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Alice in Fioreland

By Kairi Stella

Romance / Fantasy

Alice Fell Down A Hole

I drew my Fairy Tail OC, but never wrote her story. Well, here you are. Hope you all like it! I know the name is cheesy, but it's what I came up with. Sorry if it's lame or stupid. The story is better! I promise!

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashina! Alice and Tina belong to me!

Alice in Fioreland

Chapter 1: Alice Fell Down a Hole

"You're pathetic." The orange cat said as the girl had hugged her closely. "You can't expect me to stay here with you. More importantly, why were you chasing a rabbit in the first place?"

"I'm sorry…" The girl with sky blue hair sniffed. She was in tears and held onto the cat as if it was going to run away.

"Why are you apologizing? Who are you? Alice from Alice in Wonderland?" The cat looked up at her and saw her nod. "What?"

"My name is Alice Norte." The girl said as the cat sweatdropped. "What's your name?"

"I don't have one." The cat looked forward.


"No one gave me one."

"Then can I give you one?" The cat looked at the girl and blinked. Alice smiled. "Tina. That's your name."

The cat blinked and looked away when she felt the heat come to her cheeks. "It's stupid, but it's better than nothing."

"Yeah!" Alice smiled.

"Hello~! Is anyone out there~?"

The two looked up to see a girl with a white cat by her side. The girl had long dark blue hair and brown eyes. She wore an outfit Alice had never seen before but it made her look really pretty. Even the cat wore amazingly detailed clothes.

The dark blue haired girl looked at Alice and smiled sweetly. "Are you, by any chance, lost?" Alice nodded her head, tearing coming from her eyes. "My name is Wendy Marvell and this is my friend, Carla. We'll take you home."

She extended a hand towards Alice. The small girl let go of Tina and took it.

The hand was warm and pulled Alice to her feet and away from the tree she was leaning on. Alice saw the cat-like tattoo on Wendy's shoulder and pointed at it. "That's…"

Wendy smiled at the small girl. "I'm in a guild called Cait Shelter."

Seven Years Later:

"We're lost…"

"I told you not to wonder from the main road, Alice."

A girl hold the orange cat sighed. She had long sky blue hair that reached her lower back and had lime green eyes that shined with worry. She wore a magenta sweater over a white button up with a navy blue tie and skirt. Black stockings were covering her legs and she had brown shoes.

"Tina, what should we do?" Alice asked her exceed.

"Stop and ask for directions." The cat replied.

Alice stared at her cat. "Y-Y-You mean t-t-t-talk to s-s-s-strangers?!" She asked, shaking in her feet.

"Duh." Tina sighed.

"B-B-B-But-Woah!" Alice fell to her knees when she felt someone push her to the floor.

"I bumped into a brat guys."

Alice turned to see three grown men surrounding her and Tina. "Uh oh..." She said as she scooted back into a wall.

"Hey. She's kind of cute." One guy said as they surrounded the poor girl with a cat in her arms.

"Hey, girlie. Let's hang out." The last one said.

"Excuse me, but we need directions, not your stupid horny hormones." Alice held Tina back.

"T-Tina!" Alice yelled at the cat as the men got angry.

"That's it!" One man went to grab the cat, but was stopped by an ice tiger, who bit his hand. "Ah!"

"Picking on a girl and her Exceed? Not very manly, huh?"

Alice blinked and looked over to see a man around his twenties with white hair and wearing a blue and yellow themed outfit. His hands were sparkling with ice particles as he walked over to Alice.

"Are you two okay?" He asked.

Before Alice could respond, one man had a chair over his head aiming for her savior's head. "Watch out! Air slicer!" Alice whipped at the air and it sliced the chair, making the chair fall and hit the man's head.

The white haired man looked back to see the man falling unconscious. "Thank you... You're a mage?" He asked as the other men dragged their companion with him away.

"She is." Tina said as she sprouted her wings to fly and Alice stood on her feet. "You couldn't do that before?" The cat asked the girl.

"I'm sorry..." Alice bowed.

"My name is Lyon Vastia and I'm with Lamia Scale." The man extended a hand and smiled. "You two?"

