The Frozen and Pierced Heart Part 1

The Search

In the mountains of Arendelle the north mountain stood tall. Looming over the others it dominated the landscape as it overlooked the snow covered ground. On the facing of the mountain stood an equally impressive sight. A new object now sat on its face. The magnificent structure stood tall gleaming in the sunlight. From a distance one would think it was made of glass. Upon closer inspection one would see a marvel made entirely of ice. Its detail stood out as its icy towers pointed to the heavens. The ice seemed to change colors almost as if the castle itself was alive reflecting the mood of its creator. This creator stood on a balcony overlooking the amazing view of the mountains. Her blonde hair that was normally braided up now hung over her shoulder in a single braid. She was clad in a bright blue material that seemed to be made of ice itself. Her eyes shone brightly as she looked over the landscape.

Elsa stood taking in the view. She had never felt so…Free! Just a matter of days before she had never felt more trapped by her powers. She had done everything to conceal who she truly was. She had failed miserably. She shuddered. Not because of the cold but because of the memories of her coronation night. She could still see the frightened look on the people's faces when it was revealed who she really was. The one that disturbed her the most was Anna. She couldn't forget the look on her sister's face when she let the power go. It was if Anna couldn't believe what she saw. Like she had stepped into a nightmare. She knew Anna had tried to follow her to bring her back, but she couldn't risk hurting her sister again.

She shook her head to clear it. It was better this way. Anna was safe from her. Everyone was safe from her. Now she was free to see what her powers actually could do. She could be herself and no one would get hurt. Sure she was alone, but she was used to that. The loneliness was a small price to pay for not having to fear harming everyone around you. She smiled as she looked out. Yes it was better this way.

What Elsa didn't know was at that moment three figures were making their way to the north mountain from two different directions. From one direction came two figures being carried on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. One was her spunky ginger haired sister who was determined to bring her sister back and make everything right. Next to her was a broad shouldered mountain man with dark blonde hair. He had no personal stake in finding Elsa but her sister had managed to bribe him into taking her. From several miles to the west Elsa's personal guard made his way through the snow on horseback. Determined to find her and bring her back safe.

Erik stopped and pulled out his field glasses scanning around for any signs of Elsa. At first he followed her footprints but the snow soon covered those. All he could go by now was the direction the storm seemed to come from. It seemed to come from the north mountain. He wasn't sure but it was the only thing he had to go on anyways. He wasn't afraid of the cold effecting Elsa. He was more worried about a mob working its way up into the mountains to find her. The people where frightened. He couldn't really blame them. They had every right to be afraid. The problem was frightened people tended to do stupid and rash things. Especially when the group mentality took over.

Even if, no, when he found her there was the problem of convincing her to come back. He knew from experience that facing a large group of angry people was a frightening experience. The army had taught him that. Of course he always had his fellow soldiers alongside him. Facing an opposing army on his own was unimaginable. She was not alone though, he told himself. He would stand by her. He knew Anna would stand by her. He was pretty sure much of the palace staff would still be loyal to their queen. All that would have to wait though. His first priority was to find her and make sure she's safe. The rest he would figure out as they went along.

Anna's horse raced back into Arendelle catching the attention of all around. Prince Alexander noticed and ran over to Hans who looked extremely concerned.

"Princess Anna is in trouble!" Hans said. "I need volunteers to help find her."

"I volunteer!" Alexander exclaimed.

"Are you up for it?" Hans pointed to his foot.

"Yes. It's healed now. We are to try to find Queen Elsa too right?"

"Our main priority is Princess Anna, but yes we will try to bring the queen back safely as well."

"Then let's get going as soon as possible!" Alexander exclaimed as he went to get a horse and the other volunteers formed up. He was concerned about Elsa and wouldn't be able to rest until she was home safe.

Col. Davis came over. "Prince Hans I have men ready to search for both the Queen and Princess!"

"No Colonel." Hans replied. "I need you to keep the citizens safe and keep distributing the supplies."

