RWBY-The Journeys of Lan

Chapter 32

Ch 32

Over the course of the airship ride, Lan began to learn a little bit more about the pirates. The group was a collection of individuals put together from Byakko’s family and acquaintances that he had gathered together many many years ago and had prospered to this day under the command of a dynasty of alliance admirals and the 8 pirate captains who controlled the crews. Lan had already learned that Tora was the current leader of one of the crews, the Jade Tigers, and that the white haired rabbit woman and the rotund man with short pink hair were the captains of their own crews, the Moonstone Rabbits and the Pearl Pigs respectively. Lan had spent the flight hearing about the many adventures some of the crew had when they were travelling with Byakko.

“You see he never takes more than 4 kids with him at one time” said a slender green haired woman that Lan learned was named Midori “that way he can focus on training each one of them properly.”

She and countless other individuals shuddered as they remembered the demonic trials that they were put through and the screams that some of them shared as they attempted to flee their inevitable fate.

“It’s not so bad when you get used to it!” said Lan cheerfully.

“Not so bad” said Shiga, chuckling “Tell me, what’s the old man making you do these days?”

He intended to laugh off whatever weak training Lan was doing at the moment and then regal him with some of the horrors he had gone through near the end of his training, but went stiff when Lan answered.

“Oh you know, running through a canyon with Deathstalkers and Nevermores on your heels while avoiding boulders, tying my legs to a tree then lighting an intense fire under me so I have to move back and forth quickly or my back and/or torso will be burned all while wearing weights, being thrown off a waterfall and being forced to find the right survival method before falling onto sharp rocks, you know the basic stuff.”

Many people stiffened, when they were Lan’s age they hadn’t done half of the dangerous things he had done, and had only started to do so when they hit their teenage years.

“a-and…your still okay with it?” said the brown haired guy with a bandanna named Wako.

“It was scary at first” admitted Lan “and I’ve tried to run away screaming many times, but all in all I’ve found that it’s all been really useful so I know that grandpa’s really just trying to do his best for me. Besides, with all the dangers in this world, the more tough training I go through now, the more capable I’ll be in the future!”

“That’s if you have a future.” Thought many in the room, wry smiles plastered on their faces.

Ignis and George were currently snoozing in their pockets in Lan’s backpack and Byakko had just finished his bath was drinking with his son, their laughter shaking the ship here and there.

It wasn’t long after Lan became acquainted with the last crewmember when a woman’s voice came on the intercom.

“This is your pilot Misha speaking, we’ll be arriving at Tiger cove in a few minutes, the birds have come to meet us after all, please get your **** together and prepare to disembark.”

Lan looked out the window and saw a flock of large whitish birds whose feathers seemed to be dusted with different colors. The birds looked something of mix between seagulls and eagles and were extremely varied in size, with some of them as small as bluebirds and others as large as a full grown person. They were currently surrounding the ships and were leading it downwards.


As Lan was staring in amazement at the birds, his window suddenly became pure white as a small bird crashed into it. Lan stared at in alarm as it peeled itself off, shook it’s head, and chirped cheerfully at Lan. Lan waved back at the little bird who then flew away and rejoined the flock.

After a little while the birds peeled away from the ships and Lan was able to gaze downwards. Below was a ring of stone jutting out of the sea and surrounding a cove in a half circle, the cove was cut into the side of an enormous stone mountain jutting out from the mainland that the ring of stones originated from. Spreading out from the edge of the cove were eight landing zones where it looked like the airships would land, and heading further inland Lan saw a large amount of houses scattered about which surrounded a large central structure that looked like a ramshackle fort slapped together with whatever was on hand, the rest was inside the cliff and unable to be seen. The birds were flying into trees and small caves in the mountain side where Lan assumed were their homes.

“Nice isn’t it” said Byakko, who appeared out of nowhere and scared the bajeebees out of Lan.

“Ah! Oh, yeah yeah, it’s really nice.” Said Lan,

“This place has a lot of natural defenses to protect itself from Grimm” explained Tora, who had also suddenly appeared “It’d be hard for any Grimm or man to find their way inside.”

“And that’s not even counting the mystic defenses.” Said Shiga with a chuckle.