"Tina." The cat looked at the girl who was standing behind her. "This is Alice. Alice Norte."

"N-Nice to meet you." The shy girl looked away.

Lyon retreated his hand, feeling a bit embarrassed. "What guild are you two from?" He asked, changing the subject.

"We're not from any guild. We're just travelers." Tina responded. "We are looking for a place to stay and a job that's easy enough for Alice to work at."

Lyon blinked. "You can come to Lamia Scale with me. We get a lot of jobs handed towards us. Also there's a place near by that has good rent and quality."

Alice looked at Lyon with sparkling eyes. "Join a guild?"

"No." Tina shook her head. "This girl is no good with her magic. She runs from danger, so she'll be horrible in battle."

Lyon watched as the shy girl's eyes dropped and a frown tugged at her lips. Then he remembered. "But she was able to back me up, when I needed it. She's good as a back up at least."

"But she can't fight." The cat glared.

"I'm sure she won't have to alone." Lyon told her. He looked at Alice and saw someone from the Fairy Tail guild, the guild that has gone missing for seven years. "I'll fight for her."

"Um..." Both looked at the small girl. "Don't I have a say in this?"

"No!" The other two yelled and went back to arguing, making Alice sweatdrops.

"Time, how about we check out the guild and you can judge from there. Don't judge a book by it's cover."

The cat thought about it. Finally, "If I don't think it's safe, than no. Got it?"


"This is Lamia Scale?" Alice asked as she entered the building with Tina in her arms. She entered the building and saw that it was filled with guild members. She hid behind Lyon, grabbing his shirt, when she heard a yell.

"Lyon!" A girl with her magenta pink hair in pigtails came running towards the three.

"Sherria, where's Master?" He asked the girl who saw Alice's head behind.

"She's talking with Jura…" Her sentence trailed off as she moved to see the blue-haired girl's face, but it was hidden in Lyon's shirt. "Who's that?"

"She's here to join. A new member, Alice Norte." He said as he tried to pull the girl forward, but due to other members surrounding the four, she stayed hidden. "She's kind of shy." He sweatdropped.

"Hi!" Sherria smiled. "My name is Sherria Blendy, but you can call me Sherria, okay?"

"Y-Yes…!" The shy girl muttered as she stayed behind Lyon.

Tina got out of Alice's grip, causing the girl to hug Lyon from behind, and sighed as she flew in the air, getting attention. "And you want to join a guild. Pathetic. Show your face, Crybaby."

Alice let one eye be shown as she looked at the flying cat. "B-B-B-But….!" She was already crying and Lyon smiled.

"She is like Wendy." He whispered in his mind. He let out a sigh as he surprised the girl by carrying her princess-style. "Don't worry!" He smiled. "Everyone here is nice and we'll take good care of you. Right, everyone?!"

"YEAH!" The other members yelled.

"See?" Lyon smiled at her.

She looked around and smiled brightly when her eyes met Lyon. "Yes, Lyon-sama!"


A small old woman that had wrinkled skin, small eyes, and boney fingers came to the front of the crowd, standing before Lyon. She had stretched earlobes and has long gray hair tied up in a huge bun with three layers. Her outfit consisted of a cloak with a collar with a dotted design and what appears to be a dark vest underneath it. She wore studded bracelets on both her arms and a necklace with sun emblem.

Behind her was a man with heavily muscular figure, a bald head, and a pair of oval-shaped black marks just above his black eyes. He had a long, thin dark beard growing from his chin, which reaches down below his upper chest in a wavy motif and a little, similarly colored mustache split in two parts, each placed diagonally below his nose. He had on a dark blue kinomo with some sandals. He regarded the small girl and Lyon with a kind smile.

The old woman stared at Lyon carrying the girl. "Lyon! Put the girl down so I can talk to her!"

"Right." Lyon laughed as he did as he was told. "This girl's magic seems really strong, but it's full potential is hidden. If she were to use it more, I'm sure she would be even stronger."

"Really?" The old woman walked around Alice and stared her down as she asked questions. "Who are you? Give me a name. Why are you here? What magic do you use? Why are are you so short? Is there a reason why you are shaking?!"

