Double Take

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Anna poked her head in the door of Robin's room at the hospital. "Is it okay if I come in?"

Patrick smiled at her. "Of course Anna. Robin and I were just talking."

Anna smiled at Robin. "How are you feeling? You really scared me when you passed out like that."

Robin looked at Patrick and then smiled at her mom. "Fine, just exhaustion. With everything I have been through over the past year it was bound to catch up with me." Tears filled her eyes. "I just wish that it was over."

Anna took Robin's hand in hers. "It will be. We will find this Daniel, Jerry and Helena and make them pay for taking you away from us. The important thing is that you are home where you belong, safe and sound and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that it stays that way."

Patrick nodded. "Me too. So, you want to tell your mom the good news or should I?"

Anna smiled at her daughter. "More good news, what is it?"

Robin looked at Patrick. "Why don't you do the honors?"

He smiled at Robin, gently rubbing her face. "We are getting married."

"That is wonderful news." Anna was thrilled that Robin and Patrick were getting remarried. She hoped that they would wait a few months to allow themselves both time to recover from their ordeal but they had never wanted to divorce – Jerry and Daniel had done that.

Robin yawned and Anna took the hint. "Now I know they said they were keeping you overnight for observation so I am going to get going. Patrick, are you going home?"

"I'm not going anywhere until Robin comes with me." Patrick kept his eyes focused on Robin. "Emma is going to stay with Mac for the night so I can stay here with Robin."

"Oh." Anna didn't say anything but she did think that was a little odd, why wouldn't he want to see Emma? She shook it off, after all Emma was healthy and safe with Mac. Robin was in the hospital. "Well, I will see you both in the morning. Good night." Anna left the room but looked through the window on the door one last time before she left the hospital.

Anna got into her car and made a call. "Sean?"

"Anna, we just heard the news!" Sean and Robert had gone to check out a lead in Texas a few days ago so they had just found out about Robin and Patrick's return.

"Yes, it's great that they are home. Listen, I want to keep the guards on Patrick and Emma and add one to Robin. Jerry and Daniel are both still out there and I would feel better if they were being watched."

Something in Anna's voice concerned Sean. "Anna, is something wrong?"

"I am worried – Jerry is relentless and if he isn't found soon there is no telling what he might do. And this Daniel is an unknown quantity. All we know is that he is a neurosurgeon and he thinks he is in love with our girl."

"And nothing else?" Sean looked at Robert.

Anna thought about it for a minute. "Isn't that enough? We need to find everything we can on this Daniel Chriton. From what Patrick says, the man is obsessed with destroying him and taking Robin and Emma away from him would be the best way to do it."

Sean decided to back off for now. "Ok Anna, we will get started on that as soon as we get home. We're headed to the airport now and will be back tonight."

"I'll see you both later. Bye." Anna hung up the phone and thought for a moment. Robin and Patrick were home, she should be happy and yet…

"I'm overreacting" she said to herself. Shaking her head, Anna started the car and headed over to Mac's house to see her granddaughter.

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