Yes Captain." He took the letter and rode of quickly though the snow. Erik watched after him. He needed this to work.

Hans rejoined the group a little over an hour later. Erik asked him. "Any luck finding Princess Anna?"

"No." Hans answered back. "Hopefully she returned to Arendelle."

Hans had a dark expression on his face. His plan was unraveling. In truth he was tempted to just let them kill Elsa up on the mountain. It would save him the trouble of having to plan it out himself later. However if her sister didn't make it back Anna might be likely to call off the wedding and he would really have no shot. He needed to find Anna. His whole plan hinged on her marrying him so he could become a legal heir to the throne. He did have a backup plan in place. If Anna didn't come back he could kill Elsa and put an end to the winter making him a hero. With the monarchy gone they would have to choose a new successor and being Arendelle's hero would put him on the short list. However that plan was a last resort. His odds were so much better if Anna was found and forever grateful for saving her sister. Elsa had done him a huge favor though. By causing this winter she basically doomed herself. Once he and Anna were married he might not even need to get his hands dirty with Elsa some of the people might kill her for him. Or he could at least find a willing group to pay to do so.

He frowned as he watched Erik carry Elsa. This guy was beginning to become a problem. He was insanely loyal to the queen and would probably have to be taken care of as well. That wouldn't be too much of a problem. Just make sure he was killed in any attempt on Elsa's life and he could die a hero and Hans could honor him at his funeral endearing himself to the people even more.

As the sun started to set a pair of riders came towards the group. Erik called out. "It's ok they are expected."

Riding up was the cavalry soldier and another man with a dark face wearing a corpsmen's uniform. "Hey Captain Slovak." Sambo said with a grin. "What brings a nice boy like you out to these parts?"

Erik smiled for the first time in days. "Sambo! It's been too long. Sorry but this isn't a social call I have wounded here." He nodded to the unconscious girl in his arms.

"Alright let's get her down." Sambo said dismounting and looking at the girl. "So who is this pretty girl and what kinda terrible date did you have with…holy crap is that the queen?"

"Yes." Erik replied as they gently set her down on a blanket. "And she's been injured. Blow to the head for sure."

"No wonder your note was so cryptic." Sambo said examining Elsa.

"Hey how did you know she's the queen?"

"I was in the courtyard when she put on her little ice display. Kind of hard to forget a face when that happens."

"I bet. Prince Alexander come over here."

Alexander came over. "Hold this." Erik handed him a lantern.

Erik helped Sambo in further treating Elsa. Alexander stood there admiring her beautiful face wishing should would wake so he could stop worrying about her. When they finished Sambo stood. "She should be alright for now. It's best if you get her to a doctor soon though."

"We should reach Arendelle tomorrow. Hey can you keep watch I'm going to get some fire wood. We should set up camp here for the night."

"Shouldn't we keep going through the night?" Alexander said.

"It's best if she's still for a while." Sambo said. "Besides with the sudden winter the wolves are growing bolder. And while I doubt they would attack such a large group it will be easier to spot them in the light of a fire then riding through the woods in the dark. Don't worry she will be fine."

Erik walked over to the two Wesselton men. "O.k. dirt bags on your feet you just volunteered to collect firewood." He yanked them up harder than necessary and pushed them towards the trees.

Alexander looked at Erik. "What are you doing with them?"

"Don't worry they are just going to learn the value of hard work." He pushed them along into the trees.

Erik led them until they walked to the edge of a cliff. "Ok stop right there." They both obeyed. "Now on your knees." Erik's voice turned deathly cold.

They looked at each other and refused. "I said on your knees!" He kicked them both in the back of their knees causing them to drop down. They both flinched at the sound of his sword being drawn from its scabbard.

"So you're the witch queen's executioner as well?" The big one asked defiantly.

"No. I just protect her from all threats. You two are a threat that needs to be eliminated."

The smaller one spoke up sounded more terrified. "But… but that whole speech you gave her about not darkening her soul over meaningless killing! Aren't you doing the same thing?"

"Perhaps. But part of my job is to do these things so others don't have to. It's scum like you that make it necessary to have people like me."

"We were just doing our duty certainly you can understand that!"

"Oh I can respect someone doing their duty. However your duty should not involve killing an innocent women. You should have the moral fortitude to say no."

"Innocent?" The big man scoffed. "You call that witch innocent? Look what she did to the land. And she nearly killed us."

"First of all witch implies she had been studying dark magic. She was born with the powers, she never asked for them. And secondly, I believe you two attacked an unarmed girl attempting to kill her in cold blood. She simply was defending herself."

