Double Take

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Nathan was sitting at his desk when he saw a woman run into the room. "I need to see Commissioner Devane now!"

Nathan recognized her immediately – it was the commissioner's daughter Robin. "Robin – can I help you?"

"Who are you?" She eyed him suspiciously.

"I'm Detective Nathan West – I'm dating your cousin Maxie and I recognize you from the pictures she has of you at the apartment." Nathan hoped to put her at ease, she was obviously upset.

"Then you can help me find my mom. I need her to come with me to rescue my husband." Robin ran in the direction of Anna's office but Nathan stopped her. "Anna took a leave of absence but I will call her immediately. Let me get the interim commissioner out here."

Nathan picked up his phone and called Dante Falconeri and discovered that he was with Anna in his office at the moment. Less than a minute later Anna was holding her daughter in her arms. "Oh Robin, I am so sorry."

"I know and we can talk about it later but right now we need to go and rescue Patrick. He's being held at a house in the woods about an hour's drive from here. Mom, the Patrick who has been in Port Charles for the past 8 months was an imposter, it wasn't my husband." Robin was talking so fast that Anna could barely keep up.

Anna stroked Robin's hair and looked her straight in the eyes. "I know – I figured that out. Give us the directions and we will go and get him. You will stay here."

Robin began to protest but Anna stopped her. "You are their target and Patrick would never forgive me if I let you anywhere near that place again. Nathan is calling Mac and he is bringing Emma here. You concentrate on reuniting with your little girl and let us take care of Patrick."

Robin nodded and began writing down the directions to the house where Daniel and Jerry were holding Patrick. It was decided that Nathan would stay behind to guard Robin and Emma while Anna and Dante headed up the rescue mission.

15 minutes later, Robin was holding her daughter while Anna, Dante and a dozen other officers headed out to bring Patrick home.

Dante entered the front door of the house. After checking out the room he shouted out "Clear!" and Anna and three other officers entered. Spreading out they looked for the elevator that Robin said would take them to Patrick. The other officers were spread out throughout the grounds but by all appearances, this place was deserted.

Dante walked over to the hall and spotted the elevator at the end. "Anna, down here." They made their way slowly down the hall, making sure to clear every room on their way. Finally they got to the end of the hall and pressed the down button on the elevator – Robin was convinced Patrick was in a basement of some sort.

Inside the elevator there was a B button so they pushed it and made their way down the hall after the doors opened. The once again began clearing rooms as they made their way. Anna paused in front of the third door and pushed it open.


There in a cell was her son-in-law, laying down on a cot. He jumped up as soon as he realized who was at the door. "Anna? Thank God!" He looked at her. "Robin' s here, you have to find her!"

She ran over to the cell while Dante began looking around the room for the keys. "No, she escaped and sent us here to get you. Patrick, she and Emma are sitting in the PCPD under police protection waiting for us to bring you home."

Anna watched Patrick carefully as Dante tried to find the keys. "Did you know there was someone pretending to be you in Port Charles?"

"I know, he would come and ask me questions every few weeks. It turns out he was some psycho who was in love with Lisa Niles and blamed me and Robin for her death. Jerry found him and convinced him to have plastic surgery so he could take my place. His name is Daniel Chriton. He is also a neurosurgeon." Patrick paced as he talked. He just wanted to get to Robin.

"Yes, well I don't know where he is now but he said he was going to Paris. I asked him if he was going to meet up with Robin's mentor, Dr. Chevalier, while he was there?" Anna decided to test him before she opened the cage.

"Who the hell is Dr. Chevalier?" Patrick looked at Anna, confused by what she was saying. "Robin studied under Dr. Legrasse. I met him years ago when I was consulting on Laura Spencer's case."

Anna smiled as Dante handed her the key to the cell. "I know that and you know that but Daniel didn't."

Patrick smiled back at her as she opened the door. "You knew – I should have known you would figure it out." He stepped out of the cell and hugged her tightly.

After a minute, Anna let go and nodded to Dante. "So, you ready to go home?"

"I can't wait. Take me back to my wife."

The threesome quickly left the house and headed back to Port Charles.

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