Double Take

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

"Robin, it has been too long." Nikolas hugged Robin and then gently kissed her cheek. Robin, Patrick and Emma had just arrived at Wyndamere and had been let into the main room by Alfred.

"I know." Robin smiled at her old friend. The two friends had been through a lot together over the past 20 years and she was always glad to see him.

"Patrick." Nikolas extended his hand and Patrick shook it.

"Nikolas – it is good to see you."

Nikolas bent down at looked at Robin's little girl. "And how are you tonight Emma?"

Emma smiled. "Very well thank you. And you?" Her mom was big on manners and Emma wanted to show her mom that she did listen.

"Very well myself, thank you." He smiled at this miniature version of his good friend. He could see why Spencer was so taken with her, the same way Nikolas once felt about Robin. "Spencer is in the kitchen. Patrick, why don't you and I take Emma down there so we can get their dinner set up?"

"Aren't they eating with us?" Robin was confused, she thought this was a family dinner.

"No, they are having corn dogs and fries and then Spencer has a new gaming system he wants to show Emma." Emma squealed with delight. "We are having something a little more sophisticated."

Patrick took Emma's hand. "Well, do you want to go see Spencer?"

Emma nodded her head vigorously. Robin laughed. "Okay, go and have fun. I'll see you in a little bit."

The men walked the little girl to the kitchen while Robin went over to the fireplace and looked at the pictures on the mantle. Spencer, her, Nikolas, Emily, Liz…so many memories.

"Remembering your carefree days of youth Dr. Scorpio?" Robin turned around to see Jerry Jacks standing a few feet from her. "Or maybe those wonderful months we spent here together."

Robin started to move but Jerry quickly crossed over to her and backed her into a corner. "You didn't really think you were free of me did you?"

"No, you made that very clear once I got back home, didn't you?" She couldn't believe she was foolish enough to have believed that she actually escaped on her own. Of course Jerry had known she was going to escape; it was the perfect cover for his return to Port Charles.

He smiled at her, even taking a moment to brush the hair away from her face. "And you have been behaving the way you should. Bravo Dr. Scorpio, you have gotten much better at lying over the years."

"Why are you here?"

"Well this place does hold a sentimental place in my heart." Robin glared at him. "My benefactor is already here and more than willing to give me room and board while we finish testing the protocol. In fact, we have already started human testing."

Robin's face went pale as she realized what he was saying. "Nikolas?"


Robin shook her head. "It isn't enough that you almost killed him with that damn poison years ago, now you have to do this…" She began to push past him when Jerry grabbed her wrist and turned her around.

"Let me make this clear, you will do as we say or someone you love will pay. Would you rather I test the protocol on your mother or daughter? How about Patty boy?" Robin just stared at him, realizing that she was in a no win situation. "Nikolas is aware of what is going on. Admittedly, he wasn't thrilled to be the guinea pig until I gave him the names of the other possible patients and then he was more than willing to volunteer his services."

Jerry released Robin's wrist and she took a few steps back away from him. "You are now Nikolas's private physician and will be meeting with him regularly to monitor his reactions to the protocol. If you let anyone know what is going on or try to bring in anyone to help, I will be forced to give you a reminder of what is at stake and what you have to lose. Am I clear?"

Robin nodded her head and tried not to cry. "Good." Jerry stood up and walked over to the bookcase and slid it open. Before entering the catacombs he took one last look and Robin and smiled. "Enjoy dinner, it smells delicious."

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