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What's Fairy Tail?

By Kairi Stella

Action / Romance

Where's Lucy?

I finally have an idea for Fairy Tail! Yesh! I have been wanting to write a story about these two since I started publishing here on ! I finally have an idea! It's probably my best work! Review!

This takes place after the "Key of Starry Sky" arc! Have fun!

Fairy Tail doesn't belong to me! If it did, so much shit would of happened with my ships! It's not even funny!XD (Sorry if there's some mistakes!)

What's Fairy Tail?

Chapter 1: Where's Lucy?

"LUCY!" A certain dragon slayer yelled as he ran forward, tripping a bit, as he kept his eyes on his falling friend. He hurried to catch her as she fell amongst the blue shooting stars. "LUCY!"

The blonde opened her eyes and smiled. "Natsu…"

"LUCY!" Natsu yelled again as he jumped to meet her in the air.

She reached out towards him with a smile. "Natsu!"

The pink-haired teen reached for her. His hand was so close to hers. "A little more! Lucy!" He screamed in his head. But...

Right when he touched her finger with his own, the girl disappeared in a flash of light, shocking the boy. He landed on his face and rolled to his side. In his hand, wasn't what he reached for, making him feel a pain in his heart. He got up and looked around.

"LUCY! LUCY! WHERE ARE YOU?! LUCY!" He yelled as he bit back the tears, sniffing for her scent. "Where did she go?! Lucy! Where are you?!"


The said teen looked back to see his friends running towards him. "Everyone…"

Erza looked around Natsu's area. "Where's Lucy?" She asked as they all looked at Natsu's hand.

Natsu looked at the Celestial Spirit Keys that belonged to his friend. "She's… I don't know… I… I can't smell her anymore… She's gone…"

"LUCE! Hurry up! We're going to be late!"

"We'll leave you behind!"

"You two are so impatient!" The blond yelled as she walked out for her house, wearing her school uniform with was an orange-yellowish vest over a white, long sleeve, button up with a navy blue skirt and neck tie. A white glove on her right hand.

The one and only Lucy Heartfilia-Oh! I mean, Lucinda Heartly, adopted daughter of Mark and Allison Heartly. The two adults owned a famous cell phone company and were kind of rich. They adopted the girl when she was young and they were satisfied that she resembled them, but they were concerned about her nightmares that she couldn't remember after she woke up.

"Madie. Luna. My parents are home today." Lucy giggled. She looked back at her house and yelled, "I'm off to school!"

"Really?! Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. H!" Madie, Lucy's classmate and one of Lucy's best friends, yelled. She had short brown hair that was combed to the side.

"Hikari, you're bothering them even more." Luna smiled. Luna is a girl with long lavender hair in two low ponytails. She was Lucy's childhood friend and was also one of Lucy's best friends.

Lucy giggled at the two. "Let's go. We'll be late." She said as she walked ahead. Her two friends caught up to her and confronted her. "What now?" she asked, hoping for the impossible.

"Luce~!" Luna smiled. "We heard~!"

"A-About what exactly…?" Lucy played dumb.

"Oh~! Luce~!" Madie evil grinned. "And I thought I was the heartbreaker~!"

Lucy sighed. "Okay… You two caught me. Andrew confessed yesterday, after school, and I rejected him."

"The captain, CAPTAIN, of the football team was rejected! That, my friend, earned you a bad/good reputation!" Madie laughed.

"Now you have his fangirls thanking and hating you." Luna giggled. "Why did you reject him? He's smart, athletic, and he's really nice. He's the perfect Prince Charming for you."

"That's what I don't want!" Lucy pouted, walking faster.

"What?!" Madie yelled as Luna and her caught up with their friend. "What do you mean by that?!"

"I don't want Prince Charming! I want the dragon that protects me from those guys!" Lucy pouted.

The two girls stopped walking and so did Lucy, who was a few feet ahead. "WHAT?!" They yelled.

