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Secret Song Writer


In which an ordinary girl writes and gives her songs to her idol Min Yoongi.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

It was night time as Snow finished writing her new song. A sigh of relief left her soft rosy pink lips as she stretched her arms. “Another song finished.” She mumbled to herself. Looking at the clock, it showed the time of 12:35 am. A small yawn left her lips before she took a quick shower and got dressed before going to sleep.


Snow woke up to the brightness of the sun shining in her face, welcoming her to the morning. Turning over to block out the sun, she saw that the clock on her wall read 4:15 pm. “Crap! I’m late for work!” She squeaked out before rushing to do her morning routine. “Late again, Ms. Blue.” Her boss said not looking up from his paper. “I’m sorry sir. It won’t happen again. I promise!” The said female spoke bowing 90 degrees.

“You are correct. Because you’re fired.” He spoke handing her a pink slip. “B- but sir, I need this job. I have to pay rent next week.” Snow said in a soft, panicked tone. “If you really wanted to keep your job then you should’ve came on time, everyday like you are suppose to.” The male said looking directly into the females eyes. “Not my problem. Now leave.” He added before looking back to his paper.

With a huge and a loud ‘Go fuck yourself’, Snow left his office slamming the door shut and went to go pack your stuff that was in your office. “I can’t believe he’s firing me because head late. I’m the best worker there and his main helper. How could he just, ugh never mind.” She mumbled to herself. After a few minutes she placed the lasted box of her stuff into her car and drove back home.

Once there she put everything into her room and laid on her bed, looking up at the white ceiling. “Snow, what are you suppose to do now?” She asked herself. Turning on the TV, she turned to the news and saw her favorite band on.

“So here we are with the famous boy band BTS. Tell us what you’re doing here?” The reporter said. “Hello, we would like to announce that we will be having a contest to see who has enough talent to compose a song with us. Create a song, and put it on a CD. After you do, send it to our company and we’ll listen to them and find our winner. When we do, we’ll announce it on our next concert.” Namjoon, the leader of the group said. “There you have it people! Get to work and good luck!” The reporter said.

■|Your View|■

Quickly getting up from my bed, I grabbed my lyrics and skimmed over it. With nothing wrong, I started looking for a CD I could put it on. “Crap. The one time a really need a empty CD, I don’t have one.” I said ruffling my hair. Thinking of what to do, my phone rung startling me. Picking up the phone I answered without looking at the ID of the caller.

“Hello?” I said nicely. Heavy breathing was all that I could hear on the other line. “Is this some type of joke?” I asked a little annoyed. “Let’s play a game.” The voice said. I looked at the caller ID but it said secret service. I looked around the area I was in, the curtains were open. Quickly I walked over and shut them, then locked my bedroom door.

“Who the fuck are you and what do you want form me?” I asked through gritted teeth.“Names not important. I want to play a game. Wanna play?” The voice said. It was a deep and husky type of voice. “Not happening you creep.” I said, and just as I was about to hang up, I heard the voice one last time. “You have five months before I come. Good luck.”

Then the phone went off. “There’s no way I’m letting this shit become one of those horror movies where the white chick calls the cops and her time lessens before she meets her killer and runs around like a chicken with her head chopped off before dying.” I said opening my closet. Looking around I round my favorite all black outfit. Pulling them out I grabbed my red box and got ready.


Snow looked into the full body mirror smiling to herself. She wore black combat boots, a pair of black leather pants, a black muscle shirt, a black leather jacket over it, and to top it all off... a black beanie that says Dope in red. She looked to her left and grabbed the red envelope that held her song in it.

“Using my car, they could easily tag me if I get into trouble; so let’s just use my motorcycle.” Snow said getting onto the bike. Turning it on, she pulled out from her house and took off down the street to Big Hit Entertainment.

After 30 minutes or so, she made it to her destination and parked in the alley next to the building. Getting off the bike, she quickly snuck into the building after picking the lock. “Alright, now I just gotta find their workout room.” She whispered to herself. After about 15 minutes, she finally found the room that said ‘BTS Practice Room’ on the door.

With a smile on her face, Snow picked the lock to that door as well and quickly set the envelope on one of the speakers before slipping out the door and back out of the building. Turning on her motorcycle, she pulled out of the dark and back down to her home.

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