In truth Hans didn't want any of Arendelle's military getting in the way. His plan was already complicated enough with both the Queen and Princess missing. The last thing he needed was soldiers loyal to the crown in his way.

Davis was uncomfortable taking orders from Hans. From the looks of things he looked like he meant well. He did a fantastic job of organizing the relief effort in the sudden winter. However he was not of Arendelle. The only reason Davis was taking orders from him was Princess Anna had left him in charge. That hadn't stopped Davis from pulling a few moves behind Hans back. He had sent some scouts out he was sure were still loyal to the queen out searching. If it was up to Davis he would have the army spread out looking for Elsa and Anna. He was also trying to determine which of his men might have their loyalties switch because of the queens power. Her abilities concerned him but he doubted she had any malicious thoughts. He thought it would be best she be brought home safe and then questioned by the council about her powers. A reflexive reaction would be the wrong way to go.

Looking at the outfit that was going after Anna he grew more concerned. A few of the characters he did not trust. He knew Erik was out there and protect the queen at all costs. He just didn't like the idea of him finding what appeared to be a friendly force only to have it turn on him and Elsa. When the group left Davis sent out three more riders to hopefully find Erik and have him keep an eye on the approaching group. He prayed they would find him in time.

Erik slowly made his way up the north mountain. He saw something glinting in the sunlight but was unable to make it out. Eventually a cliff face blocked his view until he made his way around it. When he rounded the corner he saw a most incredible sight.

A giant ice palace rose from the ground. It was massive and the detail was incredible. Leading over the gorge that blocked his way to it was a flawless staircase made of ice. He was pretty sure he had found were Elsa was. He left his horse and slowly climbed the staircase. He had probably found Elsa but now he had to figure out what to say to her. He wasn't exactly known for being eloquent in speech. He walked up to the door noticing the handles were in the designs of snowflakes. He took a deep breath and knocked.

To his surprise the door opened on its own. He walked inside to a huge entry way. Staircases crisscrossed their way up to the upper levels. In the middle of the floor was a giant snowflake that looked imbedded into the floor. The detail was amazing. He looked around then remembered he was here to find Elsa. He was about to call out when she walked around the corner having heard the door open. She looked at him and said in a shocked voice. "Captain?"

He turned around at the sound of her voice and was caught off guard. He had never seen her looking anything but conservative and reserved. Her hair was down from its usual braid and draped over her shoulder in a long single braid. The blue dress she was wearing made her eyes flash brighter than he had ever seen them. She looked…ok he was going to think it.

Absolutely beautiful.

She always looked pretty. No one could deny that, but he had never let himself think anything about it. Right now though she just looked amazing.

She looked at him puzzled and said. "Captain are you alright?"

He realized his mouth was partway open. He closed it and thought. Stop it soldier! That's completely inappropriate! Just like that he was all business again. "Queen Elsa are you alright?"

"Yes Captain. What are you doing here?"

"I came to make sure your safe your majesty."

"Thank you captain but I'm fine here."

"I also came to escort you home."

Elsa frowned and turned away. "That won't be necessary. I'm not going back."

"My queen?" Erik questioned.

"Up here I can be myself and not hurt anyone."

"Queen Elsa if I may we both know you never intended to harm anyone."

Elsa turned back toward him. "It doesn't matter if I intend it or not. I'm dangerous to be around."

Erik motioned to her creation. "Looks like you have your powers under control to me. I mean look at this place. It's amazing!"

"Thank you." Elsa said. "But if I become afraid you saw I'm not in control and I'm dangerous."

"You are not dangerous." Erik insisted. "If you can learn to create this you can learn to control everything else."

"No Captain. I can't risk hurting anyone again I couldn't live with myself."

"But Queen Elsa you cannot stay here. It's not safe."

"It's safe for everyone else. Besides I'm way up the mountain and the cold doesn't bother me."

"What about those who want to threaten you?"

"If I'm away up here they will have no reason to come after me."

"I'm sorry your majesty, but that's not the case. The more you hide away the more the people will become afraid. To them you will become a legend. A constant danger living in the mountains."