Erik looked down at the big man. "And now I defend her from any further threats." He thrust his sword though the back of the big man straight though his heart and pulled the blade out. He then pushed his dying body over the cliff with his foot.

The other man gasped. "Please I'm sorry! Don't kill me! I'll make it up to her I swear!"

"Well since you're sorry I'll make it faster for you." Erik took his sword and slashed the man's throat. Then pushed his body over the cliff as well. He stood there for a moment then pulled a cloth out and wiped his sword clean before putting it back. For the moment he was glad Elsa was unconscious and would never have to hear about this.

He pulled his two pistols out and yelled. "Hey stop!" and then fired them both into the air. He then turned back to the camp.

Several of the Guards along with Alexander and Hans came running. "What happened? Where are the prisoners?" Alexander asked.

"They tried to escape I was forced to fire." Erik said.

"Oh." Said Alexander not looking completely convinced. "What should we do with their bodies?"

"Won't be a problem. They found a cliff that impeded their progress."

Alexander had a horrible feeling Erik was not telling the truth but decided not to push the issue.

What Erik didn't know was that one of the Southern Isles guards had witnessed the whole thing.

The next morning at sunrise the group prepared to set out again. With Sambo there Erik had managed to sleep some for the first time since Elsa's monster forced him too. He hadn't dared before. He still sleep next to her though as Sambo kept watch. In the morning he gently picked her up and held her as he got on his horse as the group proceeded back to Arendelle. As they headed out Erik turned to Sambo. "Thanks for coming. Now I need you to go back to the army. I have no idea what's going to go down. But tell Col. Rekner that all orders that don't come from either the queen, Princess Anna, Col. Davis, or myself are not to be trusted."

"Understood. Don't worry we will be standing by to assist." Sambo saluted and rode off back to the army camp.

The group approached Arendelle without further incident. Before they entered the city Erik had one of the guards give him his hat which he placed on Elsa's head gently and did what he could to cover her. He didn't want to attract too much attention and hoped to look like he was carrying an injured soldier. When they got inside the castle gates Davis came rushing up. Erik dismounted carefully holding Elsa. "We found the Queen but some of Wesselton's men attacked her, she's injured."

"Let's get her in to see doc." Davis said as he walked with Erik inside. He looked at Erik's face that had taken a beating when the ice chandelier came down. "We better have you looked at too. What about Princess Anna?"

"She didn't return to the city?"

"No just her horse came back. That's when this group headed out to find her."

"I saw her when I found the queen. It's a long story after that. We better send some men out to search."

Davis gave the order as they reached the medical ward and Erik gently placed Elsa on a bed as the doctor rushed over. "Will she be alright?"

The doctor examined her for a few minutes. "I believe so. It's a good thing you got her back when you did though."

Hans had followed into the ward when one of his men addressed him. "Pardon me my Prince, but I have overheard some of the castle staff mention something interesting about a certain room. You may find it useful. Also one of your guards says he has something to tell you."

"Very well." Hans said. As he was lead to the mysterious room his guard told him the tale of how he witnessed the queen's guard execute the Wesselton men. Hans frowned. The news was troubling but maybe he could use it to his advantage. He was sure now that Erik would have to be eventually taken care of as well. He was simply too dangerous to have around if he was to eliminate Elsa. He was lead along a corridor that turned down a dark hallway. It seemed as if he entered a second hidden dungeon. His guard then opened a door to a cell that had the most interesting pair of shackles. He smiled. This would be perfect.

He turned to his men. "I think it's best for everyone's safety including hers if we put Queen Elsa in here."

"Yes your highness." The guard said. "But what about her guard. He would never allow it."

Hans thought. He couldn't kill him now. Not while he was with the queen in a crowded room. "Is there any way to distract or incapacitate him for a while?"

The other guard spoke up. "I could concoct something to slip him that will knock him out for about a couple of hours."

"Perfect." Hans said. "Do it."

Erik stayed by Elsa's side as the doctor patched up is face. "Captain you better drink some water you're probably dehydrated."

Hans guard saw his change as he dumped a small amount of clear liquid in the water glass before the doctor handed it to Erik. "Here."

Erik took it and drank. After a few minutes he started feeling funny. "Whoa doc I'm not feeling so good."

"Well I'm not surprised from what you have been though. I insist you lay down for a while. You're of no good to the queen in a compromised state."

"Not until her majesty….the quee….safe…" Davis caught him before he crashed to the floor.

