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Fanfiction Mix: Storms Collide

By Kairi Stella

Humor / Adventure

An Unexpected Encounter

KHR: Fanfiction Mix!

Storms Collide

Akari: Hey everyone! My name is Akari Sawada! This is my partner for this fanfiction, SoulSpirit9440. We were talking and realized that we both like the couple Haru and Gokudera. We even put their kids in our fanfiction!

Soul: Isn't 5986 awesome?! If you get confused about some things in the story, please go read our stories first. Actually, you'll be confused by everything if you didn't read our stories first so please do! And now, we present to you…

Together: KHR: Fanfiction Mix! Storms Collide!

Target One: An Unexpected Encounter

Koe's world:

"You want me to what now?!" Koe Gokudera yelled at the girl who annoys him more than ever, Akari Sawada. Believe it or not, this oblivious girl was Koe's boss, and not just any boss. She was going to become the eleventh boss of the biggest, strongest mafia family in the world, The Vongola Famiglia. Her father, Tsunayoshi Sawada, is Vongola Decimo. The current boss of the Vongola. The reason why Koe is a part of Akari's mafia family is because his father, Hayato Gokudera, is Vongola Decimo's Storm Guardian and his right-hand man.

"K-Koe! Calm down!" The brunette waved her hands in front of him while giving him a worried smile.

"I can't believe you, Princess! Out of all of the people, I got stuck with Lambo's old weapon room!" The redhead yelled.

"I thought you liked explosives stuff…" Akari smiled, innocently.

"That has nothing to do with this! Why do I have to clean up his mess?! What about Laura?! She is his student!" He argued.

"She has therapy. We can't help it." Akari frowned. Laura Yamamoto is Akari's Lighting Guardian and the stepdaughter of Takashi Yamamoto. The shy has a fear of men because when she was younger, her birth father abused her and her mother and all the boys picked on her because of her blond hair. It wasn't a good idea to send her a Japanese school where kids find blond hair to be a rare thing. The only reason she warmed up to Koe was because he had to dress as a girl and tricked her into becoming his friend. She nearly fainted when she found out that Koe was a guy.

"Man…" The boy sighed, knowing that he was being chased into a corner. "Isn't there some where else I can clean up?"

"Well you and Rin can switch places." The girl smiled, evilly.

"What's his location?" Koe asked, regretting it.

"Uncle Gokudera's office~!" She chined.

Trapped! Koe twitched under pressure. Right now, his relationship with his father isn't really stable now. They had a fight the other day about Koe's training and in the middle of it, Koe quit my training and left, doing whatever. When the boy returned home, Hayato gave his son an earful. Annoyed by the yelling, Koe left home and stayed the night with Akari. Don't take it the wrong way. Akari and Koe didn't do anything. They've known each other since birth, so they think of each other as siblings.

"Well?" Akari continue to give Koe her evil smile.

"Alright. I'll take the Stupid Bull's room." The Storm whined.

"Why don't you make up with him already?" She asked, now serious and worried.

"It's fine! If he wants to be like that, let him! It doesn't concern me!" Koe yelled as he headed towards the door.

"Koe…" He heard her sympathy.

"I told you it's fine! I don't care about him anymore! I hate that bastard!" He walked out the room.

"KOE!" She yelled before Koe closed the door with a slam.

"Why… Why am I saying this? Who cares." Koe walked towards his assigned place.

"How much stuff does this bastard have?!" Koe said as he moved a box of pink grenades off the top shelf and on the floor. The shelf itself was starting to rot from mildew and mold, so Koe was going to throw it out, but the Stupid Bull has a bunch of boxes filled with old pink grenades.

"Rosso, put this box with the others." The boy placed the box of grenades on top of his flaming fox friend, Rosso. Rosso is like update from a box animal. He uses Koe's flames to appear, but he is stored in Koe's Vongola Watch Locket, VWL. The VWL is a present for all Eleventh Generation Vongola famiglia from the Vongola scientist.

