Double Take

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Robin paced nervously up and down the main room of the PCPD. She had a wonderful reunion with Emma, assuring the little girl that her mommy still loved her more than anything. After she heard that Anna and Dante were on their way back, she had sent Emma home with Mac to get settled back in their house. Nathan was surprised by her decision.

"Don't you think she would want to be here to see her Dad?"

Robin shook her head. Nathan was surprisingly innocent for a police detective. "Daniel successfully posed as my husband for almost a year. I want to make sure that the man coming back with my mother is really Patrick before I bring him back around Emma."

Nathan nodded his head. Of course, that made perfect sense. "Ok, well, do you want to go over what happened again?" He offered her a seat at his desk.

Robin knew he was doing it to keep her mind off of things and she was grateful for it. She beginning to see what drew Maxie to the young man.


"What do you mean what to do with us? You said you would let us go when I was done with the protocol." Robin was furious but Patrick held her close against the bars.

"But you are not done with it, are you?" Robin shook her head, confused by what Jerry was saying. "We still don't know if it works and what the long term effects are. No, we still have to do human testing."

Robin couldn't believe it, she was never going to be free of this nightmare. "No! I won't do it."

Jerry smiled at her, always so stubborn and righteous. "Yes you will or your husband," he pointed the gun at Patrick's head, "and your daughter will pay the price. Not to mention your parents, Uncle Mac, Felicia, Maxie, I mean the list of your loved ones goes on and on - plenty of people who will pay the price if you do not do what I am asking. Am I making myself clear?"

Patrick felt Robin's tears hitting his arms. "You bastard."

"Yes, I am but I still hold all the cards. Patty boy, say goodbye to your beloved ex-wife. We are moving her to another facility closer to the test subjects. You will stay here. If you are a good boy and a good girl, you may get to visit but," he stared Robin down, "one mistake and Patty boy here pays. Understood?"

Robin nodded her head in agreement and then turned around to Patrick. "I love you, so much."

"Aww, isn't that sweet?" Patrick glared at Jerry. "What? You two want some privacy? Fine, I'll be right outside."

"Robin, look at me. If you get the chance while they are moving you, run."


Patrick shook his head. "No, you run and bring help back here. Okay?" Robin nodded her head. "I love you and Emma so much." He kissed her one last time. "Now go."

Robin reluctantly left Patrick and walked out the door. A few minutes later she was headed outside with another guard. They got in the car and headed out onto the highway. She recognized the road they were on, it led straight to Port Charles. "Oh my God, I'm going to be sick. Please pull over."

He looked at her briefly and then back at the road. "No."

"Please, my medicines sometimes make me sick and I," she stopped and covered her mouth, almost crying.

The guard quickly pulled over and ran to her side of the car. He opened the door and Robin got out.

"Thank you." She looked at the guard and then punched him right in the stomach followed by a quick kick to head while he was bent over. He was caught off guard, so much so that he didn't have time to react when Robin jumped back in the car, locked the doors and took off.

End Flashback

"I drove straight here and you know the rest." Robin was exhausted and just wanted to make sure Patrick was safe.

"Okay, well they should be here any moment now."

Almost as if on cue, the doors opened and Anna and Dante entered followed closely by Patrick. He ran straight to Robin.

"Robin! You made it." He smiled at her and took her in his arms, cradling her neck in his hands.

"Patrick!" She looked in his eyes leaned up to kiss him when she suddenly got dizzy.

Without warning, Robin passed out in Patrick's arms.

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