“Mystic defenses?” asked Lan,

Byakko smiled and pointed at the ring of towering stone surrounding the cove. Lan followed his finger and closely scrutinized the indicated area. It took a few moments, but Lan finally saw it. Scattered on the stones on the surrounding cliffs, were countless azure runes.

“Them were made by my old teammate Meng” said Byakko, “He was always really good at that mystic spiritual stuff, and boy could he use them to make a punch hurt!” Byakko rubbed his jaw and smiled as a recalled a distant memory.

The three ships slowly descended and then came to a halt next to three unoccupied landing zones. Multiple cables and other apparatuses extended outwards as ports opened up in the ship, and with a clank and a hiss of steam the apparatuses connected and the ship’s engines powered down. A door then opened in the sides of the ship and what appeared to be some kind of escalator extended down to the ground. The same happened for the other two ships and before long the pirates were walking down. Lan was last out of the ship, George and Ignis at his side, taking in the sites of the cove with its white sand shining in the sun and the trees and plants leading up to the village that seemed to actually be partially inside the mountain.

Lan felt a warm glow inside. He had always felt most comfortable in the area where mountains began to change into beach; it was after all the same kind of geographical setting that Longa Cinere had been built upon. Ignis and George were running around the beach, chasing seagulls and eating any small insect or crustacean that they came upon.

Suddenly Byakko appeared on the bow of the ship wearing a long black yukata; he inhaled deeply and then let out a thunderous shout.

“Your fluffy honey has returned!”

The loud shout sent ripples through the air and caused many windows to nearly shatter.


With a crash, a bird that had been scared out of the sky landed on Lan’s head and the two of them crashed onto the ground.

Byakko then leapt from the ship and landed on the beach with a loud crash, he stood there with his arms folded, waiting.

Lan slowly rose to his feet, rubbing his head as he held a smile white bird in his arms. He recognized it as the little bird that had crashed into his window earlier.

“That there’s a Dust Eagle” said Tora, who walked up to Lan “They’re an intelligent and friendly species of bird, they help guide our ships back and sometimes even help us fight against what’s attacking us.”

“Cool” said Lan who petted the bird who was still dazed from Byakko’s yell. “Why are they called Dust Ea—“

At that moment loud barking echoed across the sea as Ignis ran towards Lan, and through aura speak Lan could tell what Ignis was saying.

“Food? Food? Did you catch Food? Can I eat it?”

“Ah no no no!” shouted Lan as he lifted the bird into the air “He’s not food he’s a frie—“

At that moment the bird snapped out of its daze, noticed Ignis, and began Kuking and flailing in Lan’s arms.

“Ah no Ptoo! Stop that he’s not going to hu—“

Lan stopped as he noticed the bird’s body get covered in a white gleam. Tiny ice crystals suddenly appeared around the bird’s wings and shot towards Ignis. Recognizing the threat, Ignis stopped and covered his body in a red Aura, the ice crystals shattered upon striking the Aura however Ignis whimpered as he took a good few steps back.

“Whoa!” said Lan, staring wide eyed at the bird, “What the—“

“That’s why they’re called Dust Eagles” said Tora with a grin, “They, like your little dog and monkey, are some of the few animal species in the world naturally able to use Aura, and unlike other species these birds have the uncanny ability to find Dust deposits and often cover their wings in the stuff to give them a combat advantage.”

“Very nice” said Lan holding the bird up to his face. They stared at each other, and then the bird started making a hacking sound.

“Is he okay?” asked Lan nervously

“Oh, he’s just the runt of the clutch” said Tora “They’re usually weaker than they’re siblings.”

Lan stared at the young bird who was looking at him with half closed eyes and then rummaged around in his pocket. He seemed about to take something out but then stopped.

“Oh wait, birds can’t eat chocolate either.” He mumbled, he then rummaged around his pocket again and removed a handful of dried fruit.

The bird looked at it for a minute and then pecked at one and ate it. Its eyes enlarged and it’s body went stiff, and then it began to devour the fruit with gusto.

“I’ve got bugs too.” Said Lan, who handed the little bird some dried crickets after it had finished the fruit.

It chirped and flapped its wings happily and then devoured the insects as well.

“I think it likes you said.” Said Tora, squatting down and smiling at Lan, “You might be bonding with it pretty soon.”