"Kyu~!" Rosso barked as it did what it was told. When The fox put down the box, Rosso scurried over to his master as Koe got down from the ladder. "Kyu~!"

"Thanks for helping me out Rosso. You can go rest now. Can I call you back out when I need help again?" Koe petted his fox as it purred.

"Kyu~!" Rosso purred while nodding it's head.

"Then," Koe stood straight and pulled out his VWL, which looked like a gold locket with the roman numeral eleven and a red jewel above the eleven. "See you later, Rosso."

"Kyu~!" Rosso disappeared into a ball of flames and the flames were absorbed into the locket's jewel. Koe's mother always told him that he inherited her love and kindness towards animals and he believe her. After the way Koe has seen Uri treat his father, he was kind of glad animals like him.

"Alright. Let's get you out of here." Koe told the shelf as he tried to pull it away from the wall. Then the redhead heard a clang sound. "Huh?"

The boy looked up to see a purple cylinder object slowly sliding from the edge of the shelf. A white string was hanging down from the edge as well. "What the heck is that?"

The curious boy reached for the white string first. He pulled the string down and saw that the purple cylinder thing was actually a bazooka and the string was attached to it's trigger. "What the?" The bazooka was already more than halfway off the shelf. "It's probably broken and it doesn't work anymore. Stupid Bull always breaks things." Koe said as he pulled the string again to let the bazooka fall so he could catch it, but instead of that happening, pink smoke came out from the bazooka's opening and the smoke engulfed the boy that screamed, "IT WORKS?!"

Yukino & Yukine's World:

"Mommy, how did you and Daddy get together?"

The entire Gokudera family stopped in the midst of their eating, slowly turning their attention to the youngest member of their family. The little girl, Mayu, was quietly eating her pancakes as she stared at her parents with big, coffee-brown eyes.

"W-What brought this on, Mayu dear?" Haru squeaked, shocked by her daughter's sudden question. For god's sake, she was only eight years old and she was already wondering about this kind of thing? She gave a pointed look at her husband, and he scowled at her.

"Well, you and Daddy argue a lot. So I was wondering why you married Daddy," Mayu responded, her face filled with sweet innocence.

"Did you guys teach her something again?" Gokudera raised an eyebrow at his twins.

The twins, Yukine and Yukino, quickly shook their heads. "No way! We never said anything!"

"I read a book," Mayu pulled out a book and set it on the table. The other four leaned in to look at the title, and they sweat-drop. It was a book for adults….

"It's almost scary how she gets these adult ideas," Gokudera muttered under his breath.

Haru smacked his arm. "Hahi! Our daughter is still innocent, mind you!" She glared at him, and he could only scowl.

"So…you'll tell us?" The twins had a mischievous look on their faces, grinning widely.

Haru flushed, shaking her head furiously. "You'll be late for school if you don't hurry up! Get moving!"

"Che. No fun," the twins muttered.

"Hahaha!" Val burst out laughing as the twins told her the story of this morning, holding her sides as she doubled over in laughter. "W-What kind of situation was that?!"

Yukine smirked. "Hey, it was funny. Besides, I was laughing at Mom's reactions."

Yukino laughed. "Her face was priceless!"

"But it's amazing that Mayu was the one to bring it all up," Aoi laughed. "She's really smart for a little kid."

"Like Dad said, it's almost scary…." Yukino sweat-dropped, trailing off on her sentence.

"You guys are tutoring today, right?" Val asked, making a small skip in her step as they walked down their usual pathway to school. "So you'll be late."

"I don't get why we have to be the ones to do it," Yukine groaned, looking annoyed.

Yukino rolled her eyes. "Because it's good to help someone, Onii-chan."

"It's still troublesome," Yukine argued.

Before Yukino could reply, Val stepped forward and separated the two of them. "No fighting! Break it up!" She placed her hands on her hips, looking at them. "Really! Why do you have to fight so much?"

