Double Take

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

"Have a good day at school sweetheart." Anna gave Emma a kiss as she dropped her off at her classroom. "Remember, Aunt Felicia is picking you up from school today. She will meet you right here, okay?"

"Okay Grandma, I love you."

"I love you too." Anna watched Emma go inside and sit down at her desk before she reluctantly left the school. She would have stayed at the school all day long watching over Emma if she could but Anna had work to do.

Anna had friends in high places. Felicia had been elected Mayor of Port Charles, not to mention her and Robert's connections at the WSB, and both things had helped Anna get a hearing to obtain temporary custody of Emma. She hated to do it to Robin and Patrick but they were in danger and she couldn't risk the imposter coming to Emma's school and taking her. Anna had not been able to protect her daughter but she sure as hell was going to protect her granddaughter. She owed Robin that.

She arrived at the courthouse and made her way to the judge's chambers. Due to the sensitive nature of the case, it was not on the docket. Emma was the granddaughter of two former spies, the great-niece of the former police commissioner and current mayor and the daughter of two prominent doctors who had both disappeared off the face of the planet – that was enough to guarantee complete secrecy.

Anna walked up the stairs to the second floor and saw Robert, Mac, Felicia and Sean in the hall waiting for her. Robert and Sean had both come back to Port Charles not long after Anna had spoken to Robin. Unfortunately, the tower the call had pinged was in the middle of nowhere and they hadn't been able to pinpoint Robin's location, just that she was still somewhere in the state. Chances were excellent that if Robin was still in the state, so was Patrick.

Fifteen minutes later the group left the judge's chambers with a court order granting Anna Devane temporary full custody of Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. Anna immediately called the school to inform them that under no circumstances was Emma to leave the school with anyone but herself, Robert, Mac or Felicia. If anyone else attempted to take her, the school was to refuse and call the police.

"You okay?" Mac was worried about Anna – he had been so caught up in Maxie's latest drama he had completely missed everything that had been going on with Robin.

"I hate this Mac, having to go in and take away custody of that little girl from her parents. It's not fair!" Anna shook with anger. "Robin has been through so much and she deserves to be here at home with her husband and child, not held hostage by some madwoman once again."

Mac sighed. They were all being eaten away with guilt but no one felt it more than Anna. "We will get her back. Our girl is strong and she will do anything to get back to Emma."

"This all my fault." Mac began to interrupt but Anna stopped him. "No Mac, she was begging for help on that call and I did nothing. She is my daughter and I should have known what was going on and protected her. Instead I let them take her away again."

Robert put his arms around Anna and hugged her. "No one let them take Robin. You didn't know what was going on and even if you did, did you know where she was?" Anna shook her head. "Then you need stop thinking about the past and focus on what is important – protecting Emma and finding Robin and Patrick."

Anna hugged him back. Robert was right, for once.

Robert looked her straight in the eyes. "I promise you Anna, we will get her and Patrick back. No matter what it takes, we will bring them home."

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