“That’s nice” said Lan, who was cuddling the bird “She’s a nice girl.”

“How can you tell?” asked Tora,

“Oh, hmmmm, it’s kind of a gut feeling, I can just tell she’s a girl and—“

A low groaning sound came from Lan’s feet and Lan looked down to see Ignis.

“Don’t be jealous little buddy” said Lan “I’ll play with you later.”

Lan then turned his attention back to the bird.

“Well, I think I’ll call you…Edel! Yeah that’s a good name.” said Lan “Well, it’s about time you get back to your friends”

Lan lifted then tossed the bird into the air, where it flew into the air. It turned back and looked at Lan for a moment, and then flew towards the trees where the rest of its brethren were nesting.

“Okay grandpa” said Lan, turning to face the old tiger “What’s next?”

“Wait” said Byakko, “She’s almost here.”

Lan looked around and saw a figure approaching from the distance, it was a slightly short girl wearing a pink yukata with a floral design, she appeared to be somewhere in the mid-teens to early twenties. She had short purple hair reaching the top of her neck and had large black eyes. She was running towards them and was panting slightly as she crossed the slightly rocky terrain. She soon arrived on the edge of the beach and stopped in her tracks, staring at Byakko.

Lan looked between her and Byakko. “Is this another one of his kids?” thought Lan

But then,

“My fluffy kitty cat!” shouted the woman running forward.

“My little flower petal!” shouted Byakko, opening his arms.

The young woman then dove into Byakko’s arms and the two embraced. Lan was dumbstruck as he looked at the scene, but soon smiled as he heard slight sobbing noises coming from the woman. The woman soon lifted her head and stared into Byakko’s face. The two brought their faces closes together and then…Lan had his eyes covered by someone behind him.

“Hey!” shouted Lan as he tried to break free, but the hands covered his eyes in a vice like grip.

Then the sound of Byakko and the woman groaning, along with sucking and slurping noises could be heard.

“Oh, dad gross” shouted someone.

“Get a room.” Shouted another.

A little while later after the sounds had ceased, Lan’s eyes were uncovered and he looked at Byakko who was holding the woman in a princess carry.

“I assume that you are my grandma” said Lan with a blank stare.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Chiyo” said the woman with an adorable smile “It’s always nice to get new family members.”

Chiyo then got down and walked over to Lan.

“Let me have a look at you” she said.

With a gentle movement, Chiyo took Lan’s face in her hands and began looking him over.

“My, what a cute little boy.” Said Chiyo after she had finished, she then gave him a quick peck on the cheek and pulled Lan into a hug “Welcome to the family my cute little grandson, and don’t you be worrying about any of that blood nonsense, it’s the time spent together that matters after all!”

Lan blushed slightly, then turned his head to look at Byakko.

“She’s a nice grandma” said Lan “But she’s a little young for me to call her grandma. Man, you really like them young, don’t you grandpa? I can’t believe you married someone as young as your daughters.”

At this, everyone on the beach burst into laughter and began shaking their heads.

“What?” said Lan, confused “What did I say?”

“Lan” said Chiyo with a gentle smile “I’m flattered that you think I look so young, but I’ve actually lived a bit longer than you think.”

“Oh” said Lan, “Then you’re in your 30’s?”

Another burst of laughter came from the group.

Chiyo, still smiling answered and Lan was struck dumb.

“I’ll be turning 163 years old next month” she said “So I really am an old granny.”

Lan stared at her, his mouth opening then closing as he tried to find some words. Finally, he turned to Byakko and said.

“Okay then, I guess your marriage is justified age-wise.” Lan then turned to look into Chiyo’s warm gaze “So, grandma, how come you look so young? Is it some kind of secret Aura technique or something?”

“Hmmmm” Chiyo placed a finger on her chin and adopted a thinking pose “Yeah, I guess a little bit, but to be honest I don’t really know why I still look so young, in fact a lot of the members of my family were that way.”

“Really?” asked Lan, “Can I meet them right now?”

“No” said Chiyo shaking her head “With exception of a very few who are scattered around, most of them…died…back then?”

Chiyo turned her gaze into the distance, her eyes reflecting the sun and showing tinges of sorrow and remembrance.