"It's in our blood," the twins stated bluntly. It was true. Their parents did argue.

"How am I supposed to argue with that reason?!" Val squeaked.

The twins smirked. "We win, Sleeping Beauty~!" And they took off, laughing as Val chased after them. Aoi ran behind them, laughing cheerfully as he always does.

"Is there any chance I can ditch those dumb idiots?" Yukine muttered under his breath.

"Nope~!" Yukino sing-song. "You have to do it."

The twins were walking home together, seeing as the sun was about to set soon. Tutoring had taken longer than expected, since the twins had to repeat the formulas several times. But nevertheless, they had finished before evening.

The sky was lit with a hue of pink, red, orange and yellow. A bright, white half was setting over the hill, and the warmth engulfed the area around it. The sun's rays shone through the buildings, creating shadows everywhere.

"Dear sister, has it ever occurred to you that you are annoying?" Yukine scowled at his younger twin sister.

"Dear brother, has it ever occurred to you that you are intolerable?" Yukino responded, glaring at her older twin brother.

"I-!" Yukine began to retort, but then he felt a sudden disturbance. He looked around, narrowing his eyes. What the…?

Yukino was puzzled by her brother's sudden actions, before she too had felt it. She looked up, just as a sudden force shot through the area.

A sudden gust blew them off their feet, and the sky was lighting up in an alarming hue of pink. The clouds were moving far too fast, and the sickening feeling in their stomach was enough to make them tense. It was as if time was rapidly moving forward.

Finally, the abnormal events died down, leaving the twins in a state of shock. What had just happened?

Before they could even think about it, there was a sudden scream coming from the sky. Looking up, their mouths dropped open when something was falling faster and faster from the sky. They quickly moved out of the way as the thing crashed into the ground, sending a cloud of dust around it.

The twins coughed, waving the smoke away. When it cleared, they tried to see what, well whatever it is, had come from the sky.

"W-What the…?"

Koe's Point of View:

Koe opened his eyes to see he was flying. No, falling! He looked below and saw a school. A few students wearing coats were walking out the building. "Hold on… Where am I going to land? I can't save myself with my boots from this close to the ground!" Koe quickly turned to let his back hit solid ground.

He landed on cement! Koe hit his back so hard that he wanted to throw up! "Ow! What the hell was that stupid bazooka anyway?!" Koe asked himself, knowing that he really wouldn't get an answer. He sat up and rubbed his back as he felt two flames right behind him. Koe slowly turned around to see two people, and they looked like… like his father! Are they twins of my dad? I'm dead, right? "Oh crap…"

The girl version of Koe's father stepped towards him, "H-Hey, um. You… Are you an alien from outer space?"

They know Italian? This could be fun… "Yes. I came from Mars."

The girl looked shocked, and it took everything in Koe to not smile. "Really? I thought aliens would come in giant UFOs, but what you did…that was sort of lame…"

He couldn't help it anymore as Koe burst into laughter. "You might look like him, but you guys aren't as smart as him!"

"She's not the one who has the brains, I am." The boy looked at his sister, smirking slightly. "Well, little sister, you have once again proven me right in this little episode."

Before the girl could yell at her sibling, Koe spoke. "Anyway, can you tell me where I am and who you guys are?"

The girl looked at Koe with a doubtful expression. "What, you trick me and expect me to suddenly help you? How did you fall from the sky, anyway?"

"A flying monkey kidnapped me and wanted to take me to it's master, but I kicked it and here I am." Koe lied with a smirk, making it obvious that he lied.

"Yeah, that's what happened," the boy joked along. "Monkeys kidnap people all the time, you know?"

"Would you please stop teasing me?!" The girl yelled at her brother and Koe, looking angry as she glared at the both of them.

"Sorry. You can call me Koe. I seriously don't know how I fell from the sky." He told her as he crossed his legs, making himself comfortable. "And you guys?"