"Doc what's wrong with him?"

"Probably exhausted he refused to rest so his body is making him. Lay him down."

Davis an another guard lay Erik on a bed as Hans and some Arendelle and Southern Isles guards came in the ward. "We are moving the Queen to a more secure area."

"On whose authority?" Davis looked at the man.

"Mine. Remember Princess Anna left me in charge. Don't worry my good Colonel she will be completely safe."

His men slowly picked Elsa up carrying her away. "Where are you taking her?" Davis asked.

"Don't worry you will see her soon. It's for her own protection."

"I'll be along in a few minutes to check on her."

"Of course Colonel I wouldn't expect otherwise."

Elsa awoke the next morning in a strange room with her head pounding. The last thing she remembered was her ice chandelier coming down on top of her and Erik covering her. She looked around quickly expecting to find herself on the floor of her ice castle. She looked around. This looked strangely like a prison cell. Wait. Erik had flung himself on top of her to protect her. Was he alright? She slowly stood then looked down at her hands. The most horrible sight greeted her. Her hands were covered by these ugly cylinder shackles. She was truly a prisoner. She went to go to the window but the shackles where chained to the floor and would only let her get so far. What she could see what Arendelle harbor. Completely frozen over ships stuck in the ice as snow fell from the sky. "Oh no." She whispered to herself. "What have I done?"

She turned at the sound of her door unlocking and Prince Hans coming inside. "Why did you bring me back here?" She insisted.

"I couldn't just let them kill you."

"Please you have to let me go."

"I can't" Hans said.

"Then get Anna."

"Princess Anna has not returned yet."

The news slammed full force into Elsa. How could Anna have not returned? Where was she? "Please you have to let me go find her."

"I can't. Please just stop the winter then this can all go away."

"Don't you see?" Elsa said with tears in her eyes. "I can't."

She sobbed softly some more. "Please you have to let me go."

Hans stood to leave. "I'll see what I can do." Then left her alone in the cell.

Erik awoke with a start. He wondered how long he had been out. He looked over to where Elsa had been. She was gone! He bolted to his feet.

"Whoa there!" The doctor came over. "Where are you going?"

"The queen. Where is she?"

"Not sure Prince Hans moved her to a more secure room."

"Where is Prince Hans?"

"Follow the sounds of the yelling. He seems to be arguing with someone."

Erik heard the sounds of the arguing. It sounded rather heated. He walked towards it and was able to make out the voices of Hans, Kai, Davis, and Alexander. Along with some voices he did not recognize right away.

He entered the room and saw a very angry Kai, Alexander, and Davis shouting at Hans and the Duke of Wesselton. With all the shouting he couldn't understand what was being said. He walked over and yelled. "Excuse me. Where is Queen Elsa and what is going on in here?"

Alexander responded first. "This so called prince decided it was best for everyone's safety if the queen was locked up!"

Erik looked at Hans. "You put the Queen of Arendelle in the dungeon!?" He could feel his blood beginning to boil.

"Worse." Alexander said. "He has her shacked in this special room."

No! Erik thought. Not that room! He had sworn he would never see her in there. Without thinking he rushed across the room grabbed Hans by the throat and slammed him to the table. "Release her now!"

The sound of firearms cocking, crossbows readying, and swords being drawn filled the room as various guards drew weapons pointing them at Erik and others pointed them at the guards who threatened Erik. "Oh dear." Kai said as he saw the weapons pointed all around the room.

Hans tried to remain calm and said. "Captain I suggest you release me otherwise everyone is going to kill each other in this room. The result would start a region wide war and that won't help your queen at all."

The tension in the room was thick as everyone looked at each other weapons trained on each other wondering who would make the first move.

Erik slowly released Hans but continued to yell at him. "You chained an unarmed young woman to the wall?"

"It's for everyone's safety including hers."

"Yea I'm sure she feels real safe right now. Frightening her is just going to make things worse."

"Captain I respect your loyalty to your Queen so I'll forgive this incident. However you would do well to remember you are addressing a prince."

Erik stared at the man. "I don't give a damn who you are or what you think. All matters of the queen's safety go through me. Now if you'll excuse me I need to fix this atrocity." He spun around and walked towards Elsa's cell.

There was a quiet sigh of relief though the room as everyone slowly put their weapons away as the situation defused.

Hans stood and rubbed his neck. He needed to deal with this. He was trying to figure out his next move when word came that Princess Anna had returned.