“Oh, sorry” said Lan, who was now slightly panicked “If it’s uncom—“

“Now that you mention it!” said Chiyo, snapping back into her cheerful mood so quickly that Lan nearly toppled over “There is someone here right now.”

She began looking back and forth and called “Ransu, where are you?”

“Right here” came a silky soft voice. The moment the voice came out, Lan suddenly felt slender fingers brushing the sides of his face.

“Ahh!” shouted Lan, as a shiver ran down his spine. He then performed a jumping spin kick which struck the person behind him in the ribs.

“Ugh!” grunted his assailant, who fell to his knees while clutching his ribs.

It was a tall slender man with silver hair that just barely covered his left eye. He appeared to be in his early 20s and was wearing a doctor’s coat and had on a pair of black slacks.

“Ransu!” shouted Chiyo “What have I told you about sneaking up on people.”

“Oh, this must be her brother” thought Lan, this idea was completely destroyed, however, when Ransu said:

“Sorry mother!”

Lan twitched slightly, but found that he had already started to become used to this pattern.

“I just couldn’t help myself” continued Ransu, he then turned his gaze back to Lan “This little boy was just…so…cute.”

Lan saw a strange sharpness in Ransu’s gaze and another chill ran down his spine.

“Ahh!” screamed Lan, who then threw an aura infused uppercut that connected with Ransu’s jaw. The man was sent flying into the air, made a 480 degree spin, and then fell on his face in the sand.

“Ouch” said Ransu, “Where are your manners you—“

“Ransu” said Byakko in an unnervingly calm voice.

Ransu’s body instantly went stiff, and a moment later he pushed himself up and sat in seiza position facing Byakko.

“H-hello father” he said, his voice dripping with fear. “I-it is so wonderful to see you again.”

“Mmmm” grunted Byakko “Ransu, please explain to me how an almost 9 year old child sent you, a 69 year old man, flying with one punch.”

Sweat was now pouring down Ransu’s face as he forced a terrified smile.

“H-he was trained by you father, of course he would be stro—“

“You were also trained by me, my lovely son” said Byakko, his arms folded.

“True” said Ransu “But I’m in the medical profession and—“

“You should still be keeping up with your training though.” Interrupted Byakko.

“O-oh I would have loved to” said Ransu “But with so many people being hurt in our operations, I never have the time to—“

“Bull****” shouted someone in the group of people that had gathered.

“Don’t listen to him Mr. Byakko, that man is a grade A slacker.”

“Sure he does a high quality job when he does patch someone up” said another person.

“But he mostly slacks off and reads weird magazines all day”

Byakko turned to look at Ranse who was now drained of color and was trembling violently.

“That’s the verdict” said Byakko, a terrifying grin spreading across his face “And I think you know what comes next!”

“No” mumbled Ransue as he slowly started scooting backwards “No no no no.”

“Yes~!” shouted Byakko “An all-expense paid training vacation with yours truly at the one and only Tiger Valley!”

Ransu screamed and tried to run away, but Byakko’s hands shot out and wrapped the man in chains he pulled out from nowhere in less than a millisecond. Byakko then turned to Chiyo.

“Now that I think of it, our anniversary is also coming up in a month, what say the three of us go to Tiger Valley and have a wonderful few months there, my sweet lotus blossom.” Said Byakko.

“Oh you.” Said Chiyo, cupping her hands in her face as she blushed “Spending time with you anywhere would be wonderful.”

Byakko chuckled, then turned to Lan.

“Well, you heard it boy, I’ll stay with you about a month to help you get accustomed to life here but then you’ll be on your own for a little while, okay?”

Lan looked up at Byakko, a slight frown on his face. This would be the first time that the two of them would have separated in the last 4 years, which was almost half his life. Just imagining life without that crazy old man filled Lan with immense apprehension. But, still, he recognized that Byakko needed some time to spend with his lovely wife and son, so he soon put a smile on his face and nodded.

“Excellente!” shouted Byakko, he then hoisted Chiyo onto his left shoulder, the struggling Ransu onto his left shoulder, and placed Lan in Chiyo’s lap after taking off the boy’s backpack and chucking it to Tora. Chiyo embraced Lan and gave him a warm smile, causing Lan to blush.

