Double Take

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

One week later

Anna reviewed all the notes Patrick's guard had sent her from the past week. Nothing unusual was coming up – he went to the hospital for check-ups on his wrist and to check on patients, came home, spent time with Emma and Robin. Not a thing that should raise a red flag and yet something was still off.

Then again, maybe it was to be expected – the man was held hostage for almost a year. He watched his daughter being raised by an imposter and knew his wife was being held hostage by Helena and Jerry and he could do nothing about it. Patrick had to hear about his divorce from Jerry. He had to hear about Rafe causing the accident that killed Gabriel from Helena, almost gloating about what her brother had done to keep Robin in line. Lastly, he had to hear from Daniel how Daniel had put a permanent black mark on Patrick's career by allowing Rafe to die on the operating table. Any one of these events would be enough to cause a change in personality but all of them within less than a year?

It wasn't that Patrick was acting any differently – he seemed the same as usual there was just a little less drive in his actions. Several years ago, if he had broken his wrist he would have been mad as hell and cursing the world but instead he just accepted it and moved on. But, then again, years ago he hadn't been forcibly kept away from the wife and child he loved more than life for almost a year.

She stared at a picture of Robin and Patrick sitting on the couch, watching TV with Emma. This was silly – she needed to concentrate on finding Daniel, Jerry and Helena. Maybe then her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter could finally have a normal life.

Robin walked in the door and was instantly greeted by Emma. "Mommy! Daddy and I made you supper."

Robin smiled at her little girl, hugging her tight. "Really, and what did you make me?"

"Pancakes of course." Patrick came in from the kitchen with a plate of pancakes in his hand and set them down on the table. He then walked over to Robin and gave her a long kiss hello. "Hungry?"

"Yes, of course." She looked at Emma. "I can't wait to taste what my beautiful girl made me."

Taking Emma's hand, Robin walked over to the table and sat down. She helped fixed Emma's plate and then sat down to eat with Patrick and Emma.

"By the way, Nikolas wants us to come over to Wyndamere for dinner tomorrow night." Patrick had gotten a call earlier that day.

"Really?" Robin was surprised. She really hadn't talked to Nikolas since she had gotten back.

"Yeah, he wants to catch up and Spencer wanted to see Emma. I said yes, is that alright?"

Robin nodded. "Of course, Nikolas is one of my oldest friends. What time is he expecting us and are we doing casual or formal?"

Patrick laughed. "7:00 and casual."

"Sounds good."

They finished supper and Robin began cleaning up with Patrick stopped her. "Hey, I may have a broken hand but I am not an invalid. You work hard at the hospital all day long, the least I can do is let you relax at night."

Robin thought about it for a moment. "Okay, if you're sure. I do have to go in early tomorrow so the sooner I can get my shower and get to bed, the better. How about I get Emma ready for bed while you clean up?"

"Perfect – I'll be up in a little bit." Robin took Emma's hand and headed towards the stairs. "Oh, and Robin?"

Robin stopped and looked back at him. "If you fall asleep before I get up there, sweet dreams. I love you."

Robin glanced down at Emma who was watching her. "Love you too."

Robin headed up the stairs with Emma while Patrick finished cleaning up supper.

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