"Better they fear me from afar then exposed to dangers of me up close." She looked at him. "I think you should go Captain."

"I'm sorry your majesty but I have sworn to protect you no matter where you are."

"Oh Erik." She smiled softening her expression and dropping all formality. "You have been nothing but loyal to me the last four years. I will never forget what you have done for me. But you can't stay. I'll only end up hurting you and I can't allow that. You can serve me now by going and protecting my sister. Heaven knows she needs an eye on her."

"But my queen…" Erik started.

Elsa interrupted him. "I'm sorry but this is for your own good. I hereby release…"

A noise from down below interrupted her. "What's that?"

They both stopped and listened. Suddenly the both recognized Princess Anna's voice. "Wait here." Elsa said. "I'll go talk to her."

Erik waited while he listened to the sister's talk hoping maybe Anna could convince her to go home. Suddenly he heard a voice he did not recognize. He ran down the stairs to the queen and found the source of the voice.

A living snowman.

Erik drew his sword. "What the hell is that?"

Both Elsa and Anna turned and looked at him. Anna's face full of questions. The snowman however ignored his drawn blade and ran up to him. "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs."

"Its ok Captain he's fine." Elsa said.

Olaf ran up to Erik his stick arms outstretched. "Whoa hold on there bud." Erik said. "I really don't hug."

Olaf looked perplexed at this statement then walked back over to Anna. "What's wrong with this guy?"

"I haven't figured that out yet." Anna said looking at the Captain. "He mostly just stands there."

Anna turned to Erik. "Captain, can you convince her to come home?"

"Believe me princess I'm trying."

Anna turned back to Elsa. "You see people want you to come home! We can work this out!"

"No Anna we can't. You both need to go back to Arendelle." Elsa turned going back up the stairs. Anna was having none of it and followed her the two sisters going back and forth.

Erik decided to let the sisters be and waited with Olaf hoping Anna could change Elsa mind. Elsa was being stubborn but so could he. He was pretty sure Anna could be as well. His thoughts were interrupted as another man walked into the ice castle. Erik drew his pistol and pointed. "Halt!"

Kristoff raised his hands. "Hey don't shoot!"

"Who are you?" Erik kept his weapon trained on him.

"Kristoff Bjorkman!" He managed to spit out.

"What are you doing here?"

"I…I brought Princess Anna up the mountain!"

Olaf ran over to Kristoff. "Sven's here!"

"I thought your name was Kristoff?"

"It is. Long story."

"Olaf you know this guy?"

"Yea! He brought me, Anna, and Sven up the mountain."

Erik lowered his pistol. "So who is Sven?"

"My reindeer, he is outside. Who are you?"

"Captain Erik Slovak. Her majesties personal guard."

"Well I guess that explains why you're up here. So where are Anna and the queen?"

"Upstairs. I gave them some privacy."

Kristoff looked at Erik. "So do you great everyone with such fanfare?"

Erik shrugged. "My job is to protect the queen. Goes with the territory." He continued. "So how did you run into Princess Anna?"

"Oh funny story I went into this shop where she happened to be…"

He stopped and they both looked around. The ice of the castle was changing color into a reddish hue and cracks started forming.

"The Queen!" Erik said and sprinted up the stairs.

"Anna!" Kristoff said and ran after him.

Erik approached the room where the girls were before he could enter it however he saw jets of magic shoot across the room. He sprinted inside to see Anna on one knee on the ground and Elsa holding her head facing away from her. He ran for the Queen as Kristoff went and grabbed Anna. Before Erik could get to Elsa she held up a hand. "Stay back!"

Erik stopped in his tracks. "Your Majesty you need to come with me!"

Anna stood. "Yes Elsa we're not leaving without you."

"Yes you are." Elsa shot magic into the floor causing a giant ice creature to rise up from it. Before any of them could react it scooped all of them and Olaf up carrying them from the castle. When it reached the door it threw all of them over the stairs into the snow. The three humans stood and brushed themselves off then ducked as Olaf was thrown in three separate pieces.

