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Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Eleventh's Story!

By Kairi Stella

Humor / Adventure

My True Self

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Eleventh's Story!

If you haven't seen the show Katekyo Hitman Reborn, then you won't understand.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn does not belong to me, but please enjoy! Comment your opinions, please!

Target One: My True Self

"Wake up."

What? Who's there?

"You must hurry and wake up, before his time runs out."

His time? Who's?

"Hurry and wake up."



"Ow…" I woke up on the floor and my feet in the air. I look on top of my dresser and saw a lion cub with orange flames as it's mane and tail end. "Kero?"

"Akari, are you ok?" A childish voice spoke to me in my mind.

"Yeah… I'm ok… Sorry, Kero." I groaned as I sat up.

"It's time to wake up, Akari. Hurry and get dressed." The voice insisted.

"Ok, Mom." I groaned at the cub.

My name is Akari Sawada, and yes I'm talking to a lion cub telepathically. He's my guardian spirit, I guess you can call him that. Its a long story that I'll tell you about later. Anyway, I'm a sixteen years old girl, but there's one thing you should know about me. I'm a tomboy, and I don't mean like the ones that acts like a boy. I actually dress as one. I had on navy blue pants and a yellow t-shirt with an orange vest over it. My hair is short above my shoulders. To be honest, I really do look like a guy. I used to being mistaken as one too. I've even had some confessions from some girls. Of course they got rejected.

"Akari, hurry. I can smell the food already." My kitty yawned.

"Ok, ok. I'm ready." I walked out the door with Kero on my shoulder.

I walked through the corridors to reach the kitchen. I live in a mansion with my parents, mostly because of my father, which I'll tell you about can say I have a life of a princess- I mean, prince. I finally reached the kitchen to our kitchen staff.


"Crap…" I turned to face a grayed-haired old lady. "Good morning, Giovanni."

I wined as the lady gave me a hug that didn't let me breathe.

"Good morning, my little tomboy!" she grinned. She let me go and touched my chest. "Those babies still haven't grown yet? How long until they do? They're still baby."

"Giovanni, please let me go." I sighed.

Giovanni let go and sighed, "Akari, you're supposed to get embarrassed when someone touches your chest."

"I don't get embarrassed. It's more like I get annoyed. That's why I hide from you." I wined as Kero hopped off and ran to some bread.

"Hey, Akari. This bread smells amazing! Lets get it with some strawberry jam!" the kitten turned to me with a pair of begging, orange eyes.

"Sounds good, Kero." I smiled as he hopped in joy. I looked over at the female chief. "Kero wants those with strawberry jam. I'll get a croissant with an espresso."

"Ok, Princess of Princes and Beast of the Bread. Coming right up." she giggled as she got a basket ready in a basket. When it was ready, she handed it to me.

"Thanks for the breakfest. Let's go, Kero." the small lion hopped on my shoulder as I walked out.

"I put in their breakfast as well! Make sure they eat it!" Giovanni yelled as she waved good bye.

"Okay!" I waved as I exited out to the gardens.

"Akari, let's race to our spot!" the lion cub grinned.

"Hmm… you're on!" I ran as Kero jumped to the ground running ahead of me. We finally reached our destination. The top of a hill is a big oak tree that I've known since I was little.

Kero was the first to arrive. "I won!" the cub jumped in joy.

"Congrats, Kero." I smiled as I sat in the shade of the tree. The cool breeze blew my hair back and it felt amazing as I unpacked our meal. Kero immediately started to eat. As I was about to take a bite out of my bread, I sensed two familiar flames behind me.

I didn't have to turn my head two know who these strangers were. "Stop stalking me, Koe, Rin."

Ok, first of all we're not stalking you. We were trying to scare you. A strawberry-blond boy with green eyes, dressed in a school uniform jumped down from the big oak. "And second, good morning, Boss."

"Morning, Koe." I smiled.

