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Twins of Light

By Kairi Stella

Adventure / Action

Twins are Born

Hello~! I'm going to for real wit you all! Okay! I was so obsessed with Kingdom Hearts that I wanted to make Sora and Kairi have a child! I got some reference idea's from Burning Flames, a fanfiction I love, and I came up with twins~!

I know a lot of you all are like "You have enough fanfictions to write now hurry and write the next chapter to my favorite one!" I am working on them, it's just I wanted to write this one real quick. It'll be a while until I update it, so bear with me and read the others.

Anyway, here it is! I don't own Kingdom Hearts so don't jump me! (Unless it's for some mistakes I made!)XD

Twins of Light

World One: Twins are Born


The said man turned to the sound of his name and smiled at the duck and dog beings came up to him. "Goofy. Donald. Long time no see." The brunette smiled as the jumped to hug him.

"I can't believe time in your world is faster than ours!" The duck laughed. "Ten months ago you were taking your test to become Keyblade Master!"

"It's been ten years for me." Sora laughed. He smiled at the three behind his friends. "King Mickey, Queen Minnie, and Daisy. Thanks for coming."

"How is she?" The queen asked as Sora opened the door to reveal Kairi sitting on the bed, reading a book and looking tired.

"The twins are over there." Sora pointed at the two cribs with two blanket-wrapped newborns inside. One had a blue blanket and the other was pink. Both had red-brownish hair and looked identical.

"Names?" Daisy asked as she and the others looked at the babies.

Kairi giggled. "The boy is Hikaru."

"And the girl is Hikari." Sora finished for his wife.

"They're lovely!" Minnie hugged the women sitting on the the bed. "You did great!"

"Thanks." Kairi smiled.

"Yen Sid has something to tell you two. He must want to congratulate you two." Mickey said to the couple. "Riku's being him here."

"That's so nice." Kairi smiled. "Master Yen Sid is coming."

"Speaking of the devil!" Goofy laughed as they heard a knock on the door.

"You're here!" A certain mouse king, King Mickey, jumped off the chair he was in when his old teacher walked in the room with the young Keyblade Master. They were all in the hospital room with two sleeping newborns.

The old man nodded as he walked up to the couple near the bed. "Sora. Kairi. I congratulate you two with her new children."

Sora stood up and bowed. "Thank you, Yen Sid."

"However," The man looked at everyone in the hospital room. "I sense a new danger ahead for these two children."

Everyone gasped as the old wizard walked to the window. "What do you mean Master Yen Sid?" Kairi asked.

"The boy possesses the power to wield the Keyblade while the girl became the new Princess of Light."

"The new Princess of Light?" Minnie asked. "But there are only seven!"

"That's right, Queen Minnie." Yen Sid nodded. "However, humans do not live long. Eventually humans die, so the light is transferred. When a Princess of Light has a child, that child being a girl, she takes her mother's light. That's how the lights stay lit and there is always seven pure lights."

"So Hikari…" Kairi looked at the child as her father carried her in his arms.

"We'll protect her." Sora reassured his wife. "We promise."

The redhead smiled at her husband. "Yeah. We know you two will."

"I almost forgot." Yed Sid got everyone's attention as he pulled out two crown pendants that resembled Sora's. "Hikaru and Hikari, correct?"

"Yes." Kairi nodded as she watched as the two pendants glowed in his hands.

"My present for the twins that have names of light. They need charms as well." Yen Sid smiled as the backs of the pendants were being carved in with a writing. "There." He lifted his hand and the two charms floated towards the twins.

Sora looked at the charms as they landed in the cribs with the writing shown. "They have their names on there."

"Of course." Yen Sid smiled. "Riku told me that I'm the 'Grandfather'?" Everyone laughed at the man who raised an eyebrow at the couple with the children in their arms.

Eight Years Later...

"Hikaru!" A certain redheaded girl yelled at the boy that resembled her. "You said you would play with me!"

The boy looked up from his homework and sighed at his little sister. "I'm sorry, Hikari. I'm not done with my homework yet."

"You're boring!" She pouted. "Finish it later~!"

"I can't!" The boy panicked. "If Master Riku founds out I didn't finish my homework, he'll stop teaching me how to use the keyblade!" He let out another sigh when his sister glared at him. "Go play by yourself while I finish up, okay?"

"Hikaru's a meanie!" The girl stomped her foot and ran out the room.

Hikaru let out another sigh. "Scientist lied. I have no idea what she's thinking. Having a twin is confusing."

Hikari ran into the kitchen to find her mother washing the ditches. "Mommy! Hikaru won't play with me!"

The women with brighter red hair looked at her daughter. "It takes time for him to finish his homework, Hikari. He's not as fast as you. Why don't you help him?"

"Mommy, have you forgotten that last time I offered to help him?" The small girl sighed.

Then it hit her. "Oh yes. His pride as a man and the oldest would be ruined if his little sister helped him with homework."