"Think about it!" Lucy said as she faced her friends. "Prince Charming could have any girl he wants, but goes and tries to kill himself for the princess. The dragon stayed with her the whole time, protecting her from those idiots! Don't you think that the dragon could have fallen in love with her? That's a better story than the dragon getting killed and the prince kidnapping the princess!"

"Oh yeah. You wrote a story about that and published it online." Luna said. "The Romance of the Dragon and the Princess. When's the next chapter going to be publish?"

"Tomorrow night!" Lucy smiled as she turned around and walked with her friends behind her.

"Can't wait." Luna smiled.

"Back to the subject before it was changed!" Madie yelled with annoyance. "So you want a bad boy, Luce? Those guys break hearts easily."

Lucy thought about it before "Yeah, but bad boys are way more funner than good ones. As long as I don't completely fall for him, the pain will bearable."

"I asked if you know anything!" Natsu yelled as he punched a man five meters away from him.

"W-W-We don't know!" The beaten man's partner yelled as he crawled to his injured friend.

"LIARS!" Natsu yelled, as he got his flames in his mouth. "ROAR OF THE FIRE DRAGON!" The flames fired towards at the two men.

When the smoke went away, the two men were protected by Erza's shield. "Natsu! Enough!" She yelled at the crazed teen.

"They need to talk! We need to find Lucy! They have to know something!" The dragon slayer yelled.

Gray came in between the two members, facing the angry fire user. "They don't know anything! Calm down, Natsu!"

"I won't!" He yelled. "Lucy's missing and I won't stop until she comes back!"

"Natsu-san." Wendy was worried for her fellow dragon slayer. She had never seen him like this.

Happy and Carla went and carried the two men who had fainted because of fear and pain. "Happy, Wendy, and I will go turn these two in for the reward while you two handle Natsu." Carla said as she and Happy flew towards Wendy.

"Please." Erza nodded and the three flew away.

Natsu, on the other hand, was faced away from his friends and looked at the sky. "I'm calm. Just give me a sec."

"Okay." Gray nodded as he and Erza went further into the woods, but were still able to see the hot head.

"Natsu's suffering the most, huh?" The redhead sighed.

"Yeah." The ice maker answered. "Makes sense since he was the first person Lucy met in the guild."

"His feelings towards her might be deeper than friendship." Erza sighed. "Poor Natsu."

"Don't pity him. He'll just get mad." Gray said as Natsu started walking towards them. "Anyway, it's been a week since the disappearance, but it's not looking good. We still have no idea where she is. At this rate, everyone will go mad, and by that, I mean Natsu will drive us down the road he's currently on."

"I agree." The redhead nodded as the fire user arrived.

"Time to go." Natsu said as the other two followed him out.

The three walked in silence as they met up with Wendy and the two Exeeds. The whole group got the reward and took a train back home. Wendy offered to use her magic on Natsu, but he refused.

"Natsu-san, are you sure?" The sky user asked her friend as his face turned green.

"Yeah…" He mumbled.

"Who's carrying him off the train?" Carla asked.

"It was always Lucy tha-!" Happy stopped his words when Natsu sat up straight. "I'm sorry, Natsu! I-!"

"Don't worry about it. I'm okay." He said, not looking sick anymore. He stared out the window and watched the scenery pass by. "Lucy always helped me when I got off of a vehicle. Lucy… Where are you?"

Everyone else stayed quiet for the rest of the trip.

When they arrived, they all stopped at Lucy's old apartment and paid the rent, which was the whole reward. The group didn't really mind, because they were going to hold a welcoming party for Lucy when she returned. They all stayed the night there, cleaned up, and hung out there. They didn't touch any of her things, of course. Being in the room she was in was good enough for them. To remind them that Lucy Heartfilia was in their lives and not a made up person.

Once they were done, the group walked back to the guild and were talking about the disappearance of their family member. Natsu's ears picked up the words, "I know where Lu-chan is, but-"

"You know where Lucy is?!" Natsu yelled when he ran inside. He looked for the guild master, Makarov Dreyar. "Gramps! Is it true?! You found Lucy?!"