"Um…" Alice was lost for words, before she took a deep breath. "My name is Alice Norte and I came here with my friend, Tina. I want to join Lamia Scale if Tina allows it. I use Wind magic, but it's weak. I don't know Lyon means by a hidden potential. My height is appropriate for my age, which is twelve. Lastly, the reason why I'm shaking is because I have a fear of strangers and heights."

"Hm. She has a good memory." The man with the old women smiled. He nodded his head. "I'm Jura Neekis. Nice to meet you. This here is the master of the guild, Ooba Babasaama."

"Y-Yes! Nice to meet you as well!" Alice bowed to the big man as Tina flew down.

"I'm Tina, Alice's partner. Nice to meet you." Tina bowed to the old women. "I like the attijude in the place."

"Then you'll join?" Ooba asked the cat.

"I just need to check a few more things." Tina smiled as she looked up. "What kind of jobs do you guys get offered?"

The woman smiled as she pointed at the request board filled with job request. "They're all there. A lot right? We are the second strongest guild in Fiore!" She laughed as she spun her finger, causing some members to spin as well.

Alice and Tina walked towards the board and looked at all of the request. Tina nodded as she looked at all of them. "Catching a robber, helping at a restaurant, figuring out a message." She looked back at the master. "You have lots of jobs."

"Yes~! Ohohohoho~!" Ooba laughed, making everyone in the guild sweatdrop.

"Where could Alice and I live?" The cat asked.

"You two can live with us!"

An older version of Sherria with her long magenta pink hair down came forward with Sherria behind. "We have an apartment ment for two, but you and Alice can share rooms with me!" Sherria smiled.

"Of course, you have to help pay rent!" The older Sherria smiled. "Name's Sherry Blendy, Sherria's cousin."

Tina thought about it, before nodding. "Okay." The cat looked around at each member and asked for a name and their magic. "I see." She nodded after she met each member.

"Well?" Alice asked her friend. Everyone stared at the cat who continued to look around. "Tina, can I join?"

The cat looked at her friend. "I accept this guild."

"Here." Sherry smiled as she stamped Alice's right shoulder. She removed the stamp and the Lamia Scale mark appeared dark blue on the area. "You two are now apart of our family."

"Thank you, Sherry-san!" Alice smiled as she looked at the marking.

Tina sighed as she looked into a mirror, revealing the same marking but in dark green. "This mark is okay."

"Tina, it looks good on you." Alice giggled.

"Hmph!" Tina looked away, a red hue coming to her cheeks.

"All set?" The three turned to see Lyon and Sherria.

"Yep!" Sherry smiled. "Next, we're gonna go shopping and get Alice some home supplies. Once we're done with that, we're going to help her unpack."

"Um!" Alice got everyone's attention. "I'm looking for someone. No, some people."

"Who?" Sherria asked.

"I'm looking for Wendy Marvell and Carla from Cait Shelter, but the guild supposedly disbanded and now I don't know where they are." Alice answered.

"Do you idolize Wendy?" Lyon asked the girl.

"Yes." She answered. "Wendy-san helped me seven years ago. I got lost in a forest and she helped me out of it."

"Seven years ago?" Lyon asked.

"Yes." Alice looked at the man. "Lyon-sama, do you know where she is."

Lyon looked away. "After Cait Shelter disbanded, Wendy joined Fairy Tail, another guild. However, seven years ago, they disappeared. Wendy and other strong mages of Fairy Tail disappeared."

"No way…" Tina, wide-eyed, said as she looked at her partner who looked shocked as well.

"We still believe they're out there." He continued. "We just haven't figured out where."

"Wendy-san is still alive." Alice muttered, a smile tugging at her lips. "I'm sure of it." They all looked at her. "I'm sure, because I made a promise to her."

"Promise?" Sherria asked.

"Yes." Alice turned to the window and stared at the sky. "My promise is to return the favor." She looked at the others. "I will save Wendy-san one day!"

How was it? The promise is very important! Remember that! And when will she meet Wendy? Will she learn how to use her magic properly? What awaits Alice and Tina in the future? Stay tuned to find out!

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