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Manan - Uncontrollably Hidden Intense Love


A romantic mystery story of manik and nandini..

Romance / Mystery
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1. We got married

Hello people welcome to the first ever chapter of this book and i hope that you vote and comment, because this is a very long chapter.


“Finally, we are married ” exclaimed Nandini, who just finished signing the marriage papers after fulfilling all the wedding ceremonies like saath pheras, maang mein sindhoor and mangalsutra..

She looked at her husband smilingly and he side hugged her saying that ” finally, our dream got fulfilled ” He glanced at her with utmost sincerity that anyone could tell he is a one woman man.. and that woman in his life is none other than Nandini murthy who herself is the epitome of beauty.

One camera man asked, ” how does it feel Mr Malhotra to marry Ms Reddy who is known as the queen of mobile networking world..”

Manik smiled and said ” it feels great, to be associated with someone who is at par with me, not only professionally but personally too. I met her when she was 4 yrs old, and since then we had hit off like sugar and cream. We grew up till a certain age, and then we went to different cities... After some years we met.. and our love which was there still somewhere in some corner of our hearts intensified.. and the result is in front of you.“.

Nandini looked at him with perplexed eyes, trying to understand what he just said. Before even her thought process could begin working.. another question popped up from an editor of a famous business magazine ” Ms Nandini Reddy , I am sure you might be knowing that Mr manik Malhotra is not only known as the king of Mobile companies across the globe, Creator of Mphone 1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 but he is also a great charmer. I am sure you know that girls just put on him if given a chance (chuckles), so how do you deal with it, or to be specific how are you going to deal with it ? ”

Nandini acted as if she is thinking, but she smiled and said ” I don’t know that till yesterday, but from now on HE is MINE and that’s why we have called you media and press people so that through you the whole world can know that, I am Mrs Nandini manik Malhotra.” (with a hint of possessiveness)

Manik smiled genuinely seeing her possessive for him, which he always wanted, he further said, ” yes, the reason you all here because I want the entire world to know that Queen of mobile networking world has got married to the King of Mobile companies.”

The media people chuckled and one of them said ” I am sure it might be difficult for all of us to handle all the questions from the people, even your associates who handle your social networking sites will be a having a difficult time to manage all your fans..”

Manik looked at him with his famous smirk and said ” it’s part of your job, and you are getting paid for that, if you don’t wanna do it, then you may leave as Chicago is not devoid of any talent .”

All the reporters were mum, with this statement of manik..

" I guess we should go ” said Nandini in order to control the situation created by the ever so arrogant manik. To that line of Nandini, manik smilingly held her hand, and they both made their way out to the exit out of the ‘chicago tribune’, one of the largest media publishing company.

Their security guards came and covered them from the eyes of public. Entire Chicago was seen standing at the entrance of the company, some were taking pictures, some were crying over manan getting married to each other..but most of them were waving hands at the newly married couple, some where blessing them saying that ” you look awesome together”, to which manik smiled and Nandini looked at him.

Manan sat in manik’s Lamborgini, and headed to Malhotra mansion which is situated in one of the most expensive places of the city. In the car, Nandini rested her head on manik’s shoulder, whereas he protectively captured her arms and didn’t allow it to touch the seat of the car- a proof of taking utmost care of some one whom you love more than your life.

After that Manan reached manik’s mansion, and Nandini was blinking her eyes twice, making sure to believe that whatever she is seeing in front of her is not a Disneyland .

" This is marvelous, stunning and very much Indian ” exclaimed Nandini, who was still holding manik’s hands tightly as she felt super protective about him unknown to her.

Manik chuckled to her statement and said ” this is nothing jaan, there’s so much more to explore in this palace.. and the people” indirectly hinting at him ” then I would like to explore ” came her bold reply, which was not expected by manik.

" I think we should move in, as I am tired” Nandini told clearly her situation. With out any delay manan moved into the palace without any further delay. ” please stop there” a sentence from an old man who was approaching them with a plate of aarthi ki thaal.

“who is he” retorted Nandini, ” one of the three most important person in my life, he is my dadu” instantly came manik’s reply with a chaste of happiness.

" Nandini, tum ghar main pehli baar bahoo ban kar aarahi hoo, toh mujhe aarti karne do ” karan Malhotra said in a very grandfatherly love, which brought tears in nandini’s eyes, and was wiped by karan. ” ghar ki bahoo ko rona nahi chahiye, agar reena ko pata chal gaya na that I am making you cry, toh who mujhe ghar se nikaldegi” when karan said this Nandini laughed and manik smiled seeing HER laugh. He was totally lost in her laugh, but karan clicked fingers in front of him, which made him look at his dadu, who was having an ” I know look” look..

Manik looked at him and said ” dadu, this is Nandini apki bahu . ” I know her manik, she is so lovely” Nandini was looking at karan with a questioning eyes, seeing that he said ” beta, I have seen your interviews na, isliye I know you” she smiled and touched his feet whereas karan and manik heaved a sigh of relief.

Karan said ” jeeti raho, aur tum dono hamesha aise hi khush raho, hamesha saath mei raho” Nandini again got a slight tears in her eyes, but this time manik wiped her tears and kissed her eyes, giving her assurance that she is safe in here.

They made their entry into the palace, and she was astonished seeing the beauty of the palace, everything was so perfect, the palace was made of some heavy classical Indian work combined with a touch western designs here and there. It took 2 hrs for Nandini to see 25% of the palace.. and she started to yawn..

" manik, bahoo ko andar kamre mein leke jao, bahot thak gayi hai bechari ” said karan in a very worried tone, then manik said ” dadu, I will take her, meanwhile you go and rest”.