"It seems she's in another world, but we don't know why yet." The small man answered as he looked over at the bookworm of the guild. "Levy, anything new come up?"

"None. She was transported, but I'm still having a rough time on finding out who or what transported her." She answered.

"I DON'T CARE!" Natsu yelled as he walked over to her. "I'll bring her back! Just send me to her!"

"But…!" Levy looked at the documents in her hands.

"Alright, Natsu." The master of the guild said, shocking everyone. "Go find Lucy and bring her back home." He looked at the others. "The rest of you find some clues from other guilds, towns, people! We need to find out why and who sent Lucy away! You got it, Brats?!"

"Yes!" They all cheered.

Natsu looked at the master with a serious face. "I promise, Gramps. I'll bring back our family member."

"I know you will."

"I'm so tired~!" Lucy smiled as she laid her head on the desk as the last bell rung. "Time to go home and publish that chapter." She said as she got up from her chair, but something stopped her. No, someone.


The said girl turned around to see the boy she rejected. "Hey, Andrew." She smiled, politely.

Andrew. As the girl's said before, he's the captain of the football team and had amazingly high grades. He was wanted by all the girls except Lucy and her BFFs. Lucy didn't hate him or think he was annoying. It was his fan club that got on her nerves.

"Want me to give you a ride home?" He asked with his caring smile. Behind the jock was three of his fangirls hidden behind a door, glaring at her.

"No, it's fine." Lucy smiled as she started out the door. "I want to walk!" She hurried outside the classroom, towards her locker. "If only Mom didn't wreck my car, he won't be bugging me about rides and make my life even harder to live." She told herself.

She remembered her mother's words. "Who needs a car when you can get yourself a man to take you where you please~!" were her words. Honestly, why couldn't she be the over-protective mother that didn't want her child to have any boyfriends until she was twenty-one?!

Lucy sighed as she walked out of school grounds alone. "Madie had violin and Luna's in student council. The club is not meeting today. Man… I have a boring life." She got out her journal and looked at all her notes for her stories.

She updated a story every week, but they weren't the same story. She would have six chapters to write but focused on one story on week while adding a few ideas on others. The one she focused were published on Saturday, which was tomorrow.

"I still have the fight scene to write between the dragon and the hunters that want the princess, but I don't have any ideas for it." Lucy sighed as she turned a corner. She stopped and looked around. "Huh? What is this place?"

"What's wrong, Girlie? Got lost?"

Lucy turned around and saw three men with evil expressions on their faces. "Umm… No, I'm fine. Just looking around." She answered as she backed away slowly. She jumped when she backed into someone.

She turned and saw two more guys. "Crap! What do I do?! Should I call someone?! Ohh! Why did I ignore Andrew's request to take me home?!"

"Come on, Girlie. We'll help you get home." One man offered.

"We'll even show you our home. You can stay with us for as long as you like." Another one smiled.

"Trust us. We're going to be your new best friends. You're new family." Another one smirked.

"I don't need a new family…" Lucy responded as she backed into a wall. She shut her eyes closed and prayed for an impossible miracle. "I'm trapped?! Oh no! Mom! Dad! Madie! Luna! Someone! Anyone! HELP!"


Lucy opened her eyes to see a pink-haired boy punching one of the men with his fist… that was ON FIRE! The man flew to the other wall and destroyed it, knocking the poor fellow unconscious. That shocked everyone except the crazy teen with flaming hands.

He wore a sleeveless, gold trimmed, black waistcoat, left open and untucked, exposing his bare chest. A white knee-length trousers with a thick black wristband on his left wrist. A pair of black open-toed sandals and a scale-patterned scarf around his neck.

"Anyone else?" The boy smirked. The men sped away, grabbing their sleeping friend, making sure they weren't next. "Wow. People in this world are weak. I didn't punch him that hard." The pinkette shrugged as he looked at the shocked blonde. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

Lucy felt the tears coming from her eyes. "Thank you." She was relieved, but at the same time, she felt happy seeing this boy. "He did save your life. That's probably it." She told herself, but it was different. She felt like she missed him.