Erik marched to Elsa's cell quickly. No one got in his way. The look on his face told them that hell was about ten steps behind him. He saw a Southern Isles guard standing by the cell. He strode up and said. "Open it."

The guard looked at him and sneered. "I don't take orders from you."

"Oh you misunderstand I'm not ordering you." Erik pulled a pistol out cocked it and pointed it at his head. "This is me asking nicely. An order would be me shooting you, taking your keys, and opening the door myself."

The guard stared wide eyes down the barrel and handed Erik the key to the door. He rushed inside a knelt beside Elsa. "My Queen are you ok?"

Elsa looked at him with icy tears on her cheeks. He tried to give her a comforting smile. "It's alright I'm getting you out of here." He turned back to the guard. "Give me the key for these shackles."

"I…I don't have it" The guard said terrified. "I swear."

Erik glared at him then turned his attention back to Elsa. "Alright let's see if these locks can be picked."

Elsa looked at him. "Please you have to find Anna."

"Don't worry my queen. Col. Davis sent out men to search for her. We will find her."

"I can't stay here." She said softly

"Don't worry I'm getting you out of this room."

"No. In Arendelle. It's too dangerous to have me around."

"Your majesty. If I may be so bold? I didn't go up into the mountains and bring you back down just so you could run back to them again. What's done is done. Running away won't change or fix it."

She nodded but didn't look completely convinced.

"I can't pick these." He said frustrated. "Don't worry your majesty someone has the key they just may need some convincing." He stood and looked at the guard. "You! Tell Prince Hans to bring the key. If he refuses remind him that Col. Davis and I still have the loyalty of the majority of Arendelle's army. I will not hesitate to call on them."

The guard scampered away. Erik turned back towards Elsa. "Your majesty it will be easier to defend this room from the outside will you be ok if I step out?"

She nodded. She actually was afraid of hurting him right now she was so afraid.

He put his hand assuredly on her shoulder. "I'll be right outside. I'm not going anywhere."

Alexander couldn't believe what he was hearing. According to Prince Hans Elsa had frozen Anna's heart and she had just died in Hans arms. He said they got to say their wedding vows just before she died which effectively would make him a Prince of Arendelle. He couldn't believe Elsa would hurt Anna. At least not intentionally. What Hans said next completely blew Alexander away.

"With a heavy heart I charge Queen Elsa with treason and sentence her to death."

"No!" Alexander said before thinking. "You can't possibly execute the queen. Not without trial."

"It's not an easy decision. But it's the best. She has become too dangerous."

"The Kingdom of Belcomp officially protests this action!"

"Noted but it will not change my mind. I have to do what is best for Arendelle."

"So you're going to publicly execute a 21 year old girl in front of the people?" He asked disgusted.

"No I'm not a monster." Hans said, although Alexander couldn't disagree more. "It will be done quickly and privately."

He turned to Davis. "Colonel form a detail for execution."

"No." Davis said.

"Excuse me? Colonel I gave you an order."

"I refuse to acknowledge your authority." Davis drew his sword. "And I will not allow you to harm the queen."

"Very well." Hans pointed. "Arrest him."

The other guards in the room all pointed their weapons at Davis. Two grabbed him and placed shackles on his hands. "Take him to the dungeons till I figure out what to do with him"

Alexander had his hand on his own sword. Hans looked at him. "Do I have to have you arrested as well?"

"You can try, but if you do Belcomp will consider it an act of war."

"Very well but any interference on your part Arendelle will consider an act of war. Now I need to ask you to leave."

"Fine. But this is not over." Alexander turned and walked out of the room. He didn't leave the castle however, he went to find is own men. There was no way he was going to allow Hans to kill Elsa.

Davis looked around his surroundings as he was lead into the dungeons. He had to try to escape, even if it killed him. He could not stand by and do nothing as the imposter Hans executed his queen. He walked slowly looking for his opportunity.

Then one was created for him.

Prince Alexander and his men stormed into the dungeon and attacked the guards escorting Davis. Davis took advantage of their surprise and struck one in the face with his shackled hands. Alexander grabbed keys from a fallen guard and freed Davis. "I think Captain Slovak could use some assistance."

"Agreed." Davis said has he grabbed weapons off the fallen guards. The group sprinted to Elsa's cell Davis rallying any Arendelle guard they came across by shouting. "To the Queen!"

As Hans and his men went up to Elsa's cell the guard he had left came running to him. "Prince Hans. The Queens guard insists you give the key to the queen's shackles. He says he will call on the army if you refuse."