"What's your last name? That way, we can find your parents or something like that," the boy suggested.

"Hmm…" Koe thought for a while. If these kids look like the old man, then that means… "I don't remember."

"My, has he hit his head so hard he doesn't have any memories, anymore?" The girl looked worried and poked Koe's head.

The redhead slapped her hand. "Don't touch me until I get a name. Or else I call you Thing One and," he looked at the boy, "Thing Two."

"He's quite rude, isn't he?" The girl muttered.

"Like you're not?" The boy yawned.

"Come on! I can't be with strangers. Until you give me your names, we are still strangers. I, at least, remembered my name!" Koe said as he fell on his back with his hands behind his head. "I'm tired."

"What? So you want us to make you comfy and warm when we barely know you?" The boy raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, Thing Two," Koe glared at the boy the way his father glared at him. "Don't put words in my mouth. Che." Koe's eyes widened as he realised that he sounded just like the old man.

The girl's eyes widen. "W-Well, I think we can all stop acting like little kids now. I'm Yukino, and this," she gestured to the boy, "is my older twin brother, Yukine."

Koe sighed. "Now was that so hard." I said as I sat up. "Later, Yukino, Yukine. It was fun talking to you two." He smiled at the two twins as Koe turned his back toward them and walked away.

Yukine & Yukino

"So," Yukino turned to her brother as they watched the boy walk away. "What did you think of that?"

"Strange kid," Yukine muttered under his breath, holding his bag over his shoulder. "What else is new?"

"That's rude!" Yukino scolded him, her hands on her hips. Her eyes got serious for a moment, as if she was thinking hard about something. "Don't you think he's similar to...you know?"

Yukine sighed, running a hand through his silver hair. "I don't know if you know this, dear sister, but he's got no place to stay."

"Hahi!" Yukino quickly turned her attention to the boy, sounding very much like her mother. "We have to help him!"

She raised her voice. "HEY! STOP!" The girl yelled as she chased after the boy with her brother behind her. Finally, she saw the boy, but he wasn't alone. A red fox with storm flames coming out of it's ears was at Koe's feet looking at him as if he was waiting for a command. The fox must have heard the twins as it turned it's head and growled at the two.

"Hahi! I-It's glaring at me," Yukino gulped, inching away slowly and carefully.

"Moron," Yukine hit her head, pointing to the fox. "It's got Dying Will flames - that's a box animal."

"Correction, he's a Dying Will Animal." The redhead turned his attention to the pair of twins. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, you just fell out of the sky, right?" Yukino stated bluntly. "You don't have a place to go, so we couldn't just leave you!"

"Actually, we could," Yukine muttered as his sister smacked his arm when she heard his comment. He hissed at the pain while glaring at his sister.

"Rosso, calm down." Koe went and patted the strange fox. "They can't hurt me. They're good people." The fox turned to it's master and purred while Koe petted it. "Anyway, comedy act," Koe said, drawing the twins' attention, "it's fine. I'll sleep in the woods, and Rosso here will keep me warm."

"... Do you even know where you are?" Yukine raised an eyebrow, looking at the redhead.

"No, but that's what's fun about it." The now strange-to-them boy grinned. "Besides, I think I'll be fine."

"Che," Yukine clicked his tongue. "He's as carefree as the Baseball Idiot."

"Oh, God…" Koe slapped his forehead with his hand. I'm acting like Stupid Jock! "I'm gonna die…"

"WHAT?! You can't die! That is a 'no'! You cannot die here, mister!" Yukino squeaked in surprise, looking alarmed.

Koe's eyes widen. She acts like Mom… The redhead looked away. "Then what do you two want to do? Where will you take me?"

"You're in the Mafia, right?" Yukine said, looking bored. "Then come to the Vongola mansion with us. It isn't that far from here."