Erik got up bound and determined to get back to Elsa. Anna made things more complicated by yelling at the beast. "Hey! It's not nice to throw people!" As she started making a snowball of her own.

Erik looked at her. "Please don't, your highness."

Kristoff grabbed her. "Whoa there feisty pants!" Anna turned away acting like she was fine but then threw the snowball when Kristoff let go. It looked harmless enough as it sailed through the air. It landed with a gentle poof on the monster.

The monsters reaction was not so gentle. It roared and turned back to them ice growing from its body. Erik looked at Kristoff. "I'll keep it occupied you take care of Princess Anna!"

Kristoff looked at him. "What about you?"

"My place is with the Queen."

"I think your job has just been outsourced."

"Not until I'm dead, now go!"

Kristoff and Anna took off. Olaf said from the rock. "I'll help you distract him!" Unfortunately his body ran off leaving his head stuck to the rock.

Erik clanged his sword against the rock. "Over here big fella!" He ran trying to lead the creature away from Anna and Kristoff. He was trying to figure out how to take this thing when he noticed it was faster than it looked. He dodged a couple swipes but one managed to catch him sending him flying. His head hit a tree and the world went black.

Erik had managed to distract the monster long enough for Anna and Kristoff to get some distance from it. But though a series of events hey found themselves having to escape the creature by falling off a cliff.

They got up and put Olaf back together and discussed the changes in Anna's hair. As they set out to see Kristoff's friends he looked back up the cliff. "You think your sister's guard will be ok? Should we go back for him?"

Anna looked up as well. "From what I can tell he can take care of himself. Besides I don't think there is any way we can get him away from that castle as long as she's in it."

As they turned and left Kristoff asked. "So does he have a thing for her or something?"

"Oh please." Anna laughed. "I don't think he has a heart. I never really see him smile or laugh. It's just work, work, work, for him." She continued. "Don't get me wrong he seems like a nice enough guy and he is loyal to her and would probably protect her from anything. I just can't see him having feelings for her."

Kristoff wasn't so sure. They way Erik had reacted when he though Elsa was in danger made him think otherwise. He could be wrong, but he was pretty sure there was something else there even if Erik didn't realize it himself.

The search party made its way up the mountain slowly. They had been following the direction the storms had been coming and it lead them to the north mountain. They looked up in awe at the massive ice castle that stood before them.

Alexander had never seen a more impressive building in his life. It looked flawless, he thought, much like the woman who probably created it. The group approached slowly not knowing what to expect. Alexander resisted the urge to rush forward to the castle. His heart soared as he was sure Elsa was inside. He hoped she would appreciate him coming for him. Mostly he hoped she was just ok. He remembered how terrified she looked a few nights ago when she ran. He knew he would have to be gentle in his approach. He hoped Anna had found her way up here as well. She was so young to be out here by herself. He took a deep breath as his heart pounded in his chest as they dismounted to climb the stairs to the castle.

Erik awoke slowly from his unconscious state and stood slowly. He looked around and saw no signs of the snow monster that attacked him. He looked around for signs of Anna and Kristoff but saw nothing. How long had he been out? He decided to try to approach the castle again and kept an eye out for Elsa's new creation. Wait. Did he hear voices? He ducked behind a tree and took a look. Approaching the castle was a group of men on horseback. He recognized Hans and Alexander. He also saw men in Arendelle uniforms along with the uniforms of the Southern Isles, Wesselton, and Belcomp. He heard Hans say. "We are here to find Princess Anna! But no harm is to come to the queen!"

He decided he better see what they wanted. If they were here to help he should warn them about the snow creature. He stepped out into view. Several of the men saw him. Prince Alexander took a look and recognized him and proclaimed. "It's the Queen's guard!"

Hans came over to him. "Captain what are you doing out here?" He asked rather shortly.

Erik looked at him. While he was a royal and Erik was just a commoner he didn't appreciate the tone Hans gave. He was not in his army. "I'm here for the queen of course. What brings you this way Prince Hans?"