"It doesn't matter." Hans said. "We are going to execute the queen for treason. Split into two groups and come at him from both sides of the hall. If he refuses to surrender then kill him as well for aiding a traitor."

The groups split apart and got into position.

Erik heard boots coming down one end of the hall and pulled his pistol. "Hold it. State your business."

Hans stated from behind his men. "Princess Anna died as a result of the queen freezing her heart. As a result Queen Elsa has been charged with treason and is being sentenced to death."

"Over my dead body." Erik replied coldly trying to line up Hans in his sights. The news that Princess Anna was dead hit him but he wasn't sure if Hans was believable. Even if that was true he had other problems right now. He was severely outnumbered. His problems grew bigger when another group of men appeared at the other side of the hall and approached him.

Erik yelled into the door behind him. "Queen Elsa you need to use whatever you can to break out of there! I know you can do it."

From in Elsa's cell the frost had already been forming. The fear only increased as she heard the angry shouts from the hall. The ice spread to the door and started to creep around the window. She called out franticly. "What about you?"

"Don't worry about me." Erik pulled a second pistol and pointed it at the other group. "It's you that matters."

"Captain its hopeless. Don't throw away your life for a lost cause. You would never serve a traitor. Stand down and you can still serve Arendelle." Hans said.

Erik kept trying to stall knowing he was outnumbered. He just needed Elsa to somehow get herself free. "For me to revoke my service to the queen there would have to be irrefutable proof of her treason and she would need to be tried. All I have is the word of one man."

Ice started forming on the walls in the hallway causing the men to stop and stare for a second. "You see she's too dangerous for that." Hans said. "Now I won't ask you again sta…."

He was suddenly interrupted by several shots from the other side of the hall as Alexander, Davis and their men charged the one group. Erik turned both pistols on Hans group and fired taking two of his men down then drew his sword as Hans' men attacked.

Elsa heard the shots and the clash of blades. A sound she had heard four years ago and hoped she would never hear again. The fear and guilt rose inside her knowing that the fight was because of her. Her breathing got more rapid as the fear rose. The ice crawling through the room. Finally the shackles fractured and broke under the pressure. She tossed them aside and focused on the window. It exploded outward along with part of the wall. She ran barley noticing the terrible storm she was causing.

Erik was forced backwards as he dueled. He was outnumbered but Davis and another soldier broke though and assisted him. Erik watched helpless as he fought though as Hans and several of his men reached the cell door.

"It won't open. It's froze shut."

Erik slashed the man he was dueling with though the chest and tried to advance. Suddenly everyone was knocked back as the hallway shook and an explosive crash was heard from Elsa's cell. Erik got up and managed to thrust his blade into another of Hans' men. Hans and his men managed to get the door open but found nothing but a gaping hole to greet them. Before they could pursue Elsa, Erik and Alexander broke though and attacked. Hans' men stood between them and he as they fought sparks flying off the blades.

Alexander had fencing training of course. But he had never been in a real fight. However With Elsa's life at stake he felt no fear. He fought hard and wild. Unfortunately his lack of experience cost him. As they tried to push through one of the guards thrust his blade into Alexander. As he sank to the ground Erik turned to help.

"I'm fine it just got my shoulder. Get the Queen!"

Davis and most of the men were still fighting. Erik directed the few that made it through to him and the cell. "Fan out and find the queen. Protect her at all costs."

With that he and the other guards jumped through the hole and disappeared into the raging storm. Erik looked around barely able to see anything. The wind was howling and snow blowing everywhere. He decided to head straight for the fjord.

Elsa ran just wanting to get away. To return to the mountains where everyone would be safe from her. Where no one would get hurt because of her. She knew Hans and his men would be hunting her but if she could get back to the mountains they wouldn't be able to find her again. She would make sure of it. The storm raged around her but she was unable to stop it. The fear was too great. The guilt was too great. As she made her way across the frozen fjord a figure came out of the shadows. He panic rose as she recognized Hans.

"Please stay away!" She begged as he approached. "Just take care of my sister."

Hans looked at her. "Your sister? She came back from the mountains nearly frozen to death after you struck her with your powers. I tried to save her but it was too late. Anna is dead."

What? No! She couldn't have. Elsa didn't mean too. Dead? Elsa world came crashing down around her as one thought came to her mind. I killed Anna!

She screamed and sank to the ice not noticing that in her grief she had blown the storm away in a matter of moments. She lay on the ice the tears falling and freezing as she cried over what she had done. In the reflection of the ice she saw Hans raise his sword to deliver the killing blow. She didn't care anymore. She deserved this. It would be better with her gone.