"Boys and their stupid pride." Hikari rolled her eyes.

"Hey. It's what keeps us going."

"Uh oh." Hikari hid behind her mother with a grin of her face. "Hi, Uncle Riku!"

The man with silver hair smiled at the small girl. "You really are Sora's daughter." He said while shaking his head.

"Thank you!" She grinned, feeling proud.

Riku got down and flicked the girl's forehead. "That wasn't a compliment." He smirked.

"Don't hit me!" Hikari yelled as she kicked the man's shin.

"Sora never did that." Riku said as the small girl ran outside. "Where did she get that temper from, Kairi?"

The women, Kairi, let out a laugh as she turned to finish the dishes. "From her father, of course."

"Sora hardly ever gets mad. It takes a lot to get him pissed off." Riku informed her as he leaned against the door.

"I wasn't talking about Sora." The redhead giggled.

"Huh?!" Riku looked at the girl, but slowly got the picture. "Oh, right! Roxas!" He at his obliviousness. "I forgot that Hikaru and Hikari are Namine and Roxas' children as well."

"That's right." Kairi smiled. "Hikari got Roxas' temper and Hikaru got Namine's love for books even though he's a slow reader."

"Well Hikaru got the power to wield a Keyblade from Sora while Kairi got the light from you." Riku sighed. "Any changes in her behavior?"

"Nope. She's okay." Kairi sighed. "I hope Yen Sid's prediction was wrong."

"You still worried?" Riku smirked. "Sora is a Keyblade master now and Hikaru is aiming for that too. I'm teaching the kid and protecting Hikari while I'm here. We'll protect her."


Hikari was humming a song that her mother sang to her. She was in her mother's garden making flower crowns with the wild flowers. She looked at her house that was a near the sea shore as she played with her pendant around her neck.

"Hikaru is still studying." She pouted.

"What a bright light."

"Huh?" Hikari looked back to see a tall women, covered in black. "Who are you?" Hikari asked as she backed away.

"My name is Maleficent." The woman smirked. "And I'm here to take you away, princess with a pure light."

Hikari screamed when the black shadow appeared behind the women. "Mommy! Uncle Riku! Hikaru!" She yelled as Maleficent grabbed her hand.

"Hikari!" Kairi yelled as she and Riku ran out the house.

"Maleficent! Let her go!" Riku yelled as he and Kairi got their Keyblades out.

The dark woman laughed as she pulled Hikari into the darkness. "Never! She's mine now!"

"No!" Kairi ran forward, but stopped when she saw a small boy with a Keyblade ran towards the two near the darkness. "Hikaru!"

"Let go of my sister!" The boy yelled as he ran.

"Hikaru! Mommy! Uncle Riku!" The twin girl yelled as she reached out her hand.

"Sorry, but I can't play with you." Maleficent smirked as she waved her hand. "Play with these. They're far more entertaining than me." As the Heartless appeared from the shadows, the woman in black looked at the small girl who was in fear. "Time to go, Princess."

"No!" The three Keyblade wielders yelled, but were stopped by Heartless.

Hikari struggled to get free, but Maleficent stared at small girl's sky blue eyes, the witch's eyes glowing a sickly green. Soon Hikari's eyes blanked out and the girl went limp, falling into a forced slumber.


Maleficent looked up to see a certain brunette falling from the sky with a keyblade in each hand. "My! If it isn't Sora." She laughed as she carried the princess in her arms. "Sorry, but I got to go. I'll be borrowing your daughter's heart for a while."

"No!" Sora yelled as he threw his Oathkeeper at his daughter. "Seal!" He yelled as the Keyblade entered Hikari's body.

"What?!" Maleficent yelled, but both females disappear in the darkness.

Sora landed where the two disappeared and landed on his back with Oblivion in his hand. He got up and looked to see all the Heartless were defeated. He let out a sigh as the three Keyblade wielders came up to him.

Kairi went up to the brunette in tears. "We didn't protect her…"

"No." Sora stood up and hugged his wife. "We helped her."

Kairi pulled away from Sora and looked into his sky blue eyes. "What do you mean?"

"You threw Oathkeeper at her and it entered her body." Riku stated. "What did you do?"

Sora smiled at his friend. "Roxas and I are protecting her heart."

"WHY IS HER HEART NOT COMING OUT?!" Maleficent yelled as she stomped in circles.

Pete looked at his partner with worry as the small girl stayed quietly asleep in the bed. "It may be this child's fault!" He said pointing at the small boy beside him.

The boy with bright orange hair glared at the big cat with his green eyes. "Don't blame me. Her heart is sealed." He boy show the two villains his Keyblade. It was a simple design of white and black, akin to the Kingdom Key, with its teeth forming the outline of a heart. The keychain is gray with the white Heartless logo at the end. "This Keyblade was made to create Heartless by taking out the hearts, Stealer."

