Double Take

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Daniel quickly made his way over to Robin. After finishing her dance with her dad she had started talking to Liz. He wrapped his arms around Robin and started pulling her away. "Sorry Liz, I need to talk to my wife for a moment."

Liz raised her eyebrows at him. "No problem. I'll talk to you in a little bit."

He drug Robin into the hall. "When you finally said yes to Patrick the first time, where were you?" Noah's reaction to him retelling the story bothered Daniel, he was beginning to think Patrick had given him the wrong information.

"In an interrogation room." Daniel relaxed. "My Uncle Mac dragged him there and I followed them to it, why?"

"Son a bitch! We're leaving – now!" Daniel started pulling Robin towards one of the many entrances to the catacombs.

"Wait! I need to at least say goodbye to Emma."

Daniel glared at her but knew that everyone would know something was up if she didn't say goodbye to her daughter. They may have doubts about Noah's suspicions but taking off without saying goodbye to Emma would raise a major red flag. "Let's be quick."

They stepped back inside the door. Robin grabbed her bouquet and waved Emma over to them. "Daddy and I going to go ahead and leave but you stay and have fun with everyone, okay?" The little girl nodded as Robin bent down and hugged her. She placed the bouquet in Emma's hands and whispered in her ear. "Make sure you give this to Grandma Anna for me please."

Daniel was so distracted watching Noah and Anna dance that he didn't notice what Robin was doing. He leaned over and gave Emma a quick kiss goodbye and then took Robin by the hand and pulled her out the door.

As soon as they were in the catacombs he called Jerry to let him know that their cover had been blown and they were heading to the docks on the south side of the island.

5 minutes later, Robin, Daniel and Jerry were on a boat and leaving Spoon Island for good.

"Noah, how can you be sure?" Anna couldn't believe that she had been right, that there was something off about 'Patrick', and she had talked herself out of it.

"Because we both know Robin and Patrick's engagement story - that Mac arrested Patrick and brought him to an interrogation room where he and Robin finally got engaged."

Anna nodded her head. "Yes."

Noah stared Anna straight in the eyes. "Well the man who stood at that altar and promised to stay with Robin for the rest of her life just told me it was you who arrested him."

Anna stopped dancing. "Oh my God. Where are they?" They both began looking around the room but didn't see any sign of the couple. "Noah, find Robert, Mac and Sean and I'll look for them."

Noah nodded and took off as Anna began wandering the room, trying to look nonchalant while desperately searching for her daughter. She was just making her way towards the cake table when Emma came up to her, holding Robin's wedding bouquet out in front of her. "Grandma, Mommy said to give this to you."

Anna took the flowers and looked at her. "When did Mommy tell you this luv?"

"Right before she and Daddy left." She smiled at her Grandma, proud that she had done what she was told.

Anna's heart dropped. "When was that sweetie?"

"A few minutes ago, while you and Grandpa Noah were dancing. Can I go dance now too?"

Anna choked back the tears. "Of course dear. Have fun, but stay where I can see you."

Emma went off to dance while Noah came running over with Robert, Mac, Sean and Felicia in tow. "Did you find them?"

"No, they're gone. Emma gave me Robin's bouquet and said Robin gave it to her right before they left." She looked at Robert. "It's only been a few minutes; maybe we can still catch them."

Robert put up his hand. "Why don't you stay here and watch Emma while Sean, Mac, Noah and I go check out the docks?" He knew Anna was beating herself up but Robert wanted the person he trusted most in the world watching over their granddaughter. He hugged Anna and then gently rubbed her face. "Please?"

Anna nodded in agreement and turned towards the dance floor, keeping her eyes focused on her granddaughter. Felicia came up and wrapped an arm around Anna's waist, hugging her. She then took the flowers from Anna's hands.

"They really are lovely flowers." Felicia brought up the bouquet to her nose to smell them when she noticed a piece of paper pushed down underneath the roses. "Anna, look at this."

Anna took a look at the bouquet and saw the note. Flowers fell to the floor as Anna ripped the note out and opened it. She smiled and looked at Felicia. "It's from Robin!"

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