A black haired boy dressed in the same uniform appeared from behind the tree. "Sorry, Akari-chan. We wanted to surprize you." The two boys sat in front of me as I got their breakfast ready for them.

"That's impossible, Rin. Here, your breakfast." I handed the two boys each a bread.

"Thanks." the redhead smiled as he took a bite. "It's delicious!"

"Thank you, Akari-chan." the black-haired boy smiled.

"Make sure you thank Giovanni after school, ok?" I smiled as I finished my bread.

"We're not kids, you know?" Koe said as he grabbed another bread from the basket.

"Ok, Akari-chan." Rin smiled again.

I looked over at the city and saw the big clock. "We should probably get going, huh?"

Laughed as I heard Koe's groan. "Do we have to go?"

"Yes, you do." I laughed as I packed everything up.

"Come on, Koe. School's not that bad." Rin said with bread in his mouth.

"Come on, Kero. Time to drop them off at school." I told the lion cub.

"Ok." Kero jumped onto my head.

"Fine…" Koe stood up and started to walk away. Rin and I looked at each other and followed the red-head idiot.

As we walked along the path out of the garden, Rin and Koe put me in the middle. I looked sideways at the two of them. They are way over protective.

"But they really do care for for you, Akari. Don't forget, They owe you their lives." Kero smiled on my head.

You're right, Kero. I slightly nodded my head as I put the basket near the door to the kitchen.

The walk to school was always silent. Koe and Rin would always look out for any dangers. It's not that I don't appreciate it, it's just that I wish we could walk to school like normal people. Who am I kidding? I was never born in the world of normal. I sighed too loudly.

"Princess?" I looked up at Koe who was looking at me with worry. "What's up?"

"It's nothing." I smiled as i looked forward.

"You can't do that, Akari-chan." It was Rin this time. "Don't bottle up your feelings. That's why we, your friends, are here for."

"It's really nothing guys." They are not gonna believe me. What do I tell them? That's it! "I just wondering how my dad is doing. That's all." I brought up a subject that we can't talk about at all, and it worked. They stayed quiet the rest of the way. Sorry, guys.

"We're almost at the school, Akari." I looked at Kero. "I'm gonna go hide now."

"OK, see ya later, Kero." I said out loud as Kero disappeared in some orange flames.

"Bye, Kero." Koe smiled at the flames on my head.

"See ya, Little Guy." Rin waved as the flames disappeared. "Hey, Akari. I always wondered where Kero goes when he's not out here with us."

"Oh, that?" I thought for a bit. "I think I told you guys, didn't I?"

"Nope, Secret Keeper." Koe grinned.

"Oh. Well he hides in my flames, my soul." Once I said that, the boys stopped walking.

"What now?!" they said at the same time.

"I did tell you about it, right? The day my flames awakened?" I kept walking as the boys tried to keep up.

"Oh, yeah. Your old man shot you with a Dying Will Bullet, right?" Koe asked.

"Yep and inside that bullet was Kero, who helps me control my powerful flames." We turned a corner.

"Hold on!" Rin looked confused and worried. "What's a Dying Will Bullet? It sounds dangerous!"

"The Dying Will Bullet is a special weapon created by the Vongola Famiglia. Once it makes contact with a person, they die. If they feel regret when they were shot, they are reborn with a flame on their forehead." Koe explained.

"Wait what? Akari died!" We all stopped as Rin stared at me as if I was a ghost. I just shrugged.

"Stupid Jock!" Koe laughed. "Why do you forget everything?"

"Sorry, Koe. Please explain?" Rin begged.

"Alright. The Dying Will Bullet turns all of the person's safety switches off and in exchange for risking their life, they are able to harness great strength. Through regret, the person shot gains overwhelming strength, power and invulnerability. It can also store and release Dying Will Flames; this technique was used by Vongola Settimo with the Dying Will Bullet because his Flames were weak." Koe actually sounded like a teacher.