This brat! Koe went up to the boy and hit his head. "You never reveal the headquarters' location without knowing who the stranger is and what Family he's from! You might be smarter than your sister, but from my point of view, you're just as dumb as anyone else! Learn, Dammit!"

Yukine's emerald-green eyes got dark, his face shockingly calm as he spoke to the older boy in front of him. "Hey, old man. If you think you're clever, you're not. I can see the flames, and unlike you, I can tell. By the way you've been speaking this whole time, you're just like my dad. And if you haven't noticed, you're flat-out telling yourself you're already in the Vongola. I'm not dumb enough to go telling random people, so if you pay attention to things as much as I have, then you wouldn't be making useless mistakes right now."

Koe was starting to get irritated. "Show me. Why do you think I'm in the Vongola Family? That family is a very powerful and famous, known by every family in the world. And the Dying Will Flames are also known everywhere in the mafia world." Koe grabbed the kid by his shirt and pulled him off the ground. "What's your proof?"

"H-Hey! Stop fighting you two!" Yukino protested, but both boys ignored her.

"Your fox. And that locket you have," Yukine stated. "I've looked at multiple designs and inventions made by the Vongola. Your things are made by the Vongola, and only the people in the Vongola will have special weapons created for them. I've seen countless Dying Will flames in my life, but yours is too similar to my dad's. Call it a gut feeling or whatever, but I trust you enough to tell you this. Happy, now?"

Koe's eyes widened as he realised something. This boy… he's said the same thing Akari did. Akari… Will I see her again? Akari… What do I do? I need to go back, but how?! She's useless without me! She needs me! No, I need her! Then Koe realized he was in tears. He placed the boy down and turned around. "Sh-Shut up… You sound like her…"

"Oh no, you made him cry!" Yukino frowned at her brother, before turning back to the boy. "Uh, um… Would you like to come with us? I think the others could help."

"Crap, I sound like Val," Yukine muttered under his breath. He too looked at the boy. "You're not going to get anywhere if you stay here. So come already."

"Y-Yeah…" Koe wiped his tears. I need to go back. I'll lose it if I can't see Akari anymore. "Lead the way." The redhead turned around and gave the twins a sad smile.

"Come on," Yukine began to walk back the way they had come from, and Yukino waited for Koe before setting off.

At Vongola HQ:

Koe glared at the mansion. I forgot… they have the same old man as me… That means… I have to talk to him… The redhead gulped as he watched the other two walk up the steps. "Y-You know what… I think the woods are calling me to spend the night there."

"Hahi? Don't worry, they're all nice people here! Oooh, you should meet our parents! Mom is really nice, but Dad is a little…" Yukino quickly brushed at the thought of her father yelling at them for bringing a boy home.

"Th-That's not what…" Koe knew as well as they did that the old man would flip if their father saw him. Plus, he really didn't want to meet another man that resembled his father. "Are you sure it's okay if I come here?"

"Of course!" Yukino nodded quickly. "No need to worry! Everything will be just fine if we explain!"

"Yeah, after everybody freaks out," Yukine commented.

"Oh! That would be amazing!" Koe laughed at the sight of his father look-a-like staring at him with his eyes coming out of his eyes. "The faces of shocked people always amuses me. That's why I love pranks!"

"I guess that's a good thing?" Yukino sweat dropped. This boy was becoming more and more like her brother…

"I'm tempted to enter now…" Koe smirked.

"How long are you guys planning to stand there?" Yukine was already walking up the path leading to the mansion, about to open the door.

"When the flying monkeys come back for me!" Koe yelled, but after receiving a glare from the boy twin, Koe surrendered and walked up the steps. "It was just a joke…"

They walked through the door of the mansion, stepping in as the door closed behind them. There wasn't a single soul in sight, and that was to be expected. Everybody was busy, after all. It wasn't until they heard a sudden shout from the staircase, did they looked to see who it was.

A girl with short, orangish light-brown hair was racing down to greet the twins. She had honey-colored eyes, and ended up punching Yukine in the stomach the moment she got close enough. "WHERE WERE YOU, YOU TROUBLESOME TWINS?!"