Ignis and George, feeling left out, began circling Byakko and expressing their disapproval. Byakko rolled his eyes, and then lifted the two of them onto Lan’s lap where the two of them settled down.

“Now off we go!” shouted Byakko, “Time to show you the town!”

“Alright!” shouted Tora, he then turned towards his crew “You guys stay here and run maintenance on the ship, HQ later!”

Byakko led Lan through a brief tour of the area. It was a small town with housing designs from all different types of cultures. Many houses were built under the cavern that formed due to the deformation in the side of the mountain that Lan expected was man-made do the strange cuts that appeared in the stone, there were also many different tunnels spotting the inside of the cavern at irregular intervals. Some of them had stairs leading up to the, while others just sat there. The town was filled with lush greenery as it extended out from the beach, with large fields that likely fed many people and provided raw materials, but the ground grew more rocky and barren as you went further in, it most likely happened earlier due to the appearance of vegetation slowly encroaching on the rocky side.

The name of the little town was Beast Cove, and was home of the Beast Pirate alliance. The town looked like any other, with the exception of defense towers jutting intermittently around the area. All around Lan could see humans and Faunus of all cultures mingling and laughing together, their children running about with smiles on their faces.

“Funny that a pirate town is more peaceful than many others in the world?” thought Lan.

After a while, they arrived at the center of the town where a large structure stood. It was apparently the HQ of the operation but Lan was quite off put by its appearance. It appeared to be slapped together out of every kind of random building material you could imagine, with gaping holes in the wall here and there.

“You’ll see the inside later” said Byakko, rubbing Lan’s head.

“Just got to go see somebody first” said Byakko, “you’ll like him.”

The group headed towards the back of the cavern, passing by housing structures that became less and less dense the further they went. Eventually their feet touched only stone as they walked forward. As he walked, Lan noticed that all of the stone around him looked strangely carved, almost as if they were pelted by a barrage of firearms. He also noticed a slight clinging sound in the air, which sounded a lot like a pickaxe hitting stone. Eventually Lan saw a small tent pitched in front of the wall of the cavern, with the clinging noises coming from behind it.

Byakko stopped walking, smiled, and then breathed in deeply.

“Cover your ears dear.” Said Chiyo, who handed Lan a pair of blue earmuffs and already had on a pink pair of her own. Lan did so quickly while quickly stuffing some cotton he had on hand into Ignis and George’s ears.

Byakko let out an earth-shaking primal yell that lasted for a full ten seconds. Ignis howled as he collapsed to his belly and covered his ears with his paws.

There was a moment of silence, and then another earth-shaking yell shook the caverns as a man dashed out from behind the tent. He appeared to be a middle aged man wearing a black vest, long gray pants, a pair of mining gloves, and a pair of sunglasses that just barely covered his eyes. He had Byakko’s silver hair in a neat mullet hairstyle and had what appeared to be a pickaxe strapped to his back.

He and Byakko ran at each other, yelling all the while, they then stopped right before colliding (they were still yowling at each other of course of course). They stood there yelling for a good 10 seconds, and then slammed into each other in a manly male hug that sent shockwaves running through the ground.

“Good to see you again Ishiku!” said Byakko.

“Likewise dad” said the man named Ishiku,

“Another one” said Lan, pulling the earmuffs off his head, then turning to Chiyo “How many kids have you had grandma?”

“Oh, I’ve had quite a lot” said Chiyo, blushing “but he’s not—“

“Greetings my brother from another mother!” shouted Tora, walking forwards.

“Ah,” said Lan, the information coming into place in his mind, he then turned to Chiyo again “You’re okay with this?”

“Yeah” she said, with wry smile “You can’t form a relationship with that man without knowing that nothing can tie him down.”

After once again having his esteem of Byakko drop, Lan was introduced to Ishiku. Lan learned that Ishiku was basically the one who expanded the boundaries of the village into the side of the mountain. He was the son of Byakko and the woman that had been in Byakko’s team in the past, Teo Hyunmoo, and possessed a unique semblance that allowed him to sense and manipulate stone. As a result he could carve out a large cavern that was both stable and long lasting. He was also powerful enough to use his semblance to prevent natural disasters like earthquakes from affecting the cavern’s structure, making him one of the most important people in tiger cove. He also discovered valuables like precious metal, Dust veins while digging, and sometimes some archeological pieces while digging, so he also supplemented the village income pretty well.