"How do you know all of this?" Rin asked, amazed at Koe's knowledge.

"My old man made me study it. Something about if I wish to become Akari's right hand man, I needed to know everything he knows." Koe shrugged.

"You want to become my right hand man?" I asked Koe, shocked.

Koe looked away. "Who else is gonna keep you out of trouble?"

"Thanks, Koe." I smiled at the redhead boy.

"But why would your father shoot you with that bullet?" Rin asked.

"Because my flames were burning my insides. My flames were bottled up in my body and couldn't get out, so everyone decided that it would be best if they shot me. But instead of shooting me when ever my flames overpowered me, they made Kero." I explained as we reached the street of Rin's and Koe's school.

"Oh, well as long as you're still alive and they don't shoot you with that bullet anymore." Rin sounded relieved.

"Y-Yeah." I covered my stutter with a cough. I can't let them know about my training…

"Akari-chan?" Rin and Koe looked at me.

"I-" I was interrupted by some girl squeals.

It's Sawada-kun with Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun! Three girls ran up to us with grins on their faces, each had on school uniforms like Koe's and Rin's, but they're were girl uniforms.

"Morning, Rada-chan, Fuko-chan, and Habana-chan." I smiled at the three girls as they squealed with delight.

"Morning, you three." Koe frowned.

"Morning. How's your morning so far?" Rin grinned.

"Amazing now that we saw you three together!" Habana-chan said with delight.

"Can I leave these two trouble makers with you girls?" I asked as I received a glare from Koe.

"Of course! Leave them with us, Sawada-kun!" Rada-chan smiled.

"Thank you." I looked at my two friends. "See you two after school?"

"Yeah, yeah, Princess." Koe looked away mad.

"Gokudera-kun!" Fuko-chan yelled at Koe. "Sawada-san is not a princess! He's a prince!"

"Yeah, that likes guys." He mumbled loud enough so that the girls can hear.

All three girls looked at me.

I blushed, "That is true." That really isn't a lie.

"Doesn't matter! We will love Sawada-kun no matter what!" Habana-chan yelled. the other two nodded in agreement.

"We will always love you, Sawada-kun!" Fuko-chan slightly blushed.

"Even if you don't like girls! Our feelings will never change!" Rada-chan stated.

"T-Thank you, girls. Anyway, I have to leave. I'm gonna be late." I waved bye as I walked away.

"Bye, Sawada-kun!" the girls waved at me as Koe and Rin walked to their school.

I feel sorry for them… But He told me not to reveal my real gender until the time was right.

I entered an ally and opened a secret passageway that lead underground. I walked down the stairs as I heard Kero's laugh.

"Akari-chan is popular with both girls and boys!" the lion cub appeared on my shoulders.

"Oh shut up. That was embarrassing." I sighed as I reached the door at the end of the staircase. My intuition was telling me to open the door with caution. I moved to the side of one door and opened it as three bullet shots were fired past the doorway.

Dame-Akari. You're getting better at listening to your Hyper Intuition. A man's voice came from the room.

"Well you did teach me how to use it." I appeared at the doorway to see my tutor. A man dressed in a black suit with a black fedora was in the middle of the room that was open and empty. The shade from his hat hid his brown eyes but not his smirk. "What kind of hell have you prepare for me this time, Uncle Reborn?"

The man's smirk got bigger. "We need to look at your speed."

"Then let's start." I smiled as an orange flame appeared on my forehead. "Kero, Soul Sword."

"OK!" Kero said as he jumped to my hand and transformed into a sword with an orange blade.

"Ready?" my tutor smiled.

"Bring on the hell." I said with a calm voice.

Three Hours Later:

"OWWWW!" I screamed from the pain all over my body.

"Dame-Akari. How do I get you to master your Hyper Dying Will Mode if you keep overdoing it and pulling your own muscles?" My tutor sighed as a yellow, sparkling flame that came from his gun, engulfed me healing my injuries.

