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Shivaay Singh Oberoi the most wanted bachelor of Mumbai who at the age of 28 is father of business and run long chain of Oberoi business around world in his professional life but in his down personal life he's daddy of all kittens. There's no girl near him.who didn't tasted him as Shivaay Singh Oberoi wants love from all.

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Conference is going on in Oberoi's meeting room between Oberoi's and Agarwal's over the coming estate project.

The project head of Agrwal's is giving presentation, the whole board in involved in discussing market and profits strategies expect The CEO himself, who's least interested in their talks as his self intersect is on Agarwal's secretary who's standing opposite to Agarwal who whenever walks or passes from Shivaay's cyan orbs he completely scan her body nude under him.

Shivaay pulled his chair completely in table and slowly he unzipped his pants began stroking his lenght fast keeping constant glance on secretary who was coming close to him.

Secretary came close to him and bends a little to show him some designs when instead of designs Shivaay was staring her cleavage with lust that was deep valley and itfully charged his hormones.

Stroking his desperate friend he with free hand pushed a button under the table and soon whole room got dark.

Shivaay pulled the girl in his lap, first he kept his free hand on her mouth so that she don't scream and then pulled her skirt and panty down till knees and whispered in her ear rubbing his length on her chit and then with jerk thrust inside her.

" I'm your daddy tonight. Come to your daddy at his place, he'll love you like no one else loved you"


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