Double Take

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Robin sat in her room staring out the window. She had no idea where she was anymore, she had been moved too many times, but this seemed to be her final stop. There was snow on the ground and she was surrounded by trees so she was obviously in the middle of a forest somewhere but she had no idea what country she was in, let alone a town.

She knew one thing for certain, today was Christmas. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered last Christmas, spending it with Patrick and Emma. She smiled remembering how Patrick had come back to her on Christmas Eve and said the words she had been waiting to hear.


Robin was standing alone in her living room after Emma had gone to bed. It had been a long night with her parents and Duke visiting to help Emma hang up her stocking. Her mother had to run off to take care of a shooting on the docks and her father and Duke went to get a drink after her father had gifted Emma with a didgeridoo.

She was brought out of her thoughts by a knock on the door. She hesitated for a moment then crossed room to open it. Standing on the front porch was Patrick, holding a paper bag in his hand.

"Hi." She was surprised to see him.


"I, um, I wasn't expecting you." She wasn't sure what to say at that moment, not knowing why he was there.

"But you should have been. You should have been expecting me and I should have been here a long time ago." Robin's heart caught in her throat. "I'm so sorry I left you waiting. I'm an idiot."

Robin shook her head at him. "No…"

Patrick interrupted her. "Yeah, I am. I'm home now."

For the first time in a long time, Robin was hopeful but she kept her expectations low. She couldn't risk the pain if she was wrong. "Well, what does this mean?"

He put down the bag he was holding and looked her straight in the eyes. "It means that I'm where I belong, for good." Robin gasped. "When I saw you in that church, I let out a breath that I thought I was going to hold for the rest of my life. I am your husband," Robin smiled at him, "this is our family, this is our life and I want it back."

Tears streamed down Robin's face as Patrick smiled at her, finishing his declaration of love with a simple statement. "I want you back, if you'll have me."

She smiled at him. "Of course I will." She gave a little laugh and reached for him as he leaned down and pulled her into a long awaited kiss.

End Flashback

Only one year ago her life had been perfect. She had her husband, her daughter and her freedom. Less than three months later it was all ripped from her once again. Now she had none of those things and had never felt more alone. She said a silent prayer for her family and then went to bed. Helena had given her the day off for Christmas but expected Robin to be up early in the morning to return to her research.

Robin curled up in her bed and cried herself to sleep.

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