That girl… She's a lot like Akari… in so many ways. Except the hair and eye color. "Yeah!" Koe yelled getting the girl's attention. "You made the Princess worry! I will leave now!" Koe turned around to leave but Yukino grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Oh no, you don't, mister!" Yukino tugged on his shirt, pulling him back. "You're staying here and that's final!"

"...Did you just kidnapped a person?" The new girl tilted her head to the side, looking at Koe curiously.

Koe looked at the girl that resembled his own boss. The head tilt?! Really?! "No, speak, Italian…" Koe said in an English accent, looking away as he tried to avoid looking into the girl's eyes.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty." Yukine glared at the girl, groaning a little in pain as he held his stomach. "Why don't you act proper for once?"

"No way," the girl shook her head, frowning. "Is he the reason you were late?"

Yukino nodded. "Yeah, he fell from the sky."

Koe gulped as the girl went up to him. She's smaller than Akari by a few inches, but why do I feel guilty?! "Y-Yo…" He waved like a robot.

"Is he an awkward social person?" The girl looked over at the twins.

"Valentine! That is rude!" Yukino scolded her.

"I'm being purely honest," Valentine shrugged.

"Oh great, she's the same way!" Koe yelled as he threw up his hands in the air. "Geez! Way to judge people, Princess~!" Koe patted the girl's head the way he always done the his boss. "Man, you're a pain." Then he realized what he was doing. He backed up until he hit the door. "S-Sorry! It was a reflex! I'm really sorry!" She'll probably think I'm some kind of hair-obsessed weirdo!

Val blinked in surprise, wondering why the boy had done what he did. Still...he didn't look like a bad person, and it was strange, really. It felt as if she knew this warmth… She shook the thoughts out of her head, and smiled at him softly. "Don't worry about it. You're far away from home, right? How about we have some tea while we talk?"

"Eh?" Koe looked at the girl's smile. It's the same… It's the same as Akari's… Akari, what are you doing right now? Have you realized that I'm gone? Or have you forgotten me? I won't let you, even if you tried! Tears once again feel from his eyes and the redhead looked away. "Sorry… You remind me of someone I know. It's best if you stayed away from me."

"I refuse," Val stated bluntly, crossing her arms over her chest. "You're already here, and I refuse to let you suffer. We can talk to my father and Uncle Reborn." She took his hand lightly, and started to walk down the hallways as the twins followed them.

"No… I…" This warmth… It's the same! This girl! She's just like Akari! "I'm… I…" Koe wanted to leave badly. He didn't want to stay here anymore. This girl was breaking his heart without even knowing it. "STOP! Rosso! Modalità arma! Avviare!"

The flames of storm engulfed the redhead causing Val to let go of his hand and to retreat to her friends. The flames died down to reveal the boy's transformation. His clothes had changed into a white short-sleeve button up and a crimson red vest over it with two gold chains connecting the two sides of the vest. His jeans had darken to a black color and his boots were now red tennis shoes. In his hand was a red crossbow that shined and glistened because of the light of the room. The redhead slowly opened his eyes, tears still streaming down. "I can't stay…"

"Why not?" Yukino's eyes were filled with worry.

"Really? None of you are going to comment on his transformation?" Yukine blinked, and he was quickly shut up by his sister.

"Take a good, long look at the situation," Yukino muttered to him, looking back to Koe. "What do you mean you can't stay? We might be able to send you back home!"

Val was silent, her eyes calm as she regarded the boy in front of her. Without warning, she took a step forward. She kept walking, right until she was right in front of him - ignoring the fact that he was pointing his weapon at her. Before any of them could figure out what was going on, she raised her hand and slapped him.

"Wake up. No matter how much I'm similar to this person you know, I'm not the same. My name is Sawada Valentine, daughter of Sawada Tsunayoshi and Kyoko. I'm the Undicesimo of the Vongola Famiglia, and I use Sky Flames.