“So, he’s been putting you through the grind, huh kid?” said Ishiku with a grin.

“Yep” said Lan.

“Well, let’s see how much power this little guy has.”

Ishiku placed his forearms together and shouted “Rock Shield!”

At this command, hundreds of stones and pebbles flew to and stuck to his arms, forming a circular shield.

“Come on, gimme your best shot.” Said Ishiku with a smile.

Lan nodded enthusiastically, lowered his stance and then closed his eyes. He reached his consciousness into his soul as far as he could and began to harness his inner strength as best as he could. He could sense little clusters of energy coalescing into a small piece of crystal, but try as he might, he couldn’t make it any larger than his pinky finger. Shrugging his shoulders, Lan began to alter the shape of the crystal in his sea of consciousness until it became a thin film. He then manifested it into the physical realm where it wrapped around his knuckles. This process took around 20 seconds, far too long to be of practical use in combat, but Ishiku had asked for Lan’s best, and that’s what the boy planned to give him.

Letting out a shout, Lan punched forwards and struck the stone shield. There was a brief flash of light followed by a crack similar to a firecracker. When the Dust cleared, everyone saw that Lan’s fist had sunk slightly into the stone and slightly cracked the area around it.

“Not bad” said Ishiku, disintegrating his shield “I give you 5 points for power, pretty good for someone your age. I’d say among the kids the old man’s ever raised you’re in the middle upper level.”

“Cool” said Lan.

Everybody congratulated Lan, however nobody noticed the wry smile that was plastered on Byakko’s face, who was the only one who knew that Lan actually was less powerful than he was when he was younger due to the events that happened back in Longa Cinere.

“Well, I think we’d better take him to HQ now” said Tora, “He’s gotta meet the rest of the crew if he’s going to be working with us.”

A few minutes later the group was standing in front of the rickety HQ building.

“Couldn’t you build it better?” asked Lan.

“Well, since we got to move it every month or so, I’d say it’s looking okay” answered Tora.

Lan then realized that thanks to Ishiku constantly expanding the town, the town center would constantly be changing.

“Well, let’s head in!” said Byakko, reaching for the door handle.

Before he could open it, however, the door was opened and a strange lifeform walked out.

“Grrreetings father” it said in a feline voice “Welcome back.”

“Nyataro!” shouted Byakko, who pulled the lifeform into a hug, “It’s so good to see you again”.

The one that Byakko was hugging was a tall therianthropic person who had striking feline features. His facial features were completely like a cat’s and everywhere on his body that should have had skin had a layer of black and white fur. He was wearing a long black jacket, a pair of brown breeches, a white poofy shirt, and an extremely large Admiral’s hat.

“Say hello to you uncle Nyataro!” said Byakko who still had the man in a headlock.

“C-c-cat” stuttered Lan, who was gaping at the man.

“Surprised ain’t ya” said Tora “Well, Aniki’s always surprised people. You see he has a rare Faunus mutation that gives him more animal traits than normal.”

“Yes” said Chiyo suddenly looking downcast “and it’s all my—“

“Chiyo!” “”Mother!”” Shouted Byakko, Tora, and Nyataro.

“That wasn’t you fault mother, it was just a twist of fate” said Nyataro.

“Yeah, if anyone’s to blame it’s this crazy old man of ours” said Tora.

“Yeah, that’s right” shouted Byakko “My genes are as uncontrollable as I am.”

Lan also tried his best to cheer up Chiyo, by walking to Chiyo and hugging her while saying “There there grandma.”

The family then shared a moment of warmth as they came together in a group hug; suddenly the sound of a throat clearing tore through the warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

“Perdoneme for saying” said a man.

“But isn’t this the wrong place for family lovey time” said a woman.

Gathered inside the HQ and sitting at an oval table were eleven men and woman with an important air about them.