"Yes, I know. I made it after the data I stole of the Keyblade of Heart, the keyblade made of the six princesses of light." Maleficent growled as she went up to the sleeping redhead. "So why isn't it getting this heart out?!"

"It's sealed." The two villains looked at the young boy. "By another keyblade and by the looks of it, that keyblade is really powerful."

"Is there a very to remove it?!" Maleficent asked the boy.

He shook his head. "That I do not know. I only know that her heart is sealed by a powerful keyblade."

"UH!" The witch went to the window, thinking of her next move. She got an idea. "Well then!" She smirked. "Even if her heart can't be taken out, then we'll make her take it out herself."

"What do you mean?" The small boy asked.

"We'll send her to Castle Oblivion." She looked at the two as she walked over to the girl again. "She'll live there and be raised to hate the Keyblade wielders."

"And how's we gonna do that?" Pete asked her.

"She'll be raised by you." Maleficent pointed at the boy with the strange keyblade.

"Me?!" He asked, taking a step back.

"Why, of course. How old are you?" She asked as she gave him a full body look.

"I'm ten." He answered as he looked away.

"Perfect! This girl was born eight years ago." Maleficent clapped her hands. "Which means, she will have you as a close friend. She will befriend you and if you tell her lies about the Keyblade wielders, she'll believe you. You'll be the reason she hates keyblade wielders."

"But…" He looked at the small girl, letting the key in his hand disappear inside him.

"She's a princess with a pure heart. If she likes you, she'll trust you." Maleficent smirked.

"Castle Oblivion is a place that any unwelcome visitors are to be be lost for oblivion." He answered.

"No worries." The evil witch smiled. "I have obtained the information from the Organization XIII had of some of the castle. I'll give you the information and you can search the rest of the castle that isn't a part of the data I found."

The boy looked away, not sure if he should take the offer.

Maleficent saw the uneasiness she did not like. "If you won't then I'll find someone else to do it. Just hand over Stealer and you can leave."

The boy looked at the witch, shaking his head. "No! Please! I'll do it, so please let me keep Stealer!"

Maleficent's smirk got wider. "Very well then." She opened a portal of darkness and walked inside of it. "Follow me. Pete, grab the girl."

"Alright." Pete grabbed the redhead and the three entered the portal with a sleeping girl.

The three walked through the darkness and arrived at Castle Oblivion. Maleficent walked up to Pete and touched the small girl's forehead. her finger glowed as it pressed against Hikari's skin, but soon the light faded and Maleficent backed away.

"What did you do to her?" The boy asked, now curious.

Maleficent smirked at the boy. "Just a gift from me. I'm always doing that." She looked back at Pete. "Go take the girl into that room."

"Right." Pete nodded and walked down the hall with Hikari over his shoulder.

"Now listen, boy." Maleficent started as she looked at the small boy. "You are to keep watch of the girl and make her grow to hate Keyblade wielders. In order to do that, you will say that you live here because Keyblade warriors took over you home world and cast you into the shadows, leaving you here to stay."

"I understand." The boy nodded.

"You are to find all secrets of this room and make notes of it." The witch continued. "I will send my minions to bring you two food and such. Also when I need you, I will come for you." She turned to him as Pete came back. "Now go to her. She's going to wake up soon."

The boy watched as Maleficent and Pete walking into the shadows and left him alone. He sighed as he went and entered the room the girl was in.

The room was average and was just as white as the other rooms. The only thing that was different was that this room had drawings hung up on the walls. The drawings were of people, but the boy couldn't figure out of who.

He heard the girl mumble in sleep and looked over to see her sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall. She shook her head before she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around until her eyes landed on the boy.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"It's rude to ask someone their name when you don't state your own." He answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Oh! Sorry!" She bowed and thought about it. "Huh? I can't remember my name. Actually, I can't remember anything." She blinked.

"That's what that witch did." The boy sighed, looking away from the girl.

She looked at him. "Did you say something?"

"I'm Shu." He stated. "That's my name."

"Oh! Nice to meet you! Huh?"

The boy looked at the girl who was staring at the pendant around her neck. "What is it?" he asked as he, too, looked at the jewelry.

She showed him the craving of a name and smiled. "I'm Hikari! Nice to meet you!" She smiled.

"It's been four years." A certain redheaded boy smiled. He grabbed the pendant from his belt buckle and smiled at the name carved on it. "I'm finally leaving this place to find you."

"Hikaru! Hurry up!"

The boy turned away from the sea and smiled at his teacher. "I'm coming, Master Riku!"

He ran towards them and received a smiled from his teacher. "Come on. let's go." The master told his student.

"Right!" The redhead smiled as he smiled back at the sea. "I'll find you. I promise." He threw his fist in the air with the pendent in his palm. "Hikari, wait for me."

Is it weird that when I wore the last part, that I heard the song "Sanctuary" in my head? Hahaha! Oh well! I hoped you all liked it! Any questions or concerns, please review or comment them! Thanks!

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