The sudden shockwave from the storm disappearing knocked Erik off his feet. He retrieved his pistol from a pile of snow and looked around. With clear vision finding Elsa would be much easier. His eyes scanned the frozen fjord when he saw something.

There was Elsa laying crumpled on the ice. Hans was standing over her his sword drawn. He raised it with a malicious smile on his face.

Erik ran towards her and raised his pistol lining it up on Hans. He stopped and pulled the trigger.


His pistol had misfired. The power had gotten wet in the snow. He stared dumbfounded at it for a split second then launched himself at full sprint for Elsa. Knowing he couldn't reach her in time he got ready to throw his sword. It was the only small chance she had.

Then something of a miracle happened. Anna ran out from nowhere and placed herself between her sister and the falling sword. She raised her hand just as the sword came down. Just before it struck her she turned to solid ice. The sword connected with her and exploded. The shockwave launching Hans backwards knocking him out.

Elsa opened her eyes. She heard the sword explode and turned and looked up. There stood a statue of her sister her arm outstretched as if to block something.

"Anna!" She cried out and looked at her frozen sister. "No please no." She ran her fingers over Ann's cold face. It was true. She really had frozen her sister's heart. She was gone because of her. She hugged Anna's ice form and sobbed. The only time she had hugged her sister since she was eight. It was all Anna had ever wanted and now it was too late.

Kristoff, Olaf, and Erik raced over but stood watching helpless to do anything. Elsa could do nothing buy hold Anna tight refusing to let go.

Suddenly Anna's ice form began to glow softly and began to melt. The others watched in amazing as the ice slowly gave way and Anna became herself again.

Elsa's eyes widened and she hugged her sister again. "Anna you're alright!" She looked at her sister. "You would sacrifice yourself for me?"

"Of course." Anna said. "I love you."

Olaf pitched in. "An act of true love will thaw!"

Erik watched the seen amazed and more than a little confused. He leaned to Kristoff. "Can you fill me in on what just happened?"

"Long story." Kristoff said.

Elsa looked around. "Of course. Love will thaw."

She started motioning with her hands as the snow started to rise from the ground she concentrated harder as the snow and ice started to break apart and fly into the air. The ice around them gave way and a ship came up beneath them. They watched in amazement as Elsa formed all the snow and ice rose into the air in the form of a giant snowflake. The temperature climbed as well as the ships in the frozen fjord broke free and floated on the water. When the massive snowflake collected all the snow and ice Elsa waved her hands and dissipated it into a snowy firework.

They all stared at Elsa when the sound of Hans waking caught their attention. Kristoff made to beat him to a pulp. Erik drew his sword intending to do worse.

"Hold it." Anna said grabbing Kristoff.

"Wait Captain." Elsa said stopping Erik.

Hans looked dumbfounded at the approaching Anna. "Anna! Thought you were dead. Elsa froze your heart."

"The only frozen heart around here is yours." She turned then turned back and punched Hans as hard as she could in the face sending him overboard.

As she walked back over to Elsa Erik whispered. "Next time rotate your arm when you punch. It will hurt him even more." Anna smirked at him and hugged Elsa again.

They were interrupted by a melting Olaf who Elsa managed to save and give his own personal flurry to keep him frozen.

After a bit Kristoff asked. "So, um. How are we getting back to the dock?"

Anna looked around. "Captain can you sail us in?"

Erik looked at her. "I would your highness but these ships can't be operated by a single person."

Elsa laughed. "I think I got this." With a wave of her hand she created an ice bridge to the shore. Only this time it didn't freeze the entire fjord. Instead of fear on her face from her powers she seemed confident. Treating them like a gift. Her smile was infectious as the made a small staircase down from the boat to her bridge. Erik and Kristoff helped the sisters over the railing as Olaf bounded over. Then there came the task of getting Sven over. Who promptly knocked Kristoff and Erik down he ice stairs. Fortunately Elsa restrained her laughter long enough to expand the ice before they went in the water. The men looked at each other slightly embarrassed. Erik noticed Kristoff was having a hard time taking his eyes off Anna. Erik had to admit that Elsa looked much better with a smile and it was nice to hear her laugh.

They all crossed together. A most unlikely group of two royal sisters, a royal guard, an ice harvester, a reindeer, and a living snowman. They walked in the summer sun on a bridge of ice as the people gathered on the dock to cheer them.

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