"Sorry, Uncle Reborn. I can't figure out why I do it either." I said panting from the stinging coming from the pain.

The man kicked my side causing a lot of pain to overwhelm me. "OWWWW!"

"No excuses." he sighed. "Even Tsuna mastered this in less than three days. At this rate it'll take you more than three weeks"

"Well sorry if I'm not like my father." I pouted. Another kick from Uncle Reborn came to my side. "OWWWW! Dammit, Uncle Reborn!"

My tutor picked up his leg again, readying to kick me again. "What was that, Dame-Akari?"

"N-Nothing…" I stuttered in fear as he lowered his foot. Uncle Reborn isn't really my uncle, but I've always called him that. He used to be my father's tutor but now he's mine. Also he's the reason that I dress as a boy. Something about my father's enemies realizing my weakness.

"There. How do you feel?" Uncle Reborn asked as I slowly sat up.

"Better. Thanks, Uncle Reborn." I sighed at my clothes that were ripped and covered in dirt.

"Go change." I looked up at Uncle Reborn. "We have to meet with your father."

Shock came to me. Dad's here? It's been two months since he left and he's finally back? "Ok." I stood up, ignoring the little stinging pain.

"Also, dress as a girl." I look at my tutor again.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because our enemies are aware that you're female. My plan failed." He looked down.

"I see. Well at least I can act like my true self now." I smiled at the thought.

"Hurry and change! There's already some clothes for you in the dressing room, on top of the couch." He smacked behind my head.

"Ow! Ok, ok. Going now." I ran away with Kero in my arms. I entered the room and saw my outfit. A light pink tank top with orange, short-sleeves. A frilly yellow and orange skirt with light pink tights. Yellow socks and orange shoes. "You got to be kidding me."

I put the clothes on and looked at the mirror beside the couch. They fit perfectly. A knock at the door surprised me. "Come in!"

A girl with golden brown hair , dressed in a light yellow dress that reached her knees, entered the room. "Ayumi!" I said surprised at the arrival of the girl. Ayumi is going to become a mafia boss like her father, Dino. She's going to become the next boss of the Chiavarone Famiglia, Chiavarone Undicesimo. She was also Uncle Reborn's student, but she already knew what to do. She's smart and kind just like Uncle Dino. She's like my sister.

"Hi, Akari. Long time no see." The girl smiled.

"Five months is too long." I hugged the girl. We both giggled as we separated. "What are you doing here?"

"To do your hair." she smiled.

An orange ribbon held half of my hair back in a small ponytail. It felt weird to have my hair up. I walked with Ayumi and Uncle Reborn through the secret underground passageway to the castle. On the way, Ayumi gave me tips on how to act like a girl.

"Remember, don't shake their hands. You curtsy, ok?" she told me for the fifth time.

"No, hands. Yes, curtsy." I told myself. Dad has guest with him in his office and I have to know how to introduce myself, as a girl. "Man, this is so opposite from from what I already know."

"Because you used to act like a boy." Uncle Reborn smirked.

"Whose fault was that?" I asked. Something cold was pressed against the back my head.

"What was that, Dame-Akari?" Uncle Reborn said with a hint of annoyance.

I panicked until I saw a shadow figure ahead. "Who is that?"

"Daddy!" Ayumi ran forward and hugged the shadowy figure who was actually Uncle Dino.

"Hello, Ayumi, Akari, Reborn. I'm here to escort you all to Tsuna." He smiled.

"Thank you, Uncle Dino." I smiled.

"Akari, you look cute as a girl." Dino smiled at me.

"Thanks. Let's go. Dad will be worried." I said walking towards the exit.

"Let me get that." As Uncle Dino turned the doorknob the door didn't open, causing Uncle Dino to face plant against the door.

"Dad!" Ayumi ran to her father, tipping over nothing and landing on him.

"Like father, like daughter." Uncle Reborn sighed.