" han jaata hoon, arey! Main toh puchna bhool hi gaya, tum dono ne khana khaya na” asked karan. ” ji Dadaji, we ate food in the Hindu Temple only where we got married” told Nandini..

Karan smiled and went to his room, whereas manik said ” chale jaan apne kamre mein” to which Nandini nodded shyly.

When they reached their room, manik closed the door, and said ” jaan, this is our room, meanwhile you go and freshen up, and I will use this restroom, your clothes are there in your wardrobe (he pointed).”

Manik freshened up and wore is usual undergarment, he sat on one of the reclined chairs, opened his ipad, clicked the news icon and smiled seeing the breaking news. ‘King of the Mobile world married queen of the networking world’ he felt a sudden swing of radar into his blood and smiled widely.

By the time, he finished reading news, the door knob opened and there came Nandini in a sexy satin night dress, showing her cleavage, her back and her thighs with a slit at one side through which manik peeped in while coming towards her and said ” tonight is going to be the best, and I must say mrs Malhotra, you are totally ready for it.”

Nandini looked at him and said ” Mr Malhotra, Ops! Sorry manik YOU DISGUST ME AS A MAN.” To which manik pulled her towards him with a force and replied ” as expected” he further continued ” don’t waste time, come let’s make love, I can’t wait to dig in your body, look at your bo**, your thighs it’s calling me.. and telling me to love you and shower you with lot’s of kisses..

Nandini snapped at him by saying that ” manik, don’t call this as love making, you are just raping me, that too in a legal way and I am allowing you to do that because you have my most priced possession.” Manik felt bad very bad, when Nandini used the word ‘rape’, but he chucked that thought and said ” jaan, come it’s getting late, don’t you want HIM to have food.”

" no, don’t do that I will do what you will say, but please leave HIM, he is my everything.” Said a horrified Nandini.

Manik sat on one of the reclined chairs, and pulled her on his lap making her gasp..he removed the gauze which she was wearing and was eying her assets continuously with pure love filled eyes. She didn’t feel any shame, in fact unknown to her mind, her heart was feeling shy under the constant gaze of her to be owner. She was releasing a lot of fluid, and manik could feel the wetness under her womanhood as her panty was touching manik’s undergarment.

He removed her entire nighty which was barely covering her, so that he could have a clear view of her body parts, for which he craved.. he saw all of them with pure love filled emotions and slowly kissed her each and every body part starting from forehead to her foot. The way he was marking her as his.. was making her slowly fall for him... such were his touches..unknowingly she also made him remove his undergarment, to which manik smirked.

She held him tightly as he was attacking her bosoms circling around her center of the bosoms and nibbling over it. He planted innumerous kisses on her entire body, which was something that her body was proud of, not her!

He laid her down on the silk bed that was brought from Mysore, cupped her assets, put his lips into her lips, ate her entire lips and finally he let his manhood enter inside her womanhood marking her completely as his. The thing that shocked him was that she was a virgin, because soon, some blood came out of her core, which made him happy. She scratched his back, and moaned his named thousand times, they both looked into each other and had tears of happiness..

But that happiness was soon replaced into sadness when Nandini said ” Finally, you raped me” Manik looked at her with a hurtful eyes and increased his pace of love making, he was now thrusting his manhood in and out making both of them have so much pleasure, unknowingly Nandini was fully cooperating manik by releasing lots of liquid and manik smiled thinking that ” atleast, her body is not considering it to be a rape”. He fully engulfed her lips into his..and that made the soon to be lovers smile and have some bliss amidst the pain. After 2 hrs of their intense makeout when Nandini was exhausted,

Manik said ” get up, jaan there’s more to come” Nandini was horrified and said ” manik, you claimed my virginity, now what else is left?” He smiled and said ” this is just the starting jaan, trust me there’s so much more, the night has just began” (winking at her)

Manik slowly removed his manhood from her feminine part, he rubbed over there for a couple of minutes until she released a heavy sigh.

He made her stand near the curtain rod of their window, and tied her hands to the rod..he traced her entire body with delicate hands of his which made her shiver she was unknowingly feeling so good..

He stared at her body for a few minutes, trying to remember each and every mole on her body..he dangerously came near her ear and said ” I love that pink mole which is present at the extreme inside of your left inner thigh, and that is increasing the charm of your feminine organ.

Hearing manik’s statement, Nandini blushed which was so unusual, because manik expected her outburst. He traced his hand towards the mole and sexily kissed over it, saying ” this is mine”, and then in a swift he entered inside her through back, while moving his hands all over her body from the front.

He planted innumerable soft kisses on her bosoms and her waist , her hands were feeling weak, he too felt bad seeing her condition, but he had to do it, he had no option. THE MANIK MALHOTRA HAD NO OPTION.

He freed her hands, scooped her petite figure in his arms and made her sleep on the bed. She instantly fell asleep, and he looked at her angelic face.

" I am sorry Nandini, I know you hate me for raping you, but I had to I am just forced to.. I didn’t have any other option.” He went to the reclining chair, poured a glass of beer for himself and said to himself ” Nandini, I love you a lot, I just cannot live without you, I will give you everything that you want and will definitely make you fall for me.. actually I don’t need to, because you are falling for me.. your body says so.”

After 8 hrs of sleep they both woke up and Nandini felt a heavy weight on her body..she saw and smiled for a little bit seeing manik sleeping by opening his mouth. Soon, her smile changed into a shout, to which manik opened his eyes.

" good morning mrs Malhotra” he said sarcastically, but his sarcasm soon turned into anger, when she demanded ” CAN I NOW SPEAK TO MY BOYFRIEND MANVEER GURJAR”

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