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The Assassin & The Android (Just the beginning)


What will happen when in the year 2032, an Android that works at the Detroit Police Department is able to track down an Assassin, one that shouldn't be able to be found? And what will happen when the Android found out that the Assassin is a woman, a beautiful one at that, and that she is nowhere close to being human? Will their differences tear them apart or bring them together?

Action / Romance
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Geeting Caught?

Lia was in the middle of finishing off a group of people. She sometimes did groups, mostly it was one on one. But this group of people needed to be ended, and it helped that the bounty on their heads was close to Two Million. So of course she would take that option. She was in the middle of taking down the third person, jumping from a wall, and knocking him out. She pulled out her gun and shot him in the head. Being ‘stealth’ at this time had no purpose, since she was spotted. She is usually more cautious, but the people she needed were scattered in this building. But she didn’t care if she was being seen. Let them know that she was coming for them, it made it more interesting. She ran down the halls, and she saw a man coming out, as she ran, she slid on her knees, and she slid between his legs, and jumped up once she was clear, and grabbed him, snapping his neck. As he fell to the ground, she began to make her way to the fifth person.

She heard the fifth man say to her ‘Come To Daddy’. She laughed as she kicked him in the chest, having him fall into shelves, as she looked at him. “Who’s your daddy now?” She asked smirking, as she pulled out her weapon and shot him in the heart. She then made her way away from him, and one after another she killed the men. She had to kill fifteen of them, and right now she was on number thirteen. As she continued to run from room to room, killing the men on her list, and anyone else who got in her way. She finally made it to number fifteen as she looked at him, smirking as she waited for his move. Her stance was showing that she was ready for a fight as she looked at the man. He began to speak, and try to play head games. She knew he wanted to get into her head to mess with her, but it wasn’t going to happen. She smirked looking at him, as she raised her gun to the level of his head. When she heard him offer a ‘no weapon’ fight, she agreed to it, as she took another stance, and went after the man.

After a few hits were landed on him, she took the hits that he gave her, blocking them perfectly. She backed away, and looked at him, a promising look of him about to die. She went towards him, and she saw him take out a two bladed knife, and as she turned away to avoid it, he got her in the arm. She hissed, and DIDN’T pay attention that how he cut her made her spill her own, unique blood. She didn’t pay attention, because she healed instantly. Once she was healed she looked at him. “No weapons huh?” She asked as she whipped around, kicking him in the face, as she broke his jaw. She watched him hit the floor in pain, and she straddled him as she looked at him. “You won’t be needing this...” She said as she forced his mouth open, and literally ripped his tongue from his head. As he was choking on his blood, and crushed his sternum, which instantly blew his heart up. As she was finished, she took a picture of him, and the ripped out tongue. She didn’t know why they wanted a ‘trophy’ of his tongue, but to each their own. She bagged the tongue, and she retraced to make sure that she didn’t leave anything of herself. And when she was happy about it, she left the building. She didn’t worry about someone finding the bodies, because she didn’t leave anything of herself; so she thought. She wasn’t aware that she left slight blood, or that so soon there would be a detective trying to track her down.

Sitting by his desk opposite Hank Anderson’s while having a cup of coffee; Cyber Life had offered a compensation to androids that allowed them to digest food and drink; the new bio component turned it into the fluid that they normally had to drink on bottle: thirium 310 or blue blood. Connor was just reaching for it when Captain Jeffrey Fowler appeared; the grim expression told the male android that something serious had happened. His gaze then landed on Connor who instinctively knew that it was an assignment that was going to require his presence.

After getting briefed he and a couple of police officers went to what appeared to be a derelict building. It sure looked to be abandoned, but the interior witnessed that it had been an operation of sorts. The place was littered with dead bodies. Scanning their faces they was found in the database and everyone had been into criminal activity. Perhaps it was the link that tied them together.

The strangest thing was that only one had been shot. The rest had died from other causes: one had got his necked snapped but the most gruesome killing was the one with the broken jaw. The entire tongue had been ripped out. While doing a quick search of the database of similar occurrences in crimes his LED on the right temple was flashing yellow. Some deviant androids had theirs removed but not Connor.

Standing up after examining the last victim Connor scanned the surrounding. The idea of the assailant leaving anything behind that would help him learn about its identity seemed slim since this was probably hired kills. It was done a professional hit man; otherwise they would have simply been shot in cold blood. A stain of what appeared to be blood caught his attention in the last minute. It seemed to be only a few hours old and going into a crouch anew he reached out his right hand, dipping his fingers into it and brought it back to his mouth. Luckily no one was around to see him doing it. Too many times Hank Anderson had openly objected, calling him disgusting.

To his surprise it opened up a file that showed the mugshot of a female in the general database. The information therein didn’t make any sense and Connor suspected that it was fabricated. That the truth was something else entirely. Perhaps the blood left behind was an oversight? That one of the victims had wounded her and she had not noticed. And it was strange that someone could miss out a bleeding wound. So it was a possibility that the one behind it had some properties that normal humans had not. If so then he had to be careful since androids wasn’t as sturdy as cyborgs. Their equality to a human heart, the pump regulator could easily be damaged and even torn out. And if not inserted in certain amount of time the android would ‘die’. In Connor’s case his memory would transfer to another RK800 model but some would be lost during the process.

Before returning to the police station Connor called the coroner to come and pick up the bodies to be transported to the morgue. In his report he told what happened but nothing about his discovery. It was better for him to look up this female at her own address instead of having the police storm the place. It could only lead to more casualties and it had to be handled differently. Besides he found the method in which she had killed those men fascinating.

Taking the rest of the day off Connor was thinking about how to approach her. As a police or as a civilian. After some thought the android choose the latter. Making a brief stop at home he changed into the same clothes worn while infiltrating Jericho where the androids had their headquarters and where he had become a deviant. A cap was hiding his LED. One of the many self-autonomous cabs brought him to the address that belonged to the owner of the blood on the floor. It was a nervous android that rang the doorbell and took a deep breath while waiting for it to open. Taking a deep breath the air helped cooling down his bio components as well as make him appear as human as possible.

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