Outside My Father's Door to His Office:

I stood outside the door to my Father's office. I took a deep breath. I opened the doors and we entered the room. Book shelves filled with books and binders. Two long couches filled with people sitting on them who stood when I entered the room. Why are they all looking at me? I gasped at the sight of the desk at the other side of the room. My father sat on the other side. His gravity-defying brown hair that inherited from and his chocolate brown eyes that stared into my own. If you haven't figure out who my father is, then here's your introduction. Tsunayoshi Sawada, Vongola Decimo, is my father. He's the mafia boss of the number one famiglia, the Vongola Famiglia. And if you haven't figure out yet, I'm going to be his successor, Vongola Undicesimo. It took all of my will to not run to my father and hug him.

"H-Hello, everyone." I bowed. "My name is Akari Sawada." Kero appeared on my head, shocking everyone. "And this my friend, Keroberos, Kero for short."

"Akari, I'm getting kind of nervous." Kero whispered in my head.

You and me both. The first man to approach me was a white-haired with a weird purple tattoo under his left eye.

"So you're Tsunayoshi-kun's daughter? You look a lot like him!" The strange man smiled. "You can call me Uncle Byakuran. I'm the boss of Gesso Famiglia."

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Byakuran." I was about to extend my hand but froze. Curtsy! I pulled my arm under my stomach, crossed my legs, then slightly bent my knees.

"What a curtsy! Very unique!" Uncle Byakuran clapped his hands as I stood straight. Safe!

"Byakuran," A man with red hair and red eyes stepped forward. Behind him was a boy with a darker red hair then the tall man, but the same eyes. He looked around my age. "Can we introduce ourselves?"

"Oh, goodness. I should've brought Chiedere!" Byakuran exclaimed.

I heard my father's laughter. I wanted to go to him. But the man with red hair approached me first.

"My name is Enma Kozato. I'm the tenth boss of the Simon Famiglia. This is my son, Shinko Kozato. He's one year older than you and he also will become the eleventh boss of the Simon Famiglia." They both bowed.

"Nice to me you both." I curtsy again. Shinko grabbed my hand and stood on one knee.

"The pleasure is mine." He kissed my hand.

Eh… Dame-Akato has a crush.

An annoying voice that I recognized too well. I sighed as I looked at the source of the voice. The next boss of the Varia Squad and Uncle Xanxus' son, Hirito Natsume.

"I thought I felt your Wrath." I turned my attention to the raven haired boy.

"Don't hate what you can't manipulate." The boy raised his hand and the flame of wrath appeared. "Wanta go?"

"Anytime…" then I remembered where I was. "But to be honest, I don't want to fight now. I have some guest that I must meet."

Hirito, stop messing around and Akato.

I saw Uncle Xanxus sitting at the right side of my father's desk. "Yes, Uncle Xanxus?"

"Hurry up and introduce yourself to this lady so I can leave." he closed his eyes.

"R-Right…" I saw a women with a white mushroom-like head dress and cape, sitting down on the other couch in front of Uncle Xanxus. I walked up to her and did my curtsy. "Hello."

"No need for that. I'm Yuni, Tenth Giglio Nero Boss. Nice to meet you, Akari-chan." She smiled.

"Yes!" I smiled.

Everyone, I wish to speak to my daughter alone. Welcome yourself in the mansion as you wish.

I looked at my father. "Papa?" Everyone muttered in confusion as they left the room. Soon we were alone.

"Is something wrong, Papa?" I asked.

He smiled and stood with open arms. "I could feel your impatience all around the room. Come here, Akari. Can I have a hug now?"

Excitement took over my body as I jumped over my father's desk and hugged him. "Papa!" I smiled with tears.

"I'm home." He whispered into my ear. "Sorry, it took so long."

I shook my head. "I'm just glad you're back. I missed you so much."

My dad's home. I get to act like a girl. I'm happy. But it won't last for long. I soon found out that later, I had an enemy since my flames awaken.

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