The teen boy smiled. "Did you miss me, Lucy?"

"Eh?" She blinked. "Lucy? That's close to my name, but… Did he mistaken me for someone else? I should probably tell him."

"I'm sorry." She smiled. "My name is Lucinda Heartly, not Lucy. I really am sorry, but I'm also happy that you saved me. Thank you." She bowed. She let out a scream when the boy was at her eye level and really close to her face, sniffing her. "Wh-What are you doing?!" She asked as she backed into of the wall again.

He continued to sniff, getting close to her big breast. "Nope. You're Lucy. I'm sure of it. You smell the same and your the only one with her scent. You're Lucy." He grinned. He looked at her glove-covered hand and pointed at it. "Take that off."

"What?! Why?!" She asked. She had a birthmark on that hand that everyone confused as a tattoo. Due to her school rules, she had to keep it out of sight. She argued with the principle, but she ended up loosing and they gave her the glove. She was adopted at age six and had the tattoo since before she was found. She doesn't remember anything from her past before the Heartly's found and adopted her.

"Just do it." He said as he grabbed her hand and took it off to reveal a fairy-looking tattoo.

"Hey!" Lucy tried to get her hand back, but the teen wasn't losing his grip.

"See? It's the same as mine." The boy said as he showed her his tattoo on his arm. The only difference was that his was red and hers was pink.

"You're right…" She said as she looked at the boy's tattoo.

"Come on, Lucy. Why do you have it hidden anyway? That's our family marking. You're suppose to be proud of it. Plus, you went threw a lot to get it." The teen frowned.

"Family marking?" She repeated. "What family? Who are you and why do you keep calling me that?" She asked as he got closer.

"Don't play dumb, Lucy." The boy frowned. Then an idea came to him. "Can you not see me because it's so dark? Here!" He lit a flame on his hand and held it in front of them. "It's me, Natsu. Natsu Dragneel."

"Natsu Dragneel…? Dragon?!" Lucy panicked. "This guy was insane! He isn't a dragon! But then again, he did punch a guy with fire…." She shook her head when he spoke again.

"This marking is of our family, Fairy Tail." He grinned as his flame went out and he pulled her closer to put her marking next to his. "We're family!"

"Fairy Tail…?" She repeated. The name felt natural as it spilled out of her mouth, but… "What's that?"

The boy's eyes widen then he burst into laughter. "Oh! That was good, Lucy! You had me worried for a second! I didn't know you could pull a joke like that!"

"Um…" Lucy looked at him laughing. She had a feeling as if she missed that laughter, but why? She's never met this boy before. "What's Fairy Tail?" She repeated her question.

Natsu stopped laughing and stared at her, giving her a scared grin. "Y-You're joking. R-Right, Lucy?"

Lucy had to stop this. Even though it made her feel happy for some reason, she wasn't going to play someone else's role in his life. "My name is Lucinda Heartly. I'm not Lucy and I'm not a Fairy Tail member. I don't know what that is or who you are."

"You…" His grip got tighter, but she stood her ground. "You don't remember me?"

She shook her head. "I don't know you."

She let out a squeal when the boy hugged her. "No! You do know me! You just can't remember me! I looked and looked for you for so long! Please! I'm begging you, Lucy! REMEMBER!"

Lucy wanted to pull away, but her body wouldn't do it. It was like her body remembered something her mind couldn't. Who was this boy? Why does he control fire? Why does he think that she's his Lucy? And why won't she leave him? Why does she feel so guilty? Why does she want this boy to be by her side?

All she could do was pat his back as he continued to yell at her to remember the impossible. "I'm sorry." She whispered as more tears fell.

So many questions yet to be answered. How will Natsu bring her back to Fairy Tail? Why doesn't Lucy remember him or her guild? What kind of future awaits these two? Find out in the next chapter! Please review!

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