"We have come to find Princess Anna and if possible the Queen. Princess Anna went after her sister but only her horse returned." He turned and walked toward the castle ignoring what Erik was about to say.

"Prince Hans…"

"Not now Captain. Princess Anna may be in danger."

"Prince Hans you need to know…"

"All I need to know is that Princess Anna is safe."

Erik got more insistent. "Prince Hans you need to know about…"

Then Elsa's giant snow guardian rose from out of nowhere and let out a bellowing roar.

"…That thing." Erik continued. "It may present a problem."

The creature attacked. Several of the men fired arrows or threw spears that had little to no effect on it. It swiped knocking the two Wesselton men away. They looked up and saw Elsa peeking out the door to see what the commotion was. The got up seeing the creature was ignoring them and ran behind it as it engaged the other men.

Erik decided it would be better if he directed the attack. "You men!" He pointed to a group. "Keep it distracted. Hans, Alexander! Help me go for the legs!" The men fired more arrows at the creature as Hans and Alexander rushed its legs. Erik went to join them but noticed the Wesselton men running up the stairs. It hit him. These particular men were not her to help the queen but to kill her. He drew one of his pistols and pointed it at one of the men and fired. The shot never reached its target though the creature had swung its arm out and the bullet struck it. It roared and turned to Erik, but that allowed Hans and Alexander to sheer its leg. As the creature fell the three men rushed up the stairs. As the creature fell back it destroyed the railing and part of a section of stairs causing Hans to fall grabbing the edge for his life. Alexander grabbed him to keep him from falling and Erik rushed past into the castle. He had both his remaining loaded pistols drawn as he searched for his targets.

The instinct that haunted his dreams was coming to the surface. He was ready to kill anything that even hinted on threating Elsa. He stopped and listened. Then he heard the sounds of a struggle and heard Elsa's voice. "Please leave me alone!"

Erik took off up the stairs in the direction of her voice just as the rest of the men entered the castle. He sprinted into the room where Elsa was his weapons raised ready to fire when he saw something he was not expecting to see.

Around him were jagged sheets of ice. He could see a crossbow bolt sticking in one of them. The thing that really surprised him was Elsa with her hands pointed in two different directions. One was creating a sheet of ice that was pushing one of her attackers towards the edge of a balcony. The other was extending razor icicles towards the other that was pinned to the wall. "Your Majesty!" He called. Elsa didn't hear him and continued her attack. "Queen Elsa." He said a little softer as he walked towards her slowly. "Your Majesty please listen to me. You have every right to take these guys out. But trust me you don't want to go down that road. You have them incapacitated. You don't need to live with the consequences of killing them."

Just then the rest of the men entered the room. "Queen Elsa!" Hans called. "Don't become the monster they see you!"

Erik continued. "Queen Elsa listen to me. You're not a monster. You're just scared an angry and I don't blame you. But believe me a person like you doesn't need to darken their soul like that."

Elsa stopped and looked at her hands in horror realizing what she was about to do. Erik stepped closer and said gently. "It's ok. I'm right here. You didn't hurt anyone. No one is going to hurt you." He still kept his weapons trained on her two attackers really wanting to pull the triggers and end them but he couldn't in front of her.

He turned to the men. "Secure them." And Hands went to take the man pinned to the wall. Erik put his weapons way and walked to Elsa. "Your majesty are you alright?"

Unfortunately the attacker pinned to the wall raised his crossbow with one hand and pointed it at Elsa. Erik noticed out of the corner of his eye as Hans lunged for the weapon. Erik grabbed Elsa shielding her from the incoming bolt and gritted his teeth fully expecting an arrow to pierce his body. Instead Hans grabbed the crossbow in time as the bolt shot to the ceiling.

All relief was short lived as the bolt cut the ice holding the massive ice chandelier to the ceiling and it came down. Erik looked up "Oh hell." And actually gave Elsa a bit of a push. "RUN!" They both ran as it came down on top of them. An object of awe and beauty just became deadly.

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