After the Muteki family broke up and took a seat at the table, a meeting began. Lan didn’t understand too much of the finer details but he began to gain a picture of the town’s operations while listening and asked Byakko about anything he didn’t understand. The town was a pirate town run by the alliance of eight pirate companies that was founded by Byakko and some of his friends many years ago. Back then he was the admiral and handed down the mantle to a worthy successor after a time. The same had occurred for every one of the pirate crews as well, with each captain choosing a successor when the time came. The current admiral of the Beast Pirate Alliance was Nyataro, who earned his title due to his conflict resolution and organizational skills as well as his skill in battle. As for the other pirate crews, they are:

The Topaz Bear Pirates, led by Captain William Mathan.

The Pearl Pig Pirates, led by Captain Henry Shout.

The Diamond Donkey Pirates, led by Captain Alonzo Burro.

The Agate Kangaroo Pirates, led by Captain Edward Cangaru.

The Moonstone Rabbit Pirates, led by Captain Anne Lapin.

The Jade Tiger Pirates, led by Captain Tora Muteki.

The Onyx Owl Pirates, led by Captain Mao Tou Ying.

And last but not least, the Sapphire Sapien Pirates led by Christopher Dynol.

The pirate operations involved using their excellent information network, which originated from some of Byakko’s connections, to find the trade routes of Dust cargo ships from many companies, including the Schnees of course, with the operation being headed by men and woman the alliance deemed undesirable. The ship’s cargo would then “mysteriously disappear”, reducing the corrupt men and woman’s productivity, effectively reducing their company’s trust in them. As for the stolen Dust, it would conveniently find its way into the hands of more upright individuals in the company (after paying a fair fee of course), who would help recover the company’s losses with “sudden surpluses” and later on help move the companies decisions in more “morally acceptable” directions. The alliance also preyed on other pirate crews who targeted civilian ships, which earned them the ire of many other pirate crews in the world.

The alliance also worked in many other operations, including “kidnapping” individuals for ransom, which was actually spiriting the person away from an uncomfortable situation (being kidnapped by pirates is a good excuse for a lot of things) and being payed once things cooled down. The town also grew many special plants alongside their own food crops. The special plants were apparently sold to something called T.O.O.D, Lan tried to ask Byakko about it but the old man simply grinned mischievously.

After the business was concluded, Byakko introduced Lan to all the captains who gave him a warm welcome. It was decided at the meeting that Lan would serve with one different crew each month for the next eight months, starting with Tora’s crew and that Lan would be living in Chiyo’s home during the times he wasn’t on the ships. Byakko’s home had apparently already been unloaded next to her home, and the family would live together starting today. Byakko, being the founder of the organization, technically held more power than anyone present, and as a result could make any decision on any topic in the meeting, as a result inducting Lan into the organization was mere child’s play.

“You’ll also be able to play with your fellow grandchildren!” said Tora with a smile.

Byakko’s bloodline ran deep in the cove and little less than half of the current citizens had Byakko’s blood running in their veins.

By the time they left the building, the sun was already beginning to set.

“Come along now” said Chiyo, taking Lan’s hand. “Home is just over there.”

She pointed at a large house with a thatched roof and Japanese design.

“Come on boy” said Byakko, who hoisted Ransu’s bound and crying form onto his back. “Let’s go!”

Lan nodded and the group walked down the trail leading to the house, with George, who was riding on Ignis’s back, and Ignis bringing up the rear.

Well, that lasted longer than I thought, but at least I got enough detail in.

Anyhow, Lan has dropped anchor in his latest adventure yet. Being the new blood in a skypirate town, the boy will have many adventures here, gain more skills, and discover some weaknesses. During this time he will also run into two very familiar little girls, during which some of you will become quite angry with him.

Funny enough, I am having the most success in developing for the story that will be the sequel to the Journeys of Lan, which will be starring Lan’s apprentice.

Well, anyway, I continue to keep writing as long as the spirit of RWBY still burns within us, and in this ark, we’ll dive deeper into the more complicated parts of Lan’s story.

And just so you know, the enemies Lan will face will become more complex as he grows up, just like how many of us saw villains as we grow older, seeing them initially as just the ‘bad guy’ and then finding out later that each of them had their own backstory and motives.

Also, do you think I’m adding too many characters without giving them enough character? If I am I would love any suggestions.

And Finally, another thanks to the Great Monty Oum for bringing us this stunning world, may he bless us from wherever his soul is wandering now.

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