"But even though that might be true for my counterpart, the one that you know, we are not the same. We have our own individual personalities, and we think of things in different ways. So maybe our ideals might be the same, but we're different people. She may be me from a parallel world, but she will never be the same as me, nor will I be the same as her. If you have time to cry, then you have time to figure out what's going on and go back to her. You don't want her to forget you, right? So stop crying, stand up, and go back to her!"

The twins looked at their boss in shock, completely in awe of what she had just said. Val was usually a polite girl who was always kind, but the fact that she had just lectured a boy older than her with such fierceness was beyond them. They felt proud of her somehow, as if she was becoming a better person as time goes by.

"Che… You are like her… Exactly…" Koe frowned as he put his weapon down. "She would have done the same as you. She won't run away in fear, nor try to attack me. You have gain my trust." He smiled at the young Vongola Boss. "Vongola Princess."

Val slowly smiled, taking a step back to let him have his space. "Well, I don't think you're a bad person, but you seem to be the kind I can get along with."

"You say that now…" Koe smirked, but it then went away as he felt two familiar flames. "C-Crap… I just remembered… This is the home of Vongola Decimo…"

"That is correct, Koe Gokudera."

Koe whined as he faced the silver-haired man that he dispensed. "Old man…"

"That Marshmallow freak was right. You really are my child from a parallel world." Hayato walked up to Koe as he glared at him. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Che…" Koe clicked his tongue and simply regretted it. "Hey, Decimo! You gonna yell at me too?!" Koe yelled at the man who stepped forward from the shadows.

"Papa! What are you doing here?" Val's eyes grew wide, and her father simply smiled at her.

"He lives here." Koe said as he received a smack behind his head.

"Let Tenth speak!" The gray-hair man yelled.

"Well, Byakuran and Yuni came to visit us today and told us all about it," Tsuna informed his daughter. "We thought it was strange for the twins to come so late, so they must have run into Koe here."

He turned to the redhead. "I hope Val and the others didn't cause you any trouble."

"No. He has." Koe pointed at his father. "His face is making me want to throw up."

"Damn you!" Another hit was given to Koe.

"Stop hitting me, you pasta head!" Koe yelled, letting Hayato get his full attention.

"Show respect!"

"I will! After you leave!"

"Damn you!"

"Ahem!" The two arguing Gokudera's turned their attention to the now angry twins.

"If you haven't noticed Dad, you still have no right to be hitting and lecturing him as technically, he's not your kid." Yukine pulled out his glasses from nowhere, and he was explaining things in a complicated matter - just as his father did in his younger days.

"Yeah! You shouldn't yell at each other over a stupid thing," Yukino agreed as she nodded her head. "I'm not sure if you know this, but Val was just yelling at him for saying she was the same as the Undicesimo he knows. So…"

Hayato sighed, taking a step back as his twins lectured him. They were right. Well, of course they were. "Che. Don't tell this to your mother or she'll yell at me too," he muttered under his breath.

His twins smirked deviously. "Oh, I don't know. It seems really fun for another show tonight~!"

"Dammit," Hayato growled low under his breath.

"Ah ha! You're scared of Mom! Oh this is good!" Koe laughed, but then realized something. "Oh! That's why that girl is similar!" Koe looked at Val as she stayed by her father's side. "You're Akari's parallel self. No wonder you remind me of her. I feel better~!"

Val sweatdropped, looking at the people in front of her. "You guys... really get along, huh?"

"We were made from that," Koe pointed at his father. "That's why."

"I don't know if I should be insulted or what," Hayato rolled his eyes, before he turned to his boss. "Tenth, what should we do?"

Tsuna himself was trying to hold back laughter, but he forced himself to stay calm. "Well, our researchers are already looking into it. We could ask Lambo, but he just left on another mission. For now," he turned to Koe, "you can stay here while we find a way to get you back."

Koe bowed. "Thanks, Decimo." Then he heard a voice.

"Koe! Can you hear me?! Koe!"

"Princess?" He looked for the source of the voice and saw the jewel of his locket glowing.


He snapped out of it and grabbed his VWL. "Princess?!"

Koe, if you can hear me, open your VWL!"

He did as the voice said and an image came up from the glass that protected the clock. The glass showed a picture of a girl that looked like a girl version of Decimo. "Princess!"

"I found Koe~! Yay~!" The girl smiled.

"Princess, how did you-?!" Koe started but she cut him off.

"Koe, can I speak to my parallel father?" She asked.

"Sure…" Koe handed the locket to Tsuna.

"H-Hello.." Tsuna smiled nervously, unsure of how he should respond. Meanwhile, the others were looking both surprised and amused.

"Yo, Parallel Papa! Can you take care of Koe for about a week?" The girl chimed. "Irie and Spanner are making a device to bring him home and it'll take about a week."

Tsuna smiled at his daughter. "Sure. I will make sure he enjoys his time here."

"Thanks, Parallel Papa!" Akari smiled. "Koe, get along with everyone! Don't destroy anything! And don't kill anyone! That's an order!"

Koe felt annoyed. "Dammit, Dame-Princess! I won't do anything wrong!"

"Parallel Papa! Can I speak to Undicesimo?" Akari asked, getting everyone's attention.

"Hey!" Val grabbed the VWL from her father, putting herself in front of the screen. "It's another version of me~! I'm Val, what's your name?"

"It's Akari! This is so cool~!" Akari chirped. "Can you do me a favor, Val?"

"If it's my parallel self asking, how can I refuse?" Val smiled softly, nodding her head.

"Then don't give this locket back to Koe. He has a short temper and he'll blow another town up again. Speaking of that… Koe! I'm stuck in my office because of that incident!"

Koe whistled as Val continued her conversation with her parallel self. "No need to worry!" Val let out a laugh, looking amused. "The twins are just like their brother. They blow stuff up too. You have no idea how many times I had to cover them."

At this, the twins looked at her, annoyed. "Hey! So what if we blew up seven towns while helping on a mission?"

"That is a very big issue, mind you." Val glared at them.

"No it wasn't!" The twins argued. Val could only roll her eyes at them.

Hayato smirked slightly, seeming to be proud of his children. Tsuna could only sigh at all of this, and wondered why his daughter was suddenly seeming more like a boss than he was.

"They shouldn't give you so much trouble! They need to think before they act before they even think of joining the mafia!" Akari yelled, a little mad that her parallel self is having trouble.

"Ah, not to worry. I made sure to give them their punishment~! You should have heard their screams!" Val giggled as the twins looked embarrassed.

"Anyway, thank you again for looking after my guardian! I need to go now. Uncle Reborn is about to start my training again." Akari smiled.

"Whoa! Is your Uncle Reborn merciless too?" Val exclaimed, blinking in surprise.

"I lose more blood with him than a blood bank." Akari sighed. "I have had so many broken bones that I could have turned into pudding! Oh blip blop! I'm late! Later! Koe, take care!"

"Bye-bye~!" Val waved, smiling, just as the screen went blank. Just as her parallel self requested, she placed the locket in her pocket. She clapped her hands in delight. "Well! That was fun!"

Yukine stared at her for a long time. "Fun? That's all you have to say?"

"Seriously?" Koe sighed. "Just like Akari…"

Yukino sighed. "That's our Princess for you."

"What?" Val raised an eyebrow, looking at them in surprise.

"Never mind…" The twins shook their head.

Hmm, what kind of week should await them this time?

Akari: That was so much fun! I can't wait until we start Target Two!

Soul: Hmm, it's getting longer and longer! I hope you stay with us long enough to see what happens!

Akari: Please send us what you think!

Soul: Thanks for reading everybody!

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